GuruSwamy from Tamilnadu

Congrats to Ms Banu and Happy Birthday to Ms Devishri. It is without a doubt that people do all kind of things to earn a living nowadays. Some do not want to earn their money doing things the right way; they cheat others to feed themselves. Just like that, there is plenty of scammers on […]

Atta Buka Mata

Please do not get discouraged to drop in your thoughts just because I’m not replying. I will reply to the comments as soon as possible. Va pa, vanthe okareh. Come son, sit down. Aya kadeh seriyah business ode mathikithe,ena pandrethe Ayya, business is not going on well, I don’t know what to do. Intha inthe […]

Giving Away Greed

The recent tragedy in Japan not only shook the people of Japan, but together the whole world was in shock. Whenever these types of mega disasters strike, we could do little to prevent it, as it strikes so sudden executing humans who are unaware of its presence. People around the world joined hands offering prayers, […]

Say No to Indian Porn

This article is another group of sarcastic liners containing hidden messages; decipher it using your own judgment. Again, have an open mind. After hearing frustrations of many, and been experiencing it for years, I think it’s time to write about it. I thought they will change, but they did not. I thought there would be […]

Facebook Pwincezz

Unfortunately I’m having a lot to do lately, my work had changed and I work long hours sometimes. I’ll post this quick one, while you wait for another to come by in few days. Facebook is the place where you can see some of the funniest shit around, like how people name themselves with extremely […]