Festival of Lights

In 2005, the Government allocated 64.84 million for Tamil schools; on top of that another 100 million was given to aid the schools. In 2008, another RM 100 million was allocated and recently announced this year in 2011, we have another RM 100 million allocated for Tamil schools. This three alone, which was announced, totals up to around RM 300 million.

Please take note I’m only talking about allocation for 3 years. You do the maths, how did our children’s and schools end up in such a pitiful condition although hundreds of millions are being allocated for this schools each year? Why do our children’s need to study in such a deprived condition when millions are being ‘allocated’ for their needs? Why are there so many organizations out there helping out these poor kids when they were supposed to be receiving funds from the Government?

I’ve visited many Tamil schools in the past, and not even one looks like it’s been receiving millions. So, where goes all the millions? Where were the accounts? How is it possible that most of the schools I’ve visited are complaining that they don’t have enough funds or allocation?

It’s like this.

There is this huge river, in between the Government and Tamil schools. When the Government allocates funds for schools, the money is transferred to the schools; unfortunately the money has to go through this river. Huge crocodiles and piranhas occupy this river, and when the money travels, each of them take a bite. The surviving money which is so little, finally reaches the schools. Each year, the crocodiles mate and produce more offspring’s, thus more and more money is needed to satisfy their hunger.

I will talk about this crocodiles another day.

Together with my friends, we did a pre-Deepavali charity in a Tamil school located deep inside Ijok ,Kuala Selangor. The name of the school is SJKT Bukit Ijok, and Kumaran, Rajan, Kumba, Ganesh together with Bro Vasu all chipped in their money and ran a quick donation drive to collect some money. From Sai Fund, we allocated an extra RM 350 to buy foods and some books for the children’s.

The school was in a very poor condition, with hardly anything new to encourage the kids. I don’t see how can a student study in such a harsh environment, and obviously this is not new, most of the Tamil schools I’ve seen had been in a similar condition thanks to the crocodiles.

All the students were taken to Rawang town one day before the event, to choose their uniforms. A total of 12 students were given full set uniform with shoes and socks, together with a school bag. They also bought track pants for their sport activities. On Friday, we reached the school around 12 pm, and started giving food for the kids which was KFC. Obviously the kids loved it, most of this kids are from very poor background and living in some estates nearby.

Since the school lack sports equipments, we bought a carom board for the children’s, together with some badminton rackets. These cute kids also received a box of firecrackers, Deepavali mini-sweet hampers, tons of books for their education next year, a complete set of stationery together with gums and scissors, and also Bro Vasu personally handed over an ang-pow of RM10 to each of the students!

The kids were so happy , and enjoyed the event. We proceeded to interact and played some carom game with the kids , who were so excited to challenge us. It was the headmistress birthday that day, so there was a quick celebration followed by some token of appreciation from the school to us.

All the kids were elated beyond words, and the teachers could not thank us enough for travelling deep inside the estate just to see these poor kids.

We left the school and proceeded to Kapar, where Bro Vasu brought us to a new location serving some exotic foods, with fresh ‘kalle‘.

Another 2 days and it will be Deepavali. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you; my readers, my friends and family, my brothers and sisters, donaters for supporting my cause and my blog all this while, and hopefully I can do bigger things in future with all of you in.

Feed many, deny none.

HAPPY DEEPAVALI TO ALL OF YOU! May you be blessed with abundance of joy ,health and wealth this upcoming year!

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  • Kanaga

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    Hi Durai Anna,

    Thanks for yor wishes and Happy Deepavali to you too.

    So nice to see all the pictures posted in this write-up.

    And also the efforts that you have been taking so far, really turned me on to do more to our society.

    Please let me know if you need any volunteer in future for this cause and any other charity works.


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    Happy Deepavali to you and your family.. =D

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    Happy Deepavali to you too bro.. -)

  • Vivek

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    Happy Deepavali Bro..and I am waiting to hear about those crocodiles.

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    Happy Deepavali to you [n] your family Tan Sri Durai :) Have a blessed year ahead with lots of love [n] happiness!!

  • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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    Anne, truly you are blessed.

    I got tears running down my cheeks reading this.
    one reason is to see the smile of those kids being happy.
    one more reason is to know the fact that those crocs and piranhas exist.
    one more reason is because I can’t participate in such activities.
    I wish I could help. And one day, I shall.

    The best way to celebrate Deepavali is to put a smile to the face of children. and you’ve done that. May God bless you always, anne. Happy Deepavali :)

    • TrueGemini

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      Seriously dude, you are wayy too sentimental.In given time, i think ud place a statue of Durai, and pray to him everyday.LOL

      • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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        We need not make statues of people to pay homage and tribute to them bro. We just gotta be humane enough to respect the struggles of another human. :)

        When people with power, money and authority are stealing from the poor; Durai as a simpleton human being is helping the poor by all means he can. To me, that is enough to place someone equivalent to God. Anbe Sivam, brader. cheers!

  • TrueGemini

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    you dont get me..sigh..its ok!Happy Deepavali.
    Cheers Bro!

  • Athiss

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    I can see the happiness from that little girls eyes (priceless). =D Happy Deepavali.

  • Umadewi Ganapathy Pillai

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    am really touched … may god bless you for the good deed..

    let me know if u ppl need any finance asst..

    take care
    om nama shivaya, shivaya namahah !!!

  • Edward

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    Send my regards to Vasuthevan son of Muthiah from Kuala Selangor… looks like he is making amends by doing charity work in schools and temples so God will forgive him for his sins of cheating and betraying numerous Indian girls in his life. He even cheated on his wife many times. Let the truth be told..don’t believe me…ask him to swear on his 3 daughters. But Karma is a bitch…what comes around goes around… I hope he understands the hurt and despair that women go through when he has 3 daughters to look after now. No amount of good deeds is going to compensate for the tears of these women. I hope you rot in hell one day for all the illegimate children and abortions you committed..

    @Nice story, loved the dramatic end you portrayed Bro Vasu. Good try , stand up to your claim , unless you’re one of the illegitimate child , stop hiding and come face to face.And yes, fucking and charity is two different things.

  • Shri Saundarajan

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    Good effort !

  • Edward

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    Is this where you live, durai kumar?
    No 35, Jalan Dato Dagang
    Taman Sentosa
    Tel. +00.0166912456 your mobile number??

    I will meet you face to face..no problem..just fix the date and time….and I will see you to discuss ….cloud networking? storage solution?? maybe not..

    @Dei thengga, you already got my number and address come straight to my house la. Why you publish it here for? Vasu said he don’t remember any Edward , if you still got any problem call him and speak to him la… Why you sucking my dick for?
    Plus my phone number, my address, my car number , car every single detail is already online, nothing new la boy…seriyaneh comedy piece da nee…

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    Good job bro! I can feel how proud those kids would have been.. :)

    Can’t wait for our next event! :)

  • Wishtobeoneamongyou

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    A great job, brother! All the best for your undertakings!

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    Hi Durai,

    I am glad that i am one of them (though i remain as a silent donater) & i appreciate your team’s effort to ensure unfortunate kids are being helped.

    Whilst the whole world is in joy of celebrating the birth of Abhi & Aish’s baby & is so freaking busy to surf for the baby’s photo on net; it’s sad to say that this people forgot those unfortunate kids out there.

    If Abhi/Aish sells the first pic of their newborn baby girl to the media and donates the profits from the sale of the charity (uncorrupted ones!) which lend support to the impoverished people in this world, that will be a perfect scenario in my eyes :)

  • Suren

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    bro have done great thing realy admire your social resposbility bro, hats off, i am your follower in tweeter..please follo me to.. thx


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