Atta Buka Mata Part 2

A part of this article was written sarcastically. I’ve tried explaining this in the simplest manner. This article is dedicated to Dhurga RGeetha and Prasana.

Around the year 1858, one good looking young man walked into the village of Shirdi, in Mahasashtra, India. He was unknown, and he looks like a mere beggar. He had no belongings, but he looked contented. He had no name and upon entering the village, the village priest greeted him with the surname ‘Sai’.

He was no ordinary man, he had miraculous healing powers and upon looking at his sparkling eyes, one gains calm and a state of spiritual ecstasy. He took shelter in one of the dilapidated mosque in the village. People gradually start visiting him and due to his extraordinary ‘power’, his fame grew and people began to donate their hard earned money to this man. In return, he gave them his blessings and by the end of the evening, he would redistribute the entire donation of the day to the poor and disabled.

He begs for his food, at least 4 times a day, and taught the Muslim and Hindus to respect each other. He is an expert in Quran and Bhagavad Gita. To top it all, he was aware of things that happens hundreds of miles away, by just sitting in that dilapidated mosque. Until his death, he begged for his food and never had a single cent although he received thousands in donation every single day.

His name was Shirdi Sai Baba, also dubbed as the greatest Saint of 18th century.


Rama was cooking chapattis in his kitchen when suddenly a dog sneaked into his kitchen and ran away with a few chapattis held in its mouth. Immediately, Rama took his long cooking spatula and chased after the dog. He ran through the village and chased the dog, and the sight of him chasing after the dog with a long object in his hand raged the village boys. The village boys started throwing stones towards him, in a bid to prevent him to chase after the dog.

Rama was injured along the way. Little did the boys notice that the spatula actually contained ghee. Chapattis are always eaten with ghee in India, and all the chapattis were raw. So Rama was chasing the dog so that he can serve the dog with ghee. Such kind hearted was the man…

His name was Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

Both never predicted the life of others and never took fees for whatever advice they offered. Both were such kind hearted humble souls that meditated in the name of God almost all their life. They never got possessed, and they’ve always believed God is ultimate and sacred. They reached the ultimate purpose of life; enlightenment.


“Samy, pileh nallah padikeh mathikithe. Ena pandrethe?”
“Priest, my daughter is not studying well, what to do?”

“Kavale padathe ma, inthe thanni ore nalehki ore thadave kudeh, pilleh nallah padikum”x
“Don’t worry ma, give this water once a day. She will soon start studying well”

Sounds familiar?

Do you have a problem? Are you a Hindu? Do you want to meet a Guru possessed by God?

In Malaysia, we have approximately 3 million temples, to cater approximately 1.5 million Hindus. But Durai, how come 3 million temples just for 1.5 million people?

How come?

It’s because it is a rule for every Hindu in Malaysia to build a temple outside their house, inside their house, beside drainage, opposite bus stop, nearby Giant and Carrefour supermarket, deep inside the jungle, and also every tree that they can find nearby Kesas highway.

According to Hindu scriptures, there are approximately 3.3 million Gods in Hinduism. Nearly 1 million of them reside in Malaysia. Anytime you need them, you can visit any of the shrines build all over the country and one Macha will download God in his body, and he will start to help you to solve all your problems.

You would have seen this type of men in smaller temples, where someone gets in trance, have a few bottles of beer and starts smoking Indian cigars. After this, people will usually take turn to share their problem with the Samiyar, in return of some fees.

Gambar sekadar hiasan

It is amazing the list of the problems that they can solve, but it’s basically everything and anything. Some of the major problems and services that they offer:

1. Financial problem
2. You want your husband to stop fucking around
3. Bad SPM result
4. Marriage and life
5. Kidney stone removal
6. Lesen mati
7. Insurance renewal
8. Install Windows XP
9. Ipad screen hang
10.Your Facebook password hacked
11. Top up Maxis

And the list goes on and on. People flock in to see this type of Guruji from all over the country because they’re a one stop solution.

Let me ask you. Most of this people go to this kind of temple when they face financial problems. The shrines itself will usually be in dying condition, with few aluminums stolen from nearby besi buruk used as the roof. How can someone who is actually surviving on daily basis offer you advice about finance or predict your wealth? Utterly ridiculous isn’t it?

If you’re going to bring your daughter or son to this kind of places and make them bow in front of mere human possessed by spirits, how will they ever respect God or Guru? Young kids being brought to places where goats and chickens are sacrificed in the name of God, how do you expect the children’s to grow up with compassion and love when even the God that they’re praying to demands blood sacrifice?

Gambar sekadar hiasan

Gu~ means darkness and Ru~ means one who removes darkness or gives light. Together, Guru means one who removes evil and guides you to the right path. But there are just too many fake Gurus nowadays that is doing exactly the opposite, swaying you out of the right path and putting you into darkness.

If you’re saying God had possessed them thus they’re powerful, let me put to you a few explanations why that is impossible.

1. Immense

Remember that we’re talking about energy so powerful that it is boundless and can’t be restricted. It is the energy that created this universe, and if you’re going to download that energy in a temple nearby Kesas highway in Klang, I have no other words to say than fuck you.

2. Items

You would have noticed that when someone gets in trance and starts advising, he will usually smoke some Indian cigars and talk the same shit to everyone who seeks for advice. For an example for the Machas, the message is you’re having too many friends, reduce it. For the Meenachis, you’re having too many friends, reduce it. Didn’t I tell you, it’s the same shit?

3. Shoooohh..

You will also notice that during the end of the trance, someone else will help God to go back. He will place his hand in his forehead and do some mantras’ and then God will be gone. Ok, now tell me, how can mere human chase God away? Period.

People who are looking to gain quick benefits out of your misery can never be Gurus. People who are showing you some stupid magic’s in order to rip off some of your money will never be able to guide you out of your trouble.I will quote what I’ve said in the past :

“My message is, stop trusting this people who get possessed and try to predict your future, the essence of living a good life is believing in yourself that you will do good under any circumstances and trouble, and trusting God to get you through hard times.”

It is difficult to distinguish genuine Gurus from fake ones nowadays, so; if you’re not sure which Gurus to follow, place your faith in God.


After all, why seek mediums when you can seek God?



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  • -Geetha-

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    Bravo, Durai!! Hahaha.. First of all, thankx for the dedication.. I’m touched! And awesome piece of work.. So true! If only the elderly ppl can understand these facts, life would be so much better..! Good job Durai.. Once again, u rock! :)

  • Naveen

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    Bro, seriuosly this is a masterpiece. I think you have just wrote down the feelings of many youngsters of this generation… I dun understand why people have stopped putting faith in God but then put all their faith towards the so called “guru”…
    Too many Indians will just spend and donate lots of money towards temple but if u ask the same person to donate money for Tamil Schools, they will thnk 10 times to give money…

    This must change…

  • vasanth

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    ahh did god create human or human create god

  • SB

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    adutha samiyar neengathaan bro!well written!hope our fellow Hindus buka mata!

  • Roshini

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    Another awesome one … very true …

  • Nottyangel

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    Good one bro . *salutes* . SAI RAM :)

  • Logan

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    Install Windows XP??? that was EPIC !! hahaha..
    anyway – this Article should be translated in tamil and sticked next to all those ‘temples’… we need someone to sponsor 3 million paper & printing cost.

    Kp up the good work bro.

  • Naren

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    Nice one. very well written. Samiyars and temples are very big business in Malaysia now days. Don forget about datuk guruji who driving benz and doing advertisements bout his power in television, radio and newspapers. 1000 periyar vanthallum thirunthamathengga!!!

  • Khirthi

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    Lol for the swami nithyananda lingga tharisanam!!!

  • loges

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    bro,another article which is truthful…love the nithyananda picture..awesome bro.thank you

  • Velan pg

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    I have sen a poor family who have take loan from ah long to visit this dato sri guruji .WTF iw this guruji doing as i know it is full of gangsterisem and cheet in this kind of program , now the whole family is suffering to pay back the loan will that fu*king dato sri guruji will help . I also have. Seen alot of educated ppl have been cheated in this program

  • Thumb up Thumb down +3

    Great eye-opener bro! This should be published in the newspaper instead so that all those influenced by ‘ajaran sesat’ would be getting a slap on their face after reading this article.

    Ivunenggele muleki mule temple katuvangge, approm demolish panne mothu paruchane panni manothe vangguvangge.. Enna valkei bro ithu.

  • Secrecy

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    I’m scared of this people who are in trans/possessed…. especially if they are holding any sharp objects.. =O

    Nice article as usual..

  • malaa krishnan

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    actually its pretty easy to know who the real genuine gurus who have known themself in other words they jave received enlightenment…. they dunt care about body ego self. they dunt wear crazy chains. writings on forehead. they eill be very plain humble. peaceful. because they have got the realization that they are not the ego self but the athman… yes based on my own experience and research there are many fake gurus who have lot of material kamam. i can tell many stories but not now. please take a look on sadhguru from india. hes a very divine person not only that he is very simple doesnt wear crqzy things on himself and highly intelligent please you tube him and listen to his talks. also guru like osho. mahavatar babaji and also yogananda these are all people who have known their true identity. unfortunately due to most humans on earth havent reach stage of moksha people can lie and cheat. no one is god is within and no where else if a guru can show u that he is a genuine one who has realised :)

  • Macha

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    Semmei. . Hopefully yellam kaigelum buka mata panni, unmeya orey kadavuley vaali paadevum. . Good job brader. .

  • Velan pg

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    RPT sucks ppl money

  • Alex Pandian

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    Super comment given. The road side shrines degrades and bellitle the true hinduism. Devas are of very high and intense light and vibration, if a deva enters someones body, that body would explode! The only which would go into a person would be spirits of lower realms pretending to be a deva. We may not be able to stop the older generation from going to such sammis, but lets educate the current and later generation to lead them to thier true guru. Shanti!

  • tholu

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    Well said, or should I say well teased. I believe God is not treading the earth. So no mortals on earth is a God. Gurus, no matter how divinely powerful, are themselves in quest of God. We go to them to seek guidance on how, we too, can acquire their knowledge and practices in traveling the path that would eventually lead us to God.

  • Dk_Premo

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    gud 1 bro .Sai Ram :)

  • poricha koli

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    Damm good one lar dude…hope all the mairandis who believes all this fucked up things get this msg….god is pure lar…u go tani around , fucking around, do all shit things and end of the day u claim god is inside you huh….
    The funny part you dun bother to get blessing from ur parents but ..emmm you can see plp can go to this m**** feet and get blessing….dei tamilar…enna da achee…..dont even respect your own religion….how they celebrate thaipusam….workout with thani…later give work for **** …….how you expect others to respect us…..

  • Karumpapucchi

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    A nice one durai, thanks.
    Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world is being ripped into pieces.. Im not really sure weather to be raged or pity their lack of their knowledge. Most of them who seeks these kind of medium for help comes from barely low educated and poor families.. and one thing they seek for their entire life would be a relief from misery (kadavul oru nalla valli katuvareh) and they get this hope from a samiyar who doesn’t have a proper qualification nor haven’t worked from 8am to 5pm his entire fucking life. If he had, he might know how hard it would be to earn single penny.
    Do they ever preach bout Hinduism? No.
    Explain the way of life? No
    Taught us to read the Vedas or Bagavath Geethai? Nope.

    The only thing they would do is to complicate others life whit 1001 ritual which no one would understand and create more taboos which makes a person to live with fear the rest of their pathetic life. Hope karma pays back. Have a nice day.

  • poricha koli

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    dei karumpappuchi….nalla sonna da….but they also work ma…8pm to 2-3 am….no papper no pen no computer….with just a indian cigar and karupe (beer ) they do wonders…semma collection….go around and see this type of so call temple semma developed. ayoyo marunthe tain….ore old news paper lama with limau…atu than power….machee….go get ur parents blessing…keep plp around you happy…thats it….

  • poricha koli

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    guys can we make changes ..for a peaceful ,harmony, colorful…full of devotional environment of thaipusam…can??????

    kuat kuasa akta baru….sempena thaipusam

    1. no public tanni…if anyone cought drinking in the public. jail them for 1 week with fine not less than rm 1k.
    2.if you are cought with alcohol above certain level …-sda-….
    3. if anyone dance secara tak senonoh inclusive membuat kacau/eve teasing….2-3 days cukup lar….lokap je..
    place as much as police force around and public a central number to call or text so that the nearest police can get into the spot…n get all this fuckers…wat else…no permit for stage show…( modern dance )…kantoi kasi katok…..enough this little thing can make a big change

  • poricha koli

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    this year thaipusam i was kinda force to go…but frust ..a malay lady came to me and ask me ” dik sepatutnya korang kena sembah tuhan , tapi kena akak tengok semua macam perangai tak senonoh”….the malu punye tahap….omg cenot explain lar….then go lar ask for equal right…that one never get , this one never get…they dun respect indians lar ….serepa iruke…

  • neuro nimal

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    adalah kolzli ini malam! kama veriya nantha suamigal!

  • Pariksit

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    Alas, a TRUE (malaysian) Hindu! Thanks for your meticulous explanation. I couldn’t agree more to whatever you wrote. We all should stop, question, and go back to the basics.

  • mama jama chumma (Kicik punya)

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    where are you, sir?

  • Supermacha

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    I am normally a critic on some of your posts. On this subject, I must say you have put it bluntly to the believers and “exposed” those sham priests. Ironically, the educated too are part of the scapegoats. I share the same feeling which you had succintly articulated.

    It is also a lucrative “business” in which low-life underworld characters are the main operatives. It is indeed a clandestine endeavour to make a living for themselves by deceiving ignorant dummies.

    I hope the current and future generation will be more intelligent, logical thinking, reasonable, humble, cooperative and bold.

  • Jayram

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    Let me share u something. In 1992, while on university semester break, at my hometown in an estate in kedah, me and my friend found a big black round stone in the river. We took the stone, placed in on an ant hill, at the corner of a estate road. Indians have this belief of having temple at every muchanthi of road. We put a red pottu on the stone. And we also scribed our name n date underneath the stone. A week later, the estate people got excited that amman has come to their village. Someone built a small shed over it. It grew popular over time. It seems some chinese strike numbers while praying at night there. And they donated some of winning to estate people.And they built a bigger temple. Every semester break, we will come over and watch the temple grow bigger and popular. Over the years,its now been 20years. Its a big temple now. Lots of ladies will tie eggs in red cloth and hang it at tree nearby. Its seems many have got pregnant this way! Every week, there’s atleast 3-4 goats being sacrificed in the name of goat….and all will enjoy a good mutton curry afterwards. Regular prayers are done everyday with a full time priest. People come all over to this place. Its now known as Annai Konda Nagambal temple. (we jokingly called this as Annaconda Naga temple) If only they remove the stone and find our name there!!!! Who’s the god here? Me or the Nagambal god?

    • siva

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      You are a confused soul. You must know that the power derived if from the mind of the worshippers. Fools you may call them but they get what they want. Likewise, guruji’s may be conmen’s however the faith of the “believe” works wonders. Just read on this and you shall be enlightened.

      • Jayram

        Thumb up Thumb down -1

        Siva buddy, I know very well how it works. However, general public failed to see the bigger picture, hence they limit and conditioned their mind. When ur life is ruled with fear by limitation, conditioned, culture and belief, it is easy for others to manipulate the villagers/the uneducated ones!

  • Rombe ConfuseD

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    Well…go0d one bro..:)
    But i have 1 question??

    The trans that priest will be having in temple during thiruvilla and theemithi…Is it real one??
    And how bout the trans that te ladies o guys get in during the occassion in the temple??

    Well what is the “GOD”?? Do they really exist?? Or merely an illusion??
    How about the “kulledeivem”??


  • PKS

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +5

    Reading all these reminds of educated stupid idiots believing in the RPT dude, Balakrishnan.Just feel like slapping each and everyone of them so that they would come to their senses! Utter nonsense,and those disciples only learn marketing skills not spirituality.

    • Andy Samy

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      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

  • expose caughtoncamera

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    It`s well written and a bold article so to say.
    I once went to a Guru who calls himself the World Leading Sitthar. The first time I saw his face, I sensed something wrong about him. In time I knew he was just another False Prophet. I was once informed by the RPT centre, Balakrishnan told if everyone knew him, they would abondened worshipping Gods/demigods and worship him instead. The RPT members also told that Balakrishnan is on a mission to reduce the 2012 (apocalypse) dangers. Can`t take it anymore and I reduced my attendance to RPT centre anyway.
    Currently Balakrishnan has been going in and out of India. He appears on Makkal TV, Sunday 11:00 AM. Only God knows what he is up to.
    By the way if you have time, please come and pay a visit here at Give us your current views on case named Balakrishnan. It`s a six year debate still ongoing about Balakrishnan. Your information is valued.
    Thank you.

    Anyway your article is just awakening! Thanks for writing it!


    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    well..totally agree with u dad was a polis bantuan at air kuning estate in melaka wen i was 7 or 8 years old…cant forget the scene till now..there was tis kovil thiruvila in the estate..n u knw estate..a lot of macha machis will “download” so called god in them..there was a guy..extremely fat and ugly..with long hair and alot of colours on his funny ..yelow..walking satu macam as if he gt himself “AYYA” download fully into him..with indian cigar..i was standing beside my dad as he was doing his routine patrol along the crowd..he started to stare at my dad..for no reason then slowly pointed his tongkat at my dad’s police boots…slowly he came nearer to my dad n roar something like ” kaal aniyei agarthu da maanida!!!” i was so terrified…n then comes the best part…my dad hold his riffle “police riffle long and with 2 big bullet hole” to “AYYA’S” face..n that guy just walked away immediately and quitely..tat was the last time i believe and scared of these possessed machans…AYYA AFRAID OF RIFFLE!!

  • bob

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    please bro and sis wake up RPT is just direct selling trust me this bunch of people who think this datuk sri is living god.sorry i just want to show them my middle finger
    he is malaysia nithyananda.realise pakai bodyguard naik kereta mewah bro.buka mata sebelum lambat

  • ranggi4life

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    Any man claims he is a GOD , is GOD spelled backwards.

  • Deepa

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Try believing what your mind and heart says and not the samiyare tepi jalan. We fail to trust ourselves and fail to listen to our own voices, instead trusting someone who talks nonsense. I’m interested with the differences between jathagam and samiyare tepi jalan…… does jathagam predict future? Aren’t these people same as samiyare tepi jalan. Samiyare tepi jalan use nothing to read the future and give solutions but jathagam man use boxes on a piece of paper to predict future and give solutions to solve problem. SK Durai, pls give your opinion on this. Many indians believe on jathagam and some people’s life are ruined due to this predictions, if only these people use their brains, they will not ruin their life.

    Durai @Deepa : I’ve written about this Deepa.

  • mal

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    The only guru i trust is Murugan…Yam irukkum bayum yen…Ennai nambiyur kai vidhu padar…other gurus are just bastards and frauds…

  • saravanan

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Bro, MIC already sucking Indians money and now RPT start sucking Indians money with show under guru name. Fuck off.

  • Ugalisha

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    I love this post of yours. Firstly let me just say that i have seen all these fake mediums while i was growing up. I was never the type to believe in them therefore i would refuse to go near them or seek their blessings.(frankly they scare me) But by doing this, I was labelled an atheist, an ignorant and rude child. But i always believe that if u want to seek God, u dont have to go too far, you just have to look within u and u will find God.But there are ignorant people who willingly spend thousands of dollars to seek advise from these clowns. I am not the type that fast every alternate day or the type that goes to temple every weekend but I know for sure that God doesnt just come to you whenever u summon God and goes away once u’re done. Sorry to say but thats just ridiculous. Anyways dear author, yet another good article from u. I know im a little late in commenting but its only recently that iv stumbled upon the blogging world and Im now a fan of this site. Keep it up. :)

  • james

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Balakrishnan AKA guruji,is a fraud,…he has no powers at all,let alone any spiritual insight,…
    he is cheating Indians/Tamils and amassing immense wealth for his family,…don’t waste your time!!!!

  • james

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    I am talking about Dato Seri Guruji,Yoga jnana sitthar ,…he drives BMW and lives in tropikana without even having to work or run any legitimate business other than just cheating tamils in the name of god,…he is indeed a dog!

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    very well said..i have few friends whom this guruji followers. they said guruji helped them overcome many problems.. like using his kavasam to protect them..but still sufferings with lots of other problems..yet not realize that this guruji is a cheat,

  • Non-Devotee

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    Hey guys, Looks like an very interesting story ongoing along guruju topics. As a Matter of fact , I honestly have no idea how to express the explanation But try to feel this for one moment. ” you and only you Represent the god or the successor.The So Called “God which is refer to the third party in many cases are not bothered if u are hungry today or rich tomorrow. A Human finds for god when he couldn’t find a answer for himself.Which then convince him the god would take care of the rest. But the truth is his mind has take a space back from the situation and has prepare to face the consequence. A Human Body has all powers and energies within themselves.And meditation is the only way to trigger it. Surprisingly you can see Indians fast 48 Days to pierce or fire walk, But in foreign countries they do it while they are drunk. My Opinion from participating with this Bala Yoga Jnana RPT Dude, Well would salute the way he had deceived others and structured his business strategies pretty well. Pretty well revised marketing ethics he has taken up. Lets break the Ice what he does is very Simple, he just took a Basic Meditation method called pranyamn to develop a Human engery, And to encourage a human positive Energy. Thats All Period. SO In Short, His taking your own hands,Into your pockets and pulling out 600 dollars just like that. Jerk !

  • kalai

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    Well said days Spiritual become new way to make money.They used people belief n recessive situation n make profit.


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