Madhu – I’m a Girl

This article is written based on online interview with Bro Kumaraesinggam. All pictures were taken with permission. This article contains images which might be disturbing, reader’s discretion advised. I know you wouldn’t care less anyway.

“Macha, baps da dei, bapse…angge pareh…punde,pidiche sappe udenum ithenggelam”

“Macha, it’s a transvestite…look there…fuck, we should make them give us blowjob”

Sitting down near the staircases, 7 years back, whenever some transgender crosses the street near our college, we used to tease and mock them. I personally thought that they were a disgrace to the society. My automatic description about them was; all of them get fucked to earn money for a living. In simple words, all of them are prostitutes.

I just couldn’t see any other way that they could earn. The society rejects them, heck they don’t even have a choice when it comes to toilets. They are not wanted in temples, they’re not wanted in any events and they don’t even have a choice when it comes to work!

Or so I thought.

This outcasted niche community had grown so much that we see them striving in excellence wherever they go. They have faced off all challenges that they’re blasted with, from public humiliation to rights and equality.

But sometimes, they’re human’s too with feelings. Constant tortures and humiliation sometimes takes it tolls…

The new scene took Uthayakumar by surprise. Ever since moving out to KL from Perak, he knows that he could no longer keep it inside him. He knows that the feminine side of him is just waiting to burst out. In 2007, after moving to KL , he started working in various call centers, earning a legitimate income to support himself.

The feelings inside him grew stronger, and he started cross dressing for the first time in August 2008. His parents and siblings were very supportive, slowly acknowledging the fact to let Madhu(Uthayakumar) turn into a woman.

Madhu’s confident grew, and being multi-talented with experience from acting and performing in stage dramas, her life became a good example of how transgender should be. She performed in a drama called Thirunangai by Asthana Arts which garnered huge support and made her instant celebrity. She even did an interview in Astro Vaanavil related to this stage drama.

In an attempt to turn into full woman physically, Madhu did breast augmentation. However, being a transgender, people never appreciated her talent, instead mocked and teased her. She is often a subject of public humiliation and mocking. It is not a new thing if an object is thrown towards her or water being poured on her, wherever she goes. However, she wards off everything with a smile.

She was such a genuine soul, never meant harm to anyone and hardly put on bad words about others. She had garnered huge support from her friends, supporting her actions and guiding her through multiple achievements in life. She was also a great role model for the transgender society in general, setting an example to the rest.


Just like any other woman, she fell in love. She was in love with a guy, who also promised her to look beyond whom she is physically. Not realizing she is falling into the biggest trap of her life, she committed. She was entirely sincere towards the guy, for the first time in her life, she felt so loved.

The guy betrayed her trust and left her.

On 20 December 2011, Madhu was found dead hanging on her room ceiling fan. The cause of death is still under investigation but it is generally believed that it could be either suicide or murder.

She was pushed to the edge, never been given a chance to prove herself, with people generally mocking the presence of Thirunangais(transgenders). We’re all at fault; there is only so much someone can endure. Up until today, we fail to acknowledge their presence.

We are all fighting against injustice and discrimination towards woman, but when it comes to this community, we fail to look beyond what they’re capable of. We prejudge and tag them as unwanted. It is time, for us to look and make them part of us.

If we can aknowledge the combination of Lord Sivan and Goddess Sakthi in one body, why not them? There can be no reason why they should be ignored. There can be no reason why they should be isolated. There can be no reason to think you’re superior than them.

Let them live.

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  • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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    Well, I’m feeling bad now.
    It is indeed a shameful thing that we could not accept them as fellow humans.
    I never read this news, but thanks for sharing.
    Hopefully, this post will open the eyes of many more as it did mine.

    RIP Madhu.

  • Fly

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    Well said bro, very deep post. This idiots can learn a thing or two about life from here


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    “Sitting down near the staircases, 7 years back,” What a bunch of monkeys we were back then… All you said makes sense bro but my brain still resist to accept it. Just follow the binary rule either 1 or 0… I dont make fun of them thou. My personal opinion..


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    “If we can aknowledge the combination of Lord Sivan and Goddess Sakthi in one body, why not them?” Durai this is also my personal opinion.. I think the transgender thing is confused with the Arthanatheswarar= Half Sivan and Half Sakthi.. I see it this way Sivan have sakthi as his half is to show that there is no gender greater than the other it means balance, respect and being equal to both gender. Tak tau la bang this is what i believe in. Again follow the binary… onne 1 ille 0

    • DukeDevan

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      Well…many have diffrenet opinions on Arthanatheswarar….
      All opinion results to the same outcome…i.e. In a human we have both qualities as a man as well as a woman….Think…. Women gives importance to feelings…. men gives importance to the brain (logic, fact, whatever u call it)….when a guy show more importance to the feelings then he tender to have the woman quality over rule the man quality….
      If you look on scientfic terms, the sex-determination system found in humans uses XX (Female) or XY(Male) chromosomes. Same as Arthanatheswarar… a man has both X(female) & Y(Male) chromosomes…which means a guy shares both qualities of a man & a woman. Thirunanggais happen to be those guys whose X chromosomes is more dominant than the Y chromosome….it’s too techinal…just leave it…
      ***Important thing: we are human…. no matter, male, female or transvestite (Male to female or female to male)…respect is needed…. lets respect all..

  • PavethiraKumar

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    ITKID, In Quantum Physics ( Computing ) , There is a state between 1 and 0. :)

  • prem

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    gud 1 bro..after all they are just human’s and way more better than some parayan’s out there who spoils indian’s wat i notice at times during a special event being held for example in thaipusam, these transgenders would be minding their own business and would be enjoying their day without giving a harm to another way as if u notice they are the most helpfull person out there when they got to know u are in trouble.they knows wat does humanity mean and how important is human’s life..btw we shud reli give some respect to madhu for what she had gone trough and how she faced it..RIP rite we should have no right to talk bad about her because her family and her friends itself accepted who she was and we are just a 3rd those who still dont accept who she is should just go get a life..

  • prem

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    I too have an opinion that either its 1 or 0.

    But then I have read that during the baby formation the female side comes first then the separation takes place in the later stages for 0 or 1.

    If a person is bold enough to change the environment( 1 to 0) . then he could have handled all other pressures. Please investigate other angles too (unknown).
    Also never seen a girl transforming to a boy and doing such act. Something is fishy.

    • Izuna

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      Bro, you never seen a girl in so called guys’ attire? Then, how about some successful women wearing coat and pant like a guy controlling an organisation? For this one all, you guys will praise the woman for adapting guys’ character to success in her life but if a guy tries to adapt a woman’s character, you guys will fuck him up la.. Enlighten me, how this is even fair? I mean anyone can be anything they want as long as it doesn’t bother others, so why should pester them just because we don’t like their decision?

      • Dorian W.

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        That is not a “girl” transforming to a boy (or more correctly – female to male transsexual). I am a female to male transsexual. And if you look at me carefully, you would have no idea that I was born female. So Prem, are you trying to say that I don’t exist?

        And I can’t stand this bullshit about only 0 or 1. There is so much diversity in the world – even in human beings. Are there only 2 ethnic groups? Are there only 2 skin colours? Are there only 2 cultures? Are there only 2 languages? The same thing applies to gender and sexuality. There are more than 2 genders and there are far more than one type of sexuality. Just stop judging and respect people as you would like to be respected.

        • sialraya

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          anna, i have seen girl transvestites.
          in my mom’s restaurant there used to be this 1 driver, who is obviously born a woman, but over the years she has worked out a lot, adapted her clothing and tries to sound like a guy. so they just treat her as a man.
          and in my gym there is this 1 staff who every1 addresses and bro or bang and stuff, but is obviously a woman. she has a male appearance and ive spoken to her before, and she did mention having a girlfriend.
          a true Hindu shouldn’t judge anything by its external appearance or uruvam. every soul should be equal to us, animal, insect, man, woman, high caste, low caste or mutant-cross-human-and-reptile. Aardhaneshwara or not, there is Sivan (God) & Sakthi (Power) within each and every one of us. If u will not spit or step on a linggam in a temple you should not kill, harm, spit, rape, slap or speak ill of these walking, breathing souls that carry both Siva & Sakthi within them, as prescribed by the Agamas.
          and by the way, in the Mahabharata, Arjuna disguises as an Eunuch in his last year of exile in order to fulfil his prophecy of ultimately establishing justice or Dharma. even our scripture doesn’t talk ill of varying sexualities.

  • Shivani

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    Sometimes people out there fail to understand that they are humans too. RIP Madhu

  • MIKE

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    A well written blog which I believe could finally help educate the public and change their perception on transgenders as a whole. Just a comment here is that, the public should not be wholly blamed for the mistake they’ve made. The general public, including myself in the list, have never been properly educated that transgenders are normal human beings like you and me. We also have always been taught that they are a shame to the community and teasing them is always the best thing to do. The real side would never be shown on the mainstream media in this country. Good job dude

  • Kasvini

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    and we kill our children with our spiteful poison against people who have done nothing to us. We do it everyday. We do it whenever Astro tries to bring the issue into discussion. We kill our children. We kill their humanity.

  • Kasvini

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    Prem, you just have to look at high school girls today. I am rather baffled at how you have not seen girls turning into boys.

  • sangkeertanan

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    Try imagining the personal battles they have to face within themselves before they emerge and face others. And then you will not question them. Rip sister

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    “Bro Kuhan-No outgoing links allowed directly because it will associate this blog with the content of others-“

  • Sukesh

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    I have an idea of making a stage play regarding this story…hopefully it can spread awareness among people…Could the admin help me fill the details on more what actually happened

  • KS

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    Please search for “A Tribute to Madhu” in Facebook for the group.


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    I personally think that they also should be respected for who they are.

  • Shriwarina

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    I personally think they are just normal humans like us…we don’t have to respect them, but at the same time…we have no right to tease and laugh at them…i strongly believe every single soul…humans and animals…have the right to live their life!!Let us not play God, judging on who they are!! RIP Madhu…Good that the family supported her….

  • Sashikumar Muniandy

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    nanum minthi kutuk panneven sami..inimel panne mathen…sami saranam for madhu..~


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    - binary… onne 1 ille 0
    – Quantum Physics ( Computing )
    – never seen a girl transforming to a boy
    To the above comments..when it comes to personal character and choice of living, it’s very subjective. And saying subjective means there’s always something beyond ‘onne 1 ille 0’. Just like asking one if God exists. Quantum Physics is not subjective. There are always people mocking these transvestites who are mostly very positive people but never seen if the same applies to the ‘females turned males’. I am definitely not against these two categories but I can bet, it will take maybe another half a millennium before these are considered a norm. (society excepting them) just like how leprosy has been excepted. Imagine if you have a family member with a similar personality. What will YOU do?

  • Preeti

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    I’ve been raised to respect people regardless of race/religion/sexual orientation/social status. But not many out there can say the same. Let us educate ourselves, and then the people around us, and our children in the future, so that every individual on earth receives the recognition and respect that they deserve.

    Awareness starts from 1 person, so create the awareness in you and spread it to the world ;)

    If we can aknowledge the combination of Lord Sivan and Goddess Sakthi in one body, why not them? — SUPER M1 statement Durai. Good job :)

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    The day the society is man enuf to acknowledge transgenders ,thats the day we wont have anymore ”Madhu`s” taking their lives… Transgenders have to be brave…

  • kunkun

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    Now everything as happened , Hope in future guys out there please dont aoid transgender , even i have somany frends which tey success full in their life. pls take an example of madhu dead n be strong dont cares about what other said bout you, u must care about urself.. there not help you in such ways.. so be brave and show the society tht u more better thn others…May You RIP MADHU

  • Dev

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    its their life. and the fact is that they don’t bother us.. not even a little. so why are we mocking them, we are no superior then them to mock or look down on them. the truth is that they live their live.. they live their live without prejudice. they dont act indecent in the public. its the 1 & 0 who mostly act indecent. this article has certainly opened my eyes.thanks KS

  • Srinivasa Iyer

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    Kumara,I salute you for this awareness.I often ask,in a world of pain,stress and complexity,is it not our foremost duty to alleviate anothers suffering not worsen it?Whatever a persons sexuality is,everybody is a part of God!As per karmas a person has different tendencies,we should understand and respect that!!!Hinduism teaches unity in diversity!Anybody that condemns diversity should not consider themselves Hindu!There are many puranic references to different genders,I guess those that mock,brand themselves as havin low iq!!Evolve people Evolve!!

  • RoyalPain

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    This article touched my heart la durai…thanks for writing…we all can hope that her soul will be blessed…

  • Surven Kumar

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    Madhu akka is good role model for all but i am not sure why she did this because of a stupid guy. She have to stay logger. I pray for her.

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    kai you just clicked an idea in me :) thank you!!

  • Maylini

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    She was a wonderful woman i would say.. infact i met her as a guy.. so good looking n i remembered asking her lets get married in the mariamman temple in kl jokingly n she was also saying come lets get married.. tears rolling down my cheeks.. u were such an angel.. every human beings wants to be respected. is it wrong if she is a transgender?? for god sake people stop mocking them and start accepting the fact.. have some huminity.. n guys pls dun go after transgenders for money try to look into their heart!! love u always dear.. even i couldn’t make it to ur funeral but my prayer is still with u… and whoever was the cause of her death god is watching run as far as u can but u cant hide!!!!! R.I.P Darling!!

  • Via

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    First time ur blog made me shed tears…

  • mala

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    s wat i know it is not tat person’s fault tat they r transgender or transsexual, blame the hormone tat’s inside their body.v maybe lucky tat we have enough of it, but they dont,that’s wat make them to not feel tat they are guy but more towards girl.basically, it’s not their fault for wat they are. let them live the life that they want to.i believe that most of us believe in god, if u do i’m sure that u know they are god’s creation too, so respect them and stop mocking them.

  • kausalya

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    dear bro, i know u miss her deeply. so sad story.
    as human we should respect another human for what n who they are.
    don’t analysis n critic them.

    my personal opinion she shouldn’t suicide…she should have live to prove
    the jerk, what he lost.
    live to prove to others the talent n capability in her.
    live to prove others she could lead a better live w/out
    d jerks love.


  • DukeDevan

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    guys n gals….
    Madhu has been very strong….. she was totally against suicide….
    If she had gone to that extend…that means she has been in a great suffering which she tot no other way she can bear it then letting her life go…..
    It takes hell lot of guts to go to that extend….
    We as frenz just failed to notice the amount of suffering she has been bearing all alone…. as she hides it behind her beautiful smile…. Whoever caused this to her well pay back…in the justice of GOD !!!.
    R.I.P. Madhu….

  • alan

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    If we cannot accept such people, we should just ignore them…
    we should never tease these people and make fun out of them..
    This is just one Madhu… There are a lot of Madhus out there dying everyday to earn a decent living and to live with dignity.
    I am sure Madhu is not some cheap whore who would simply let go of her chastity(excuse me, unlike SOME WOMEN, these people have chastity and dignity). That is probaly why she had opted for such a tragedy. These people should live, and in spite of all the harsh predicaments and painstaking temperaments they should prove themselves to be as normal if not better like any other human, including those who thrive to find pleasure exploiting them.
    Just because these people have feelings for guys, they should not be used to s*** and f***. For all we know, they might love someone more than a girl do, and if the love shown is not well responded or misused, it will become a curse to the exploiter.
    As Durai said, let them live people.

  • jay

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    r.i.p madhu…
    hope u will rest in peace my dear…
    Let us educate ourselves, and then the people around us, and our children in the future, so that every individual on earth receives the recognition and respect that they namma shivaya….RIP MADHU….lov j

  • TrueGemini

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    I love this article, durai.enough said :)

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    Hi frends, just cuming up with my personal opinion (no offense)

    i guess it would be nice if there is a system programmed to find out the gender of fetus (in pregnancy time) whether 1 or 0… if its neither one of it means parents or family who cant accept it can do abortion straight away. i like the comments about hormones.

    Is a real guy dared to put kumkum in a round shape (??????) and ladies ring and go out of his house? is a normal girl are redy tie up their breast tightly to stop it grows. but these guys are doing, i mean thirunangais n tomboys (i m sorry it sounds rude)

    A thirunangai nows what name she will get if she comes out with saree, flower n bangles. but still they r doing it. it shows what they realy wants. they came to a decision to not care about the ppl around them. they are so daring. I salute them…

    there are some ppl. that i personally know, who puts a act to the world being like male. another few from the some even get married n having children, n still look up for other guys. i guess it is FAR MORE BETTER to be a thirunangai n LIVE the life as ho they are.

    There are many ppl (mostly educated) who still cares for their family and society hiding their feelings and true self. Cant blame them too as Malaysia’s society, especially indians are not redy to accept transgenders as they are. But wont it be unfair if a human being sacrifice the whole life for another person (even though family)

    There are only two way to kno thirunangais heart,

    1 if u believes in rebirth, ur next birth should be this way (as transgenders)

    2 make frend with thirunangai to kno wat they are going through in life n what are their true feelings and desires.

    Well written article Durai…

    ????????????? ?????????? ??…
    R I P Madhu…

  • lalolaa

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  • Komz

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    really an eye opening article…many of us don’t realize that they are humans too and they have feelings…you really changed my perception of transgender people..
    RIP Madhu

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    Well Done….

    Yeap its a Shame on us … and its very shocking to see we have groups for Youths, oldage.. Human welfare ..Animal welfare.. I hardly know any domain where they stand or support for Transveite

  • Mogan

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    Poor soul…..RIP

  • diccam@Sarjan

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    RIP Madhu

  • anonymus

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    she should have been stronger in real life…. watched her movie twice… i loved it… i was waiting for her next movie… not this news :(

  • Sexy Me

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    Looking at some of the comments here it’s appalling to know that some people still have a very backward mindset towards transgender people. Knowing a few transgender people personally, I would say that they are the most strong and brave people that I know off. They made a decision to be truthful to themselves and not live up to what society would call the norm fully aware of the fact there after their lives will be a subject of ridicule and abuse. What people are saying about binary rules here either a 1 or 0, how many of them are really truthful to themselves? How many of us hide how we actually feel and pretend that we don’t care about something just because it doesn’t conform to society norms? The transgender community is not asking of you to be with them but rather just let them carry on with their lives peacefully and with dignity of being respected by other fellow humans. For those who still think that there is something wrong with these people I would suggest that you sit down for a chat with them and try to understand what it feels like to be in their shoes and see if you can face to pressure before ranting out on them. Just my two cents

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    May her soul rest in peace.

    I heard about her death from a friend but never knew the real story actually. Thanks to you bro for writing this article.

    Whoever made her to come up to this decision, karma will hunt him down.

  • jojo

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    1st of all RIP Madhu. Every human being deserves respect.

    I hv few questions. someone answer please.

    even if they (transgender – male -> female) hv dominant female feeling or what so ever, why they must modify their physical parts? what is the purpose?

    they might hv a dominant girls quality or girls like feeling or anything, BUT they are still a male what. why cant they appreate it 1st and be proud of it? why must change gender?

    They cannot get pregnant, cannot become mother.
    They can still fuck any women and can be a father.
    Then, why they are trying to be something that they are not naturaly?

    I hv seen few successfull ‘Soft Mens’ (mens with girls like behaviors). they are still dressed up like mens, with healty family. Why cant the other cannot be like this?

    Personally I feel sad for them.
    I dont know biology, i understand this happen because there something wrong in their chromosomes.
    If that is the case, we need to find the CURE for it instead of letting it to GROW.

    I think at the moment we moving towards wrong direction by encouraging them (my concerns for those who not yet TRANSFORMED).

    • Sexy Me

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      Jojo to answer your question, I don’t think you understand how it feels for someone like Madhu who is a woman trapped in a mans body.
      I’m guessing you have none or very limited exposure to transgender people. People who are transgendered feel like they are trapped in the opposite sex’s body and often look at their physical self in disgust.
      Imagine one day you wake up and your physical body if off the opposite sex, and now imagine going through this everyday and then you will understand the mental trauma and the need for them to alter their physical appearance.
      Yes there are soft man who conforms to society pressure and gets married and have kids, but how many of them are actually happy with that decision?
      I know married men who comes out at night to solicit the company of other man as this is what their nature is.
      And lastly let me stress that homosexuality and transgenderism is NOT AN ILL and there is no need to CURE this.
      Its part of nature and this is how God has planned it out so there is no need for man to meddle his nose into something that needs no meddling with.

  • kumar

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    anyone can watch this…worth watching… – Transgender Nun : Rights and Rites.

  • Kasvini

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    My dear Jojo. Hmm.. How do I put it….
    First, if there was a defect in chromosomes and we wanted to fix them, it’ll take billions of research and years and years of legal battles.

    Secondly, I think being hairy is a defect cause that part of my chromosomes does not tally with the chromosomes of say, nearly hairless Koreans and Japanese. Should I go alter my DNA?

    What about “Me being Dravidian is sick and I should be some other fair race, so I should fix my chromosomes?” “Federer, Nadal and all those child prodigies have special ways in which their brains function, so that’s abnormal, should we go alter their DNA so that they are normal?”

    Or easy.. instead of spending money on apparently fruitless research, we should take Hitler’s approach and slaughter all the “tersilap chromosomes” people. We can choose to play God that way.

    • jojo

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      Well said.

      If u born as a DOG, you’re DOG.
      If u born as a CAT, you’re CAT.
      If u born as a MALE, you’re MALE.
      If u born as a FEMALE, you’re FEMALE.

      • Sexy Me

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        Shouldnt it be :
        If u born as a DOG, you’re DOG.
        If u born as a CAT, you’re CAT.
        If u born as a HUMAN, you’re HUMAN

        ps: species and gender = NOT THE SAME THING

  • Vasu

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    May the soul RIP.. Good one Durai.. ;)

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    Very sad ending , she should seek ambiga to get motivate and self confidance

  • Dr S Gopi Nath

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    Dear Bro&Sis,

    I am a Hindu, and I live by Hindu practice. The core of Hinduism is love your neighbour (himsa – violence, dura – far from). It is not abt praying to this particular god or that particular goddess. It is abt being a good HUMAN BEING. There are many reasons for the existence of transgenders. Medical journals have come up now with scientific reasons that a man become transgender due to hormonal imbalance and/or chromosomal defects at fetal level. Even Hindu astrology has determined that a person can be transgender/homosexual based on the positions of planets (Sukran, Sani and Mandhi) at particular houses/rasis at janma jyotisha or Navamsa jyotisha. As a medical doctor, I have seen many ppl like these. My profession requires me to care for them as a human being, not on gender, race or religion. I try my best to employ this same non-discrimination out of my clinic too. And I ask God for his blessings in helping me achieve this every morning when I pray at the beginning of the day.
    Whatever Madhu is, lets try to understand the pain and confusion she is going through. No one born physically as a man would willingly or voluntarily wants to be a woman, and even to the extent of completely embracing the woman personality, right down to the last toe-nail polish. It must be torturing her mentally, facing critisms, disgust and discrimination from all corner of life, and eventually she ended her own life. We should not be responsible for ANY loss of life, directly or otherwise.
    So, my advise is dear brothers, is that we dont need to accept Madhu as she is if we dont want to, but we dont have the right (civil or spiritual) to deny her of her existence. Like it says on the bible, “do unto others what you want others to do unto you” – basically lets treat others how we want others to treat us.
    Thanks. Dr G.
    PS Arthanatheswar is a balance of genders and might not be a good example to justify Madhu. BUT, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and had physical relationship with Lord Shiva to beget Ayyappa so that he can kill Mahirshi (as per her conditions). Before any of you get angry over this and start blasting me, as Durai said, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST. Guide: Shiva Purana, Devi Purana. So, for a good laugh – Lord Shiva is bisexual, Lord Vishnu is a transvestite, Lord Vishnu and Parvati are siblings and have relationship with the same man – menage a trois. Even among our Gods, there is so much confusion, so why bother discriminating our fellow humans. We have better things to do. If you cant emphatise, at least symphatise

    • Sexy Me

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      Well said doc. : )

    • Sunaina Pillai

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      That was awesome, dr gopi…

    • Raj

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      hi bro,

      i am a male trapped in a female’s body.. i need ur help…. i’ve been googling for so many websitez to check out whether i can find a true soul to help…. bro, i m also in love with a girl n i realy need her in my life, i cant imagine to live witout her….. how m i suppose to change into a complete male? wat shud i do? pls help bro… thanz n god bless bro

  • shasha

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    this post is so true, im a female and ive never once made fun of them and i hate it when people make fun of them, If thats how they were born then thats how they should live ,choromosome defect or not it doesnt concern me . if a person choose to live his life this way then who are we to judge them ,we r all humans and as human we should always respect each other . Let trangenders live their life, its theirs not urs .They have so little choices , why minimize it more, lets do what we can to help them live . how much can we discriminate them , when i was studying in college near petaling street , i see them everyday , them seem so tough n angry but i know deep down inside they have super insecuritiness especially when people stare at them like they r some kind of freaks. i take this chance to say please stop judging them or anyone cus u have no rights to judge , u dont need to be a saint but try to be human atleast . Respct them , let them live , they r humans as well.

  • Latika

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    May God Bless Her..RIP Madhu..She Looks Exactly Like The Goddess “Athiswari” The L1st Time I Pray Yesterday Ater Seeing Madhu In This I Realize She Is Equal To Athiswari Goddess. I Have High Respect On Them, And They Also Beautiful.

  • mick

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    so sad,RIP to madhu

  • Divya

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    My heart goes out for her unrest soul.Hope she rests in peace. She was a strong-hearted person from what I read here. If it was a suicide, it surprised me of how she could have quit for a junk who played with her feelings. She had the biggest support – her family. There are transgenders who were not even accepted by own family and ridiculed, and treat them like an outcast. You know, there are many girls out there, facing great humiliations also irrespective of girl or half-girl. Think of the one who is going to suffer the most before you take your life, and high chances is that you will retract and continue living for better.

  • jiefrie

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    i’m feeling bad ryte now, next pondan pass by just buat your own business dont have to kacau them

  • Arun

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    Dear All ,

    I have been to Madhu’s funeral and feel sorry for her .
    On my view
    i really respect all thirunangai’s because they are living a simple and normal life like us . They all are struglling in this world with so many kind of problems and issue which cannot be take it by normal human as us .

    Why must we think that they ABNORMAL and see them in diffirent or bad way ?

    They doesn’t want to be like what they are , its a blessing and special gift from GOD
    for them to be female souls in male body .

    For those who read this :
    Just a humble request from me , Kindly respect and except them as our friends and please do not tease them .They never wish to get fucked for money , situation lead them to that kind of work . If u never beleive try to help them to get a job n i am sure they will leave that kind of works n very happy for you .

    For All thirunangai’s

    Even you all like that i still respect’s all of you as my friends , only some them are thinking that i am bad when i tried to get near to them .
    Please do not hesitate to sms me at 0149355219 , may be i can help you to find a better way from wat u are having now .

  • bluskyhigh

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    I’m leaving malaysia, this backward society, its corrupted and hopeless

  • Raj

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    dear brotherz and sisterz out there,

    i’ve replied for two posts down there n i thot it will be also better if i post this generally……. im a male trapped in a female’s body….. i wana be a complete male, but im not sure of how to gon wif d process and al….. thank god dat i finally found a website which therz a great support community down here….. hatz off to al of u…….. im in love wif a girl n i realy need her so much… pls help me, i wana b a complete male……… thank u n god bless.

  • Tiah

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    if we can aknowledge the combination of lord sivan and goddess sakthi in one body, why not them????????? R.I.P mathu miz u.guys please give responality of trasgender….

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    Suicide is the best option eell done


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