Revolutions of Riding 2

There is always something when it comes to Indians. We do everything, differently. We don’t follow the norm. Likewise, I’ve been tortured with the way Indians had been handling bikes. Whether he might be an 18 year old, or he might be a 40 year old uncle. There’s always something funny to be talked about […]

Aiyo Thangachi

I was watching a clip ┬áthe other day when one of my friend suddenly buzzed me in Facebook and said, “Mike, Indian girl clip” True enough, it’s been a long wait. I’ve been making countless repetations of all those old porns.I’ve even started thinking has Indian girls started being that good? Then he gave me […]

Sai Fund Event

……………………… I was extremely busy past weekend with my certification exam which I failed miserably, my cousins wedding and the charity. Past week was one of the busiest week in my life. It is without a doubt that almost everyone loves kids. As preplanned earlier, through Sai Fund, we successfully organized another event for the […]