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Congrats to Ms Banu and Happy Birthday to Ms Devishri.

It is without a doubt that people do all kind of things to earn a living nowadays. Some do not want to earn their money doing things the right way; they cheat others to feed themselves.

Just like that, there is plenty of scammers on the Internet nowadays, and they use all kind of techniques to deceive you. A lot of people get cheated by these simple lines, such as the one where they asked you to send your details of your banking accounts.

Indians are undoubtedly the pioneers of the IT world, but they’re some of the worst when it comes to cheating people through the net. Or say some of them. Just like how lame Machas can be tackling girls sometimes, these guys do scams where you can like ‘smell’ it all the way.

Almost all of you know that there is this charity club for Tamil school kids, which is called Sai Fund. Sai Fund was actually named after Shirdi Sai(1838-1918), a great saint whom I admire a lot because of his simple principles and approach towards life. He took His Maha Samadhi(passed away) in 1918.

Since WE’RE all helping in this club, I must share this story with you and ask for your permission to help the below mentioned.

I received a Mayday distress mail all the way from Tamil Nadu, India. The mail was send to our group, Sai Fund’s email address. The guy is asking help from Sai Fund. I’m going to introduce to you one of the most unfortunate Tamilan in the world. Please keep your tissues standby, as I practically cried my hearts out reading his plight.

Mr. Guruswamy actually asked me to ask Shirdi Sai if I should help him.

So, I replied the below.

There are so many out there who are even willing to cheat even a group which is helping poor kids.

But still , just for the benefit of the doubt, guys, what do you say? Shall we help Guruswamy or not?

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  • shanthini

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    seriously???? this kind of people are unbelievable..neway nice sarcastic way of answering him though..

  • Sashikumar Muniandy

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    y cant he ask baba himself instead seeking help from Sai Fund? he need sumone recommendation is it? auwwta case la iven bro~

  • LB

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    Sai Fund famous again in India, first the video clip and now this, must be good la, sampai India =p

  • Nav_yakuza

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    haish…. *speechless….

  • cesc

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    diz is crazy & insane!

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    appedina enakum oru request iruke saar, enakage Baba kitte kette solengge, dahyat aahna cable thaan ningge .. solleve ille :P :D

    Bytheway.. Thank u :D

  • Seelan

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    In our country there is a existence of guruji.To go for this class you must pay RM700.And many people following him blindily.Can u comment on this matter in yr blog.pls

  • Ash

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    Lame. With a capital L.

    NO! Don’t help this man. Sounds fishy from the word go. This reminds me of those Nigerian/African scams where they’d tell you that your long lost rellie passed away and you need to come and collect some stupid inheritance but only after you have paid a certain sum. Sneaky. Sneaky..

    But then again, it’s your moolah Durai. Are you sure you wanna risk it??

  • chelvi ganesan kandan

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    :) Thank you for posting a joke!
    U made me laugh!


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    erk? sai baba even cant help himself!

  • Tony

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    Bro,i had been a silent reader of your blog since the beginning and somehow you had to stop in between..and when i checked back,you are here..welcome back :)
    As bro Seelan above said,yes there is an existence of this fake Guruji who holds a Datukship if im not mistaken.A smooth talking bitch tried to brainwash me into joining them by paying RM770..and then you have to do some “guru sevai” shit,which means you have to trick a few more fellas and make them join..i just told her that they are a bunch of assholes.they operate in a yoga center near PJ..looks like lots of educated fuckers had fall for this scam..maybe you wanna write up something bout this..cheerz

  • sfgdf

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    You should have told him that sai fund only gives out mee hoon and kfc.

  • Neela

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    heyy..okay im practically exposing myself to a bombard by saying this, bt wat if its true, no not that baba has instigated him to sending u this email bt the situation he is in..perhaps he could be guided to refer to a local council that provides help in forms of fundings n so forth? just saying..

  • mike ranggi

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    Any man or guru claiming he is GOD,
    he is certainly GOD spelled backwards..Maybe we can stop calling them swami or swamiji..


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