To calm down the response, I need to write something totally random. So here’s one observation topic. I was in one of the Indian clubs in KL yesterday, celebrating my cousins’ bachelor party. I’m not a big fan of clubs, simply because of the reason I avoid noisy places. I prefer chill out cafes or […]

Runaway Meenachis

There are always times when you get raged over something, as much as you want to be practical solving an issue or problem. The past weekend was a busy day for me, and I just had to share with you this story, so that some of you; young girls will learn something from this. I […]

Gangster Papa

I’ve written sarcastically about it few years back, and sure it got me into a lot of trouble. But you know, since the availability of Facebook to everyone out there; nowadays, every single thing out there in this world had penetrated and operating in Facebook virtually. I’m going to talk about a very serious but […]

Huge Embarrassment to the Machas!

Feel free to take your rifles and shoot at below lamer (only through comments of course), who boasts about things so badly that we can actually smell its fake miles away. You know, since the beginning of time, guys had always had an advantage in everything they do. Compared to opposite species, guys had always […]