Million Dies…

It is ironic how we make others look so low in order to portray how high we are, in any situation.

When Steve Jobs expired, millions mourned the death of Steve Jobs. Loved him or not, millions felt his loss. They went on spreading the news and writing sympathy messages and offering sincere condolences over the demise of Steve Jobs, hailing him as a computer genius. Some, in wanting a quick fame over this issue, wrote against why Steve Jobs should not be hailed as a hero.

One interesting question or picture that spread during those time, was the below image.

Hundreds of thousands shared it, after somehow logic hit them that it is not right to mourn for Steve Jobs too intensely, rather the attention should be shifted towards the millions whom had been dying in other parts of the world due to starvation or poverty.

The funny thing is, in the message ‘million dies, no one cries’, you’re actually pointing to yourself. Who else is supposed to ‘cry’ for this millions if it’s not you?

Let me get in depth.

People are getting so sick nowadays that they no longer share good things , rather they’re much more interested in sharing some sick things, to show the world that they’re indeed sick. There is so many good things that is happening in this world every day, but we don’t share all that, instead we’re more interested in sharing the sufferings or death of other human beings. For an example, I recently saw some people sharing some African people burning to death a few people from another tribe.

Are you guys like fucking sick?

What do you gain by seeing people dying?

One video clip of a 2 year old girl getting hit by a van and ignored by at least 10 people went viral over in Facebook a month ago. The girl eventually died. People were so interested in sharing and watching over a 2 year old girl dying and being run over by van, and not only that, the world was literally mourning.

We went on accusing the Chinese people of being cruel and ignorant, and they’re very inhumane ignoring a 2 year old kid to die on the street. We portrayed the Chinese people of heartless citizens, and some even went on to say that we should not visit China and boycott all Chinese products in protest over what happened to the kid. The video clip shows a 2 year old kid being hit by a van, and subsequently run over by it, then another van ran over the girl, and many people walked by the kid, but none offered to help until a garbage collecting woman came over to help the kid.

People went hoo-hah on how can people be so heartless leaving the kid to die alone on the street. We commented that how can people see someone else dying and do nothing about it?


Do you know that there are more than 1 billion people lacking food all over the world? That around 100 more million dying around the world without food every single year? How many beggars do you see on the street every day? How many times have you fed all those old people that you see in the streets? How many of you had held the hand of the crazy man who walks the streets and fed him?

How many of you had seen those crippling foreign beggars in pasar malam (night markets) and decide to walk past him?
How many of you had ignored the blind people with a box full of tissues who are coming for donations from you?
How many of you went to see the old and destitute people in old folks home and showered them with love?
How many of you had run a charity drive to collect food and kind for refugees in your area?
How many of you had even donated for a cause?

These are the very things that had been happening in front of your own eyes, and yet you decided to ‘walk’ pass it.

What is really the difference between you and the Chinese people then?

Who are we to talk about humanity when we’ve been so heartless leaving hundreds of millions of kids to die in Africa? Ok la no need to go Africa, just look at Malaysia. You KNOW how many people are leaving in such a poor condition and literally dying to live another day, so what have you done about it?

Banu, a dear friend of mine, launched her own charity drive a week before Deepavali to collect donations and food items for the refugees of Tamil Eelam. There is another friend by the name of Prasana, she had been very active in rescuing animals especially dogs. I’m amazed how this individuals can have so much passion in running charities or going out there and getting their hands dirty in rescuing all those poor animals and getting them treated. Preeti, another active girl who is involved in charity by forming a group of students and helping Tamil school kids. And I know how  hundreds of you are donating either to Sai Fund or helping your society on your own way and don’t want to get recognized. These are the very individuals that have the rights to talk about humanity.

No need to kecoh kecoh in Facebook about humanity, if you’re watching porn and wanking at home every day after having a sumptuous meal.

I blame all those stupid graphic designers who are coming up with these nicely taken pictures with sympathetic messages, spreading it virally, in the end benefitting no one. We don’t need fucking Facebook sharing anymore, get down and get your hands dirty!

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    as usual, your articles are always mind-blowing awesome…..

  • neuro nimal

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    ini oru vidhi seivom….

  • thanesh

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    good one bro.. slap on the face.. i felt it..

  • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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    It’s a Man-eat-Man world.

  • netizen

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    laudable article..really right on the face..and this blog is worth spending some time reading..interesting.

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    enna valkai da ithe…. :(

    awesome article as usual

  • vishnu

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    salute u brother.

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    Look at yourself!! Checkmate brother!! Respect :)

  • SumSingh69

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    mmg terasa kaw2..OLD FOLKS HOME project is gonna be revived by me..sumtin wich i kept onn postponin..

  • SheShax

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    DURAI!! ur amazing at this. Its true what u say about the humanity these days. love ur quote.. ‘We don’t need fucking Facebook sharing anymore, get down and get your hands dirty!’…salute!!

  • RR

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    Just one question though, what if you actually take an effort to help the world, and still feel the need to comment on the issue ? Not all of those who commented are ignorant. There are definitely a group of them who commented because they care. Just that you should know. Peace. :)

    • Shri Saundarajan

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      Hi RR,
      Your question does make sense. However, these are the people who ‘share’/comment on such sorts of pictures/articles in FB for no reason. They have nothing in their mind I would say; it is merely to show others that they are so-called bothered/concerned. As the classic way of saying – one talks more do not really help in real, but one who helps in real do not really promulgate themselves.

      • RR

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        I just asked because I personally know a person who comments on social network sites with a lot of status updates/tweets highlighting many issues to the public. I think his intentions were for his circle to know about the happenings and to also enlighten some people with his opinion with such issues. And you really cannot say that he just talks and doesnt help because again I know that he helps a lot. He might not be showing how he helped to the world but then again, I know him, so I’m saying. Just like that, we cannot judge the people who comment on sites. We dont know how they contribute in real. Not everyone has a platform to spill out on what they do. Sure, some might actually just talk rubbish and not do anything, but I definitely know a group of us who talk and work. And to us, this brings no meaning. Because when we talk and spread the message, it feels like social responsibility. No offense should be taken. :)

        • Shri Saundarajan

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          Greetings RR,
          No offense at all, my friend. Merely my opinion. As you claimed, there are many who circulate/share stuffs in social network with good intention – in fact, to an extend they do share and help those in needs. That’s indeed very much appreciated and to be proud of. Take this guy, Durai and his surrounding friends – they help people and share the outcomes; probably this is something we should share to the public. As a result, our people would realize and tend to do the same. Such activities would, in fact, be more effective rather than just sharing an article/pictures of the poor, ill kids/adults or the needs in those prevailing sites.

  • Shri Saundarajan

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  • mama jama chumma (Kicik punya)

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    indians…only thing they are good at..TALKING !!!

  • RoyalPain

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    This is a very good write up durai…love it to the max…this is why my respect and intrest towards ur blog never fades :)

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    After some time, I had the opportunity to read your article only today. What you are saying is true. When Princess Diana died, we had the same situation.Millions mourned for her. Well, each and everyone of us should play a small part in lifting our society. Sometimes, we cant help financially, yet we can always contibute by teaching tuitions and so on. My late husband and I realised we are not capable in doing charity work.The least we could do was to help one of his friend who was having a difficult time to buy school uniforms, buy books and once in a while treat the 4children with something thy would love to have.

  • IamNot ThatGirl

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    This still happening every day and even after we tell them about this, there will still be hundreds spreading the useless posts on social networks. In their mind, even if they don’t contribute anything in real, it means something if they click a button and share this kind of stuff.
    I’d rather share this article.At least, they’ll realise :-/

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    Nallathey seiyevom.. Nallathey nenipom!

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    This article should make everyone open their eyes…
    As usual savadi bro M1.. :)

  • Kasvini

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    pretty sick. We humans are kinda addicted to seeing something worser than ourselves. I think it is to console our rotting conscience. We know we are bad and we try to cover it up by acting all nicey and judge others.

  • Bawaani

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    I think nothing wrong with sharing something in facebook. It’s just a tool to communicate with public just like blog. I am not denying what you saying get your hand dirty to clean the neglected people out there. Probably we all should share more on the actions we have taken for these people like CNN Hero. Maybe this kinda sharing’s will help some creature to do benefit things to needy.


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