Dear God…

Dear God,

Of late there had been too many things bothering me. There are just too many people suffering in this world that you have created. I’m getting frustrated of how little I can do to help ease the sufferings of others. Thus I decided to write to you.

See, to start with, take a look at all those natural disasters that you have inflicted upon human beings. Thousands of people died this year in Japan tsunami, and at least a quarter of them were reported to be children’s. How can you take away the life of innocent people just like that? Also earth quakes and floods seem to be your favorite activity.

Go the other way around the globe, and you see millions of children are suffering from lack of food and vitamins. They’re dying each day in hunger. They’re walking miles and miles just for a sip of water. Yet, at the end of their journey, you gave them no water. Do you know how cruel you have been?

If in case you gave them water and food, you put them through disease and sufferings. How dare you inflict cancer and other deadly disease on small children’s who won’t be able to sustain the pain? Of the two species, you put through woman into more sufferings by giving them extra bonus, such as breast and ovarian cancer.

You put in some kids into this world, yet millions are begging, forced to prostitution and child slavery. You deprive them of education and food, and you make the evils laugh louder by providing to their needs. For an example, money that is supposed to be channeled to Tamil schools in my country , is actually being channeled to the politicians bank account. Yet they live happily with the swindled money. What Karma crap are you talking about?

You also think it’s funny to let people who do not appreciate things; to have more. You give them more than they can ever indulge, why can’t you just balance out life for everyone out there?

Let me tell you.

You’ve got it all wrong. Ever since you took over office, your management style had always been wrong. You descended hundreds of Saints over the past few thousand years, to name a few Muhammad, Jesus, and Buddha. The world was at war, people were killing each other in the name of race, religion, caste, territory and money. Isn’t it funny that you thought that all this Saints will bring world peace? Do you know what happened? Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad embraced each other, while their followers were fighting with each other in the name of these very saints that wanted to bring harmony and peace to human beings.

Don’t you ever dare to question what I have done to help others! I’ve been taking personal responsibilities to help others on behalf of you. For an example, I spend at least 5 hours a day in my Facebook account, posting courageous messages about cancer such as this:

Apart from this status, I browse through hundreds of websites every day, save the picture of human sufferings and post it online and get my friends to Like them. They in return post it in their profile and get other friends to support them. We all comment on those pictures and feel pity; and mourn the loss of lives for the next 10 minutes.

I really feel sad of all this sufferings, every weekend when I head out to the bar to drink with my friends; we usually talk about this for the first 15 minutes. And when we get really sad, we had to just drink more to calm ourselves. You know, while on the beer, we brainstorm each week on how to save money to help the poor. We’re still in the midst of planning though.

I make sure I don’t buy perfumes and doll for my girlfriend all the time. It’s usually ONLY on her birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Best Friends Day, Woman’s Day, New Year, and Christmas. Other than that, I only bring her out to eat and have a vacation. I spend so little for myself, yet when I see my balance at the end of the day, I don’t have any money to donate! Why can’t you just give me more money?

On another note, I’ve always wanted to donate my old books and clothes to the needy people, but I just do not have enough time. You just didn’t provide me enough time in a day! Look at my schedule; total 5 hours in Facebook, 12 hours sleeping, 1 hour studying, 2 hours with my girlfriend, and 4 hours for my daily chores. Can you see how busy I’m!

I’m getting tired with your lame problem solving skills. I need you to tell me NOW how are you going to fix this issues!

Much love,

Dear Durai,

It is not the world that I need to fix,  it is you .


This article, although written sarcastically, is an indication of how much time, energy and money we spend for something that is totally not worth it. We’re thinking by spending time doing ‘virtual’ charity in FB will benefit someone out there, but in fact it does not help at all. It does raise awareness, but doesn’t get things moving. We’re thinking that we do not have enough money to spare, but we can buy endless jugs of beer every weekend.  We buy lipstick, watch, sunglasses ,jeans, shirts, phones, hat, shoes,bag, lotte, loseke , yet we say we spend so little for ourselves.  We spend endless hours making out with our boyfriends and girlfriends, yet we say we don’t have enough time.

My concept of charity is very practical and doable. I’m not asking you to stop drinking, I’m saying why not spare the money of one bottle? I’m not asking you to stop smoking, I’m saying why not quit it for one day? I’m not asking you to stop buying Punjabi suits, I’m saying why not buy a slightly cheaper ones? I’m not asking you to stop making out, I’m asking you to cum come faster so that you can have more free time. Its Deepavali month, I’m sure you’re going to spend money for tons of things, just allocate a little to someone in need near you.


You don’t have to be Gandhi ,  you can also drink and have Tonthi ; yet change the world.

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  • Preeti

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    Hands down your best article so far. 10 years from now if you re-read this article, you gonna be so proud of yourself. i know i am.

  • Preeyah

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    Hi Durai,

    I’m a fan of your posts. This is sure one of your best article. Thanks for the wonderful message thru this post. Keep up your great post. Thanks.

  • alan

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    A very good message conveyed in a different way! Good job bro!

  • Gokul

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    Durai Bro,

    This article will be an eye opener for certain peoples. Even if its only one person, it’ll be still considered as your success and it is a reward for you for writing up this article.. Hats off to you bro.. cheers :)

  • Vivek

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    I am speechless bro. As usual, a fantastic way of telling what you want to tell. Hats off.

  • Sensor_Version

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    Nice article to bring awareness bro. Will try to donate or participate voluntarily in Saifund events. :)

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    bro unge photo onne iruntha kodenge.

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    An eye opening article bro. And i proud to say i’m not one of them , whom just forwarding the social awareness message :) I did my part in helping community through three events so far. & i love it , the feeling is great.

  • Tito

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    y do I feel so guilty? :(

  • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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    Anne, I have no words to comment. I read it and can only define it with one word – Brilliant!
    Keep it up!

  • Athiss

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    Brilliant :’-)

  • Suren

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    fantastic narration…am speechless bro…am truly looking forward to lend a helping hand…keep it up bro…hats of for your initiative…

  • Nav_yakuza

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    dear god… pls help those who in needs the most…

  • sean

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    for a moment there i was about to thuperan on this site, it all seemed so self centered and full of lame excuses till i got to the bottom and really understood that u were sarcastic. praise the lord. i have to agree with you on so much of Wat u’ve said. thanks for a good article like this. keep up the good work bro. with this words at least 1 idiot will open his heart to help more people.

  • Edie

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    First article I’ve read on your blog, and I must say you’ve got a really interesting way of writing. Great stance on the subject matter too. Looking forward to reading more articles.

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    impressed and at the same time speechless! semma netti addi even for myself !

  • Maya

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    If every man looked out for his neighbour, there would be no poor people living on your street.

  • Maya

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    “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”.(Mother Teresa)

  • dshri

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    great article durai! something i always ponder about. only you have the courage to put it down in words,and that makes you a bigger man.action speaks louder than words, so let us all do our part to make this world a better place.i know you have started and now it’s time for the rest of us to take action as well.

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    there is story in regards to the picture with the vulture and and the child.

    In March 1993, photographer Kevin Carter made a trip to southern Sudan, where he took now iconic photo of a vulture preying upon an emaciated Sudanese toddler near the village of Ayod. Carter said he waited about 20 minutes, hoping that the vulture would spread its wings. It didn’t. Carter snapped the haunting photograph and chased the vulture away. (The parents of the girl were busy taking food from the same UN plane Carter took to Ayod).

    The photograph was sold to The New York Times where it appeared for the first time on March 26, 1993 as ‘metaphor for Africa’s despair’. Practically overnight hundreds of people contacted the newspaper to ask whether the child had survived, leading the newspaper to run an unusual special editor’s note saying the girl had enough strength to walk away from the vulture, but that her ultimate fate was unknown. Journalists in the Sudan were told not to touch the famine victims, because of the risk of transmitting disease, but Carter came under criticism for not helping the girl. ”The man adjusting his lens to take just the right frame of her suffering might just as well be a predator, another vulture on the scene,” read one editorial.

    Carter eventually won the Pulitzer Prize for this photo, but he couldn’t enjoy it. “I’m really, really sorry I didn’t pick the child up,” he confided in a friend. Consumed with the violence he’d witnessed, and haunted by the questions as to the little girl’s fate, he committed suicide three months later.

    few more links that are thought provoking (for those who waste food) (for those who fail to appreciate)

    and something heart warming


    this is the world we leave in..

  • parthiben

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    ….really thought provoking…I’m now ur die hard fan!

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    speechless looking at the pictures…

  • Jayanthi

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    Worth reading. Great article.

  • Madness

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    Everything happens for a reason..nothing we can change but imply good thoughts and intentions for and towards others…. Pray hard..

  • suriashni

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    wow…simply awesome..!!hatsoff DURAI!!

  • sri

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    no no…. u cant blame God for what has happened. every1 are who they are now is because of their own will and action… the more u learn, the more u progress… what suffers is just the physical body not our soul. actually we are all immortal.. we never really die… and nvr really born.

  • sri

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    no no…. u cant blame God for what has happened. every1 are who they are now is because of their own will and action… the more u learn, the more u progress… what suffers is just the physical body not our soul. actually we are all immortal.. we never really die… and nvr really born.

  • Apip

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    durai… dey… come back la dey… start writing again… i’ve been reading your articles for few years but never read this one… once i read this one.. dey.. you really need to start writing again.. this touched me so much dey.. this is really how i feel every single fucking day.. why can’t we all be just balanced… no superiority between one another.. live happily.. peacefully.. really hope can meet you one day durai.. im the same kind of man.. always broken when others are.. always lighting the world if others smile.. ya Allah.. berilah kami kekuatan untuk terus berharap atas rahmat-Mu.. sesungguhnya kami tak mampu.. ampuni kami ya Allah..


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