The Man with 9 Kids

I was supposed to publish this earlier, but never got the time. Here’s something for Mother’s day, in a different perspective.

I was in Seremban; meeting kids that we have enrolled in our newly arranged free tuition classes under Sai Fund. There were plenty of kids, together with their mothers. Needless to say, the kids were cute and their eyes scream poverty. When I first walked in, I felt like something was wrong. None of their fathers came. The group of mothers on the other hand, looks equally sorrow and their facial expression shows the hardship they’re going through.

So, I went on delivering some lame motivational like speech and rules that we’ve set for the kids to study for free. Then came the registration part, one by one the kids came…

“Pere sollenge ya?”
“What’s your name boy?”

“Thulasi Tharan A\L Vasu anneh…”

Gambar sekadar hiasan


“Ungge pereh sollengge ma?”
“What’s your name girl”

“Lavanya Vasu… “


“Ungge pereh sollengge ma?”
“What’s your name girl?”

“…Kugapriya Vasu…”


“Ungge pereh sollengge ma?”

What’s your name girl?

“Nishanthini Vasu..”

I was thinking if these kids are actually trying to prank me, and then came one small cute girl…

“Ungge pereh sollengge ma?”

Your name girl?

“Darshini Vasu”

Turns out there were a total of 9 kids in the family! A whopping 9 kids in 1 family, and the man has two wives. He has 5 kids with his first wife, and another 4 kids with the second wife. He does odd jobs and sometime drives lorry. Lorry gear podranoh illeyoh, sonthe ‘gear’eh bayyenggeremah podran…

It makes me wonder why would anyone want to have kids beyond their means? In this case it is even more ridiculous that the guy who obviously can’t afford to raise the kids has another wife that he needs to support as well. In the end, these ladies endure lifelong suffering, just because they got married to the wrong person.

Isn’t it funny how skewed our society is? We all fight here and there defending woman rights, asking for equal rights for them. But guys, do we treat them right? I’ve seen uncountable number of women who had been abused physically and mentally life long, who had no one to turn to, or simply chose not to report their plight to anyone, thinking that their fate is such. Indian women suffer the worst. They get married at such a young age, husband’s screws them every now and then pile them up with kids; get drunk, eat mutton and die.

Tell me brothers, how is it right for us to fuck legally more than one women, but when the women does the same, they’re labeled as sluts? You don’t need to be bright to understand this, but how would you feel if you’re sharing your wife with another guy? My neighbor a few doors away is a 24 year old young girl, who lives alone with her kid. She’s the second wife of a guy who visits her every now and then. During Deepavali last year, he was hurling wild allegations to this young girl; shouting and fighting after getting drunk; thinking that she might be having illegal affairs.

No, not me.

I pity these ladies.

I pity these Indian ladies who sacrifice everything just for the sake of their husband without expecting anything in return. Indian girls brought up with traditional values will only have one thing in their mind, their husband and loved ones. Their world is small, unlike the guys. We go around drinking, having fun socializing and travelling to slut houses in Thailand while lying to your wife you’re on a business trip. Our world is much broader than them, we have many more things to do, and theirs are smaller and practically revolves around you. Not to pity them, but have we ever put ourselves in their position?

Have we ever thought how would it be to be trapped in the house the whole day doing house chores while waiting for your return?Have you ever thought about how difficult it would be taking care of the kids the whole day while cooking, cleaning and washing your clothes?

Yet, many choose to abuse their wife. Some treat them as though they’re slaves.

Men who choose to abuse and make slave of their women simply don’t have balls. They lack self-confidence that they have to resort to abuse to make them feel superior. They can’t fight outside, so they show their anger to their wife’s.

Today is Mother’s Day. Love is in the air for women generally. The message is simple.

To guys out there, be a man. Treat her as you wish to be treated. Love her the way you wish to be loved.

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  • Amritu

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    LOL… this phrase : “Lorry gear podranoh illeyoh, sonthe ‘gear’eh bayyenggeremah podran”… is EPIC…!!!! :D

  • RoyalPain

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    Very nice durai…women like this deserve better…..but i really laughed …the part you went…”No not,me” :P

  • Chelvi Ganesan

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    Thank you for the timely article Durai. Besides this issue, similiar incident does happen among educated women. I personally know a lady who still has to bow, down to her knees, touch the husband’s feet to ask for forgiveness. The man held a high position in the govt sector, yet treats the wife much worse than a maid@slave. The thought in his mind is that she cant live without him as a husband. The lady, who is a proffesional juggles between satisfying her husband, taking care of her kids especially when she has one with special needs and her time demanding job. From the outside, she looks calm and does all her work on time, yet she is a victim. Sad to say, she is reluctant to take the next step in making a major decision in her life, due to the constraints of her own family. We are all still so much tied with customs, still taking into consideration what other might say about us.
    Hope this situation will change soon, especially among the younger generations.

  • reka

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    Well said…n I’m impressed too…this is another eye opening for everyone…I liked it…

  • Khauselyia

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    Another great article!! i am so much interested in giving free tuition. Tried this once with my friends but never worked as Indians believe in paying to get a good education. So if u have anyone looking for free tuition (those who deserved in ofcz) in the area of Pasir Gudang, Johor please count me in.

  • shalz

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    A very straight foward message. well done! hopefully this simple article will make them understand the importance of respecting & treating a women well. this thoughts need not education, just a simple you quoted there friend ” Love her the way you wish to be loved”. this is good enough to make a women happy & keep you happy at the same time.

  • Rajan

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    Awesome write up, Durai. Its sad to see some women give in to piece of shit called husband or boyfriend. In the 22 years I have been with my wife(8 years courting, 14years married), I have not once hit my wife….normal scolding got lah. I hope my 3 daughters dont fall for some crappy bastard. In my case, I will personally go and trash that bastard if that happens….kaigeh solli cuci thaan!! Anyway, I hope some women out there read this article and get out of the rut they are in. Cheers Durai!! :)

  • Asha

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    Durai, thank you for this marvellous piece! Aloha!

  • siva

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    such a meaningful article…thanks bro

  • loshini

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    excellent writeup.. unfortunately wer i come from, these same women stand by their lorry husbands who test positive for AIDS and drugs. and they sit by them day and night as we put them on mechanical ventilation and they do so without complaint… and when they are forced to make decisions on life and death they cant decide, for they are are still submissive. so yes i respect them for their dedication to their kids and families, but i pity them for not being able to walk away from these ‘men’ and i pity them when they are put in situations where they have to take a lead. our indian society has far yet to go..

  • M.Siva

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    The truth. Some of us do not realise it but this is what happening all over the country. We need stop treating the ladies like slaves & sex object. They need to be respected as equal. Eat less mutton too:))

  • kamikaze pilot

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    The greatest possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman’s heart.

  • vasanth

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    “It makes me wonder why would anyone want to have kids beyond their means?”
    no one should do this,if cant provide don’t have kids,u are spoiling their life.
    we do have free contraceptive in gov hosp(klinik ibu dan kanak-kanak),all kind of it from tablet to condoms are given free here, people just have register to get it.but sadly the program it not well promoted may be because preventing pregnancy is haram in our country’s official religion.

  • Bytes

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    Marriage is a life-long commitment for most Indian women. Many are too dependent on their husband’s income to survive, worry of their status in the community and at the end decides to live for their children’s sake. They made themselves to believe its a dead end and choose to bear the ill treatment and abuse. When it reaches the peak, we get to read various headlines in the newspaper and feel sad for them.

    I do really salute some Indian ladies though , whom are uneducated yet brave enough to walk out of their marriage and do odd jobs to survive & educate their children. Women shouldn’t quit their job for any reason.

    However i still don’t understand the mentality of some young girls who fall prey to a married man. They are usually aware of the consequences yet they ask for it.

  • Bytes

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    BTW good write up Durai. Thoughts which are really worth thinking and i’m looking forward to read more.Thumbs up! :)

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    Good one bro! I ditto with your last sentence:

    “To guys out there, be a man”

    To all the guys out there, please do not go overboard and stay within your ‘limits’.

  • Kasvini

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    haizz… not to say anything… but I’ll say it anyway. Asyik2 boys tak perlu cuci pinggan lar… boys boleh pergi mana2 lar.. Anak perempuan yang cuci pinggan mangkuk busuk adik dan abang dia. Anak perempuan yang tidak dibenarkan keluar dengan rakan2 kerana “party’s gonna get wild, cannot!” (bengap…. kat restoran francais pada hari siang kut).

    Tu lar.. and then budak perempuan yang dependent to dianggap epitome of Indianness. F873 lar. Perempuan jadi leader, ada juga pengikut yang ego bodoh betul. Kena juga cari pasal… The shittiest thing, ada orang yang akan pijak Indian girls yang buat baik semata-mata tak tahan dengan their own uselessness. Tak nampak pun budak tak guna tu berani buka mulut kat orang race lain.

    Not to say anything but I’ll say it anyway. Keluarlah… Keluarlah. Wanita yang ditutup-tutup. Siapakah saya untuk katakan ini? Sekurang-kurangnya saya ada pendidikan yang berbeza. Siapakah saya untuk katakan ini? Saya manalah faham isu yang dihadapi wanita yang dipijak-pijak. Siapakah saya untuk katakan ini? Saya hasil wanita yang belajar berdikari. Siapakah saya untuk katakan ini? Saya mendapat inspirasi daripada ramai wanita yang berpendidikan tetapi tetap menjaga tradisi. Wanita-wanita yang terpaksa memecahkan “tradisi” palsu untuk melindungi kehidupan diri dan anak. Education’s the best tool for ladies. Seriously.

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    OMG. “Lorry gear podranoh illeyoh, sonthe ‘gear’eh bayyenggeremah podran…”

    Nice one.

  • Hema

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    This a good article with good sense of humor. But most of the times I don’t pity the 2nd wife at all. Most of them tend to be family breakers. They will know that the man is married but yet still go after that idiots whom forgets their fly…. So if they are going through a torturous moment mean they deserve it but that does not mean that I am saying that what the male is doing is right….
    I loved ur Love her the way you wish to be loved.

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    Lorry gear podranoh illeyoh, sonthe ‘gear’eh bayyenggeremah podran… ha ha ha

  • Sheila

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    Thanks for the article. Double thumbs up for it! I don’t get it when they are living in poverty and they still want to bear (lots of) child. And some are even without birth certificate. If you can’t afford them, don’t have them. I’m always pissed off to see all this people with so many kids on their lap and they are asking for help and assistance from NGOs and government. And some are even shown on TV shows, which is quite heartbreaking to see.

  • Nithura

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    well said!

  • Zenze Tan

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    Hi, is it possible to translate “Lorry gear podranoh illeyoh, sonthe ‘gear’eh bayyenggeremah podran”? It must be funny, I do not want to miss out the laughter. Thanks.

  • kraja

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    Zenze Tan,

    It means , Don’t know whether the guy knows how to engage the (lorry’s) gear or not BUT he surely knows how to engage his ‘gear’ (manhood)very well indeed (to produce children.

  • Ilanggo

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    They get married at such a young age, husband’s screws them every now and then pile them up with kids; get drunk, eat mutton and die…
    this is the world nowadays going to. very sad thing to look upon indeed.. indian women are treated really bad.. but i love the sentense, love them the way u wish to be loved :)))0


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