How to be An Indian Gangster

It has been a horrifying past 2 weeks with so many deaths happening for our Macha community. As usual, a few more Indian guys had orgasm, slashed each other and died. Here’s how one died. “A college student paid with his life for asking a man not to rev up his car engine in the […]

Snake Babu

By the time I turned, a huge steering lock was fast coming towards my head, and it was stopped by a friend of mine. Another friend grabbed the attacker, swung and pinned him to the ground. I vividly remember the story that happened when I was just 20; I was drinking with my friends and […]

The History of Machas

This article  contains half truth and the rest were self-imagination.  Don’t challenge the ‘facts’, since there are none anyway.  In the early 1890’s right up to 1940’s, hundreds of thousands of Indians from India was brought in by British to Malaya. Indian labors opened up the forests, established the rubber plantations, built the roads, railways, […]

Madhu – I’m a Girl

This article is written based on online interview with Bro Kumaraesinggam. All pictures were taken with permission. This article contains images which might be disturbing, reader’s discretion advised. I know you wouldn’t care less anyway. “Macha, baps da dei, bapse…angge pareh…punde,pidiche sappe udenum ithenggelam” “Macha, it’s a transvestite…look there…fuck, we should make them give us […]