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I’m sure you’ve read the news about the triple murder that was reported all over in mainstream media’s last week. 3 Indians were murdered because of something I had been telling you guys over and over again. I’m tired of repeating the same shit all the time, but since many of us tend to take serious things far more lightly after a few days, maybe I should remind  you about something.

The victims

A recent triple murder in Taman Sri Ramal, Kajang, has highlighted the existence of such vile fraudsters.

A medium, who claimed he could mend family disputes through a ritual, poisoned them with milk laced with weed killer in the wee hours of April 1.

He fled the house after stealing their jewelry and valuables and setting a gas cylinder on fire in the kitchen.

K. Rajeswary, 28, died in hospital on April 4 while her brother Manivaran, 33, died four days later. Their mother M. Sakunthala, 63, died on Saturday.

Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said although deaths were rare in cases involving con men, many other cases, however, go unreported.

To start with personal experience, I will relate one incident when one of my relatives literally got duped by one of these mediums. My aunt was actually undergoing therapy for some sickness when one elderly man, in his 70’s knocked on their doors one day asking for a drink. When he saw my aunt, he immediately started talking about spirituality and said that my aunt is facing some problems in her life, and he could very well read it from her eyes.

They being gullible; invited the old fart in. He went on explaining about the misfortunes that the family will have to endure in the future, because their fortune does not look good at all. Some stars position is shifting from the old farts ass to his dick, which spells misfortune. And being Indians, most of you dumbfucks will literally fall for this shit.

Indians believe in some of the most fascinating story in the world, that the stars in the sky can determine your future. Or they believe one kangkang Samiyar who services woman by opening his legs is the man of God.

Let me tell you something la..

The position of the stars, earth, sun, even your sex position will not determine your future. You can’t be that fucking dumb ay..

The old man went on explaining that death might occur in near future. My aunt gaped in horror. My uncle froze; totally shocked. The point was further proved by palm reading, whereby their hands were examined with the X-ray eyes of the medium. Indians believe that Samiyars has The Matrix eyes. The Matrix eyes is used to examine the past and present of a person, all through the lines that runs in your palm. By scanning the palm using virtual X-ray and transferring the data through Bluetooth to the Samiyars brain, he will be able to tell you whatever shit you’re going to go through in future. Your education, marriage life, sex life, career, future prospects and everything can be interpreted using the lines in your palms, and can be decoded and deciphered by the Samiyars. If there is a straight line breaking into two in between your thumb and index finger, it means you’re literally fucking two chicks at once.

Stop checking your hands now…

“Death. What do we do now?”questioned my aunty.

The old man, calmly said that there is a solution for it. A special pooja can be conducted in India, and holy ash and a ring will be send to their house, so that they will avoid all those misfortune.

Only for RM750.

Indians are the only creatures on earth that can offset or even avoid death for a price of RM750. Totally believing although my uncle was reluctant, my aunty parted with that cash. And off goes the medium, and they never heard about the ring or the holy shit they were promised.

In the case of the triple murder, the family was having trouble finding a groom for their daughter. Their first son was living away from their family due to some personal issues. Totally troubled with misfortunes after misfortunes, the family related the incident to a family friend who promised to introduce them to a Samiyar who should be able to solve their miseries.

The Samiyar went to their house, conducted some rituals, and at the end of it, blessed them with weedkiller juice. I’ve hardly seen anyone survived after drinking Paraquat(weedkiller). Right after they collapsed, the guy took the opportunity to rob the family and set them on fire. Probably in an attempt to make it look like a fire accident. But by the time the fire spread, neighbors’ noticed and helped to put off the fire.

The suspect

The guy escaped and was caught a few days back. But 3 innocent people had died.

Our life is full of problems, and one way to overcome sufferings is through devotion and spirituality. It does not help you to solve your problems, but it will instead GUIDE you towards getting out of it. That is one of the reason people suggest that you pray when you’re having problems, because it actually makes you calm.

When your boyfriend fucks around with another girl and you got to know about it, you might feel extremely raged and your mind would not be at peace. You will be thinking about all the evil ways to overcome this problem, including maybe committing suicide. When you sit and pray, you will be relating your problems to the Supreme energy of the universe. When your mind absorbs the right energy through the power of prayers, your mind will be at peace. This will generate positive thinking and ultimately, you will be making the right choice. Not choices like committing suicide for one blonde dumbfuck Macha riding around with an EX5 with a side bag.

Mortals whom had received the blessings from the supreme energy had dwelled this earth from thousands of years ago. Many invaluable prophets and Gurus had come and go, diffusing immeasurable amount of knowledge about spirituality for us to follow so that we lead an orderly life. But so does the evil ones, they had influenced and swayed the life of many with their scams and charm.

Nithyananda anal show defamed him, but millions believe that this guy is still a man of God. After getting caught with such an act, he returns and is still being worshipped, and recently this guy decorated and dressed himself depicting Goddess Meenakshi. What a disgrace!

Swami Jil Jil Jiga Jiga

We’re not interested in following the right ones, we’re more interested in following some dumbfucks like the ones who reads your palms or sits in the streets with their parrots. How can you ever think the palm that you use to masturbate actually contains lines about your future? Sickness, sorrow, pain, love, sufferings, misery ,disease,sadness, despair, grief and every other things that can bring you down; are like speed humps in your life, it will slow you down, but your journey continues.


I’ve said this numerous times. Nobody ‘arranges’ your life other than you. As I’ve said in the past, the essence of living a good life is believing in yourself that you will do good under any circumstances and trouble, and trusting God to get you through hard times. Good luck.


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  • Prangbesar Palanisamy

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    Tata ke thanile gandam ma, kakkus ke ponna, kunji kanapoidumaa. Stop believing all this shitlah come on.

  • Macha

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    Kettere kittere porange bro !!
    Anyway u’ve once again done a good job..
    If it helps even a person to realize than, u’ve done ur job successfully.
    Kanna thorekenum saami !!

  • vasanth

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    if childreen have fever they bring to the temple not hosp and samiyar/manthiravathi will said the kid is disturbed by kathu karepe medicine water plus holy ash consultion fee rm 10.25(i really dont understand what the 25 cents stands for).that is our people untherethebles. in one temple i even saw the samiyars helpers giving out queue numbers to people who are there to see so call god dancing(samy adurethu). conclusion yemarevan irukre varaikum vematherevan ereupan.

    ps:Macha riding around with an EX5 with a side bag.
    man u really hate side bags

  • Madhu

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    Lolz… But no matter how much brain you try to put.. Some people never change..infact one of my dear one here, going to India this August and she told me a very interesting thing something “oolachodi or chudi” a leaf type something which can say your past/present & Future … And most interesting part was she truly believe there is that thing for every human in this world…I never understood who maintains that much big database..Lolz

    Huh……. Anyway Goodone to read… as usual ..keep’em coming :)

  • pravin

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    well said……ur writing and thoughts are really unique…keep it up and continue writing on issues like dis atleast some people who still believe in all dis fake samiyar will realize their mistakes….

  • mama jama chumma (Kicik punya)

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    most of the people that I know, who got cheated by these so-called Samiyars, will claim ignorance on their part..I would say it is not ignorance, it is plain stupidity..ignorance is not always a bliss..conmen are around us, whether they use our weakness in religion or our greed, that’s their profession just like us being lawyers, engineers ect. there are professional conman as well…The only way to avoid being conned is to think and use our intellect accordingly. And bro Durai, it is not only Indians getting cheated, Sadaiyans and Naatans also got cheated, but of course, as the police officer correctly points out, death involving conman is quite rare.

  • i hate sling bag

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    HIGHLIGHT “Indians are the only creatures on earth that can offset or even avoid death for a price of RM750″ rolling on the floor laughing to death!

  • Crusnik

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  • Venomriser

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    Savadi explanation bro! We need to think practically and logically prior taking any decision! Hope the weedkiller is put to hang!

  • Asvini

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    OMG I’m fuckin’ two chicks at the same time!!! Anyways back to more pressing matters, sariya sonningga Durai! There are these people who consult these shamans when they are sick and whatnot. Appo Doctor enna *toot*kku five years padikkanum, ippadi ivangga cure panna mudiyumna?

  • Mr Jagger

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    Im not sure what to say for any ppl who still meet this fake samiyars for blessings/advice even after all this bad thigns happen.
    But for the man who killed all the innocent ppl, you have registered yourself in burning fire mate :) Now pray that you will get out of it..No Mercy for you macha !! RIP for the innocent ppl

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    It’s really sad to know about their deaths. Every problem has a solution, going to a medium will not resolve any problem. Only faith in God can help you to pull through. I wish more Indians will realize that.

  • coloured 3

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    Dumb fucking stupid people,now paying by their life…ithe pattu thirunthenga,go to temple and pray is more than enough…read OSHO books.The truth is always bitter….but at last it prevails!!!all this mangu samiyar must be stoned to death.
    Yeah bro,its not about hindus only,its about INDIANS…some religion clap their hands when some family members died…..kakakaka…ithutanda sirripu about our mentality…

  • Manosh

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    hmmmmm Namba sonna Yare kekurah anah yehtavethu ore madeh kuthi mantharavathi sona mathum adeneh kepangeh. Hope more indians will read this and get enlightened and realise ……………. Neway nice post bro keep it up.

  • Kasvini

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    aiyoo.. aiyoo… oh my.. the family died… well, that solved family problems, there’s no family to have problems anymore.

    oh my… sampai bunuh orang… duit tu baik bagi kat kanak-kanak miskin, daripada bagi kat orang macam ni… tapi mana tau.. mungkin saya juga akan buat benda bodoh untuk rantai tangan special power. hm….. haizz….

  • Ganesh

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    Hello brotha..first of all, i would give u a kudos for all ur effort n good thoughts about our community n the articles.But just wanna share out few things base from wht i read n experienced..Ur rite ur palm or the stars will never judge ur future and u cant change the way hos it was created n set.But there is a few things which is true about the astoronomy n few other thins which been written by our great prist n scientist who we called samiyar..It will neva work 100% in ur life but it will helo u in away to achieve ur life for 10%..the balance 90%will always be ur effort n ur harwork.It depends to people if they wanna take tht 10% n take a shortcut or just do the hardwork 100%,but y choose the long way when u can have a device which halp u 10% to sucess in ur life.im not telling all those samiyar n all those fuckin dumb ass whos telling god in their body n giving all those arulvakku all..kesimpulanya there is a truth n u can follow few things which was lead by our religious or whteva stones or the vastu or other indian science..but not all of them n hoping for the big coconut to flop on ur head n just wearing all those arunakodi n sit for a good luck where u did not put ur effort at all..it will help u in away but not 100% when u urself did not work for ur future…Peace n Harmony…

  • Ganesh

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    pss: sikit sikit ada spelling mistake n typo error loh..

  • loges

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    The position of the stars, earth, sun, even your sex position will not determine your future.
    haha..well said bro..indians are the only one who belivs in this jathagam n crap.. our life is in our hand…its our choice..if u goin to live your life listening to what others say how your life should be..i think u better go n die..no point u living..
    WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT U WILL GET..so think positive and u will get positive things…stop following wat othrs say.

    • Abang besar

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      position of sex can determine which baby u wants..kamasutra…position stars ,earth sun all can determine ur…must blame those astrology guys i guess…by the way what stars are u loges.. kambilipuchi or ikan bilis..

  • Suren

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    Bor this is the issue with indians…please trust on hard work belief in god…stop believing in this type of **** fuckers….ayya will come and sit on him for the next 8 hours and give vaku and tell this….why he got no better job is it…open your eyes…dont fall for all this shit…ur life is in ur hand not not on one stupid samiyar’s hand

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    Sk Durai recently Nithiyanand charchai thodargirathu in venkkayam blogspot.com about Satya Sai Baba’s activities exposed with video clips which was in Tamil. Can you translate in English for the F.B.Friends of friends ……… Thank you.

  • Nithura

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    Our life is full of problems, and one way to overcome sufferings is through devotion and spirituality…exactly!!!!

  • A-style man

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    If there is a straight line breaking into two in between your thumb and index finger, it means you’re literally fucking two chicks at once.

    Stop checking your hands now…

    hahahah i and my fren wer reading this…suddenly he said chech nu..i asked why…he said he just check his thumb nu…laugh like hell after u writen there stop checking ur hand nu….realy nice one…..

  • no diggity

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    I read about u somewhere.
    Firstly, for u to live where u live and write about the things u do, u must be pretty confident that u won’t be harmed.

    So what gang protecting u bro? Hahahahaha… U said u got tattoos all… So u one of dem typical Klang machas with connexions but can speakado some yinglish la? Ok ok la..

    Good.. Good.. Keep it up and keep ruffling dem feathers. I don’t think indians can be changed fast, but we need more people like u hantaming them like this!

    This obsession with astrology is not limited to the less educated. In fact it only gets even worse the more educated and wealthy peoplle become!
    Thus the term, educated fools… ;)

    When 99% of the population are a buncha idiots, GOOD LUCK in fighting stupidity!!!

    If u ask me.. The best way to stop the gangsterism menace in our society is by having Big Brothers who actually watch over the little boys.. And not let them get out of hand. When the elders don’t give 2 fucks, that’s why the little rats run around wreaking havoc.

    But the big guns are too busy making money n kowtowing their Big Bosses– their political masters, and the political masters are nothing but SELLOUT BASTARDS who are busy sucking the dicks of their own political masters…

    So when shit goes down like that, who controls who??? But if just some of these old timers n big brothers are brought together, in a day when indians who bump into each other don’t give cock stare, but smile n shake each others hands in brotherhood, no one can break us down…

    These machas need to be rallied to make money together n come up in life, and gangsterism if its integral and cannot be dispensed, should be structured and instil discipline— that no one dares to step on someone else’s feet.

    Gangsters should be the regulators of society, ensuring that young guns are kept on a tight leash.

    We can learn much from the workings of organised crime like Yakuza, instead of being the scapegoats of the greedy.

    Respect is about power n money. Those who are there don’t seem to give a fuck and have forgotten where they’re coming from.

    But this sort of initiative IS possible.

    Call me crazy… But I think this self-defeating counter-culture we’re absorbed into can be changed, if there is serious will power and thought by those in the hierarchy, or even the young guns themselves…

    Think about your futures, Machans…. Live by the sword, die by the gun!

    No diggity,
    The dawgtr


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