The Call for Jihad

This article is not meant to justify the atrocities and crime committed by any individuals or organizations. I personally applaud all the efforts taken to bring justice for the Tamilans in Sri Lanka.

When I was walking down the streets of London during my very fortunate trip there, I met these extraordinary protesters who had literally left their life behind to support a cause that means a lot to them. If there was a moment that touched me, it was when I saw this placard being displayed publicly.

It has deep meaning, and if you’re a person who get emotionally down about human rights issues easily, this will certainly put you down. And make you think.

Make you think for a moment. Or perhaps a few minutes. Or get you hyped up for a week or two. Like in recent times the posting of numerous accounts of atrocities being committed by the Sri Lankan armies against the Tamilians there. And then what? Where do we go from there?

See, I perfectly understand the frustration and anger of all this things. The argument was simple. The Government of Malaysia abstained themselves from voting against Sri Lanka in the UN Human Rights Council resolution against Sri Lanka mooted by US. This cooked up Malaysian Indians really bad. MIC as usual shut their trap up because they’re merely leaders chewing up leftover bones.

Most of us argued that the issue in Sri Lanka is more than ethnicity and religious issue, and regardless of where it is happening, we should be against all this atrocities. The Government of Malaysia is being accused for being sympathetic against the Palestinians but not against the Sri Lankans. True. But how many of us non-Muslims were sympathetic to the Palestinians when their children’s were killed?

Fucking none.

Fucking none of us was worried or even got hyped up all over when the Palestinians’ were killed. I didn’t see any videos on Facebook. I didn’t see anyone posting up links in my wall neither did I see anyone sending me messages to write about Palestinians. I didn’t even see any Malaysian Indians talking about genocides and war crimes committed in other places. Why?

Where were you when the Iraqis were killed and raped; children as young as 14 was raped and murdered?
Do you know about operation Blackwater when US-paid troops killed 17 harmless civilians? Where were you when hundreds of thousands of civilians in Chad was killed and raped? Do you also know about all those Palestinians who were displaced and killed by the Israelis?

I see none of the Indians getting hyped up all over about it. That directly means you were supporting the cause for Sri Lankans because you’re a Tamilian! You were accusing the Malaysian government of supporting the Palestinians cause because majority of Palestinians were Muslims, but how many of you had supported or did anything for the Palestinians when their children’s were dying?

Let us not go far.

Many of us, directly or indirectly had been committing genocide in our country as well. When you open up newspapers every now and then, how many of us see Indian boys getting killed all over the country? They’re either being gunned down or else being chopped up by another of their own kind. Who shall be blamed for this?

You see, when I’m shouting and begging everyone not to donate to temples extravagantly; instead urging everyone to donate to schools and kids, many of you cared little. I was literally campaigning non-stop to find people to help us out during our small charity events, but how many cared to even flick a finger to click and share with others so that we can get helped out? Not many. When I post up one shit about Meenachis being half naked I see a thousand shares, but when I post kids being deprived of food and educations and we need help, people don’t even have time to share that.

Do you know what happens next?

Many of these kids don’t get proper education. They yearn for the wrong things in life. They wouldn’t be able to differentiate between right and wrong. We don’t help them. We ignore. They mix up with all the wrong things in life. They think the founder of gangster group 36 was Bob Marley. That’s how poor their general knowledge will be. None of them gets a proper job because they lack education, or at least the ability to think right.

So you were talking about the genocides caused by the Sri Lankan armies in Sri Lanka huh?

Do you want to see the murders you’ve committed indirectly right here in Malaysia? All this kids who will be deprived of education and other needs will resort to things that you can’t imagine. Half of them get shot dead by the police, while the rest get executed by their own kind. None of you helped campaigning for them! I see many posting up pictures about Sri Lankan Tamils getting killed , let me show you a few Tamils getting killed right here in Malaysia because of us indirectly!

That’s murder committed by us indirectly. We ignored the plea by some young kids who just wants proper education. The politicians gulped in all the money provided by the government to these kids to ensure good education. We on the other hand ignored the pleas of these children to provide better facilities for them to strive better in future.

I refrained from commenting about the Sri Lankan issue, because I know I’m not even done here yet. In wars, the soldiers don’t just kill, there had been numerous accounts where children’s were executed and women were raped. Tell me my brothers, for an instance; Afghanistan. People all over the world are accusing the Afghans as terrorist and their fighters lack integrity. Sympathy pours in for the US troops. Say if someone is going to invade Malaysia and tell you what to do in your own country, won’t you be fighting to get them out of your country? In what basis do you accuse the Afghans of being terrorist killing the US troops, when the US troops are the ones invading their country and making a mess out of their livelihood? They called for Jihad, because their privacy had been invaded.

During the conflict in Sri Lanka which started over 30 years ago, the civilians had been the target of both sides. LTTE also recruited thousands of children’s and women to fight for their cause, tell me; emotions aside, how is it right to train and recruit underage children’s to run around with AK-47’s? Many kids who knew little about fighting the war, some as young as 10 was recruited by LTTE to fight for their cause! Most women on the other hand were used as suicide bombers, and do you know how many civilians would have been killed when these suicide bombers blew themselves in public places? Thousands.

With all this in hand, and with so much problems happening in our country against our kids; indirectly caused by us, where is the fight for their rights? Why don’t you rally for these kids to be provided with better education? I see many creative heads creating videos for the Sri Lankans. Why not a video about all those kids in Malaysia and all those in Sabah and Sarawak? Their needs had never been fulfilled, and this are the very kids that will put a knife in your throat demanding money in the future and eventually end up shot dead by the police.

We’re all in this, and the cry for justice should not only be for Tamilians, it should be for the Palestinians, it should be for the Ugandans, it should be for the Sri Lankans, it should be for any human being.

Let’s clean the mess in our country first; together.


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  • Melor

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    Truee enough bro, I was thinking about it all the while when
    I saw massive anti-Sri Lankan posts popped up. We keep blaming
    the government for practicing double-standards(which they do)
    but we don’t realize we doing the same fckin thing. This is
    truly sad when humans fail to express humanity to everyone
    equally….Tamil paatru only not sufficient enough, be a human
    first before talking about world peace and discrimination.

    How the fuck we’re gonna protect different species if we can’t
    even voice out for our own species…talk for the Earth la manitha(s)

    Nice article btw(tkut kang abae Durai mrajuk sbb takde appreciation)

  • kohi

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    very thought provoking….i hope dis will somehow wake d indians up!!! stir up what ever humanity left in dem to make a change…i know i will….

  • jamuna

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    I actually beg to differ on this. I mean yes, the kids above needs help, but war and poverty are two separate issues altogether. Firstly, in war, you do not choose to be there. In poverty, I am sorry to say, in someway or another one ends up there by choice, NOT the kids portrayed here but the parents. No offence, seriously, but why do these parents choose to give birth and produce more kids when they know they can’t afford to provide the child with a quality life? For the sake of continuing human evolution, sex, or with the hopes they can create better lives for their kids as to compared to theirs? Many of us come from poor families too, but thanks to our parents hard work, we turned out not so bad. Many of us were not born in luxury and our parents slogged day and night to somehow try and provide us with quality education. Take me for example, my father was the sole breadwinner for the family as my mom was a housewife, they had a pair of twins, meaning double of everything at the same time, and yet they managed to send both of us to university without relying on the help of others or even the government. And dare I say, our entire household income during those years falls below the line of poverty as well. But some parents choose to rely on others for help instead of trying to change their own destiny. I blame the same on the Sri Lankan tamils too for having children when they know their lives are at stake given the area they live in (war-prone areas). I also blame them for not trying to leave sooner before it was too late. Having said that, this though, does not warrant the action SL Army in torturing the people there. But over here, it is not we, the individuals, who are torturing the kids or youths, are we? Again, no offence, but why push the responsibility of bringing up your own children to the mercy of others? I am not saying we should ignore the children by all means, but I am just trying to say the first line of people who are supposed to provide these kids are their parents, not the society. As for war, it is a case of the people being unable to defend themselves by all means, which is why the help of others are needed. So sorry if what I said offended anyone, but just my personal opinion. Apologies again.

    As to the war in Palestine and African nations, I think many including me, were trying to point out the unfairness in the way the government champions for human rights. Not that we do not want to post videos about the other on-going feuds in other countries, but the world knows that and there are thousands if not millions of others fighting for them elsewhere around the world. Simply go to a train station, and you would see booths for fund collections for certain countries. That’s not the case for Sri Lanka though. Let’s admit, the world had somewhat chose to ignore the Tamils of Sri Lanka for years, until recently. What we are trying to actually do (successfully or unsuccessfully) is to actually try to tell others about the atrocity there. It’s indeed sad that most people are completely unaware that such a war exists in the first place. As for the middle eastern affair, we do not need to reiterate it again, as the media itself has got sufficient coverage of the daily on-going problems there (both biased and unbiased coverage).

    As for LTTE, again no offense, but no one is trying to champion them by posting comments on the atrocities of the SL Army. All we are trying to do is to fight for basic human rights for humans and as you said if we are to care for everyone, then I think it doesn’t matter if we start here or there right since all are humans anyhow?

    To sum it up, I think one deserves the right to bring up issues they think matters to them without being ridiculed about it. Atrocity here or there, it’s the same but when only one is portrayed to the people, it’s not wrong to try to give a glimpse of the other end too. Lastly, the war against poverty and war against atrocities are two separate issues. One who champions for others does not mean that the person is not bothered about local issues. International politics and foreign affairs plays a huge role too, in addition to local issues.

    • Asamboi

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      Agreed to a certain extend but the kids did not do wrong to be here. We should help the kids so they will not end up where their parents are at the moment. If we don’t help and hope the society will self correct itself, the majority will fail – a few will wiggle out of misfortune and poverty.

      Let’s help where we can – for the sake of our children. I am sure your good deeds in helping educate these kids will make the difference for them and their future generations.

  • jamuna

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    Forgot to add this : My humble apologies to anyone out here who might be offended by what I wrote above, but that’s just my personal point of view. Also, sorry for the typos and grammatical mistakes, wrote it in a haste and directly clicked on “submit”. Thanks!

  • truegemini

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    ur layout is not hp friendly la

  • Ruben

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    Bravo to jamuna…nice one..and bro wit no offence,u need to know the difrence between war sufferingz and poverty sufferngz..if u c the tamil tat sufering at SL is greater than here..ur talking about no good fund for tamil school..get the bleedy goverment wich promising millionz of “RM$” during GE..U may ask me how to get it..since MIC Iz not performing itz duty has championing the indian at m’sia..u should get into the politicz an strt lobyng the fund for a gud m’sia u can get anyting done in dayz or weekz(the latest) wit a simple table talk..but in SL the right of asking an tolerence is x given..u wana us to shut up an watch the show!!tell me?

  • n.g

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    It’s really good to see people having their own opinions and express it. But please don’t just ‘jing-cak’ because you somehow think it’s cool to “support” other people. Have your own views and say only that without being bias to a certain person. Remember, we’re talking about a few issues here and we are all responsible for what happens in our country; Directly or Indirectly.

  • Thiru

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    Situation in Sri Lanka is totally diffident,dont compare with malaysian indians. Im not supporting LTTE, but the innocent people… the biggest mistake done by LTTE is child soldiers and assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

  • Durai

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    Guys,before this goes out of control and you take my word differently than what I wanted to convey, let me clear out few things .

    Situation in Sri Lanka and Malaysia is no different in my opinion. Why?

    It is the greed and ignorance of Government and people there that is causing so much pain and misery to Tamilians.It is the same here, it is our leaders and people ignorance and greed that has indirectly caused and suppressed Malaysian Indians.

    I was not highlighting poverty in this article, I’m highlighting ignorance. Ignorance of our people towards the sufferings here in Malaysia, while parading around the importance of sufferings thousands of kilometres away. I don’t say don’t do it, I was just saying that we have our own people who are getting killed the same way, despite the fact it was not war crime.

    But is it a crime against humanity? Yes. You and me had been indirectly responsible for the downfall of many kids. That is the point. You don’t see the effect of your ignorance to their pleas. That is precisely what I wanted to highlight.

    The plight of Sri Lankans had been highlighted internationally since Black July in 1983. It is not right to say they were ignored, it is us who chose to ignore. Just like how we chose to ignore the Palestinians. Just like how we selectively chose to ignore the Afghans. Just like how we chose to ignore the Africans.


    “Not that we do not want to post videos about the other on-going feuds in other countries, but the world knows that and there are thousands if not millions of others fighting for them elsewhere around the world.”

    Does that mean we should be selective in choosing whom we should fight for? Whether it was highlighted or not, if we’re talking about equal justice to all and against atrocities against humanity, we should fight for them all. I perfectly understand where you’re coming from though, and I agree you have valid points. However…

    The article screams few points, particularly my frustration towards how people react angrily towards crime committed against Sri Lankan Tamils, but when hundreds of Malaysians in lock up dies or get shot dead, hardly anyone lifts a finger.

    The first liner in this article says it all, I applaud the effort taken by anyone to highlight the Sri Lankan issue, but I concluded that we should also start cleaning the mess right here in Malaysia. How they get killed or where really doesnt matter to me, as long as they were killed,we should get down and do something about it. And weighing it on the scale, I feel it is more practical to start here.

  • Samy

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    Ignorance? i dont think so…People are well aware of issues locally or internationally. Its just that the choose to champion certain cause. As longs as we have different groups of people championing different causes, i dont see any prob. Human Rights is universal, whether local or international. Killing civilians in the name of war is one of the worst crimes against humanity.

  • roshan

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    bro what you asking for not practical,it wont happen in this century……nice to hear but not practical….in this world if we dont voice out for our race then who else will…..since other race wont bother bout other races….dont forget they world been divided by religion and race,not every1 can think like u…………..bout children recruited into army,if there is a genocide ,the community that are under attack have no option to but to resist by hook or by crook…….i can understand what you asking for,why cant we give damn to our society 1st…the problem with indians in mlaysia ,…the list will go on if i start to list

  • Sexy Me

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    I chose to comment based on the last line of your write up : Let’s clean up the mess in our country first; together

    I mean not to sound selfish but my question is why should we ?

    Poverty is not a sickness neither it is fate. It your own laziness that has put you in this situation. Yes you can blame your parents for bring you up with silver spoon in your mouth, but then again what have you done to change that so that your children wont go through the same situation ? NOTHING. This is typically what our fellow Indian makkals do here in Malaysia. We love to blame everyone else for our problems without actually lifting a finger to improve the quality of our lives.

    I am more that willing to help if something unfortunate had happened all of a sudden and you have lost everything you have previously worked hard for to get, but if you have had nothing to begin with don’t expect to get free handouts from me.

    I work hard for my living and I expect you to do the same.

    This is the year 2012 poor or not poor I think everyone has an almost equal opportunity to gain knowledge at least up till SPM, but what do our young Indians do with the opportunity? I think you have already covered that in your previous topics. So why blame the government , MIC or our forefathers?

    Young parents should start taking a more active role in parenting and guiding their children by EXAMPLE on how to succeed in life.

    If only we can stop this complaining attitude and actually work on solving our problems by ourselves I am certain that in a few years time our Malaysian Indians will be at the top compared to other races in Malaysia.

    Apologies if I had offended anyone but this is how I feel we should take a stand on this issue.

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for life.

  • neuro nimal

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    bro i supported and joined against Israel with my malay frens in my previous Uni(Unisel).
    i also have shared about the war in my wall last time..(may be that time we are not friends yet).
    when the protest going on there a lot of indians also gathered.but mostly in Malay.
    in fact Palestine is a Islamic country as well as Malaysia.
    its not about race or religion,its about Humanity.
    well there is a lot of Islamic country can help Palestine,but HOW ABOUT THAMIZH EELAM??

  • neuro nimal

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    and i totaly agree with Let’s clean the mess in our country first; together. podumvomle ottu,vaike poram appu!!!


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  • mama jama chumma (Kicik punya)

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    The truth is we offer our support to war or civil war victims conditionally. If the victims are of same religion (Bosnia, Palestine, Chechnya, Kosovo etc. then the Muslims all over the world, Malaysia included will support the cause) or victims of same race (example Sri Lanka, all Tamils (mind you its only Tamils) all over the world will support). Even the Indians in North India who are not Tamil does not care about Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    My point is, Malaysia support Palestine as both being Muslim-majority country. Malaysia is ruled by Muslims, so practically they will support the people of same religion. LTTE is different, it was being funded by Tamils all over the world (including the prominent who’s who from Malaysia). Why Malaysia does not support LTTE as much as they support Palestine??

    Palestine, is a country whereby Israel has illegally occupied. It is always referred to as Israeli-occupied. If you see the map of Palestine in 60s’ to the current map, you will know the difference.

    LTTE on the other hand, is a separatist movement, which is not recognised (or rather not approved) by many countries. To share some info, Sri Lanka in 30s and up until 70s were a much developed country. A lot of intellectuals and one of model British-ruled country, unfortunately everything went downhill after many people left the country due to civil war with LTTE. In war, there is no right or wrong. LTTE killed civilians in suicide bombing, Sri Lankan army killed LTTE members, inclduing the young son of Prabhakaran.

    Btw, comparing the kids (especially Tamil kids and Sabah & Sarawak) in Malaysia and kids in Sri Lanka is like comparing an apple to an orange.

    I would say, any shortcomings in the perceived treatment of Indians in Malaysia, is in the implementation and personnel, not the policy. Tne policy says, every Malaysian shall receive equal treatment under the laws. Free education (up to Secondary school), free medical treatment (maybe a nominal RM 1 processing fee) etc. Of course, not all Indians are rich, as much as not all Malays or Chinese are rich.

    I don’t know what others might feel about this country, but I would rather be a Malaysian Tamil Indian than an Indian Indian.

  • salman

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    please leave every religion, all religions are same they separate us , we are only human beings,same blood same flesh, live and let live, think about that
    plz understand …
    i request you all….
    as a sincere brother

  • Kasvini

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    I’ve thought about it. This sucks. We’re all racist. When someone stopped paying attention when a Chinese researcher spoke about gender inequality. When someone stopped listening when I address the welfare of all who share the same living space. Crap.. we f*cking don’t care about people. Just our ego.

  • squarejaw

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    I think what Durai is trying to say is Charity Begin’s at Home. Let’s help ourself’s first before we go taking the streets,spamming people’s wall on FB.. etc fighting for the Sri Lankan’s or the Palestinians, African’s, so on and so forth. Peace!!


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