BERSIH 3.0 and the pathetic MIC

I’ve decided to combine two topics into one. It’s important that you read this and know what’s happening, and there is nothing new I’ve highlighted here, but this will serve as a reminder.   There were times in my life when I bothered little when my father used to rant nonstop about his hatred towards […]

Swami Jil Jil Jiga Jiga

I’m sure you’ve read the news about the triple murder that was reported all over in mainstream media’s last week. 3 Indians were murdered because of something I had been telling you guys over and over again. I’m tired of repeating the same shit all the time, but since many of us tend to take […]

Amsterdam – Where nothing is Illegal

This is a travel write up written M1 style, if you’re sensitive(especially girls), don’t read.  As with all my travels, I do and try out everything that comes in my way.    “Sure, you’ve heard that Amsterdam is the city of ultimate freedom and one of the few places on Earth where marihuana and prostitution are […]

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