Revolutions of Riding 2

There is always something when it comes to Indians. We do everything, differently. We don’t follow the norm. Likewise, I’ve been tortured with the way Indians had been handling bikes. Whether he might be an 18 year old, or he might be a 40 year old uncle. There’s always something funny to be talked about them. I’ve talked briefly about it in my previous article 3 years back, in the Revolutions of Riding. Now, let me introduce to you some of the most fucked up style of riding and why I discourage riding a motorbike. Note that I’m not against ‘disciplined’ riding.


This style is achieved by riding the bike in a way that your spine looks unstable to many. It might look awkward, but for the Indian machas, it is the style. You have to narrowly bend your hip according to the left handle of your bike, and make sure your spine is not in a straight line. This is the most important and the most popular technique of all time. It is used by almost all the Indian machas out there, in order to look most stylish.

I do not like things without evidence, so in order to achieve that, I have photographed my brother in a pose like that, in order to depict you the scenes. If you say I’m lying about how Indians ride, see these pictures. All the scenes were taken indoors to avoid injuries, but ironically , just after going out from my house after taking this pictures, the strangest thing happened, he(my brother) met an accident. He suffered some minor injuries.



Gilli the Willie

Out of influence mostly from Tamil movies, depicting scenes from Vijay movies, they try out these stunts in order to look cool in front of local Malaysian Indian chicks. Some ‘Kambethe’ chicks will be absolutely impressed with this, and get fucked.

It’s hard to get this stunt right indoors, so I’ve used a bicycle to depict you the stunt instead. I’m sure you’ve seen it live though.


Typically there is also another stunt which could be included in this category. It’s called Superman. It is achieved by stretching your whole body in a straight line, and you should lick the handle of the bike while doing this.



This is usually by Machas who are married; they carry children’s enough to be carried in cars in their bikes. This is extremely dangerous, considering if there is an accident, your child will die sooner than you. So, precisely this suits the theme brainless. You do not consider the well being of your own sperms. Some defend this brainless people by telling that they’re poor, but how come they’re never poor in terms of energy to ‘fuck’? This precisely describes that these kinds of people are brainless. They never think about their future, and never about their children’s.

Girls, avoid this kind of guys.

Last but not least, recently a new type of thing had emerged in KL area, whereby the guys typically indulge in the pleasure of splashing others with an acidic liquid. Around 20 cases had been reported in KL area over the past few months, and the culprit still haven’t been captured. Recently the police had released a photo-fit of the suspect using the victims identification, so ladies, be extremely careful whenever you’re walking anywhere, avoid walking where you can be an easy target for bikers. It’s a crazy rampage going on out there, avoid also going out at night.

Some of the victims (above)

Contact the number if you see a guy resembling the above suspect . AND MACHAS ,DONT ACT LIKE VIJAYAKANTH WHEN YOU SEE THIS GUY, CALL THE POLICE INSTEAD.

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    haha bro…u nailed it down!! i respect u bro.. and sorry about your brother. Hope he’s in good health now.

  • Nav_yakuza

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    hahaa… i like the ‘brainless’ !!!!

  • Athiss

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    Bro the guy in that picture is not the real culprit, i read in thestaronline, the guy cleared his name in police station.

    @Bro, the guy who ‘resembled’ the photofit came to the police station and cleared his name bro, but there are other similar ones bro.

  • Jegan_KL

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    Good that you have added a bit on the corrosive liquid splasher. People, especially the ladies out there in KL, please be very careful and mindful when you are walking along the streets. Try not to have a direct contact/encounter with motorist; be it for a good reason. Carry a bottle of water and an umbrella with you. The incident which took place two weeks ago at Jalan Pudu Lama (at night) was just beside my office, and she was brought to my building where the café is (by her friend who is my working colleague) to wash her face and body exposed to the liquid with running water. She went blind as she started screaming as she was not able to see anything after that. And soon later, she was brought to the nearest hospital. She’s still in ICU now. So, ALL, please be alert (all the time) everywhere outside your door step!!

  • Russ

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    The pics had me laughing for a few minutes straight! love the teddy bear! lol

  • Kokku Saare

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    Funny yet true..

    SPINELESS ~ its the typical posture for our machas riding a bike for quite a long time. My Father usually joked to me that they ride in those postures because they suffer from swelling on their ass (SUTHELE KATTI)..

    WHEELIE/SUPERMAN ~ definitely indian wheelie/superman is a fucked up one. wont stand for even a couple of seconds. MAT REMPITS conquer this skills better than our MACHANS…

    BRAINLESS ~ i’ll say “doing their part to save the environment”.. 2 wheels, less CO2, less damage to environment..

    ACID MACHA ~ he needs treatment as he is practically a GHAJINI on loose..

  • vardhana

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    this acid man should realize that acid is not gold dust or rose water to be sprinkled on girls..ithu enna manjje thanni vilayatha?? loose paiye!
    * nice pictures!

  • spirit within

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    isnt it funny,husband and wife got white kids on the rxz,and wife is a hippie…lol…just kidding fellow machas.
    anyway nice 1 durai,a point blank for the riders…or ghost riders wanabe.
    there is a proverb,”if you ride like hell,you will reach there sooner”.
    on a daily basis,i think the rempits overwhelm the other riders in terms of dangerous riding and whacking other motorist in groups.maybe they are on drugs most of the time and no action taken on them.
    well that point 1 for the rempits,another fact for machas is they still have some respect for other users as long as an indian, you dont stare at them besides their modified mufflers to attract attention.the real menace are the rempits.anyway nice article for the riders.

  • spirit within

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    well for the acid macha….mike its not right lah if you are doing this,maybe ur heart broken,does not mean you must rip off the womens from their confidence(their face.
    acis macha:-
    fact 1-what will you do if your mother or sister fall to acid victims,even your dad will get scared each time he looks her in the face and for your sister,maybe no 1 will marry her.
    Fact 2-
    maybe now u dont have a gf,maybe in the future you have 1 and treasure her more then your life and alll of a sudden she face the same faith.
    fact 3-
    remember the laws of cause and effect or jesus might say,you reap what you sow,dont you think the karma is grave to hurt people to such an extend or destroying god creation that is the face of a,man….god knows what you going to pay with.

  • Ratheesh

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    bro you seriously need a facebook like button seriously..this is beyond hilarious..

  • JayVee

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    Exactly! I’ve seen machas, while riding in that ‘brainless’ position, also puffs fag. And those innocent toddlers/kids are the victim of situation, having to inhale papa’s filthy fumes. Not only machas, mamats are also same in this case. Really hate seeing this to the extent that I’ve stopped my car and asked these retards to throw the smoke away, numerous times.

  • The Lost Culture

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    First, let us all pray that all this Mat Sempit go to hell without fail..(I dunno y they call ‘em rempit, but sempit is wat i call coz this jerks will love to squeeze in the most ‘sempit’ space in the traffic and damage ur car).

    Second, tat acid splashing bastards… make sure those assholes are mentally retarded. If they have stories to tell like they were cheated by some chicks or act of depression or wat so eva, they’re looking for very deep trouble… both the bastards have caused a lot of damage…

  • gie

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    yah the guy in the pic is not the one it seems,..ladies lebih baik bawak payung besar wherever u go,..if can use it even wen its not raining or hot sun :)

  • Thiben

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    Lost culture is praying for the wrong stuff here, try riding in hot sun & wait behind cars appropriately…wait that doesn’t make sens isn’t it?? than where else would you want them to ride?? small bikes is made to cut thru traffic.
    Your car got dents & dings?? dont drive in the big city, move out or try going public…though luck mate. a rider aswell…i bet all 3 of my bike combined will buy 2 or 3 of the car ur driving.

  • deevagar

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    HAHAHAHA those funny pictures from “Brainless” ticked the laugh otta me ! Man you looked so epic with those teddy bears that I cried my ass off ! HAHAHAHA !


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