A Disclaimer

Over the past few articles, a lot of interesting questions had been raised up by the people who read this blog. A lot of inputs had also been shared by people, which is a very good sign indeed, because the more info you have regarding an issue, the more knowledgeable you will become. See; let […]


Puts his hand onto some weird pot, and chants something. “Cheri ma, nee polam, atha pathekevangge” “Ok lady, you can go, Goddess Amman will take care of it” “Amman neneche dakshina kase pottethe poma” “Think of Goddess Amman and spare some money lady” And off she goes after handing in some very handsome amount of […]

Intercock and Double Life

All the people who yearns for orgasm by insulting me are back in this blog, hurling abuses just for the sake of getting on to me. PLEASE do not respond to any of this comments, I’ll just delete them off and ban them. Easier that way. I do not want to bark a lot here, […]

M1 Valentine Tips

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, as usual everyone seems to be busy picking up things for their partner. You can see it all around in the shopping centers and gift shops, young guns seem to be flocking in to buy something special for their loved ones. While you would never see this type of […]

Respect Macha !

Glad that many are immediately (actively) commenting and exchanging views. See, I have made uncountable number of friends through this blog. In fact, the reason there are some people reading this blog is because many of you made the huge effort to tell your friends about it. I’ve seen the links been copied and pasted […]