Samsu, Temples and Indians

This article is a targeted message to a targeted group of people.

“Sarva manggale mangalye siveh sarvarthe sathige, sharanyeh triyambake devi narayani namosthuthe”

” I salute and take refuge in Narayani, the three-eyed one, who gives all auspiciousness, who is herself auspicuous and who fulfils all desires”

After chanting this last liner loudly, the priest walks towards you with a tray containing some holy ashes and fire. You start putting in some money, bribing God to fulfill your wishes. Then all goes back home, start watching porn, drinking beer and smoking pot and act like you’re one holy man.

The above happens in bigger temples.

A few hundred meters away…

A few Machas who could not afford cheap liquors starts thinking how to make some money out of Indians. So they went around looking for some huge tree, and finding one suitable tree, they tied a saree around the tree. They go around stealing bricks and then build a small pondok, and immediately start spreading rumors that God had landed there. A few dumb Indians immediately start worshipping the tree, circling it 500 times a day and putting in all their hard earned money.

And then one retarded or mentally ill girl will get possessed by some shit out there.

Immediately one goat is brought in front, and it is sacrificed to the retarded girl. She will in return suck all the blood, and bless all the Indians there. In the years to come, more samsu Machas will join in, and more goats will be sacrificed, and in the bloodbath, everyone will be in joy.


Your local council moves in and gives you a notice for you to move out from the temple because the temple is built on Government’s land. Immediately all the samsu Machas will get pissed off, because their source of income will be jeopardized. Eventually the pondok get demolished, and then…

A few pictures of the demolished pondok is captured and highlighted all over by the political parties that Hindu places of worship are being demolished. When I looked at the pictures, I couldn’t stop laughing looking at how stupid some people can be.

If you look at all this so called temples  that is being demolished , it would have been a small family temple, with a few statues here and there and very poorly maintained. It would have played significantly nothing in terms of benefiting the society .

MIC jumps in accusing PKR that they’re not doing enough to secure the places of worship for the Hindus. Hindraf; being them, immediately comes into picture with several protest , two hundred letters to the King, 1 million summon against the Government, and a few newspaper articles that Indians are being marginalized. Despite the way Hindraf does things, they still command some respect from me.

On the other hand; MIC, with some of their youth members, whose trap is shut before for any other issues related to Indians, will suddenly start fighting because Hindu temples are being demolished. Being shameless, they will get whacked right away after highlighting the issues and they will go back into hiding.

Listen carefully.

We have enough TEMPLES! We have enough temples to cater all the Hindus in Malaysia, in fact almost all the temples in Malaysia had been built luxuriously. None of these temples are getting demolished, because they’re built legally with proper documents. If you decide to build temples beside longkang, then don’t kecoh kecoh when Goverment wants to demolish your structure.

The significance and importance of Hindu temples is at stake because of how little respect we have for our temples and culture. If you start building things wherever you can find trees and ant hills, then wouldn’t people laugh at us? If even me being a Hindu is laughing at this, what about the rest?

All the so called parties championing Indian rights; just shut the fuck up. Enough of flaming the Indians, if you’re going to do something significant and want to fight for the future of Indians, then build our schools right! What is the fucking point of fighting for shrines being built inside a jungle or beside a drain? Are you’ll that dumb?

It is highly time for you to think for yourself, look at the condition of our Tamil schools. See the number of children’s being trapped in estates and do not have enough to eat. Where is your concern about them? Isn’t education supposed to be our utmost priority?

Do you really think by donating to all this temples you will get blessed and have a real long life? Do you think by sacrificing a number of goats will actually bring happiness in your life? Look at the condition of our schools.

Don’t you feel ashamed? Don’t you feel pity for kids who can’t afford to buy uniforms?

It is good to see the young generations of Machas picking up things on the right track, unlike those dumb so-called shameless samsu Indian champions.

The moral of the story is: Children’s are equivalent to God. Why give millions to God whom you’ve not seen, when you have millions of ‘Gods’ living around you whom you can see and help?

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  • M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +19

    straight to the point! i will just have to blindly agree to everything u’ve said up there bro!

    for the record, i’m a hindu and i go temple every week. the number of temples within 10minutes driving distance from my house is equivalent to number of days in a week! meaning i can go to unique temple every days, yet i dont run out of temples to go to!
    the same 10minutes driving distance, there’s only 2 mosques, 2 gurdwaras, 1 church and 1 buddhist temple…YET indians in my neighbouring areas are complaning about not having enough temples!

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    another good article…. =)

  • vardhana

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    ‘spirituality’ beyond mankind…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Savadi post….Its the matter when our people gonna realise…

  • Kirthy

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    Superb article pa…all indians should read this…if they cant understand this simple thing…dun knw lahhh

  • Vivek

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    Ah, much expected message from you as usual bro. Needless to say, MIC people are much boneless when it comes to school aid but when there is any demolished temples in PR states, they go hoohah about it. They seems to forget that even BN ruled states does that because those temples are illegally erected.

    p/s: Nalaikku evanavathu oruthaan from MIC will lodge a police report against you and proudly show this article in an iPad to the newspaper. Antha iPad koodeh ethavathu oru emanthuponaa sarekku vaangikuduthurukkum.. Ithukku ethukku vellayum chollayumaa alaiyinum??

  • Missy

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    An issue to be shared among our Indians.Blame ourselves because its us who brought up our community in such way.All we do is to blame but never accepted the blames.
    Every politician is the same.That’s their game,but we are the players and audience.We should set the margin and asked them to sketch the lines.

  • Max

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    Nicely written but whats the point when those reading this article are well versed in education and life. If this article targeting some colonized Indian citizen then it won’t go anywhere.

    I dare if anyone who just commented above have the guts to tell off the machas who owns this sorta “temples”.? Anyone for the challenge ?

    It’s not the matter of reading something and giving a smartness comment solves everything.

    November 27th, 2011 at 6:09 pm · Reply
    An issue to be shared among our Indians.Blame ourselves because its us who brought up our community in such way.All we do is to blame but never accepted the blames.[/quote]

    Blame ourselves ? What I or my friends did when the Indians got screwed up? Not everyone can be Ghandi. Stop this crap shit about blame “ourselves” and start blaming yourself!.

    • Vivek

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      Why do you need to tell of those who owns the temple? The local council are already demolishing those without legal documents. The intention weren’t about the temples but rather to provide assistance to our school children.

      • Max

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        Whats the article about here? About illegal temples or collecting money for the poor Tamil school or kids ? I noticed this article was not written by local council but a guy who came from a minority group. If intention were not for the illegal temple then why the f&ck the author started with one?!

    • kounder

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      You can come to Kampung Dato Mohd Said, Bt 2 3/4 , Jalan Labu , 70200 Seremban and see for yourself on how many of these mushroom temples have been “requested” to be removed by the locals ( which includes myself ) as these temples were erected just for the sake of money and popularity within the local Indian community in this settlement.

      There you go … challenge taken and executed….. Your turn. What have you done on your part ( since you started the challenge ) … ?

    • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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      You x live inside the Indian community and you x dare to even speak up to the machas , and yet all you can do is just be a keyboard warrior! Grow up kiddo!

      Do something for your community instead of just bullocking on what other’s has to say or share with.!

  • sam

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    Agree with you bro.Too many little shrines being built by our machas.Under big trees,near drains, in forest etc.All done without consent from local authorities.The objective of those who erect these shrines is to make some quick money .I feel the money collected or the devotees who frequent these shrines should donate it to tamil schools which needs funds .These schools do not get allocation from govt for their building maintainence ,sports fund etc.

  • Durai

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +15


    The article is not to PROVOKE but to PREVENT. It’s not meant to provoke each one of you to go and talk to the Machas or protest against it.In fact, we’re one of the Machas as well.

    It’s the thinking that I prefer to change, about channeling the money right. People had been protesting for the wrong cause, and while you can’t talk to the Machas , you can always choose not to support them. Many school going brothers and sisters are reading this blog, and they can be easily influenced. When you tell them young what are the things worth fighting for, in future, they will be leading protest for the right cause and fight for it.

    Every one will have a different perception towards things, so each one of you will derive the message behind this article differently. It is very wrong to say that only the educated ones are reading this blog; thus it will be of no point. There is a point, it sets your thinking and ideology right, and PREVENTS you from going in support of it in the future.

    The message is set across clearly and people who had commented above in support of it, knows that things shouldn’t be the way they’re, so it’s good. Because they will start spreading the message and ideology in their own capacity. And of course, I was quite pissed off with MIC shameless kids a.k.a MIC cybertroopers hanging on the net, so I whacked them a bit. And like Bro Vivek said, if anything happens to me or this blog, it will be certainly because of you know who.

  • RoyalPain

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    truly what i believe too durai…help the needy and you automatically get godsblessings :)…nice write up…

  • S.A.

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    Good write up!

    It’s sad we, Indians choose to spend hundreds and thousands on fake God than spending on our kids, future.

  • Kavitha

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    Hi Durai
    I hv been a silent reader for all this days reading your article. good job fren. keep it up.
    Good article, if all the young generation start to think like u there will be no poverty among our society. there ll be no necesscity to conduct a programme like Kannadi in Astro.Instead of bribe God as well v donate too our younger generation.

  • SB

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    “Why give millions to God whom you’ve not seen, when you have millions of ‘Gods’ living around you whom you can see and help?” Awesome tagline! Hopefully our fellow Indians will buka mata!

  • Shri Saundarajan

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Point 1 – About the TEMPLES. FYI, we have the most number of temples in Malaysia compared to any other places of worshipping. Building up temples under a tree is utter stupidity and I think our people should stop ‘creating’ more and stop circling those meaningless trees. If God does really exist, then I think IT is there anywhere.
    Point 2 – About those political parties/NGOs/groups – It’s time for you to educate people who think that their so-called temples being demolished. Rather than fighting to maintain the ownership of these places – you have better jobs to be done at the end of the day.
    Point 3 – Tamil Schools and Education. I am not interested in establishing new Tamil Schools but I would absolutely support and agree if one could provide funds, facilities, education etc. Be it the Goverment/NGO; we ourselves, too, in a unit can start giving hand to upgrade the level of the Tamil Schools and the students.

  • mahend

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    “A few Machas starts thinking how to GIVE EDUCATIONS TO Indians. So they went around looking for some huge tree, and finding one suitable tree, they HANGED A BLACK BOARD TO the tree. They go around GETTING SPONSORS FROM PKR AND MIC and then build a small CLASSROOM, and immediately start spreading NEWS THAT EDUCATIONS AND UNIFORMS ARE GIVEN FREE there.A few LESS PRIVILEGED Indian KIDS immediately start SCHOOLING UNDER the tree, AND OTHER INDIANS STARTS MAKING DONATIONS AND SPONSORED THE SCHOOL putting in their hard earned money.” – just a thought if this could also happen….anyway.. superb write up braddar..

  • Prem Chaitanya

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    well said Max! Its a collective effort. No one to be blamed.

  • Msi

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    education should be the utmost priority, and i believe this article is pin pointing that, so durai u have done ur part in spreadin the message and its up to other individuals understanding capabilities to judge ur message.. for those who don u’stand this, MAXimumly shut the fuck up and gi main jauh jauh… M1 style…

    valge sagodherar durai yin eluthekkal……

  • RK Raja Suresh

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    @ durai : I’ve been amazed at the amount of research that you’ve done preceding this article and it has kept me riveted to my seat right from the first word onward… The thing with our Indian society is that many of them only look for short term gratification and so they resort to building phony temples, siphoning money from poor people in the name of religion and basically destroying our 5000 year old heritage from the purity of it’s amirtham (heavenly nectar) to diluted shit hole longkang water… And the best part is whenever I personally prescribe social service as ‘pariharam’ (remedy), most of our Tamil makkalz still believe that by breaking a coconut and putting three lines of holy ash across their head, they are saved… Sigh.. The sheer stupidity!! I hope that by reading this article, people will be galvanized into submitting themselves to any NGOs that do social work or even personally adopting a school or a local community centre and doing some activities to benefit the less able and socially challenged makkalz out there. Excellent article, bro! Rage on, rage on!!!!!

  • Jivanti

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Amazing :) The world needs more of you.

  • rajkumar palmanaphan

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    bro came back to our blog after a long you laways say and write what is the best,,our tamil schools are in dire state..nothing much to question,just walk in to any rural tamil schools and you will understand this better..valga raged indian..

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Good article..i agreed dat we sud help indian student.. thing u talked bout machas find a tree.. tie a saree.. bring a mental girl.. she wil suck de blood.. all tis u think they do for money?? I tel u one thing.. u dunno bout the power the god of the tree.. she jai kali ma.. i worship her.. im not stupid.. all this are true power.. u wana talk.. talk bout fucking indian… dun talk bout the god.. u got no rights! Althou its juz a tree.. in jungle or wateva.. i have seen her wit my own eyes! Swear.. beware.. dun simply talk..

  • Mogen

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    Very true man… I have to agree with you 101%… every tamil school should be turned to temple… every temple should be turned to tamil schools…… its where saraswathy lives….

  • meera

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    i have always thought that the act of abolishing the temple was absurd. never occurred to my mind that this kinda twist is also possible.
    true, temples everywhere. but what exactly can we do about that?? how? how to prevent these indian-cliché-drama from manipulating our minds? we dont have much power in our hands *or do we?

    im really tired of complaining, and sick of listening to others too. because once twice, its memang a buka mata news la. but, again and again and again?

    clueless of how to save our community

  • Kasvini

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    It’s a good thing you said about children being equivalent to God. A teacher I know once said, “A school is a temple to me and education is the best path for the community.” I mean, we love the tag lines “Aayiram poi solli kalyanam pannivekanum” (Organise a wedding through a thousand lies) or “ellam avan allukey kudukaran” (They give everything to their people). But we forget to remember and adhere to a very special and true quote “Children are equivalent to God”. Yes, some people do, they use children in prayers cause they are like God or “gods”. Children’s education should be the priority, even if people can’t contribute monetarily, I wish that good teachers in Tamil schools keep going strong for the students and I want them to know that they are playing a vital role in improving the community.

  • Vasu

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Dear Durai,
    again good one!
    I like the last part, ” Why give millions to God whom you’ve not seen, when you have millions of ‘Gods’ living around you whom you can see and help?” ,101% me agree with u..
    Azhiyaathe selvam, kalvi selvam mattumey. Athuku help pannaley, koadi punniyattukku samam..
    Hats off Durai!

  • Sheila

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    Well said!!!! ‘Children’s are equivalent to God. Why give millions to God whom you’ve not seen, when you have millions of ‘Gods’ living around you whom you can see and help?’

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    This article should be an eye opener for those who are keep on championing on the demolishment of Hindu temples! For god’s sake, they should sway their attention 90 degrees towards the establishment of Tamil schools as well as ways they could improvise those schools further.

    The next GE is just around the corner and we shall see what are the reasons those NGOs and political parties are using to gain popularity. It would be either ‘demolishment’ or ‘establishment’.

  • Madett

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    You’re one SENSIBLE and RATIONAL Indian!Keep on writing.

  • Divyan

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Nice1 bro…agree…hope that ppl will change for good

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    Awesome article bro.. Till to date i was searching for people who think at the same wavelength and there you go, I found you and anyone else who have commented above with the same intention. Let’s all strive for the betterment of Indians in this country. God bless everyone.

  • Suga

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    Nice article…n well sed by the author…bt duno wen our people going to realise the truth…!!!!!

  • Dev

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    hats off brother! totallhy agree with you! helping hand is DEFINATELY better then prayaing lips!

  • Tachi

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Well said. Makes a lot of sense. Cheers!!

  • Shivetha

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    i so adore your moral of the story: Children’s are equivalent to God. Why give millions to God whom you’ve not seen, when you have millions of ‘Gods’ living around you whom you can see and help?

  • Priya

    Thumb up Thumb down -1 WOW. If only there are plenty of people who’d think and act like you anne.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Create article … indian must think for their children’s future

  • macmohan

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    Fantastic article…keep it up…if those Indians still don’t wake up after reading this article, I have got nothing to say more!! Their mentality says it all!!

  • Dk_Premo

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    well said bro..An article worth reading.I hope more of them read it n get the gud msg out of it,,,to start their good deeds..Enough donations for temple’s donate to those in need … :)

  • May

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    Such a STRONG article! Really good. Autograph please ;)


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