Slashed to Death

This is a topic dedicated to Lana CV and Abang Nedu.

IPOH: A 19-year-old youth was slashed to death after a motorcycle chase at the Menglembu industrial area here on Sunday night.

Perak Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Dzuraidi Ibrahim said eight people on four motorcycles pursued K. Pirathibaraj of Taman Buntung here at about 8pm.He said they surrounded Pirathibaraj, who was trying to escape on his motorcycle, and slashed him in the head and body with parangs. The suspects fled.

Pirathibaraj died at the scene. Police classified the case as murder.

Dzuraidi said police had also seized two parangs at the crime scene. Bernama


GEORGE TOWN: An odd-job worker died after being attacked by a group of 15 men armed with sticks and crash helmets.

M. Jegathiswaran, 25, was with a male friend in a car when they were stopped at the Jalan P. Patto-Taman Tanjung junction in Butterworth.

He was then dragged out of the driver’s seat and assaulted by his assailants.

His friend, in his 20s, was left untouched by the group.

State CID chief Senior Asst Comm Zahruddin Abdullah said the two friends were on their way home at about 4.30am on Sunday after a night out when the incident happened.

“The victim died on the spot of multiple head and body injuries. We are investigating all angles including territorial dispute.

“Several helmets and sticks were also recovered at the scene.


One of the most interesting fact about Indians is they’re fucking stupid. When I say that some of you guys are fucking stupid, then know that I’m telling the right thing. When I say that you’re following the wrong path, then know that I’m saying the right thing. In return for telling you the right thing to do in life, you come back and threaten me.

What can you derive from the above news that I’ve posted? Each time one young Indian macha is dying, and if only he had kept his mouth and trap shut, he would have stayed alive. I’m not Nithyananda God to predict what happened prior to the death of above guys, but I surely know that if someone is slashing you to death, then you would have done something really wrong.


You were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The problem with Indian machas is they get aggravated for the simplest of things; in fact staring down a macha could get your balls busted. This is a proven fact. After years of research, I still could not understand the fact why Indians remain the only species that never want to be stared.

The fact remains that as long as you don’t make enemies, you will remain alive. I put my life on the line when I write some shit in this blog that pokes fun about MIC and Indian gangsterism, and you have no idea how much it impacts you when your address and phone number is available online for everyone to take advantage of. I’m obviously scared. There is that much risk.


There is a reason why you should poke fun at all this wannabe gangsters, because indirectly you’ll be saving them from death. You should never show any types of respect to this wannabe’s, as it will encourage them further. Meenachis have a big role in this; you should condemn and make fun of this guys so that they repent early. When you fear them and make them look superior; that’s when they will be encouraged. But what I see nowadays is some Meenachis willingly open their pussies only for gangsters because they think they’re macho. All young pussies please take note of the previous liner.

Some Machas takes gangsterism to the next level. Today I’m going to introduce IT savvy gangsters, and although I don’t know the people behind this, what I know is they’re fucking retarded and one thengga punde.

Indians are the only gangster group that will create a website for their group. Today I will introduce IT savvy gangster groups. The images below are self explanatory. I do not need to explain any further in detail.


Here’s the introduction banner to their website, if this doesn’t crack you up yet, scroll further.


This is their forum a.k.a group discussion…

This really cracked me up. It is so easy to be a mafia group gangster,  only sign up and you will be gangster. . Once you sign up, you will get free gifts somemore….Fuckkkkkk…..



And damn, they’ve got ” Tahukah Anda?” (Do you know?) , section as well.  And when I said they’re retarded, I really mean it.

Actually, 36 sebenarnya datang dari saya punya patti punya pavadai…

Anyway; guys, if you’ll are not satisfied about the service, you can send them feedback. That is an awesome shit , isn’t it!

As much hilarious the above things are, it portrays how Indian guys are being influenced so young to follow and emulate all this gangster groups.  Please watch over your brothers and sisters, and smack them young when they’re following the wrong path.

Terima kasih untuk melawat…

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  • Lizard

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    Apa boleh bikin? Attha tarak buka mata…

  • Fly

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    Its not necessary that if you’re getting slashed, you’re in the wrong. What if you did the right thing and helped someone and people are coming for revenge? Would you call the Helper punde because he helped someone?

  • durian

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    haiyoo..tak blh tahan durai.their site more superior than ur blog. coz they hav ‘tahukah anda?’ section.

  • G

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    Why these dudes bringing Bob Marley into this.. sigh.. :S How can a guy who was awarded The Peace Medal by United Nation.. has anything to do with gangsterism? Hmm.

  • Cent-OS

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    Hey guys, the best part was “TERMS AND POLICY :- is non-violence website , we wont ask you for any kind of money to join this website nor for violence purpose, This website is 100% safe and free. This website is 100% social network website. this website for recruit all 36 members around nationwide as non-violence way….. and stop all the fight and make our country safe and peaceful. Why do u like Mu, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea is the same way tat u like 36 gangs. Please make our country safe -Peace down-

    Read more: http://36hidup.#####/termsandpolicy.htm#ixzz1gnRg2OHJ

    Just email to to suspend this shit site.
    36-kambing’s first read terms of service before setup your shit site.

  • SomeThinWoNg

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    stupid ass holes!! get a life!

  • Wyrez

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    Wow…. All this while, I thought the name was modeled after Lucifer’s number (3 of 6’s hence 666). But after reading this, I have been enlightened. Now, if only they will accept Paypal….

  • M2

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    haha..good write up but then these “wannabe gangsters” will mature only when its too late..when people are young all wanna be linked to some gang for fame..Durai macha..remember when we were 14, there is BADBOYS with a stupid slogan sayin “Born to die”..i remember those who print the stickers proudly on their pencil boxes!!

  • rujjcoomarh

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    tamilan katti, berani mati. adeh p*ndengelar…itheke yen velleyum jolliyuma alayenum

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    “Actually, 36 sebenarnya datang dari saya punya patti punya pavadai…”
    explains everything… rofl…

  • sensor

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    “Terima kasih untuk melawat…”. LOL

  • neuro nimal

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    but can i know where bob marley came from??
    and where ur patti tata hair’nge come from??

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    Durai, you should write about Bob Marley la…Paati pavadai hahahaha chance-eh ille!

  • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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    I asked a friend of mine today,
    “Cha, why does the 36 gang worship Bob Marley? I mean, they only know a few songs from Bob Marley’s collection. What deed did Bob do for 36 Indians?”

    His reply,
    “Not sure cha. Seems he sang a Tamil song. That’s why, I think.”

    I asked him this because he was a die-hard 36 gang member. Truth is, they don’t know why Bob Marley is their ‘Icon’. They just go with the flow.

    And there was also another funny story I heard:
    Another gang worships Tupac Shakur as to how 36 worships Bob Marley.

    To the gangsters that read and comment on this post, please don’t embarrass yourselves. Grow up. They were musicians that revolutionized the world. Adutthathe endha gang John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson worship pannapodhe’ne theriyele.

    Your life is and always will be a small drop of paint. Their lives were art. You gangsters can never come close to them.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you gangster Indians die gruesomely. You wackos deserve it.

    By the way, Shreya eppo da 36 Icon aagunaa? Sollungeda!!!!

  • Vboss

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    Very interesting , Used to be the days where graffiti are sprayed on walls and the vandal is not caught but sadly now, even social networking is turning into cyber gangsterism… But in my opinion ,be rest assured D7(kongsi gelap, maksiat & judi) is on the lookout.. Only a matter of time.. Easier catch , easier database to track down on i.p addresses .LOL!!

  • Sashikumar Muniandy

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    sami saranam…epdi durai sami ungheleke inthe maari info lam kadikithe…? the existence of these kinda shits.. payenenghe ennamo try panneranenenghe….but tak jadi..hahahha…comedy piece aithanenenghe….

    another thing sami, kethe varthaye konjem kuraikelame.. :P

    @Sashi : Bass, noted. :)

  • Vivek

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    There is however one thing true about that website. Notice the forum section and the display picture of ‘Darkkey’. That photo will be used if any obituary is to be made.

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    Tahukah anda entri anda kali ini adalah awesome sangat!!! Bro mana mau join hidup36…lol..peace yo!!

    @Bro Zamri : Thanks bro, appreciate your visit:)

  • Prasanna

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    Bro..your blog was good but i found that you are more prone to trash 36 bout other groups? please trash them too, all are same deep pile of shits!..or is that you are one of other group member whom enemy to 36? Curiosity kills…thank you.

    @Prasanna : Haha, well did I? I didn’t notice that I’ve targeted a particular group, but basically the messages are in general to all this groups.And of course I’m not one of those la bro…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Nallavele BOB MARLEY uyirode ille….!!! Aduh!

  • Raj

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    One of the posts is about stopping piracy and buy original and right below it is a link to watch transformers online. Wat an irony. They are contradicting themselves. By the nice post.

  • Nedu

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    Durai, your banner oso pache,manje, soppeh! Bob Marley kallereh! just noticed..haha

  • Thumb up Thumb down +2

    do they tweet? =P started my hols with a laugh.. haha tnx =D

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Anthe website le mattom Google Adsense potangge na yenggeyooo poiruvangge bro.

    Also, they seem to have merged the standard ‘Terms & Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ into one single page, ‘Terms & Policy’. Kadeikathu pongge!

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Tuition fees katthe vakke ille, but wana pay line money it seems..PTUIH! Go and study la lamer kids, or rather learn how to improve your English and Malay proficiency!

    Rasta gang? Police pidicha ninge ellam pasta gang da mangoosten thalaiya!

  • malaysian666

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    Sad to Say indians is the only species, will kill its own people if someone stared at them ,laughed at them or see at them. dei poi munayringada ? veti valai sei ingaringay.natekaran or shinay paiya patta ok , tamilan patta ,aruvalthan poitha paivelingay.namakey enemy namalthan.

  • Kasvini

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    Gee… it’s so stereotyping. If an Indian gets slashed, he must have done something wrong. I wonder who the assailants were. I mean… there are criminals with goodie goodie faces who torture their daughters in this world.

  • Gokul

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    Epic Website fail.. ivenege gang ke ore website vere kede. munjigelom mugaraiyum. anyways, its a very good source for comedy bro… made my day.. LOL!! wondering whether other gangs got their own shitty websites..

  • Missy

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    Its sad to read whenever there’s a crime involving our Machas.No one is dragging and humiliating our community but its ourselves.
    and i wonder why they didn’t workship VIJAY who was much violent and had more tactics,movements and knowledge about gangsterism ??

  • JambooNathan

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    Indian gangsters…..hmmmm… Where shall I begin?
    The only reason they become one is because of fear. The population of Indians are going down thanks to more and more Indians killing each other. There are more foreigners than Indian Malaysians now. If we dont stick together, we are screwed. So stop the killing and being killed. Work hard. Work smart and work together.

  • suzieq

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    Bro Durai,

    Another one bites the dust… Apparently kepala on gang 36..

    Wanna be hero but end up being zero…


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    The thing that irritate me the most is to see some idiots wearing Nazi swastika symbols on their t shirts.How stupid can they get!…Hitler used it as a symbol of white supremacy..killing millions of ‘colored’ people..and these loser’s are wearing it proudly..Wat a self condemnation…

  • Liberate Tamilachi

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    36/ParangHidup/3669, TamilanBalls – Winzip founder died from suicide.

    36/TerrorKaigalz/3669, TamilanBatang – Cops renounced Shreya for psychologically disturbed as she chopped her pussy and ate it for dinner with uruka the moment she discovered her picture on the website’s banner. She now lives in a white asylum at Atlantic as she’s not able to withstand green, yellow and red colors.

    36/BatangPendek/3669, TamilanDryButtcrack – Paypal founder digged the corpse of Winzip founder and sucked his cock from manic depression due to the rejection of 36 Kaigelz from not implying Paypal into their finance channel. Shreya supports the cause from her white asylum.


  • ipoh drifter

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    Thanks for the website link bro, i had officially became member of 36 :-)
    U didn’t join yet ah?

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Bro wat is the gift the give if join 36 ? Got lucky draw ? Ha.ha.ha- actually they are 3 + 6 = 9

  • Dk_Premo

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    well said bro…i like the facts wic u proven in this article..
    it would be use full 4 youngsters..

  • 362108onlyknownumbersdumbsh*t

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    This is f*cking funny.. I think They should be a stand up comedian.. at their atta’s mother’s jamban.. !LMAO hahaha..

    They eat shit..and not only their shit but other’s as well..
    *hidup sampai mati sambil makan tahi …
    kerana kami 36 ingin hidup sampai mati*

    other than the starfish(the only creature without a brain).. I think they don’t have one either..=)

  • worried tamilan

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    Funny thing is when u get cuffed, ur Indian, and you get questioned in balai polis, the favorite question for the police is “macha lu apa nombor?”. I heard this a couple of years back in our local police station. And then the policeman looks at me and my mom standing in queue(saman) shakes his head laughing at the idiot cuffed. Macha was with brown lalang hair, pierced lower lip,with a tatoo resembling a forest ranger badge with, well u know what number on it for gansterism. the answer he gave the policeman was “012-xxxxxxx abang” like seriously? did he think the police were that dumb? Where them balls go matcha? katta la adivangarthu bayuthulla kotta shuringiromma? you know something the sickening thing is that when they “Masuk Lokap Machi” they get bullied in there?

    FYI the real gangsters are actually the quiet ones? no bantha no colors? no small talk? No fame but lots of fortune. I know 3(Indians) of them personally as family friends.They give respect to elders,They speak damn good English and Mandrin,they run temples which proceeds go to an orphanage. Im not carrying their balls up high in the air and fannign it, if the thought already crossed your minds. They chose that life and have to live that life not because they wanted to show superiority but because the situation they were in moulded them to what they are today. For a real hardcore gangster once ur in it there is no way out but by death. A real gangster doest fight like wolfs in a pack instead the beat up 12 people alone.fucking lie? no way! my balls shrunk watchin one of them in action.

    Then comes our MACHA’S (slaps head and continues typing) sad to say our machas have the concepts all up side down inside out like tsunami hit them. They have a website? WTF?, 10+ Machas beating 1 Chinaman? spike hair+red shirt with collar up+ bell bottom jeans + Adidas black and white stripes shoes + brown leather(plastic imitation $15) Macha bag? oh my fucking god! i think our government need to send them some psychiatric help before they hurt themselves any further please.And the funny thing is there was a party and they were shouting 36 hidup in the P.A system in the middle of our lorong dancing drunk to Goyang-goyang song. Guess what…? 50year old lady walks up with her puppy on a leash and shouts “kandaralu enna pundai katharinggae?” and they all stand there shocked frozen with no noise? I almost fell off my garden chair laughing!

    If Bob Marley was here, he’d be laughing his ass off at these jokers seriously.

    Worried tamilan..

    • Girlwiththecalls!

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    • Simple Indian

      Thumb up Thumb down +1

      I like this phrase

      “And the funny thing is there was a party and they were shouting 36 hidup in the P.A system in the middle of our lorong dancing drunk to Goyang-goyang song. Guess what…? 50year old lady walks up with her puppy on a leash and shouts “kandaralu enna pundai katharinggae?” and they all stand there shocked frozen with no noise? I almost fell off my garden chair laughing!”


  • jhansi

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    first thing came up to my mind..holy shit aren’t these peeps got better things to do in life? its funny when other races are going far educating themselves,changing their lifestyles to better one yet our indians are still left behind! they’re too busy concerntrating on whom to whack later today..thats how funny we indians are..sometimes its not the other races that make fun of us its we indians


  • winnie

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    well said… and mostly we can even conclude these people who getting involved in such things… only can speak malays i guess???

  • Reen

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    this is so funny can’t stop reading blogs…

  • Norm

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    yep, these machas are like the ‘niggers’ in American ghettos, less educated, broken families,free sex in school, unwanted children, single mothers, in jail before old enough to vote, lazy, instant gratification,drugs, alcohol, petty crimes,glorifying Indian gangster movie lifestyle, etc,etc.

  • reka

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    im wondering y they bring bob marley in the stupid gang!!!its really irritating!!!

  • saran jack

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    I just started back with the playback track “No Women No Cry”

  • coloured 3

    Thumb up Thumb down -2

    it seems our society is very deep rooted in this gangs.I live in kl and jb..all the
    while not only our machas at fault,it is the govt and the system.Who need and vallakaran this KGELAPS,which of our talle started it?u dare to talk about him?
    Cumma mudikitte irungge…have you been to some indian political meetings or gatherings…mata butakah?If you run a entertainment outlet,will the pdRM help you in lightning speed?if ur fly members in trouble(sister or brother)plse go to the nearest police station and report…u will see the action..hahahaha.
    I am not supporting what this 21/36/04 or others do,sometimes u need to think before bashing them…..

  • prabakar

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    Hehehehe…this broughjt me to this page in facebook

    Loads of pathetically hilarious jokes…Sorry no free downloads there!

  • RK

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    todays Newz…..

    > Kosmo! reported about members of two rival gangs who met their untimely deaths at the age of 19 and 25 after being involved in a fight.

    R. Rajkumar, 19, from a gang known as 1Hati, and 25-year-old Vinod from Gang 08, were found dead with serious injuries caused by sharp objects.

    Several members of the gangs have been arrested and police are tracking several others.

  • ben

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    Guys me as a guy from a place where we call 36 strongest kingdom.Actually 3 is for 3 rules and 6 is for 6 principles of the gang. and Bob Marley.??? Come on ..he is nothing to do with 36 geng..the only ting is bcos he uses 3 strip colours which is his country flag colour,Green ..Yellow .and Red,,and most of the newly joined novice or school boys thinks that is the gangs flag colour,,ITs actually only Green and Red,. a real gang members wont be childish showing off that they are in a gang,Come on Indian Kaigeleh.,Sathai yellam vithuputthu,,anne thambi ya valuvom…


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