The Call for Jihad

This article is not meant to justify the atrocities and crime committed by any individuals or organizations. I personally applaud all the efforts taken to bring justice for the Tamilans in Sri Lanka. When I was walking down the streets of London during my very fortunate trip there, I met these extraordinary protesters who had […]

The 4th

This article is dedicated to all of you who had helped Sai Fund in one way or another; my readers and friends who had supported this cause and be part of it. We were in SJK(T) Brafferton the other day(9th March 2012) for yet another round of charity. This is the biggest charity that we’ve […]

Atta Buka Mata Part 2

A part of this article was written sarcastically. I’ve tried explaining this in the simplest manner. This article is dedicated to Dhurga R,¬†Geetha and Prasana. Around the year 1858, one good looking young man walked into the village of Shirdi, in Mahasashtra, India. He was unknown, and he looks like a mere beggar. He had […]