Farewell Then…


Good day.

It has been a while since my last update, and I’m sure you all had been wondering where the hell I had been for almost 2 weeks. I had gone through hell of a week though, and it sure was tough.

It is without a doubt that this blog had served to voice out my opinions in the beginning, and eventually it evolved into something else, where it became an active place for the others to put in their opinion as well.

I had preached hundreds of my principals, which I had firmly believed in, through words in this blog. Some of you might have taken it seriously, some would have rubbished it, and some would not have paid much attention to it.

No matter how you took it, all of you had been coming again and again, and through your support, I’ve successfully completed few charities, and gained some fame and name (as you can call it) through your money, which I think is completely unfair as well. Again, no matter how the execution was, some children’s are benefitting from it.

I believe I’ve entertained you with my writings, and it satisfies me each time some of you come and tell me, that you feel happy and how my writings made your day. I lie sometimes when I speak, but I don’t lie when I write.

I treasure blogging that much.

However, there is a saying that all good things have got to come to an end. You can’t always have only the good things in life. You’ve got to have the bad ones as well. Sometimes, destiny is such, that fate changes the entire course of your life in mere seconds.

I’m sure you would have got a hint on what I’m talking about. Anyway, I’ve undertaken a project, a personal project involving charity, weeks earlier with some members and readers of this blog. I meticulously planned everything, and just before the execution, I hereby announce it’s not going to materialize.

Because with immediate effect, I’m going to quit blogging.

Please, I would like to urge all of you, do not be shocked, and please respect my decision. If there is anything that you think you can do to help me, please respect my abrupt decision. Please understand that I’ve taken serious consideration before resorting to this decision. I’m not going to reveal any details or reasons though.

And please, even if you were close to me, I do NOT want to receive any SMS, emails, or FB messages related to this issue. If there is anything you need to say or ask, you can drop it here in the comment section.

I’ve shared lots of my experience, spiritualism, fun and entertaining things over here in my blog. It is sad to see it end, but it has to be done. Whether I return or not, let us leave that question aside for now.

I hope all the good things I’ve preached here in my blog would be taken as positive things to lead your life, and all the negative things ignored. Remember, always remember though, when devotion and charity comes side by side, give priority to charity.

Education comes before devotion. Feed and educate as many children’s, remove the filth from your heart, and may God bless all of you with wealth and health.

Thank you so much, once again, for your support and trust all this while. Be good, do good.

Allah Malik(God is One).

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  • Tharini

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    OMG durai :( . y do u hav to do this!!!! love u though bro:(

    @Tharini : Thanks for the love Tharini :)

  • Jakkama

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    Come on Durai!! Y care about those who cut n paste ur articles and claim it’s their’s. We know ur hardwork and good intensions. But if u have made a wise dicision abt this then no one can stop u from it!. Whatever it is my support is always there for ya..

    @Jakkama : It’s not really about the cut and paste articles , in fact that’s not the reason at all. You take care.

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    Bro, I do respect your decision. Anyhow, we met through blogworld. I hope you will return soon. It has been a wonderful moment of knowing a blog buddy and it is indeed sad to hear this. Nevertheless, I hope everything is all right and fine with you and may you be blessed always.


    @Vivek : Sad to leave but what has to be done, had to be done bro. Nice knowing you too bro , thanks for the wishes.

  • TrueGemini

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    Good luck durai in whatever ur going through.It has been wonderful knowing u, still is. im sure ull be back one day :)

    @TrueGemini : Well, let’s see if I’m back or not though. You take care too…

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    Blog illati enna…call panere..ore naleki okkarevum.. Kapar Kalle thope

    @rujjcoomarh : :)

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    I don’t know wat to say.. All the best for your future undertakings

    @Puspa : Thanks Puspa ….

  • cadre@ltte

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    Farewell.Best of luck.

    @cadre@ltte : Thanks bro :) You’ve been an inspiration though

  • flaw

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    wish u the best in all u do bro..
    sad to say, will miss yet another fantastic blogger, u’ve made my day worth “Laughing Out Loud” many times…thank u!! *bows*
    all the best
    bon voyage..

    @flaw : Thanks for the wish flaw. I’m saddened I could no longer do that though , but thanks for all the support flaw.

  • kannan

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    can’t ask why. but whatever you do, we will always be with you bro. all the best. will miss your style badly. take care bro.

    @kannan : Thank you bro :) You take care too … you have your own style too, no worries bro. Remember the skills …hehe

  • Ratheesh

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    hope Paul Tan doesn’t make the same decision any time soon..


    @Ratheesh : No problemo brooohhh…

  • ApRiL

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    gosh,it’s shocking news for me.. :( was really amazed the way you write the blogs..gonna miss it a lot,just hope you will come back some day..anyway i respect your decision Durai..all the best in whatever you do,till then take care dude! :)

    @April: Thank you so much for the wish and you’ve consistently supported this blog,once again, thanks. Keep missing me though :)

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    alrite than ,

    thanks for all the fish …

    @obi wan kenobi : :) Although I didn’t quite get what you were trying to say.

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    utterly shocking.. take care :(

    @BaNu : You too Banu :)

  • sss

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    All of us are going to miss a great blogger. But a small request bro, pls update the public with your charity events. There will be many kind hearted volunteers to help, donate and give their support.

    @sss : You have a kind heart too buddy, I’ll see what I can do. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll see if we can re-divert the attention to any other individual for the execution of charities.

  • atlast..

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    hai bro… i gt read ur articlez al.. itz gt made me relax n hv fun wit it… n sumtimes gt think bout wat u said n al.. sum of ur thoughtz made me think..thankz alot.. gd luck 4 ur future plan… ;)

    @atlast.. : I’m glad it got into your mind bro :) You take care bro :)

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    bro…u’ve done wonders wif ur blog….ur lyk a gem in da blog world…hav told bot u 2 many of my frenz…..luv da way u luk at thngz n al…..wil b waitng 4 ur return…plz do cum bc n do da thng u do da best….n dat is bloging….tc bro…best wishes….

    @prime G : Brother, that’s touching. I’m having hard moments replying to this comments in my blog, which are filled with so much love. Let’s keep our fingers crossed about the returning part bro, you take care, and Good luck in your rap(hip-hop things ) bro! :)

  • SunTannedSuperman04

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    Oh dear God!!! is this the end???? hmmm.. Brother Durai, I used to be a really bad person with low sense of social awareness and low morality. Your blog had really opened my eyes in certain issues.

    We shared so many things.. the M1 attitude, and the Hatred towards Vijay’s and other bad actors’ movies.. ;)

    Hmm.. I guess this is the end of the road for both you and me in the Blog world. But I hope we can keep constant contact by mail, at least.
    Do add me: vin_scorpion@yahoo.com

    It is not, and never will be, in our hands to stop you from leaving. Whatever path you take ending this blog, I hope you take it will pride and succeed with full excellence.
    Best of luck brother :) God bless you.

    hmm, I guess this is the end of SunTannedSuperman04 as well..
    GOODBYE EVERYONE. take good care of yourselves. Love and respect all.
    My sincere apologies if my comments had provoked, insulted or had hurt anyone.
    Vaazhga Tamizh.

    Best Regards,
    The Sun Tanned Superman.

    God Bless us All.

    @SunTannedSuperman04 : Bro, what an emotional write-up. You’ve truly saddened me. I’m glad I have shared some experience which proved to be valuable to you, but eventually it has to end this way. Thank you so much for your support bro, perhaps you should start writing instead:)

    • SunTannedSuperman04

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      Mad Respects to you bro.. Dont forget to add me bro!!!! :)
      Not sure if I have that much capabilities writing..
      it is said that the Strong will lead, and the weak shall follow.
      in this case, you are stronger than me, so you are bestowed with the responsibities of blogging ;)
      The Sun Tanned Superman shall await for oyur return brother.. I really meant it.
      Vaazhga brother Durai ^^

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    WHAT??? its k…i can accept it…all the best for you anne..
    i really enjoyed your writings…opened my eye really wide and extra pair of glasses..
    gonna miss u though…

    @gowri sangkari : Lol, thanks for all the wish gowri. You take care :)

  • Dhurga

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    That’s sad to hear. Can’t ask why because it is your decision. I’ve been reading your blog for abit over 2 years now and everytime I log on, it’s your blog I go to first. I’ll miss that and your sense of humour. Wish you all the best in whatever it is you do. You’ve truly been a wonderful and witty writer. :)

    Take care Durai


    @Dhurga : Been 2 years, and I know you’ve been following long Dhurga, although your comments are occasional. Thank you so much for your description about me though, helped put a smile on my face. You take care and best of luck :)

  • savundra

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    OMG!!!! im reli shocked! y anne? y? but i respect ur decision! gonna miz u alot anne!! tc.. all the best! waitin for ur “im back” post… tc :((

    @savundra : I don’t think so there will be “I’m back” post thangachi :)…Miss you too :)

  • Unexpected

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    OMG.. Is tis d end of Ragedindian.. Juz cant believe it man.. Even i oni comment few times bt m a fan of ragedindian…..anyway wish ol d best in ur life..
    tk cr dude..

    @Unexpected : Thank you bro , thank you for all the support.:)

  • ganthRider

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    bro…..uve dne a vry gud job hre in dis blogging world….n thnks 4 entertaining us….keep on wrkng on ur charity work,n if u need any help around kulim kedah jus let me knw n v wil b thr 4 u…..M ONE

    @ganthRider : No problem bro, I’ll keep in touch :)

  • Geetha

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    Oh dear…sad to hear this. I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Your India trip write ups were so nicely written. I was eagerly waiting for more of those. :( Whatever the reason is hope you will come back soon. Take care.

    @Geetha : Don’t be sad Geetha :) And thank you so much for your support. Appreciate that, and take care :)

  • Kanaga

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    Hi Durai…forced to accept your decision even tough it is pretty tough.

    Really admired your skills and ability of great insights of certain issues that was brought up by you pertaining to Indian community.

    Thanks for being a great writer.

    Good Luck.

    @Kanaga : Thank you so much Kanaga. :) I hope I entertained you :)

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    After so long,i just entered into blogging world but it seems to be too late now,my fellow indian counterparts,we are losing a good writer/blogger but his M1 articles will remain close to heart as always.Durai,Makkez gonna be damm sad! Niway my best wishes for your charity concerns bro,may god bless you and keep in touch.


    @Rajdev : Long lost partner, how have you been doing? Hope you’re good. Makkez haven’t been notified yet, will do soon though. Thank you for your support bro :)

  • akbalan

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    Relax and take care bro.Only time can change things.Respect yr decision and good luck.

    @akbalan : Thanks bro, appreciate that :)

  • Coolman

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    Engiranthalum Vaalgha!!!!

    @Coolman : Epevumeh cool ah than bro irukingge :)

  • Ramesh

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    Hi bro,

    It’s really sad to hear this, but need to accept it..
    Hope to see you soon..

    @Ramesh : You too brother :)

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    Respect your decision but hope youll be back. Your M1 blogging style cant be compare to others..


    @MachanBro : Thanks bro :) Ninggelum M1 style le elethi continue panengge bro :)

  • Hehhe

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    hehe…yenna bro, tot wil receive 300 comment abt y stoping… nw oni 30+.. haiz… enough main x2 bro. pity this ppl. hahaha

    @Hehhe : Chinne level blogger bro…3 comment vanthale pereseh…ithele 300 ellam epedi bro expect paneh mudiyum :)

  • IM

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    Domain for sale ?

    @IM : Of course not. :)

  • SaranyaX

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    if thr is a blog whic i love the most , it was yourz. now even u not blogging bro, wat la. i love all ur articles bro…sad to see u leaving. i just hope ur not sick or something like that bro, hope ur well and good, god will be wit u always for ur kind heart and putting smile in others heart.:(

    @SaranyaX : I’ll be well no worries, thanks for all the love . You take care SaranyaX

  • YurMacha

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    Bro Durai, you brought Machanz name to fame broooo.! u tot me the balance of doing things in life. me and my friends will always love you bro! Macha Durai Valge!!!

    @YurMacha : Thanks bro , ninggelum valge !

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    Damn..aiyoh…bro…en manase udacitinge bro…im one of the frequent visitor of this blog..you really inspired me with your writing n charity…anyway bro…
    take care and you rock….

    @Cruzer : Kavale padathingge bro :) Thanks for your support bro:)

  • Sri

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    Enjoyed reading your articles. Hope u get back to blogging soon. Or at least, lets get back to doin charity together. I’m sure alot of children out there will benefit from the potentially large support of the readers. tc bro.

    @Sri : I’ll see what I can do about that bro, I will no longer be in communication for some time though.

  • peek-a-boo

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    omg durai!!! why!!! =(…i won’y be able to laugh to all your funny stories anymore….

    @peek-a-boo : Don’t be sad priya, there will always be another place for you to read :)

  • inba2004k

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    thank you for the wonderful insights n comical views ..
    thank you for everything..

    vaalge valamudan

    allah malik

    p.s. ehhhh maaaanga thoppuuuu…..maanga thoppe pakethille kallu kadai….!!!!

    @inba2004k : Nandri ayyah nandri :)

  • lawl

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    ohh man..to tell u the truth..im indeed very sad 2 hear ur quiting..every blog u post was a smile 2 my face and a warm feel of home..n nw..itz gona b BOREDOM..im pretty sure u knw whoz this rite *wink.. =D..but yeah..ur the best n u knw it!! though now im going to be bored..and so are others..i think i might entertain myself by reading ur previous blogs again..:D..niwayz take care mate..keep the magic happening..n keep shining like u always do.. :)
    *peace n xo frm Aussie*

    @lawl : Relax, it has to happen 1 day anyway . Of course I know who you are, I don’t have many readers from Aussie anyway. Reading previous blogs? God, you’re really saddening me now. You take care girl, have fun :)

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    Wassap bro, ithe enna bro new bomb ? I dun think so you will quit.. Please say that this is a prank and all those 44 comments sudah kena tipu. I will wait and see la .. what gonna happen … i can sense something wrong here.

    Peace From :

    @SingemPuli : Bro, no jokes bro, serious than. :)

  • Dev MC

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    Durai, I dont care. u come back and strt writing back again now. your my source of entertainment and i luv ur style, now u running away because of problem/? thats not ur style durai. nevertheless, i dont care i want u back here.:(

    @Dev MC : Lol, I really hope I can do that bro, but it won’t be happening anymore. Thanks for your support though bro :)

  • Durai

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    I can’t thank you guys enough for all this comments,I can feel all the love, and it’s sad to end it this way. But I’m not in the best of form now. Thank you so much though for all the comments :)

  • Gtha

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    Bro, a simple ?. what will make you change your mind ?

    @Gtha : Nothing Gtha. If there was something , don’t you think I would have considered that option? :)

  • linda

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    Do what you must.Thank you for your wisdom , charity, and humor. I will pray for you:(:(

    @linda : Thank you madam. You had been a great support :)

  • Coolman

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    Vaalkhaiyil,,,sunshine and thunderstorm varuvathu biasa thaan bro….
    Keep ur coool…coz,,the weather will change for sure!!

    @Coolman – Unggel asirvathetheke nandri bro:)

  • hAPPYMan

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    Bro, I remember you telling me that you like to people happy. you done a good job all thiw while, but now you’ve made everyone sad. youre not keeping with your promise bro.

    @hAPPYMan : Don’t make it hard bro. Relax, there will always be an alternative.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

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    Anyway, everything must come to an end. Undeniably, you have did a lot via this blog.
    Apart from entertainment, a lot of new things you have shared with us. Well, your decision is well respected. Take care and good bye. Vaazhga Nirantharam, Vaazhga Tamizh Mozhi.

    @Captain Jack Sparrow : Thank you so much bro :) Appreciate that:)

  • Kogila

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    WHAT!!! I never login few days and now you quit blogging!!! OMG>Why Durai! I cant stop askin why. It’s ok Durai, you take care yourself, you’re the funniest young Indian guy I had seen. I will be missing you…:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    @Kogila : I’ll be missing everyone as well Kogila :) Take care :)

  • vg

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    Never have I commented in your blog, though visit it always and leave quietly. Today I stand at attention and give you a tabik spring. GOD will be always at your side.

    @vg : Lol, tabik spring eh? Thank you bro/sis :)

  • malp

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    durai. no matter what i’ll be here :)

    @malp : I’m touched, love you malpie :)

  • R3M

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    Damn bro..ur making me delete 1 of my bookmarks nw :(
    Though i’ve neva commented b4 but i’ve been following ur blog 4 sum time. I really enjoy reading da things u post n u’ve certainly opend my eyes in lots of issues. U hav a great sense of humour n love da way u tackle certain issues. Seriously gonna miss ur blog bro. Wen i 1st read da title of tis post, i was hoping it was 1 of ur pranks. But guess its nt :(
    Neway,al da best wit evrytin bro. U tc n keep rockin ait :)

    Respect n Peace from ur brother frm another mother

    @R3M – Well bro, You don’t really have to delete it , at least not immediately. There are tons of other articles you can read bro :) Plus the other Indian bloggers in my list write fantastic things, you should bookmark them as well . Just a suggestion bro. Thank you so much though for your kind remark about me bro, I’m touched beyond words. God Bless you too bro :)

  • beezkud

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    hello there brother… probably u’ve never seen me commented in ur blog , but certainly, your way of bloggin has immense effect on me… i got nothing to say as uncertainties muffled the way… good luck in ur undertakings bro, hehe, hopes your good principles be followed by others, n i shud congrats you for de success of your blog…

    – either you die as a hero, or u live until u see urself turn into a villain-

    @beezkud : I’ve seen your nick in Makkez blog bro, if I’m not mistaken. Thanks for reading here as well bro, and I’m glad to hear that it has immense effects on you. I wish you all the luck as well bro, take care:)

  • M.K.

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    DAMN….I didn’t expect this…but like you said…i guess all good things never last…anyway….hope everything goes well with you bro….i’m sure you have all your fan’s good will….always….good luck for the future!…keep the bold flair going….gonna miss your blog…:(

    @M.K : Thank you so much bro :) All the best to you too :)

  • OG

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    Oh my god..I am utterly shocked here =(

    I need to say so far all your posts hv been ‘gempak’..but not this one.This post really saddened me bro!=( Still,I do respect your decision and hope you will come back soon.All the very best in your future undertakings.I am going to miss you bro..:(

    -your ‘oldest’ reader

    @OG : Haha, thank you so much OG. This post also gempak what, see how many comments are there :P . Don’t be sad la OG, happy selalu ye:)

    My highest respect to the oldest reader :)

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    Dear Bro Durai,

    I am so speechless. I have been an ardent reader of your blog for nearly 2 years plus. I would say all your articles are excellent & i love the charity part you have been organizing with your friends. Your blog articles are read by me when i am so stressed at work & after reading them, i am either very happy or saddened by some facts that you used to point out especially on our Indian community which made me to think the whole day. It’s very sad to see you departing from this awesome blogging world, but no matter what, if you decided to come back, all of us here will welcome you widely. Altough, we had only met through blogging, but its been a great memory as if we knew for years.

    Take care brother. My best wishes in your future endeavors. God bless you always.


    @Nithz : Haha, thanks sis. It’s always the blessings and support from people like that you that had made me who I am today, although not very successful, but they’re few hearts that has been touched over here. Thank you so much for all this years of continuous support, God Bless you too Sis.:)

  • realist

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    In our day to day busy life we lose touch with the community; you bridged the gap.thanks. Your views were for the welfare of the community almost all the time; u had the big heart to allow anyone to comment on you; you will go a long way; young man….will miss your write ups.i am sure you grew along your posts & comments that came by; your blog made a difference for many including me. May God bless you in all your future undertakings.

    @realist : Thank you so much realist. Your wise words in this blog had always been an inspiration to keep me going too :) You’re absolutely right realist, I grew along with my posts and the peoples comment, and as time comes by, it has set me a different path to follow now. For that, this blog has to go, sadly:) Thank you so much for your wish and support realist, take care:)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Tan Sri mamz,
    i believe and wish you will come back.. You have to…
    Good luck for future undertakings…
    i hope this post is not a full stop, JUST A COMMA …

    tc :)

    @viji : Ok Rasathi, dank you very much :P . Dasyat line la..ithe full stop ille, comma than…allemak . you take care Rasathi, mama ve marentherathe..

  • brindha

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    Already in tears. Hope you come back again to blog. i respect your decision and all the best in whatever you do. Take care.

    @brindha : Oh relax. It’s nothing much, just a blog. Feelings agathingge. Thank you so much for your wishes Brindha :)

  • Supermacha

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    Sometimes, destiny is such, that fate changes the entire course of your life in mere seconds.

    Sounds familiar? Anyway, good luck.

  • malaysian

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    This is the Semozhi song…observe the mural at 3:23…looks familiar?

  • Jared

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    I know how much passion that you have for writing. It is evident from your musings on your blog. Often it is deep and profound. Satirical, at times. But always, thought-provoking. I guess you would have revised your decision to stop many times; and I would respect your decision for I believe that you have bigger plans for your future. All the best for your future endeavours.

    I would just like to say thank you for making me laugh at wee hours, especially when exams are near. It was like an antidepressant. Or maybe weed.

    Also I am very interested in your charity projects. Suppose you need another hand to help, I am here.

    Cheers bro! Do take care.

    @Jared : Thanks for the well wish brother. I could not help but to think how much people I’ve gathered here in this blog, and I’m touched beyond words on how you express this place and the contents. Keep in touch bro, I have some plans to revise the charity execution, working out the details currently.
    I’m so glad this blog had served as an alternative to WEED!? :P LOL.

    And I still remember you advised me something about medical stuffs once, when I got some health scare.

  • C5 EL II

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    Good Luck to you bro SK, hope to meet up one of these days… perhaps outing. catch you later.

    Terima kasih Bro..terima kasih:)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Refer to your SMS bro. Anyway, I’m still speechless… :(

    No words to say bro.. Ippidi panitinggile.. :(

    @Makkez : Relax panengge bro , we shall discuss this offline. Hehe

  • Sashikumar Muniandy

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    alamak bro…just started to njay yr blogs la…moode pocchi la kai~

    @Sashi : Ena pandrethe bro…hehehe…kavala padathingge…thiripi vanthalum varuven…anah epeneh therile..hehe

  • kavy

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    hmmm.. gonna misssed one of the best blogger i hv knw…
    any way good luck durai….
    *kavy* -silent blog reader-

    @kavy : Thanks kavy, appreciate that :) Good luck to you too :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I keep hoping that there will suddenly be a post named “GOTCHA” where it says that all of this is just a (sick) joke. But I guess that was too much to hope for.So sad =( And to think you inspired me to blog….hmmm…..I guess your legacy will live on Durai.

    Hope you will come back one day.
    Take care and all the very best in your future.

    @Vanee : Thank you so much, I will be back I think. Either this domain will expire next year, or it will get renewed, which will pretty much tell if I will write again or not.:)

    You inspired me to write:)

  • Ace

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    if u need any help for charity… jst drop me a mail… glad to help u

    @Ace : Yes of course Ace, I’ve created a group in FB. Please join and support :)

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    COME BACK COME BACK COME BACK COME BACK COME COME BACK……I figured if I say this 108 times you will eventually come back to blogging……COME BACK COME BACK COME BACK COME BACK ……..

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    If I wrote COME BACK every single day from today, would you eventually come back in 108 days??

    @Vanee: Can’t believe you still following up on this when everybody has almost forgotten about me:) Touched beyond words:) Sentimentnyerr…

    Anyway, I will be back! I just realized I have lots of unfinished business…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    OMG!!! My 108 times chant worked!! Come back Come back!!

  • Asamboi

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    Mate, I just came accross your blog today through the Sosilawati murder link on facebook, and I have to say I was quite impressed with your blog and a rude shock because I just started reading when you have decided to call it quits.

    Anyway, take care – stay cool, macha who blogs.

    Good day brother:) Thanks for the compliments, well, yes, currently I’m not writing anymore. You take care too brother:)

  • menaga

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    we miss you sooo much……:(

    @Menaga : Ah, I’m missing you all too:) BTW, which Menaga?

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    hye….good job… nice blog… and some of the issues you highlight.. are really eye opening… please continue writing… Tc. God bless. :)

    @starlite : Thanks Kirty , appreciate that:)

  • sk89

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    although im new here. im sad 2…ur juz superb wt ur writing…tc gud luck bro..

    @sk89 : Thanks bro :) Appreciate that


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    Enna la kawan stop pannethinge… Rajni mathiri ore hype verea create pannithingea.. naa varuveena illeyaanee theriyathe andevan vitthe valli nie…

    @ITKID : Videngge thana….sappeh matter ya…ore beer pottekithe peselam one day..:P

  • shanthini

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    hi Durai..

    i never commented before this.. i started followin ur blog after u stopped writing.. n trust me i actually spend one whole day readin all ur posts.. ur style of writing differs from others that i have read before.. n the way u insert important msges behind all the humour is jus amazing.. really hope u’ll continue writing..crossin my fingers.. to the macha who blogs..pls pls blog again..=)

    @shantini : :) Glad you enjoyed, I’m honored beyond words. Thanks for dropping by , hopefully I will be back:) Thank you so much for writing to me…

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    Hallo, cakap will be back, tapi tak jugak Back!! Faster come back la!!

  • Dead Goat.

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    I just got to know this blog today.

    So was it really a curtain closer?


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