Samsu, Temples and Indians

This article is a targeted message to a targeted group of people. “Sarva manggale mangalye siveh sarvarthe sathige, sharanyeh triyambake devi narayani namosthuthe” ” I salute and take refuge in Narayani, the three-eyed one, who gives all auspiciousness, who is herself auspicuous and who fulfils all desires” After chanting this last liner loudly, the priest […]

The Legendary Botak Chin

This article was written translating ,quoting, researching and with permission from various sources. Wong Swee Chin or famously known as Botak Chin was one of the most notorious and feared criminal in Malaysia in the early 60’s and 70’s. He was born in Kuala Lumpur in the year 1951. Botak Chin had 10 siblings, and […]

Million Dies…

It is ironic how we make others look so low in order to portray how high we are, in any situation. When Steve Jobs expired, millions mourned the death of Steve Jobs. Loved him or not, millions felt his loss. They went on spreading the news and writing sympathy messages and offering sincere condolences over […]