Your Dream Macha

If I’m going to talk about my Europe trip nonstop, everyone’s going to show their middle finger to me and take a leave. Everyone’s been forcing me to write, write and write, but really, unless you’re a writer yourself, you will never understand how difficult it is to compose a liner. When you finish writing […]

Europe – Paris, France

We left London on Monday night, leaving by coach in an 8 hour ride to Paris. At around 7am in the morning, we reached Gallieni. We tried to check into the hotel we booked, called Mister Hotel but we were unable to because it was too early. ¬†Fortunately, the hotel is located just nearby the […]

Europe – UK

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote, and I’m having difficulties starting up again. It’s because I still can’t get over my vacation. For those who didn’t know, the reason for my absence was because I was travelling, in some cities around Europe. Of course, this article will be about the travel. Let […]