Festival of Lights

In 2005, the Government allocated 64.84 million for Tamil schools; on top of that another 100 million was given to aid the schools. In 2008, another RM 100 million was allocated and recently announced this year in 2011, we have another RM 100 million allocated for Tamil schools. This three alone, which was announced, totals […]

Hidup Sampai Mati

“Woi……. Woi……..!” Loud footstep noise of a few people running behind my house… “Pukimak lu cina,cibai,gangster ka lu…tunggu…cibaiiiiii…” I was just about to open my laptop to watch porn when I was distracted by shouts and screams followed by loud thumping noises. I was taken aback and quickly opened my room window, and peeked outside […]

Dear God…

Dear God, Of late there had been too many things bothering me. There are just too many people suffering in this world that you have created. I’m getting frustrated of how little I can do to help ease the sufferings of others. Thus I decided to write to you. See, to start with, take a […]