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I always get involved in a lot of arguments online, when it comes to discussion. I don’t blast things unnecessarily, unless it involves me personally. As I was browsing through the other day, there was this shout out by one of the readers of this blog, commenting something about what I’ve written.

And when I read through the comments, there was a stretch of it discussing things that I’ve written, and one MIC guy immediately concluded that what I had written was just normal rants.

The problem with MIC cyber troopers is they have no idea on what to argue about, and they never reveal any fact during any discussion.Try to put forward a few facts right in front of their face, and all of them will run helter-skelter.

Their argument will mostly be based on personal attacks, like how once, when we were ‘arguing’ about the condition of Tamil schools in Malaysia, one of the MIC guy actually told me that someone like me who drink “todi(local liquor) under a palm tree” do not qualify to talk about it. The way this guys do their drama will make even Mahatma Gandhi cry out loud.

What qualification must be there to argue about it la?  So what if I drink todi? I don’t steal money from the government and drink todi leh

Saya mau minum kaa, kincing kaa, muntah kaa, that is my personal preference. How can drinking todi affect the condition of Tamil schools in Malaysia?Anyway, let’s get back to the topic. So, I replied with a long essay and as usual, no reply.

I raised so many issues in that article Samsu, Temples and Indians ( about politicians going on and championing petty issues) but none of that was replied or discussed. Here’s the screenshot.

After all this happened, then I replied.

And as usual, no replies after that. This is not the first time that they chose to ignore, in fact it has been many times by many of their members. But you’ll make sure qualified with Degree Masters Phd then only can start questioning them, because this guys will freaking quote from the Bhagavad Gita to defeat you.

I finish this by LOL.

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  • Fly

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    Good come back bro. You stated out very valid points in a very clear manner. Hopefully someday the politicians will open their eyes

  • Missy

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    No one can accept when they are being blamed.So to do that,by hook or crook they will try to throw back it to YOU.They are too blind to see the core point what you trying to say.Not them,mostly none listen or will notice it.That’s why we are still the laid back community.its not because of others but its because our very own people.People with powers who suppose to take note of these and use as tool in their discussion but what they do when there’s meeting or discussion for OUR PEOPLE,they will crapping about why that man still in the post?why cant he be the one?why must I do or its our people mistake.this will be what discussed.Dogs will bark towards the SUN,but nothing happens to the SUN,it still shines and share the ray throughout the world and the dog gets tired and loses its energy.
    SO RAGE,i think you should ignore the “DOG” and move on with you RAYS.

  • Nav_yakuza

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    No replies?? well.. i think bro.. he might getting up on his dictionary to beat ur word with his… ahha… nice one… LIKE!

  • @n@ndth@ r@j r@ich@nd

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    bravo durai. this is the 1st tym ever an indian blogger daringly write n discuss abt our indian society. i feel that u write what i think for. oru samuthayathin aleral satham… keep it up!

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    Proud to be reading your blog!!! Let me get my PhD and I’ll pick a fight with these people!

    PS: I’ve already started setting aside a small sum of money for SaiFunds.

  • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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    I like this post.
    as usual, they don’t reply because they know their on the wrong side of the fence.

    Kadakaraange bro. Let’s do what we can to help our society.
    No point in depending on these politicians.

    As usual, you got my support. :)

  • Wyrez

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    Dude, these guys are blind and extremely oblivious to the fact that some of us (like you) are trying to point out the flaws in our community so that the people in charge can rectify and work towards the betterment of our society. We are fast becoming a “lost cause” if no serious or radical change is made to at least address and solve these longstanding issues….

    “So I riddle hypocritically pitiful criminals, Habitually utilizing typical rituals,
    With false pretense in attempts to be spiritual, To individuals who believe in biblical miracles” – Immortal Tech

  • Jivanti

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    Ooru samuthayethin alaral satham. Aptly put. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    I know of 1 MIC troller in my FB who goes around preaching what MIC has done for the community, what they have done for the betterment of the Indian citizens, and what they have championed for the rights of our Indians, and bla bla bla…

    The right “pepatah” for this situation : Pot calling kettle black! That fella itself drinking and getting drunk , but having a dare to swipe at a person who does the same thing is utter stupidity. Come on la brader, takkan tak pakai otak ? U ludah atas, kena kat muka u jugak….

    MIC is no longer the acronym of Malaysian Indian Congress , its now known as Malaysian Indian Cheaters. That’s how much respect that they have collected for themselves past 30 years, beginning from the helm of Samy Vellu and now his “konco-konco” that includes his son Pari.

    Fighting for the rights of Indians has never been an issue here, its fighting for what cause and for which side is important. MIC, please get to the core and look for yourself how much ppl hate your party, instead of crapping in national papers that you have gotten bigger share of voters confidence than the last GE. Over confidence udambekke nallathe ille thambingela :) Appe kannukke teriyathe :)

    Yenda ? Yen ? Not enough of making the Indians poorer in this country ? Do you MIC ppl want to see our ppl, our schools, our population, our families etc all be in such a state that we gotta beg for a living in our own country?

    You ppl in MIC have repeatedly said the same promises, years after years, elections after elections, yet all that happens is a forgotten story. Its as simple as nothing for you ppl, but on the grassroots, we are the one suffering. At least the grown-ups does not feel the heat for maybe they have gone thru it repeatedly, but have you ppl thought about the younger ones? They do not have even the basic necessities to fight for their rights, all cause of you ppl. :) Government allocates money, masuk pocket. NGO allocates money, masuk pocket. Solidarity funds, masuk pocket. Dei, ellame ninge eduthekitta , apperom nangelam ennada pannerethe ?

    A recent Tamil school pic in Malaysia came to my hand, and it made me to drop few tears. It was located in between shop lots, and the exact location is in Lukut, N.Sembilan. School in shop lot? Why didn’t MIC fight for a Tamil school there? Too busy holding Datin Sri Rafidah’s kain or plucking Datin Shahrizat’s pubic hair? :)

    MIC, 1 word, ille ille, 1 long sentence from BKTTE –> Plz go tangeran your boss Najis balls… We, the readers, ppl who cares for another Indian, will continue doing our job to do as much as we can for the Indian community. Seiyire nallathekkum thade podathinge, illathi next GE le MIC irukkathe :p

    P/s : Sorry for the long rant readers, having my ” Emotional Interference” :p :p

    • kunjikounder

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      Well said bro … but why blame M*C alone…. shouldn’t the Indian community and mindset be blamed as well… These poor Indian people will complain and ask help but come General Election , Mr M*C comes along and starts giving ang-pau of few hundred ringgits and these very same people will sell the soul for the next five years. Why is M*C still around after 50 years of marginalization and lack of representation… because the Indian community voted them back in again time after time …..
      Perhaps the young Indian community (people like you and most of the patron’s to Durai’s blog) have an idea on what’s happening but what about the common Indian on the ground … They need to be made aware of what is happening……When someone tries to do these education, M*C brings in their panas kaigel to teach these people a different types of eduction …. how to a wield a parang

  • $@i

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    haiya…disappointing la Durai..i was expecting an invitation for todi bawah pokok but ended up reading the MIC crap.. I had retired from commenting on Indian politics, gave up long time ago…Now when shall we turun “Eh Mangga Thoppu, mangga thoppu pakathile kallu kade”.. Oh now it automatically disqualifies me from talking about politics..

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    the downfall of MIC is due to the tyrant Samy.You guys let him rule over ur sorry ass way too long.. A couple of intellectual did pop out to take him out but it was all in vains. With the help of many idiots, Samy destroyed these intellectual who eyed on his position . Pity S.Subramaniam and S S Subramaniam. Who is Palanievel ? A speech writer cums lackey for Samy. And Samy still prove to be tryant when he put his ‘Serruppe’ on the throne.

    Untill great intellectual come along and topple these lackeys, there wont be a bright day for MIC . And stop recruiting Thugs in the name of politics. They already have ‘numbers’ for that.

    Dont come n preach me bout ur MIC Politics when u have losers in the top management.Blueks..make me wanna vomit.

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    “I’m not a servant to anyone”
    That’s a good one….

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    mairelar… sappi mathiri peserayinge bro…

  • shrivastava

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    excellent write up bro-i had a similar argument with one of the MIC cyber-trooper..quite well known in FB circle..he has unashamedly has several blogs & preaches abt wat MIC & Putra MIC had done for the indian community. I began to see several issues wt this guy & had a heated arguement on his wall post & within minutes he deleted me off from his list…hahaha-i guess MIC cant take the truth & decides to launch character assassination as usual. My utmost respect to u bro & also that girl on that FB page who stood for her principles.. Cheers!

  • Vivek

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  • Sri

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    shitty come back from MIC cyber troopers. wt else to expect from the lot that licks the government’s ass.

  • subashni lena

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    awesome comeback bro!! very logical and practical thinking!!! i must say, you are one brave Indian dude out there!!!

  • neuro nimal

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    ellorum vettiya 1000 pesunge,ana 1 thanum onnum pannathinge..
    Simply ‘Like’ the link wont give any result.
    Seiravan mattu pesu,mathavan ellam muditu kelambalam..
    ennale enna mudimo na seiya poren..
    so stop give fuckin ideas and advises to other ppl,unless ur doing something.

  • diccam@Sarjan

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    Stupid MIC bastards….!!!

  • Saminathan

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  • Daniel

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    Hi, I agree that Tamil schools are poorly maintained. I didn’t attend a Tamil school, but I work for JKR. I do now & then go to see schools around. I don’t think it is so much about MIC, UMNO or PKR. I once heard a Malay colleague said “beri sedekah kat sekolah/kuil hindu berdosa”. Since then, I conclude that in Malaysia, the Muslim Govt finds it a sin to support other religions’ cause. Well, maybe its just my Malay colleague’s perspective/interpretation of his religion. But if it is true, then I don’t think there’s any hope for other religions/race in Malaysia to get fair financial assistance from the govt lah (regardless of BN or PAS). That means we all have to collect our own money for our own religion/race lah.

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    ,If we indians all stay to gether with one mind , we can collect mney with our makkez n help the schools no need to

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    ,Ask help from tat todi shop owner – mic – mayere indian congres /

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    waalaweeee…alcoholic liver diseases is mostly among indian despite being minority.(korenja vile nirenje soode) If u see back in 1998, chinese had problem with ecstacy where multiple campaigns were launced by mca and the price of a pil dropped from rm 48 to rm 3 which proved the campaign was a success.our government had banned cigaratte which are sold in sticks.where the goverment played their role in health improvement.alcohol among indians had been there for ages….mic had been there for ages….come on la…..takan takde otak…this the primary problem in the society.where the allocations given for the indian .when other races can do for their benefit , why can’t this idiots…ok la..this is a muslim country…do u tink it’s difficult to ban the cheap liqour in malaysia..yes of course to be practical it’s im posiible to ban the beeers but surely cheap liqour(thai song,maharaja,)… i really wonder if mic is actually running the cheap liqour factory in malaysia or they get a cut each month…

  • kai

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    We need both the MIC and the rest. Common goal upliftment of Indians. Can’t say both have not contribution. Can say both are thrying to change.


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