Hidup Sampai Mati

“Woi……. Woi……..!”

Loud footstep noise of a few people running behind my house…

“Pukimak lu cina,cibai,gangster ka lu…tunggu…cibaiiiiii…”

I was just about to open my laptop to watch porn when I was distracted by shouts and screams followed by loud thumping noises. I was taken aback and quickly opened my room window, and peeked outside into the back alley.

3 Indian guys were chasing one Chinese guy, and they stopped just exactly on the door behind my house. The first guy had no T-shirt on him, armed with a long thick stick while the second guy was holding a crash helmet. The third and the Chinese guy were unarmed.

They were attacking the Chinese guy repeatedly using the stick and helmet, with maximum furiousness. The Chinese guy was taking a ferocious beating directly targeted towards his head. I quickly ran down the stairs of my house, opened the back door, and stood outside just a few meters away from them. By this time, blood were oozing down from his mouth and some part of his head, and he was on his knees(the Chinese guy). I stared blankly at them, standing just a few steps away from the fight, and they didn’t even fucking bother to look at me. I felt so humiliated.

Anyway, one of the Indian guys eventually dragged the ‘body’ all the way towards the front of my house. They actually circled around and came to the field in front of my house. When I ran back to my front gate, then I realized there was something bigger happening. At least 20 Indian guys was standing there with their crash helmets, and whacking another 2 Chinese guys. When the guy who ran to the back alley was dragged back in front of the field, all 20 guys swung their helmets towards the direction of his head. Both my balls went up to my throat (virtually) and my jaws dropped. I mean what pride is there to whack 1 guy who is half dead with 20 guys of yours?

Seriously potte punde la u machas..

If you’re really a gangster, you should go one on one with him. How is it justifiable that you get to whack him with 20 armed guys of yours and he don’t even have a weapon?

Indians do take gangsterism seriously. I mean there are growing numbers of young boys being influenced by gangs, thinking it is cool to be one of them. Almost all of them are influenced young, right from the day they enter secondary schools. A shocking amount of young boys are joining more of this clubs online, for an example, look at the number of boys in this clubs.

All of these boys don’t even know what gangs are and what it can do to their life. The funniest shit about all this school boys is the way they portray themselves, to look gangster and cool.

First of all, I’m fucking sure almost all of you never been involved in even one fight before. Maybe you stand nearby during a fight, which might be it. Or else like above case, with 20 of your guys, you might have taken down one man.

I wonder la, when schooling most of you fail Math’s (not like you pass the rest of the subjects anyway) and hate numbers, but when it comes to gangs, you’re so proud to be part of the number clubs.

The next thing is your stupid quotes. You type away some of the funniest shit you can find around, in order to make you virtually a gangster. When I look at the quotes, I nearly pissed laughing. Seriyanah mutta piece , ninggele parengge…

Bob Marley did not promote gangsterism, I don’t know from which shit they got this idea that Bob Marley who is from Jamaica supported Indian gangsters clubs in Malaysia.

And then recently, there is these trends of wearing a side bag.I don’t know from where this one started la, all the young machas seems to be following this trend. Apdi ena pundeyethanda vechiripingge anthe bag le?

Ask this guys to carry school bags, they will frown. But almost all of them like the karat machas are carrying this side bags. Cops especially UTK(Unit Tindakan Khas) carry this side bags because of their occupational items , and some tow truck guys(callman) also carry this bags for their personal items.But this young machas has got no reason to carry these bags, as though you’re carrying thousands of dollars of cash inside. Ningge edekereh anji pathe picheke etheke da unggeleke inthe vetti virape?

So, I personally took the task to probe deeper into this issue. I called out one of the guys, and asked them what really they carry inside those side bags. I mean what shit can you really keep inside when you’re practically cashless and useless? As I moved in to check the bag, I was choked with emotions. As soon as I opened the bags, I was so moved tears start running down my cheeks. They actually keep…

Coloring book!!!

And Luna Colour Pencil!!!

You see, since they’ve got nothing to do and mostly they just pass time talking some shit stories with their friends, they all have got a hobby. They keep coloring book and Luna color pencil inside so whenever they have free time, they start coloring.

The point they want to prove by carrying this bags is that they’re so gangster.Dei pikalis, carrying side bags will not make you a gangster. And joining online Facebook clubs also will not make you a gangster. Whacking one guy with 20 members of yours also will not make you a gangster.

Go ask all those who had been gangsters and went to jail how it feels like. When you get jolted with a stick in your ass by the police, then you will cry amma appa thaye mariamma

Top ahm top eh…toppene potterevanegeh police…

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  • Tom Sawyer

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    Bro…..cashless and useless…wakakakaka…savadi liner bro…n ya da colouring book and d colour pencil thingy was a great dig at em’.

  • Solomon Appaya

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    hahahaha…savadi post,bro! In ma case which happened just recently, I went to one of stall in Sentul,suddenly one fella came start to shout n warn all d workers(which all of them is Indian nationality)… Its seems they didn’t gave him a curry for the rice he ‘pau’ from them. When I asked them why they giving him for free, its seems he is ‘Mande’ in that area and he will come everyday to ‘pau’ them for ‘Ossi Sappede’. I was wondering what the hell if that guy is one big gangster(so called,la) but he couldn’t pay for the food.. O.o!
    ‘Enna valke da ithu’!

  • Athiss

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    Pavam Bob marley, he spread love but this bunch of little punks using his name for gangsterism. -.-

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    This is happening in our world …why indians cant be unite and always fight for a simple thing like ‘macha aven yeneye parthe morehchitanda’ .. lol

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    They seriously carry colouring book and colour pencils? or are you mocking them??
    Weird. I am actually quite intrigued by this fact eh…:D

    Gangsters, yuck!!

    @Vani : Of course making fun of them loh…Hehe

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    Sar paiyenengele videngge, inthe ‘gangsta’, Adavadi’,’ranggi’ ‘zeroeight’ gals eh pathi elutheve ille… ithengeh panre rothene thaangge mudiyile… athu enna mayire top eh? class le top ah va mothe!

  • Russ

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    ithellam dooppe! Durai than toppe! =P good one..as always

  • Suren@Achu

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    now days indian boys got no balls to fight one by one & call their self as gangster…. nice post bro….

  • Vivek Muniappan

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    I always had the doubt what the heck they carry in their sling bag.. Minji minji poneh, sarekku vaangi kudukire ipad vetchirupaanungaloo appapoo oru santhegam..:p

  • vishnu

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    007 james bond kudhe thotherevaru…ivenenghe tolleh thanghele..good one-super-excellent fantastic~!!! :)

  • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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    I’m pretty sure some young punk will read this and start praising his gang here in a few comments time. Heck, some of them will even threaten the others here.

    Gang life – drinking, smoking, sucking (drugs), fucking (each other), going to temples with the intention of wreaking havoc. Picking up school girls (pedophiles). Listening to songs that have their gang numbers in it, beating up people in a large group. never daring to stand on a one-on-one fight. Seriously, potte naayinge la ivanunge.

    The world is moving at such a fast phase to the future; and here, Indians are fighting each other for numbers.

  • Sashikumar Muniandy

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    sasau p**de**ghe…~ Top ahm top eh…toppene potterevanegeh police…ithu joka reke bro..!

  • MK

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    Just wondering what happened to those Chinese guys…


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    HAHAHA…I started laughing my balls off learning that these guys actually take Bob Marley as a gangster! I love Mr.Bobby for his love towards peace. I’m only imagining they replace Bob Marley’s picture with Jesus, Buddha, Guru Nanak or any other prophet’s picture and maintain their understanding. That’ll be cute…

  • Gokul

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    Ulagam engeyo poyi kitthe iruke, aana nambe machans ellam number’e, sande, set, kutthe, kolai, putthe, p*unde, mayire matte ne irukanege ivenege.. Malaysia le Indian pere semmaiya naari kitte iruke, ithule inthe kede vere.. If any Malays or chinese saw all these kinda shits, confirm they’ll tupperan “Keling paria, mmg perangai macam keling paria…”.. Tirunthege da DEI!!
    BTW, “Top ahm top eh…toppene potterevanegeh police…” ~ this is the punch dialog of the year bro.. heheh..

  • $@i

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    Check out one of the quotes from the number kaigals. ** top F.R.I.E.N.D.S: (F)ight for you… (R)espect you…… (I)nvolve you…… (E)ncourage you…….. (N)eed you…….. (D)eserve you….rofl

    F- Fight for what? Freedom from communist?
    R – Respect for what? Better do complete your education and work at a commendable organization. Society will respect you better..
    I – Involve u? Next thing you will be counting the bars at our local prisons
    E – Encourage? Better encourage others to earn the living in a good way..
    N – Needs you.. I am sure your parents or family needs you alive.
    D – Deserves u? I am pretty much sure you deserve a better life out of gangsterism.

    What kodumai is this la…

  • Deeps

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    Hahahahaha. A good dig at them bro.

    When I was in Form 6, attentively listening to my Biology teacher while these so called ‘school rowdies’ were busy fighting outside the school compound, I learnt about territorial animals. I learnt that territorial mammals use scent-marking to signal the boundaries of their territories(urination, defecation, rubbing parts of the bodies that bear specialised scent glands).

    So I was wondering how these ‘terrifying’ school rowdies mark their territories?

    Finally, after nearly 15 years I get the answer. The answer was in their karat side bags all these while. COLOUR PENCILS. Hehehe

    And everytime we had our monthly assembly, the teacher will announce the names of the ‘karat’ school rowdies who has been suspended, thrown out of school or even seriously injured and admitted in the hospital.

    After I read your article bro, I can only think of one thing. They should have stayed in class and listened to their biology teacher. Because today, all those who chose to stay in class and said no to rowdism, are professionals leading comfortable lives.

  • Shri Saundarajan

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    Despite the moral education and religious exposure, it’s pretty embarrassing and shameful seeing our Indian youngsters engaging in gangsterism. At times, I wonder where it starts and the most contributing factor(s) that bring up the enthusiasm in them to get involved in clubs online, gang/groups etc. To begin with, parents are the role models and are solely responsible for the kids’ upbringing. Not to deny, TAMIL MOVIES! Everyone knows Malaysian Board of Censorship is one of the strictest Film Censorship Board in the world – yet there are many violence scenes are being left out uncensored. It’s an ongoing argument when comes to talking about these topics – parental and Tamil movies. But one should actually think of the effects contributed by these two major factors. I feel pity for them.

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    Bro I’ll be laughing the whole day thinking about “Apdi ena pundeyethanda vechiripingge anthe bag le?”……

  • Alan

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    I am a secondary school teacher. With a pure intention to help our indian students, I gave my phone number to a group of school boys to call me whenever they have doubts in their subjects. Unintentionally, my phone number ends with 08, and thats it la! The next day onwards I was receiving phone calls with all sorts of vulgar words and what not! “Dei! nee enna 08 set karenaadaa? Nangga yaaru theriyuma daa? Engga area kulla ennadaa 08 karan pandre”- these are some of the sentences I get to hear daily, minus the vulgar acknowledgements. Oru phone number vachi inthe alavukku namma school paiyanungga yosikkirangenna… see how corrupted and contaminated their minds are! Inthe mathiri poyitte pillainggala kadavule nenachaalum kaapathe mudiyaathu. This article didnt make me laugh at any point, but made me think how to get these people on the right track! Most of namma young teenagers inthe mathiri thaan avangga vaazhkaiye waste pandranungga!
    13 vayasu- cigarette
    15 vayasu- thanni
    17 vayasu- gang/ vettu kuthu/ drugs
    19 vayasu- 1/2 pillaikku appa
    21 vayasu- smuggling/ theft/ rape
    23 vayasu- DIE- either accident, police or law

    • Shri Saundarajan

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      “This article didnt make me laugh at any point, but made me think how to get these people on the right track!” – I thought of the same Alan!

      • alan

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        Exactly… this may be something funny for the non-indians, but for us, its a devastating issue! If we do not raise awareness, who else would? Hats off to Durai, at least he has the guts to talk about these issues to enlighten our community.

    • lilburned

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      Rome wasn’t built in a day, it was built over time. Imperfection gives us space to grow and be a better individual. I believe these people will get into the right track one day..Hopefully

    • Lois

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      Yes bro its real sad that although we have all the oppurtunities but there are still some glitches that we cant do much to educate them!

      We have a EX-Drug pusher as a minister so what can we expect?

  • suren meowww

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    bro kadaisiya onnu sonninggeleh, aathu enaku rombeh pudichiriku.. anyway, again a practical post for this katak dalam tempurung machans. Malaysian Yoga Society has been visiting prisons all over Malaysia to educate the detainees and this “vaandu’s” getting wrong information about who’s Bob Marley and i hardly believe that they even know what was his message to the world through his songs yet alone to sing them? We got a situation here, need to something about this kind of habits. Vere odeh pudenggenom durai.

  • neuro nimal

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    nange lam raw’vana rowdey!!! =P

  • 1ofakind

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    Macha ! You rock..

  • ranjiv

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    haha seriously funny…. I think we should gun them down!

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    2 of my personal experience.

    1: I know someone who belongs to one of the number, so one day i got the ‘fucked’ up opportunity to meet his set-te friends. I asked them some questions which triggered their anger
    “yen bang bob marley follow paneringe?” he replied “avengethaa bang bapa engeleke”
    me: avenge padene paate rendu moone sollenge papom
    he: buffalo soldier, one love
    me: avelothaana? seri avege padene 400 years, Kinky Reggae, Trenchtown Rock, Redemption Song, Johnny was a good man, War anthe paate ellam theriyuma?
    he: apidiya? athe legend album leh iruka bang,
    me: bang avege kitte ethene album iruke theriyuma?
    he: punde nee rumbe pesere.
    i left the scene.

    incident 2:

    the actual leaders or ‘mandes’ that i have seen and known are really quiet, respect others and decent.

    • Shri Saundarajan

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      rujj.. lol for if he did reply saying ‘punde nee rumbe pesere’.. I can imagine how could the conversation be and he should be ‘proud’ of knowing two of Bob’s songs!!! :p

  • 36 HIDUP HIDUP!!!

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    • Izuna

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      Do we need to express it more clearly?? Dei, now hear a new story, not only your fucked up gang are comedy piece but only balless motherfucker will behold the pride of this bodoh thing..get it now?? I mean u don’t have ball..go and grow some balls..

    • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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      Nee mothele uyirode iruppiya ne parpom da..Pikkali pithere paruppe…36 Hidup it seems.. Go study instead of all this crap…Unkitte mothe konde ore sonthe RM10 irukka to cut ur own hair ?

    • Lois

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      Hi bro think for a while what you all are doing?
      Is this the reason our grand fathers fight and got the independence for?

      Think for a while bro dont get emotional or angry where are we the INDIAN now?
      We use to be the greatest in the world once a upon time but now in our present place we are nothing but KULI’s pendatang and so on………..when are we going to come out of all this?
      By fighting among us?Is that how we prosper?
      We were the one’s who taught this IDIOT’S how to read and write once a upon a time as being teachers in the schools but now who is sitting up there?No doubt there are 2 top indian figures there but is that enough for us?
      Maybe its enough for some people but in actual fact its not enough at all!

      Please la bro grow up and think out of the BOX.

      Sorry if I have offended any one PEACE

    • Lizard

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      36 hidup? Un gang hidup irukum… Annal, ni rombe nalla hidupa ireke mathe…. ithe en bapak sashi melle aanai..

  • bila2 24 GANGTAZ

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  • YoungRagedIndian

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    36 HIDUP HIDUP!!!, bila2 24 GANGTAZ……..Dei ***** mavanuggalaaa!! Ivalavu tuppiyum butthi Vareleya?????? unnaellam pethanggalaa? Pendanggala? Nai maari teruvule **** potta kuda ivu varatha jenmangga!!!! Ithe parunggada ****** ********, ni matthavanggele tukkere varaikkum Polis yenna poo parikkuma??? Poi munerrure velayya parunggada!!!!!

  • Ashanie4mHell

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    LOL! Interestingly tragic story of our indian boys.


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    Post from:
    October 16th, 2011 at 7:41 pm is so really true. Some fuck ups will read and start getting excited over the topic and start praising their gangs as well as threatening and so on… These ‘machas’ are so very predictive. What makes them worth to nothing! Bloody ****…

  • subashni

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    good one bro!!

  • INDIAmari

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    Dude, ur Fuckin Hilarious..hahaha
    Keep up the good work, followin you..

  • sowhat

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    hahahahahha!!!! damn… I wish one of “them” would read this than from colouring books they’ll move on to buncho colour paint!! epic

  • Lois

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    hahahahaha this ** will never learn!Its a material world where by people will be proud to say I own this and that but this bunch of ass hole idiot wana claim territories and be proud to give some fucking stupid simple figure’s!
    Their mentality is still in 1960’s or 70’s probably.If noticed they will follow and pick up all the nonsence from all the movies.For a change why not they pick the good values that is being taught shown in the same movies!They think if they were to mimick the same stupid nonsence in the movies people will look high of them without realising they are just being another piece of shit and a DUMB CLOWN(no offence to this proffesion)
    Any how what we can do is take care of the people close to us and advice them of the negative effect’s its going to cost us in the future.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Haha, 101% true bro. They would not even know anything about the roots and history of their gangs (and how they got the numbers) but would self-proclaim that they are in the group.

    Ask them what is going on in Libya? Tarak tau.
    Ask them who is the mande in Kapar? Confirm tau.

    Ask them what are the contents of Budget 2012? Tarak tau.
    Ask them who smacked the head of ‘Vettu Muthusamy’ last week in Segambut? Confirm tau.

    Enna valkei da ithu..

  • Raj

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    Bro, so what happened to the chinese guy in the end?

    @Some other Chinese guys came in another car and collected the ‘bodies’ bro :)

  • Dickson

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    Superb article. and I like one of the column. It makes me laugh like hell.

    ” So, I personally took the task to probe deeper into this issue. I called out one of the guys, and asked them what really they carry inside those side bags. I mean what shit can you really keep inside when you’re practically cashless and useless? As I moved in to check the bag, I was choked with emotions. As soon as I opened the bags, I was so moved tears start running down my cheeks. They actually keep…

    Coloring book!!! “

  • Callisto

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    lol! u r awesome man.. my 1st time ere. ur right on d spot!

  • Rhavin

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    I have this experience nearly every day…There is this cc where i use to go often near my place.90% of the cc user’s are school student( primary % secondary ) and 75% are indian’s.. This boys started using nick name’s such as 21 DON…36 Talle 24 Sifu 303 macai and etc..I’m very sure there are guy’s that collect protection money from this student’s..And they think they are protected…even a standard 5 student dare to fight a 25years old guy due to this influence …Wht gonna happen to Malaysia indian youth soon???

  • Randy Notro

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    I wonder if this fellas had ever thought of the effects of being in this gangs? i mean i see youngsters are so proud to claim they are in this gang or that gang…i recently had a fren dat was slashed by a bunch of boys who were disturbing him with verbal abuse and when he turned and looked at them, they slashed him…i mean i was there and i was very shocked at this…i then thought to myself that this boys were just brainless…i don’t only blame the boys n the gang but i blame the parents… its like instead of his mother giving birth to that kind of son she could had just drank that cum which was meant to go in her…im sorry but im juz pissed at this guys who are spoiling our indian community name…

  • d.ban

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    i can say its a good summary of what indian boys up to these days. as much as indians who are doing well in studies n achieving professional lifestyle,there are this type of dudes who are always there to bring down our indian’s reputation, the numbers of them is really growing especially and their existence also influence university students. sad thing because none of them using their brains. cina tarak pukul india, melayu tarak pukul sama india, india pukul sama india.

  • gowri

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    When you get jolted with a stick in your ass by the police, then you will cry amma appa thaye mariamma…
    tat is one awesome direct quote..i can’t believe i missed this blog..im like sooo addicted to this now..n ur rite..more of them are joining these so called club nowadays..when other races r moving forward with their lives..our indians are *sadly*.. refusing to move forward..im hoping tat thr is a way to make them repent..sounds impossible nyway..

    p/s:ur doing a very good job..keep it up.. :)

  • diccam@Sarjan

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    great pose bro….”policy vereh ore kedeh” hehehe…nice brooo….you are doing a great job…keep it on…cheers

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Reading this post and laughing my ass off !

  • kohi

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    “Top ahm top eh…toppene potterevanegeh police…”
    laughing till my eyes all teared up.. i’m getting addicted to ur blog now.. :)

  • suren

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    Bro, nice article.. but I wanna know what you did when u saw 20 Indian guys whacking 3 Chinese guys until they get blood soaked except just watching the scene and enjoy it?

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    :) Pretty interesting way of writing. And you made me laugh out kinda loud. Now my roommate thinks I am nuts.

  • marathamilan

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    good writing bro…in my experience i got caught few gangsters called top mande…but when in police custody beg like “sir..sir…please vididungge…naan tirupi seiyava madden”…sometimes i wondering what type of gangsters there are…next time i wanna record their begging video and show it publicly..so that all the gangsters so called ‘top mande’ know what happen if get caught…feel very ashamed coz most of the crime and troubles done by our indian youths…how to safe them?????

  • Prabu

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    to that macha up there, go n die with your 36 la..What your gang give u la? Why so loyal to it..? Be loyal to you family first,wife/gf..Pls change my dear brothers..pls…we need to be unite… Not fight among us or divided by gangs..this gangs will not help..believe me..I m telling all these because my brother died in a gang fight.. I dont want this to happen to you..be safe brothers..

  • roy

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    wat is MIC is doing?

  • alan

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    bravo brother..i love ur webpage alot.
    in my experience i once challenged a famous mande so called puliti to 1 to 1 with me..that puliti always disturb me until i cant take it anymore.he have no balls and post pone it for months.
    one day he got his chance when im alone and he was with his friends. 3 ***kers beat me..this 3 fuckers are notorious gangsters have no ball to fight with me alone.
    Is this call gangsterism?
    they beat me until 13 stiches on my head and i was admitted to hospital.
    There are not young and so so do i.
    I hope indian youngsters will learn that gangsterism is just bullshit.
    sorry if i used vulgar words..just the pain.

    But i pray to god,that i will someday meet the puliti alone..than i will challenge him even infront of the balai police. aaahhhh if that happen.
    this 3 fuckers have no ball to 1 to 1 with me cause they know i will crash their balls.

  • alan

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    bob marley is a true legend and im his biggest fan.he is a good singer and promoted well with his smoking marijuana. im smoking marijuana for almost 10 years. those who smoke the weed will never go for fight and i think most of people knows that.

  • naresh

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    Colouring Book And Luna hahaha…

  • prabakar

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I felt so humiliated…hahahahaaha

  • Nethesh

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    calouring book n luna colour pencils

    “enna valke da ithe”

  • MexasMargarita

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    I seriously have no idea on what they are building to have in future. In this case I have to comment on the places where these so called “gangsters” are staying. What is so fucking proud to say that you have been killed 4-5 guys? And, you don’t have an education a complete school leaving certificate? what the fuck you gonna earn in future? By working in factories? lorry driver ? Oh fuck! 1000$ is now equalized to RM10. These motherfuckers seriously needs some moral values. Add on, I fucking hate those Indian youngsters typically wears vertical lines with two color t-shirts! I feel like throwing my heels on their faces!


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