BERSIH 3.0 and the pathetic MIC

I’ve decided to combine two topics into one. It’s important that you read this and know what’s happening, and there is nothing new I’ve highlighted here, but this will serve as a reminder.  

There were times in my life when I bothered little when my father used to rant nonstop about his hatred towards the ruling coalition. He seems to be very interested talking about MIC, and was particularly frustrated about how powerless he is to make a difference. He doesn’t really know how to use computers and he relies heavily on mainstream Medias. His name is Subramaniam. But each time he reads the propagandas about the government in Tamil newspapers, you could literally see him turning into Supermaniam. His face turns red and my mother will patiently listen to his preaching; about the pathetic state of Indian politicians in this country.

My father repeats the same story again and again, about how he had invested in Maika by selling my mom’s jewelry and use up majority of his savings, and ended up getting scammed. I understood his frustration, the logic was simple. If you’re going to lend your money to someone and you don’t get it back, of course you’re going to get fucking pissed off; right?

When Hindraf rallied in 2007, he was there. At the age of 56, he ran with fellow Indians, for a cause he believed in. He was tear gassed and sprayed with chemical laced water, but he came back home coolly; tucking a newspaper under his armpit and wearing a cap. I was 22 and I still remember telling my mom :

“Inthe vayesele ivereke ithe yellam theveya?”
“Why does he need to do all this at this age?”

But he felt satisfied, finally.

When I started blogging actively, I started talking about Indian girls and guys and your shitty love stories. Politics little concerned me. I wrote this in 2008 after my first visit to one of the Tamil schools there, conducting charity with fellow friends.

“The kids ate slowly but I saw one particular girl who finished her food early. She was a very small, frail looking girl but managed to finish up her food. She was biting and chewing the chicken till only the bones are left, which did not stop her too, she continued breaking even the bones and eating. She really did cherish the food given. I couldn’t stand to watch that, but she refused any more chicken.”

When I walked around the school, I find it to be in a shabby and pathetic condition. No study materials, no proper books and stationeries, not even proper chair and table. It’s like a place where I would piss after getting drunk. I came back and one of my friends told me that he spoke to one of the kids:

Friend : Mineh pineh KFC saptherekiya? (Have you eaten KFC before?)
Child : Ile anneh. Anah TV leh pathe reken.Nala iruke anne. (No bro, but I’ve seen it in the TV)

So, these kids are studying deep inside the estates cut off from urban life, with little facilities in terms of education and food needs, and none of us realized that all this while. And year in year out, I see MIC with their mock cheque’s and boot-licking media images portraying them as Indian champions.

Indian Champions

From an extremely rough calculation announced by the Government, I found out a total of RM 400 million was disbursed between the period of 2004-2011. We have 523 Tamil schools in Malaysia. Say around 200 schools are well-developed. Say. That will leave us with at least RM 1 million for each school!

So where the fuck the money has been going for us to see our kids studying in schools like this!

Kids studying in school canteens

SJKT Kandang Kambing Selangor - Images credit to Bro Prakash

And I’ve not even started talking about the schools that Orang Asli kids had been studying in Sabah and Sarawak yet!

When the kids are not getting enough education, they resort to gangsterism and crime. The rest of them who wants to earn a legitimate income would not be able to do so because they’re simply unskilled or uneducated. They earn a meagre income and continue the cycle of poverty. Thousands of Indians are stateless and had been denied citizenship although they’re born in this country. Is this the development that was promised by MIC for the Indians after being in power for 60 plus years? Is this the shit that the Indian champions want to boast on?

After 4 years of taking over Selangor, I’ve not seen major progress on PR side either. We have a total of 97 Tamil schools in Selangor, but I know at least 5 out of it are in pathetic condition and needs drastic improvement. They will easily resort pointing to MIC, but I’ve recently heard this:

“Since taking over from Barisan Nasional, Khalid said the state has registered a significant increase in investment amounting to RM35 billion between 2008 and June 2011.

“This means the present Selangor state government has not only succeeded in increasing the revenue but also in implementing effective and efficient financial management.”

The Selangor government cash reserve was RM 1.4 billion as of 2011, so why isn’t the immediate action of tackling the basic issues that had been plaguing the Indians community not resolved yet? We all know that MIC is pathetic and useless, but what about PR? Aren’t they supposed to fare better? But within 4 years of taking power, they’ve build a state-of-the-art Tamil school here, the first in the country complete with a convention center. At least there is progress.

SJKT Midlands, Klang

I hate to compare race-based issues, but I’ve seen more Indians involved in crime and the prison statistics will show you just that.

I’m still giving Pakatan Rakyat my support because in overall achievement compared to MIC, they fare better in terms of combating corruption and other general issues. The last thing I want to see is monkeys like below championing Indian rights:

And I also believe the election system in this country is pretty screwed up. You would have heard tonnes about that already.

I rallied together with my fellow brothers and sisters last year so that we get a fair and clean election. I earn extremely good enough to sit at home and travel around with all my money and not care shit about what’s happening, but that is not the whole point of living, isn’t it? We also have thousands of professionals including doctors, engineers, lawyers and IT experts rallying for the same cause, do you really think they’re stupid to be tear-gassed and sprayed with chemical-laced water?

Let us fight fair. Let the election system be clean. When the election system is clean, and when the politicians are selected under valid rules, voted in by the people through a clean election system, there will be no room for dissatisfaction. And we will only have us to blame for choosing the wrong candidate to represent us.

My dear brothers and sisters, every struggle comes with a price, the enemies might not be nice. It is time for you to be wise; it is time for you to rise.


I’ll see you on the 28th.



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  • M.Siva

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    Right on bro. I’m with u. There are many people like you who wants to help Tamil School but the the problem is the MIC goons are using the PIBG to control everything right from the donation given until what needs to be done in the school. Parents are told to get out from PIBG meeting if any questions raised regarding the donation expenses & so on. This makes the Indian community really fed up to help the schools. Good example is on of the famous Tamil School in JB. School facilities are being used by MIC for the benefits of the members but the money to buy the facilities were collected from students. Children were told to go around to find for donation during the recent so called Jogathon. The class teachers told all the students to get minimum RM100 or else they will get into trouble. Most of the students were terified by this & ended up having the parents to chip in the money because they could not get enough donation of RM100. What example are the teachers setting here? I can go on & on but what the use. The HM of Tamil Schools need to be strict & firm by not allowing politics inside the premises. GOD help our Tamil School.

  • kamikaze pilot

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    See u’ll on the streets on 28th….

  • loshini

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    i’ve recently started working and wud like to know if there are any trustable bodies that truly help the indian population. if so hw do i get in contact with these bodies? much thanks bro..

  • vasanth

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    lately politicans are asking our nambikei, but what we really need is othumai among indian comunity and indian politicans,which very hard to come by.

  • DKS

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    wanna know where’s all the money….
    check the pockets of the suspects”””

  • mama jama chumma (Kicik punya)

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    I for one don’t believe in this BERSIH shit thing, sorry to say that. Indian marginalization (either real or perceived) is due to the Indians being taken advantage of, by both the ruling and opposition. Participating in BERSIH will not solve any of the Indian issues. IMHO, BERSIH is another tool being used by foreign influence (CIA)to take over the rule of the country. Do you know how much Ambiga and her people receive funds from NDI? She herself has admitted to receiving funds for the BERSIH 2.0. It was a documented fact not a mere hearsay. Anyway Bro Durai, enjoy your day tomorrow and be safe.
    Btw, I’m not MIC member and don’t wish to be one either. Hope you guys don’t bash me for taking an opposite stance on this matter. Critical arguments are welcomed though..

    • M.Siva

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      One way, you r right but saying CIA involved in this is quite heavy. Indians should have stand firm for their(our) rights from those days itself. We tend to change when money is shown to us. After the money finish, we realize that we were taken for a ride. Others benefit from our stupidity. We work hard but at the end of the day, we have nothing. It’s time to think & act wisely. I hope BERSIH 3.0 will benefit all. Good Luck!

    • kamikaze pilot

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      She herself has admitted to receiving funds for the BERSIH 2.0. <- whats wrong receiving fund for a noble course (are you going to donate though?)rather than wasting people's tax money on luxury condos mansions and kick backs for own and cronies survival ? Who are the people who are funding temples and churches?

      She herself has admitted to receiving funds for the BERSIH 2.0. <- There is nothing criminal offense committed to hide the truth instead of rampant corruption from top to bottom hence leads to more criminal offenses to hide the truth. Why nobody admits yet ?

      It was a documented <- truth will speak for itself nothing to be afraid off.

      Anyway Bro Durai, enjoy your day tomorrow and be safe <- cowards stays at home and waves to others to be safe.

      I’m not MIC member and don’t wish to be one either <- don't put others name into sewage because of your own perception and thinking.

      • mama jama chumma (Kicik punya)

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        What is the justification for a foreign organization to fund a “noble” cause in Malaysia? They just give money, without expecting anything in return?? There is no free lunch, that’s what I always believe.

        Yes, you are right in pointing out that it is good to admit the truth like what Ambiga did in saying that she received fund from NDI. However, how sure are you of no action is taken against corrupt practices in Malaysia? Are Pakatan Rakyat-led states are clean of corruption?

        Before warning others about their perception and thinking, please do self-checking on your own. People are perceptive and they base their arguments on which side of the fence they are standing. Just because you support BERSIH and so-called anti-corruption does not mean that I condone corruption whatsoever. For your information, most of the demands made by BERSIH is fulfilled. Yes, maybe one or two issues are still not sorted out. My point of argument is, BERSIH is not entirely clean. It has become opposition vehicle to claim political mileage. It has been hijacked by Anwar and his gangs. Don’t deny that fact.

        By the way, going for demonstration does not necessarily mean you are brave. It just shows that you believe in something and would like participate, that’s all. If you read the article above, Durai said that he kept his mouth shut in front of the policemen. So why you have to bring BRAVERY issue here? When I wish Durai to be safe, it was sincerely from the bottom of my heart, not sarcastically. You don’t have to say that who ever did not attend BERSIH rally as coward because for whatever number of people attended (some even put the number at 500k), there are millions who “cowardly” decides to stay at home.

        • kamikaze pilot

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          When you put the question to me on how sure I am that no actions been taken by the authority against the corrupt in Malaysia , let me put to you on how sure are you that the funding for Bersih comes with something in return? Let me tell you.. the return comes in the form of a corrupt free government, skilled citizens and investor friendly policies. Name me any top level person runs this country who are nailed by the corrupt busting agency and punished severely according to the law without favor ?Oh my God I just forgot there is one minister who is serving his life in prison for corrupt practice in Malaysia. If you are smart (we know you are not) give me his/her name? If they are so corrupted how come the pakatan lead states are performing better than the others in just 4 years ? Oh blind me !! Penang and Selangor has drifted to economic crisis and at the edge of bankrupt due to massive corruption . If you are smart (we know you are not) tell us the media where this was highlighted in bold ? Just because there was pakatan leaders at the rally you came up with your dumb conclusion that it was hijacked or maybe your listen to some bullshit allegations by mainstream media and just following their tune. Marina Mahathir (the daughter of ex-premier)also was there and some MCA people also was there , so how was it hijacked by opposition? The Bersih is a grand invitation to all citizen of this country for a free and fair election so even BN members are also invited to participate if the feel the EC need to be improved. Bersih is a protest against EC which is said to be “independent” not against the BN . I believe in something and I follow it , should you don’t believe in something or don’t care about it and wish to stay at home ,you don’t have to give any sought of comment/remarks about it which in turn you get the bashing like how you gettin one now.

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  • loges

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    the only thing that F ing piss me off is they will promote in the news and paper that the government is giving a lot for tamil school but he we have students studying in steel cabin like roast chickens… let me tell them something if you can take the proper steps to take care the development of your mother tongue in this country is the same as u neglecting your own mother when she need u the most… u have the power so do what u were suppose to do..if you have no balls to fight back..step down and give way to others who can do it…

  • PK

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  • mama jama chumma (Kicik punya)

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  • raam

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    Good bro,tirudanaai paarthu tirunta vidhaal,tirudthei olikke mudiyathu, mostly all the crime were commited by our indian youngsters,but the tauke will be a chinese taikoon,indians end up in jail 4 long time but chinese will be release in hours.Tauke always get paid 4 all the dirty job done by our indian boyz n live life happyly but poor indians serve imprisonment in d end.Gandi vanthalum ithe maathe mudiyathu. Tauke vaalghe,tauke mattum vaalghe.

  • Willma

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    Dear Bro,

    Like your father, my dad too invested with Maika…promising him with a piece of land in our state (KLUANG MIC KAMPUNG) but my dad got nothing…all gone but my dad stayed on until he died in 1982,i had 3 siblings and my mum was just a factory worker..i cld not afford to pay for my exam (SPM), approched MIC for help but was shooed off because my mum did not serve cld she?, if she does not go to work, who is going to feed us?. there and then i realise that i will never serve MIC till i die.

    Makkal Sakti, i thought would be different but they prove to be the same….when Bersih 3 took the street…some Makkal Sakti ppl became saints and commented abt Bersih 3…..what abt u when u took the street. OK u did for a reason and Bersih 3 did to kill their time..!

    Anyway bro, u have time and space to excercise your right as a rakyat, cast your vote wisely.

    i believe GE12 was jz a wake up call, the current gov jz heard the call only but the GE13 result will be the awakening! only after being awake will we benefit. this is jz my 2 cents worth!


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    bro Durai,

    i would like to know if there is anything you would like to say bout Nambikei Team’s replay??

    @Kavitha : I’ve talked about this cheapskates before in this blog, but here’s a detailed open question for them by Bro Nedumaran Elangovan.

    This guys are so scared with the amount of cheating that they’ve done that they don’t dare to release who’s behind this team. All doing this jobs to earn some good money and some political position.

  • Avis

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    Tamil school, not a fan of them then, now and never. First please make sure all the HM and the teachers send their kids to Tamil school before u send them there.

    First hen all these talking of money, and where has it gone, do u honestly think that the so call teachers and HM of all the Tamil school do not know? Please we are sending our kids to cheaters, liers and thieves. And what they going to produce??

    Then in the last 55 years of its existern where is the ex students of all the glorified Tamils schools??? Why we don’t get any of them back to help the school be better !!!! It’s either all of them are not happy or ashame to call themselves ex students of the school or are they died under encounter or in prison!!!!

    Well hope there will be some thinking before u guys come blazing with ur guns


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