The Ultimate Guide to Thaipusam

This article may be sensitive to some, but get over it and try to understand what I’m trying to convey. 

When I was in primary school, my primary transportation to school was school bus. Sometimes I might miss the bus, which means walking back home. The bus driver, a well built Indian uncle, used to call me “Muruga”. How on earth did he come up with that name for me is still a mystery. My name is Durai, and it’s far from the word “Muruga”.

“Muruga, ingge okareh”

“Muruga, sit here”

I’ve always had a special seat in the bus, near the gear box. Since I was tiny (still), I could fit in easily and sit there the whole time clutching on to the metal bar. The closest I’ve came to resembling Lord Muruga is below:

[spoiler show=”Click to see something similar…”]

Both girls are my friends, don't speculate.


Anyway, its Thaipusam season and everyone is busy being divine. Machas all over the country will suddenly turn holy for a certain period of time in order to download God into their body. Thaipusam in Malaysia is a far more horrifying version than what happens in India.

It’s fast turning into a politically influenced commercial event, rather than a collective spiritual journey for the Hindus in Malaysia.

In 1957, this was called an act of devotion…


In 2010, this was called an act of devotion…

There had been a number of requests from my friends to write about Thaipusam. So, today I will tell you about Thaipusam.Please don’t ask me about the basic shit, go and google it.

Here comes the most important things you need to know about Thaipusam.

The first thing that you will notice during the celebration is the amount of Gods that will be surrounding you. It is such a divine and holy feeling that you will never get elsewhere. Once you see a Macha holding a cigar and smoking away, with his face smeared with red kum-kums, and screaming like Justin Bieber, remember that God is in his body.

You must immediately take out your shirt, throw it to the crowd, and then circle the Macha 9 times. Right after that, get down on your knees and let him bless you. Once you get blessed, that’s when ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ show comes in, whereby you’re required to wear your sunglasses and start dancing in front of the God. Group dance is also allowed, you can invite your friends to dance with God. The below video is an excerpt from the show “So You Think You Can Dance with God?” .


Please take note that alcohol should be consumed prior to the event, or else you can ask for a sip from the God. Yes, our God drinks beer. However, God only drinks Guinness Stout, so if you’re not a Stout fan, too bad.

Once you get tired of dancing with God, you will usually feel hungry. The richest Indians in Malaysia live in estates. There are thousands of rich kids in the estates, so usually they don’t get served or given any food. If you’re going to Thaipusam, chances are you’re very poor. More than 1 million hardcore poor Indians will be given free food by religious and corporate organizations, fulfilling their social responsibilities once a year. Food wise, Thaipusam is a battle zone. Indian aunties wins the war over here with the ability to stack multiple food boxes in one hand while also clutching 3 cups of syrup. Try to get a few packets of food, eat and throw the empty box near the railway tracks in Batu Caves.

Free drinks are served all over, so don’t worry about drinks. If you feel like going to the toilet, immediately run to the nearby building that you can see and release it there. You can also visit the toilets where shits from over 1000 people will be floating and greeting you.

Since you will be left off with so much money to spend, the next thing you need to do is give in all your money to the temple. If you see some disabled people or beggars in Thaipusam, ignore them. They’re millionaires in disguise. Donate all your money to the temple . Alternatively , buy 10000 coconuts and simply have fun breaking it on the road. This will get you straight to heaven.

Thaipusam is also the best place to test your martial art skills. Being an Indian, it is extremely important that you kill at least one person during the festival. Walk around and try as much as possible to create problems with others, of which you might either end up killing someone or getting killed.

If you don’t like fighting, sit down anywhere and start disturbing any Indian Meenachis who walks by. A few ugly Indian chicks with heavy make ups will walk by stealing your attention; immediately put your tongues out and start panting heavily like a dog.

Alternatively, you can also also open your pants and hang your dick for display to impress the chicks. The rest of the girls will not give any attention towards you. If the girl did not give any attention to you, don’t worry, nothing is wrong with you. They’re sluts.

After all this is over, it’s time for prayers.

This is Lord Muruga.

This is Lord Hanuman.

This is Lord…Errr…

This is the new Lord for some Monkeys In Confusion.

This is Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib. A mere mortal cut-out stands right inside our holy ground right before devotees can even see Lord Muruga. It has been reported that a few monkeys in confusion had desperately tried to defend the placing of the cutout, blaming that there are other issues larger in hand that should be tackled. This monkeys can be usually be seen hanging around the cutout climbing and getting angry at any visitors who tried to reason with them the cutout should not be there.

Please equip yourself with few bananas and throw it to them. They usually grab it and run away. You can alternatively throw some coins because this monkey’s loves money too.

[spoiler show=”Click Here to See Pictures of Monkey In Confusion”]

Monkeys in Confusion with their hard earned bananas.


As funny and sarcastic this article may sound to be, ask yourself isn’t this what’s been happening in Thaipusam? Do the right thing, donate to the right cause.  Support the right act, admire people’s true devotion. Don’t bring in politics to temples and stop being dogs.

Happy Thaipusam to all!

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  • Roshini

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    Awesome one and very true as well =)

    • hindraf perak member

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      • Karma

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        Dear Mr Hindraf perak member,
        You seem utterly offended by those posts but prob you’ve shut your minds on what this young man here is trying to convey. Wonder if you were ones those macha’s back in your young days :P No offence dude but seriously instead of getting all raged uncle, you should open your eyes and see what’s going on around you. Its not a disgrace to the indian community. the fact is many are still like that. so instead of u doing ur doing your ‘sembang keling’. why don’t u as a NGO member make your move first??! This young man obviously loves his race and his religion and that is why he feels raged over the way some people are in our community. This is not how Hinduism is! This is indeed a disgrace to the religion! with the smoking and drinking and dancing in the street like that?! The purity of the religion is being disgraced before our eyes and all u can see is the way this young man is trying to convey his message??!! You’re a disgrace to your own religion and race for not being able to see the truth. These Aiya followers are obviously into the mode of seeking attention instead of doing it for real. Friggin giving the wrong message about Hinduism itself. So go home and do some homework on your religion and race also yea. Prob it might help :)


      • kt

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        You are living proof that God made all kinds of beings.

  • VoVIn

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    ahahaha…guess these is what going on all these years..

  • kumar

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    u left out the chariot procession, where machas will test their motorbike power by ramming(to cause more noise and air pollution, as we need it urgently in our country, due to Thaipusam) and wheelie-ing(the urge to kill more Indians on road, because theres a lot of us in this country):p

    • hindraf perak member

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      • basil

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        go do something useful la… we are talking sense, u are talking hell of a lot of nonsense… just go away la… shoo shoo!

      • kumar

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        hi Mr Hindraf Perak Member,

        SO you expect us to “talk” to a group of indian guys who are about to fight and ask them to stop fighting?

        are you expecting us to stand by the roadside and CHEER HAPPILY AT OUR OWN RACE,RELIGION people when they are disrupting our OWN religious activity???

        so if the majority in this country are eating shit, you wud eat shit as well?


      • tholu

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        Hello hindraf perak member, who is disgracing Hinduism? You mean the cigar smoking person, you mean the person carrying durians hooked to his bare back, you mean the person dangling on hooks and poised like superman in flight,you mean youths who appear to be high on booze/drug and dancing like they are participating in an African street carnival, you mean unruly youths who unabashedly tease girls in the temple compound are staunch adherents of Hinduism? You mean if we defend them, we will be protecting and safeguarding the sanctification of Hinduism? Valga your ‘version’ of HINDUISM.

  • Prangbesar Palanisamy

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    This is easily one of the most honest write up about thaipusam ever……Keep writing more like this one…..Maire satu all the way.

  • delylah

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    hahahaha…u forgot bout the girlsssssssssssssssss……

  • Vivek

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    Wow!! There is another side to Durai. Wait, that was TWO :p

  • Pugal

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    very true indeed and instead of a self realization day it has become a festival…..sadly we have deviate from the true meaning of Thaipusam

  • Suhashani

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    well, such a well managed writing!!!! well described fact by U mr.durai:)

  • Athiss

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    Agreed, I was disappointed with last year Thaipusam, where some bunch machas was on kapchai motor bike making sound pollution. These act was an eye soar to devotees and tourist. Please go pray, take blessings from Muruga,then give blood donation and go home.

  • Kasvini

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    well…. There’s always this dillema I face when its Thaipusam. To bring my friends or not. I mean, those that live on the Thaipusam street know everything and are used to it but those from other states would probably think this is the real deal. I’ve told some of my friends outwardly the real reason I don’t wanna bring them, cause the Thaipusam today is a circus. It’s difficult for devoted devotees to move safely in the crowd nowadays, the street dancing scares the shit outta some kids. Rubbish goes everywhere except the rubbish bins.

    well, I have one thing to look forward to, Nestle mooru panthal. :D sedaaap…. sakit hati though, the money spent here could have built libraries for kids.

  • Geetha

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    its about time someone said it out loud…the better thing to do on Thaipusam day, go to a lesser popular temple n pray in peace…i am sure GOD wont mind if you dont drink, smoke, dance, flirt and fight on Thaipusam day.. :)

  • Raku Nadarajah

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    I think this is one of the best article i ever read about THAIPUSAM. u forgot to wrote about the indians who wear cooling glass at nite. :) niway this is an awesome message as how i will tell it 2 my fren n family. u have 2 be sarcastic then only the msg will reach to certain people.

  • danny

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    lol… Durai !!!!! How could you talk bad about our evolving culture !! ROFL

    Past few years have seens thaipusam evolved into autoshow BUT what suprised me the most ?? Batu Caves is organizing Paris Fashion Week for the past few years !!!!!!

  • Satees

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    Very well written article that pictures the reality! Thanks Bro for the well written article!

  • Gayathri

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    Good one Durai, thumbs up to you! :) I really hope someday this message will reach everyone out there.

  • Maennaka

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    wonderful article..and it’s absolutely true.. :)

  • SunTannedSuperman_v2.0

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    This year, if GOD comes in front of me and dances, I’m gonna make sure I do the shuffle dance.

  • Beam Boy

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    SK Durai, Simply superb and awesome…Keep the good work…Hope this message will reach everyone Indian Out There.

  • sara

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    Hmmmm. my comment on this would be…
    Yes Indians spending more to temples rather then our indian community.
    Why don’t 1 temple adopt 1 Tamil school and bare all the expenses of the students?
    Isn’t it is what we call as giving back to community?

  • siva

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    Even the sound so vulgar but i admit that this is the shit’s happening in thaipusam.
    lets see what bout this your words :P

  • kogul

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    It’s a shame to witness a holy festival is polluted by some individuals. This thing is really happening.
    BTW bro, Good writing. like the part “Monkeys in Confusion”… theeheheheh…
    Suggesting to you to visit penang for Thaipusam. So far the best celebration bro. :)

  • Sashikumar Muniandy

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    Vetrivel Muruganeke Arogara~

  • Vivek Muniappan

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    Surprisingly, the temple committee have requested to bar Anwar Ibrahim from visiting the temple because they want it to be problem free and politics free.

    However, Najib Razak is invited.

  • roob

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    macha, you got me laughin my butt off!!

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    truth + sarcasm + comedy + durai = An AWESOME Article.!!!!

  • M.Siva

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    The thing that irk me most is that most people don’t even appreciate the food that were given away by donors & well wishers. You can see half eaten food thrown away everywhere. Why do we bother doing ‘annathanam’ anyway? The amount of shops inside the temple ground is also ridiculous. What is shoe selling shop doing inside the temple ground? Timely article, Durai. Good one!

  • S. Kumaran

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    Nice article and sadly a bitter truth about one of the famous festivals in Malaysia in our Indian culture.

  • premah

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    This is one of the best written article of truth!!

  • ayhtin

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    kewll especially the NEW LORD :D .. but instead can write about the true story of Thaipusam & beliefs.. and compare it with the current happening events in B.Caves.. anyway.. all the best ;)

  • Ashwin Nair

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    Dear, Durai,
    One of the most hard hitting articles i have read about our depreciating culture in a long time. Its a real eye opener to have people’s experiences about this dimming festival put on paper. It is sad to see how this generation perceives and portrays religious acts as acts of devotion. All the best to you, and hope to see more of this in the coming future.

  • Keren

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    Monkeys in Confusion… ROFL! Netti adi la ne. I was in B.Caves only yesterday bribing and thanking Lord M. Just as I was done, my dad passed me and my brothers paper money to put into the undil. I have 4 brothers btw. And just as I put the cash in and was walking out, I saw an old patti ma begging for money. How I wished I could have put my hand back into the undil and withdraw all the money we had given and donated it to the 3 other patti ma’s there as well.. I can’t wait to start working to be able to make a change. Happy Thaipusam to you too anne! Vel Murugan Thunai! VEL VEL! :D

  • subashni lena

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    hats off to you for such mind blowing write up durai… all these things are happening and the only sad story is that only ppl who are pc literate can read your article and change themselves.. its an eye opening article but how do we convey it to some of those ‘monkeys’ and also the rest who get confused about the religion, culture and politics and mix things up?

  • champa nair

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  • Mani@Mizta B

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    man u r great… Undeniable facts.. !! Only The God Can Judge Them Or Vice Versa.. Hahax.. ;)

  • indianGuy

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    Was very sad after readin this as what you say is 100% true… add on this….there are even football club “kavadi” in penang recently….its not only a disgrace to our community…..but also to our religion……


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    Nice one kutali.Totally agree

  • sugardaddy

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    well-written article, bro! hard-hitting true statements in your article. overwhelmed with mixture of feelings, and i hopes this propagates into a public outcry. =)

  • eddy

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    its 100% true but i think it should not be talk in a open way ………….. as indian we should not be talking bad about our own race……….. but the truth can’t ignored…….. n i respect to those who support tiz article

  • Reena

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    well said and prolly the reason why I no longer associate Thaipusam as an act of devotion.. I’ve been to Batu Caves as a kid, and I’m still traumatized by the holly machas!

  • prasanna

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    good one sk.. a reli impressing and truthful one.. but u missed out by exact disappointment during this festive season.. the brush and colourful hair with the most irritating trumpet sound which actually annoys you to the max… :P as years pass by, thaipusam celebration at batu caves is becoming worst and it is clearly not any more a celebration for lord muruga…

  • Matsuda

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    wow, the most honest and truthful picture was painted here with simple words. The exact feelings that i have with regards to Thaipusam. Its not a religious festival…it has become a funfair…more like samba fest…. Its really sad to see all those things especially those God downloads…degrading Hinduism. Another main thing is those people (esp. from India) sleeping comfortably near the area infront of the big statue blocking the traffic…i wonder how can they sleep so comfortably in the midst of the noise, crowd and the stench…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Awesome article bro… We the younger generations will and should make changes to the current system.. Let’s make it possible and thumbs up to u for bringing up this issue to instill basic common sense to realization…

  • Thumb up Thumb down +2

    Super o super bro! What you wrote is 100% true. However, surprisingly this year, we had way too many chickens roaming around in Batu Caves and these chickens don’t make their usual sound but instead, they honk at other people.

    Inthe kolingge mothele sava adikenom bro..

  • Priya

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    sigh if only these people can change. Another piece that makes my day. =]

  • avathar

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    im agree wif u bro… i was also upset with the behaviors of our Indian community… we hv been a trademark to other races dat we are professionals in doing crime! is this wat our religion teach us? In scripture we learned that Lord Muruga destroyed Soorapathman to save the world from evil spirit. Would HE do the same thing NOW???

  • thilthila

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    Dear Mr Durai,

    What you were telling is true, it is really up sad to see such behaviour in our community. By then, what is the difference between you and the person you mentioning in the article???? I do agree with your points, but I am so disappointed with the way you convey the message. I hope you can do it in proper manner rather than rude and please don’t be too vulgar in putting words … I really feel honour if you teach some respect and give some guide to those who re reading this article…. And I’m really sorry for the inconvenient

  • saffi

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    i wonder.. is this how he wants us (non-Indian) to understand ’bout Thaipusam? god drinks stouts? hang dick and swerve ’round?

    • tholu

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      I suspect you are an Hindu Indian falsely portraying as a non-Indian. Whoever heard of a non-Indian vehemently defending Hinduism particularly a Malay. Are you high on ‘stout?’

  • g-va

    Thumb up Thumb down 0 become one of ur fan d…hahaha..sarcastic post but a well said facts….haha

  • Zeenee

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    Finally, someone with the guts to say it out loud! Bravo :)

  • Kesavan

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    Aiyo which brilliant assholes idea was that to do that big poster?His grandfathers money is it?Our LORD MURUGAN AND LORD HANUMAN are always the mighty and not womanizers!

  • Hariharan

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    Bro wat u have written is true…to those that understand good ….and to those that understand to hell with emm…….keep up your good job bro!!!!!!

  • Mike

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    Hindu sangam is just thr for the sake of bein thr..they shud play a more active role in educating n preventing this kinda acts of so called holiness which is not related hinduism

  • graz

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    I appreciate your healthy cynacism, I,m an indian from australia all I can say is I went along this year and I come from a country with no community spiritual celebrations like this, I prefer this over football anyday there are loads of fights after the football too, appreciate the love it may not come again, keep up the good work,gee

  • kannan

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    well said…but how this advice can reach those people…what we must do… i hate those stupid people who dance, smoke and drunk…i feel so shame when my malay friends asked me why they smoke and dance…?

  • ghost rider

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    its al true from top to bottom..indians in malaysia wil never chnge…dey r abusin deyr own god by doing stupid works during thaipusam..wat kind of attitude is that to dance infront of your god..n the person who so called in trance stil can layan the paraiya guys whos dancing lik a faggot..n these paraiyas..son of bitches love to disturb gals..duno y,mayb dey tink its cool but its our fucking n lame MIC or wateva stupid organisation wic is responsible in indian developement mus do sumthng..n indians..please la change..try 2 be human..not monkeys..shame 2 b a indian…

  • Murugan

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    Thats why i hate to go there on thaipusam. Better pray at normal temple even in your house. nothing spritual nowdays. Plus, they taking “MU”, “Liverpool”, “Arsenal” Kavadi.. WTH?? Sice when Lord Muruga join these club?? panade parathesi.. mandaiyile onume elae..

  • Saseekumar

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    Hey dude.. well none of us thot of writting it down.. we merely despise these acts and just blame and let our sorrow in our hearts… well kudos to you.. great job.. its enlighting… hope others can feel the same..

  • Yogeshwary

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +5

    You have nailed it bro! For years I have been telling family members and friends to chuck the coconut and milk and donate the money to the poor. Better karma. As for the fake trance, more often than not I have to restraint this urge to smack those buggers smoking cheroot and screaming like banshees. God is divine, not something to be made fun of. I shudder at the thought of children being exposed to this mockery during Thaipusam. I refuse to subscribe to any religious dogmas that’s senseless and demeaning. One’s only pursuit in life is to be a better human being and everything else is irrelevant…

  • Thiruda

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    Bro think you forgot about bike stunts while waking with the chariot??? Awesome article! like d way you put it, but too bad some estates wouldn’t even know how to read.. should make a sarcastic video based on this..

  • Dk_Premo

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    ha ha ha ha Once you see a Macha holding a cigar and smoking away, with his face smeared with red kum-kums, and screaming like Justin Bieber, remember that God is in his body.<<<<< now tht was a gud 1
    in fact i was surprised to face tht many count of god n goddess..
    i just whisper to my self melehhh irrukum ellrum turun padang panitange polehh
    n walked a way :)

  • eshwar

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    nice bro.. nice shoot out.. let them realise their mistake and brign back our real culture and traditional. vel vel vetri vel

  • vaish

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    The rest of the girls will not give any attention towards you. If the girl did not give any attention to you, don’t worry, nothing is wrong with you. They’re sluts.
    -my favourite part.
    being a girl myself , i can’t help it but to stare at gals like this…. and… their increase in number.
    it’s easy to identify those people who just attend this thaipusam NOT for their devotional belifs but for their social progress’ku.

    i believe there a lot of other place to show off and strut your stuff, but not in holy places.

    and my question: why Yindians are going all the way to be stuck in hundreads…. praying hard… in such a crowded place… (like god only exist during tht day)..where the devotion gone for the rest of the year?

    FYI [facts my tata told me ]: a holy shrine.. has god statues particulary in black marble/granite because it is the best ‘medium’ for good energy flow.that is why we we put our hands together (vanakkam pose) so that tht postive energy can vibrate into us.-uses the basic scientific idea of having this and sharp poles at the end of a buildin,reason;the effective way of ‘absorping’ the lighting. so,in a crowded place like thaipusam.. it is nearly impossible to have god’s arul (positive energy) …


    • Izuna

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      and if we able to meditate in a temple during quiet situation, we actually increasing those positive energy around and within ourself. How we can realize those increase in positive energy? Our mind will be clearer which help us to make important decisions and we will be energetic.. I say this based on my own experience where I went to temple every Sunday morning and meditate and experienced those things I mentioned.

  • Ladyboy

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  • Shaveena

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    Dear Raged Indian Team,
    Yeah, i agree with what you have said. Things during Thaipusam is far more worst compare to few years back. Its totally ridiculous and unacceptable.I and my mum was taking pal kudam around 12midnight on the Thaipusam day itself. Whether you believe it or not, there is these group of hooligans was having this weird horn thingy in their hand and started to irratate everyone. Worst still, they blow the horn on my mum’s ear. What kind of human they can be? Some guys are even worst when they start to take advantage when its a back to back crowd. I just felt like punching their face.
    On the other hand,young indian girls try to react like one Bottle Mani by dancing for the urumi melam tune. Oh my Indian Girls, i was really speechless.
    What all of us wanted is just a peace of mind when we are offering the prayers to Lord Muruga. But then, you wont get it till u reach the Murugan’s sannithanam. While you on the way to the Batu Caves stair, u can see all kind of people who dun even give a damn about what is happening around them.
    I saw sales guys and girls promoting some kind of energy drink even to those who is taking kavadis and pal kudam. Are they out of their mind? Why cant they use their comment sense. Oh my Lord Muruga, watta kodumey.
    Anyway, Raged indian team members..
    Let me tell u something. Just don’t care what others say. Your blog is awesome.
    So just keep writing. All the best.

    Best Regards,

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Dear Raged Indian,
    I was born and raised in Batu Caves and for 30 odd years, I have witnessed the transformation that has taken place. Sadly, what you have said and conveyed in your posting is the very much the bitter truth that one should embrace on what is happening in the celebrations nowadays at Batu Caves especially and I really feel for our Indian youths.
    Keep on writing bro. Your blog is just awesome and those who say otherwise are not really delving into the state of affairs on our Indian youths today.
    God bless you (I mean the real god Murugan)

  • Simple Indian

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    Dear Raged Indian,

    Not only in Batu Caves, also same at Penang, this year Thaipusam the boys were wearing colorful style wig and blowing vuvuzela. Suppose Thaipusam become a festive events but I saw like carnival. Other than that, some of the boys drinking alcohol and dancing until there is no way to move. Finally, I heard that an incident happened, a group slash a guy who was taking kavadi and also was in front of his parents. We have to find a drastic solution on this matter so it cant happen again.

  • Selva~

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    Awesome blog dude~ damn true indeed~ Hope v can find a solution for all this nonsense~ things are getting worst year by year~ :(

  • Roshan

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    Hi There Guys. I truly agree with your post. This was my 1st year taking kavadi after 8 years of pal kudam. And i was very disappointed with how Indian people treat their own holy temple like a playground for them.

    I might not someone who is very knowledgeable but i have learned a few things and also have a few doubts to share about.

    Firstly, to the people who gets trance. i mean, you go through a month or more of fasting and then on the main day of the thaipusam you end up drinking beer? also note that cutting limes and winter melon and applying kum kum in them are actually sacrifice. This is wrong and if you dont trust, try going to a proper temple priest and asking.

    Dancing in trance is normally done by the Demi Gods. it is called the dance of the thandavas which was so called the dance of Shiva himself. But what you see nowdays is people in trance dancing some weird dance and would even stop by the tents selling CDs for a dance.

    Demi gods are supposed to head to the path of Muruga with respect and peace. Unlike nowdays its all shouting and screaming and pushing the crowd all the way through. Seems that we need to give them priority 1st and ignore the kids and elderlies that are also walking up there.

    Well i am not talking bad about people getting trance here. Even i get trance myself. But as most people realize nowdays, theres a lot of fake between the true ones.

    Secondly, i am really sad about the amount of rubbish left over at batucaves. Come on people, it is your temple. Use your own brains to think. Do not always need people to clean after you. If you can keep your temple in such cleanliness i could easily imagine how would your house be like.

    Some vids to share here which i found online.


  • kugi

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    OMG your freaking awesome =)


    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Wazzup bro Durai!……Brilliant article!….Great job on the research done….although its obvious, but nobody put it up on the frontlines and straight in the face like u did!……Loved the Confused Monkeys n the Baboon!….Hope to see more, ‘Spinning slap on the Cheek’ articles from u!…..Good work!….n all the Best bro!….:D

  • prem

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    i am still blur..i think those machas and machis are following with the worlds progress towards 2020..they are trying to be macho people..and not bad there also great supporters for them to criticise others as disgrace to indian community..1stly bro i guez those supporters should be taught the actual meaning of thaipusam before being taught to the machas and my opinion i think if they kill people during the occasion its similar to goat’s being for the political if they have the prime minister’s poster we would have good respect for him and the temple..while this macha and machi dance might have possibilities that they have no money to go clubbing so they take these opportunity to show their skills..mainly we have to donate to this beggars and should employ the actual beggars in their place instead..

  • ramesh naidu

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    cekap bro..superbly written..i dnt even go to thaipusam anymore coz if i go i want to pray..n one cant pray has become a place of sin..

  • ramesh naidu

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    hahaha..the monkeys in confusions hit it..

  • Vivek

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    It is quite suspicious still but I think most of those retarded comments probably were from MIC troopers. Maybe, the ‘Penulis’ terasa.

  • The_Microsoft_Guy

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Well… I can see more drunken bastards and attention seekers than devotees during Thaipusam nowadays.
    After 10 years, I followed my family to Batu Caves for Thaipusam and it was a horrible experience…

    1) You are being “charged” RM 10 for parking 1KM away from temple.. WTF!!!
    That’s not your land dude… Well, I need my car free from scratches. So, I paid
    2) Roti Canai RM2, Teh Tarik RM2… Wow!!!! Batu Caves is a commercial place now…
    3) Batu Caves is a place to spread Political propaganda… Bersih 2.0…MIC..
    4) When your mind is in trance state, you tend to be quiet. I guess these
    Machans having split personality syndrome and not trance. Bloody attention-seekers.
    5) You hardly need to walk since the “force” from behind will safely send you to
    Murugan sannithy. That’s our Malaysian culture anyway. You can experience it when
    embarking KTM as well.
    6) Heavily make-up girls is there ready to exchange eye-contacts, phone contacts and
    Facebook ID. Good place to expand your network….

    I will NEVER EVER go to Batu Caves during Thaipusam day… I can spend quality time with my family at home and go to nearby temple.

    GOD is everywhere and he does not only appear during Festival time…

    This is my personal opinion…

  • DrKumar

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    i really hope those macha n machis also will read this article n understand how others are having negative impression/curses on them…hope thrs changes…just wana highlight certain things..but most of my thoughts are already mentioned earlier..
    1) smearing kum kum n thinuru all over the place when ppl get tranced and dance around..what is the value for dis holy materials..even wen we go temple n pray if we have excess thinuru/kum kum we place it back in the container or wrap it in papers..but during this “gods” just smear it n throw it come ppl dun respect di materials..??
    2) authorities of temple shud ban or strictly dont allow any cd shops to play cinema songs during dis festival,,just pure devotional distracts the mind n the mood of dis celebrations..
    3) Thaipusam a day for showing devotion to lord muruga..he just asked for pure offerings in a simple way..why are there people piercing themselves n torturing their body?? body is the temple…pls dun torture…and dun get the concept of demi gods,thee chatti,karagam ( mainly for amman festivals) are being practcied during thaipusam???? would like to get some explanations..

  • Kumar

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    i really hope those macha n machis also will read this article n understand how others are having negative impression/curses on them…hope thrs changes…just wana highlight certain things..but most of my thoughts are already mentioned earlier..
    1) smearing kum kum n thinuru all over the place when ppl get tranced and dance around..what is the value for dis holy materials..even wen we go temple n pray if we have excess thinuru/kum kum we place it back in the container or wrap it in papers..but during this “gods” just smear it n throw it come ppl dun respect di materials..??
    2) authorities of temple shud ban or strictly dont allow any cd shops to play cinema songs during dis festival,,just pure devotional distracts the mind n the mood of dis celebrations..
    3) Thaipusam a day for showing devotion to lord muruga..he just asked for pure offerings in a simple way..why are there people piercing themselves n torturing their body?? body is the temple…pls dun torture…and dun get the concept of demi gods,thee chatti,karagam ( mainly for amman festivals) are being practcied during thaipusam???? would like to get some explanations.

  • Vaani

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +5

    a very good write up and a good food for thoughts.
    I am actually a Malaysian and now residing in the neighbouring country down south. And in this part of the world, Thaipusam is celebrated with only devotions in mind and hence make the whole celebration so much peaceful. Though i hate comparing, but there are points which is worth noting.

    1. No mike/loud speakers/or any audio system allowed during the possesion
    2. Dedicated lane for possesion (as the possesion will pass thru the CBD area)
    3. No smearing of kum kum / holy ash on the roads
    4. Enough patrolling police to manage the crowd
    5. Strictly no violance. If anybody found to have disrupt the occassion with violance, the patrolling police will screen for identity for any criminal records. They could be held in custody up to 2 days. (personally, i think this is a very effective way for those trouble makers)

    See, Thaipusam is all about devotions and let’s keep it that way for generations to come…

  • jiefrie

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    tis is awesome man, not ony is the article entertaning but ters a point behind it very true, luv the dancing macha video, ppl dnt be angry wit tis bro he’s jus pointing out wat all of us cant see,sme of us can but we dnt bother

  • jiefrie

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    u shuld do an article abt indian lorry drivers, how macho they luk witout shirt n how sober they r wen driving, oso a ferrari can lose at the speed they r driving

  • Velan

    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    A good on bro especially the part where food for 1 million people. No doubt the word “annathanam” refers to food offerings but this can be channelled to the hard-core poor through-out the year.
    I really agree with what Vaani said whereby proper control need to be emphasized in order to make a change over. Over here things are getting worst by placing commercial revenue as a main factor. In Bali’s Tanah Lot & Uluwatu Temple, a devotee is not allowed to enter the temple if he/ she is not wearing the specified attire;this is to reserve the Holy Energy of the temple but in Batu Caves, foreigners enter the temple with singlet, short pants ……. By doing this, I dont think so the energy will remain forever.
    Just sharing my thoughts.

  • Amu

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +5

    Please dont compare them with dogs. so pls dont insult dogs..

  • poricha koli

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Amu…i strongly agree with you…dogs are punithemane living creature….plz dun compare with this****….durai bravo……what to do all this wasted sperm….should have gone straight to the drain….wat iam trying to say is…in tamil…avenge appa athi alur le utherekenum…instead of…getting that in and producing wasted product like them….kewl ya

  • prabakar

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    Hahahaha awesome and well written.You forget those meenachie’s

  • PK

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    This is what that happening, sad but true. we indians that are supposed to be together end up fighting because when people get drunk they think they are the biggest gangster around. but at another point what the hindraf member said was not totally wrong. i think what he meant was just to point out that there is no reason pointing it out. try changing it. but lets come back to reality, will all of this change? for me i dont think so. i use to dance. yes but not drunk, i was sober. it was a nice experience to do it once. thats the end, we just hope that our generation can change the whole situation.

  • hema

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    hahahhahahahahhaha. my god, this is soo hillarious yet so educational.

  • janani

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    The only complaints I have is the BO one has to endure and heaps of rubbish to step on, otherwise it is all fun, fun, fun, our malaysian thaipusam. The crowd is interesting to watch, the girls are all glittery and proud, the boys having a good time showing their biking and dancing skills, and some serious acting skills-where else can u see them being completely themselves. For those who only like hanging out with very decent crowd, speaking in whispers and quietly contemplating about Murugan arul, it is nobody’s fault but your own that you are a boring person in the wrong place. For those who are upset about the girls networking getting bfs etc, are you guys hurt that they did not give you their numbers? Next year when you go to Batu Caves learn to enjoy all the colorfulness of our Indians,kavadis and do a step a two to vel muruga vel vel.

  • Logical

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    In the olden days, certain castes were not allowed to enter temple grounds. Nowadays there is no restriction. Anyone can participate.

    Now you know why the festival is screwed up?????

    • Sashi Rekha

      Thumb up Thumb down 0

      This only shows how shallow your thinking is. Caste has nothing to do with the way a person behaves. In fact, a person’s behavior determines that person’s caste. To put it in layman’s term, just because someone belongs to the lower caste doesn’t mean he/she will behave like a wild,retarded freak. If a person is from a ‘higher caste’, that doesn’t mean he/she will behave like an angel..all saintly. Hope u get my point.

  • Aramis

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Dear Logical,

    This has nothing to do with tat caste crap. Assholes come in all shapes and forms. The Temple committee is also to be equally blamed. Why allow such behaviour. Why not have restrictions on the ways you are supposed to behave throughout the festival? Why not ban those loose dancing, inappropriate attire(no complain about the gals, its those idiotic guys who wear those stuffs they usually wear in a pub), extreme body piercing, inappropriate kavadi(like the one with MU logo). It is supposed to be a religious festival, but those lowlifes have turned it into a chaotic outdoor pub.

    And Janani,

    Do u go to temple to have fun? Where is the respect and sacredness when its due? Other races and foreigners looking at antics of u and ur troupe, are they going to speak highly about the religion u guys apparently follow. Such a stupid comment u give.

  • Subra

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    Hi guys n gals,

    I’m a new fan of RagedIndian, but honestly – i’ve been in rage for many years now..Talking about Thaipusam, here’s wat i hv to share :

    1) my cuzin sisters no longer go to B.Caves on Thaipusam day. Reasons are obvious.
    2) d last time i went to B.Caves on Thaipusam with my ex, i remember having to hold onto her tighly as all these morons were just shoving n pushing against us fr all sides! and she was also hugging her backpack tightly in front of man ? thrs just no way for true devotees to be at peace thr on that day..
    3) I try and gather all my family and frens to donate some cash or foodstuffs to the charity org (the name of d org is currently hiding in some part of my brain) every year. but as mentioned, nobody bothers to throw the polysterine containers into rubbish bins. then again, d bins r over-flowing most of d time as well. i gt so annoyed with this once,that i gt a few of my frens and cuzins to pick up rubbish and bag ‘em around 1 small kutty temple in d vicinity (on thaipusam day).d 30 big black rubbish bags we bought weren’t enaf!!!! there were all kinds of garbage thr…dat includes DIAPERS!!! mangkuk betul..
    4) we get all angry wen some melayu or cina looks down on us…but wen u have hooligans posing as “religious Indians”, can u blame the perception others have on us??

    comments and brickbats are welcome!

  • justin

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    yea,so sad our indian society has come down to this level.

  • vikneshwary

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    The last time I went to Thaipusam,there were these bunch of apes disguised as human with parrot hairs and vuvuzuela(periya thillana mohanambal sivaji ganesan nu nenappu.) once they saw me and my cousin,who were wearing NORMAL punjabi suit and plain JADAI (seriously,we looked like aliens),started to give out some lousy noises with the vuvuzuela.then they throwed a paper rocket (which smelt like rotten meat, and was so poorly designed, that they have no other way to give it to us,they decided to Walk to us and place it in my cousin sister’s JADAI.

    What happens after that was purely sick, but when we opened the paper to show it to the rela people there, our anger mood just ‘pooffed’ out of our mind and we immediately started to laugh in front of those rela people. It was a list of contact numbers of the most important person in the world. The number belongs to those guys. With a note says;kami kawan saja taw and a nazi symbol.

    We left the area with the escort of rela people. My dad told the guys one thing before leaving. Veetukku poiyi ungaloda appearance eh kannadi munnuku ninnu paarunge. Ungaloda daughter’eh ninge intha maadri oru maapilaikku kodupingala ‘nu yosingge. Don’t know when this guys will see the light.

  • dyiagal

    Thumb up Thumb down -2

    Great write up Bro…Salute..”Once you see a Macha holding a cigar and smoking away, with his face smeared with red kum-kums, and screaming like Justin Bieber, remember that God is in his bodyou must immediately take out your shirt, throw it to the crowd, and then circle the Macha 9 times. Right after that, get down on your knees and let him bless you. Once you get blessed, that’s when ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ show comes in, whereby you’re required to wear your sunglasses and start dancing in front of the God. Group dance is also allowed, you can invite your friends to dance with God. The below video is an excerpt from the show “So You Think You Can Dance with God?” .” I laughed at the bus stop when I read very true..where is our indian community heading!!!! Don’t they think we r far behind from others…few mths ago I saw chinese chariot possession…with some chinese guys gt trance…trust the walked so calmly behind the charoit. I stop going to thaipusam. I dunno how all machans will be so brave like a tiger when they r with their so call gangs. But when u see them alone, “habuk pun tak ade”…durai I’m ur hardcore fan…ur write ups mind blowing. I dunno how many out there have the guts to write like this, but Bro u dare and u dun care…cox u r BOLD to write the truth….again Salute bro…keep up…

  • Arumugam

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Yeh bro awesome.its true what u said but again it’s sad to know the culture gone far behind what suppose to be practised. Who to blame. It’s us . We need to blame ourselves for not there to change it but we make fun of the actual situation. Imagine a non indian reading this article of yours ….bravo yea good . But deep inside every indians should feel the disgrace of this act. You and I and the others have not acted on this thta is why it happened and will keep happening. Our next generations will laugh at this culture because we failed. I thank you for bringing up the real scenario in thaipusam nevertheless less people will take a look at it and the next moment all you know is goes back to square one. Let’s contribute to the society the way the culture should be preserved.

  • kt

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    nicely written. an additional viewpoint: KTM says take the Komuter, and don’t drive. If you take the train, expect to stand in a fully packed train that moves very slowly, and if you travel to Klang or Seremban or Rawang, stand for a very long time. I stood 2 hours + each way. Plus if happened to be at the old Kuala Lumpur station on Thaipusam day, they were filming a commercial with glam looking pan Asian models, and sweaty, tired, looking Indians like me were shooed away as I “was in the shot”. I was told by KTM to think of all this as penance, just like carrying kavadi.


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