Mallu Sister on a Rampage

This is a targeted post, the words are strong. 

When I was in secondary school, I had been targeted a few times by my friends from other races, calling me ‘pariah’ , ‘keling‘ and other words they thought suited Indians. I’ve never really bothered this, although deep inside I would feel very angry, but knowing fighting a group of Malay boys alone is like a suicide, I chose simply to ignore it.

The trend has now changed in schools, instead of the students bullying and calling each other with derogatory names, the teachers had instead started to plant racist ideologies into this young kids. Recently, just a few weeks ago, one of the teachers in Georgetown was caught red handed uttering ‘india paria’ to a group of young Indian kids, yet she was not punished but simply transferred to another school. What kind of ‘product’ will come out as a result of teachings like that?

Precisely below:

And look at this below girls, fighting and dragging their parents into their conversation. There is a fine line about how sick you can be, but when you cross certain boundaries, you will be held responsible for your actions, and people will generally isolate and cast you away for life. When you’re young, you’re bound to make mistakes, but not to this extend.

How hurt and what will the parents think when they see this? Ippeh yosichi yenna iruke, appeve atti alurle uthireknum.

Similarly,I’ve received numerous amount of screenshot about a particular Malayalee girl. When I heard the name of Presana Narayanan, and how she had been going on a rampage about Tamilians in Malaysia, I first thought about how hot she might be; that she can downgrade others to such an extend.

I was thinking along the line that she might be one of this…


or this…

or at least this..



Presana Narayanan is undoubtedly a freedom fighter for Malayalees. I don’t and can’t understand any reason for her hatred against Tamils, and she might be one of those who would have been very happy when Tamilians in Sri Lanka were killed without mercy.

What is the real reason for a girl to behave like she had been gang raped by all the Tamils?

Lack of parental guidance?

Cheated by a Tamilian perhaps?

Or simply maybe because she ‘lama tak dapat?”

People who generalize and target certain ethnic groups, religion, gender, and race are seriously sick people.

There are many people who are as sick as this girls, the problem is none of them really show it. Fine examples are the people who is liking and supporting her comments in her wall. Only the completely insane and dumbfucks come out as open as this, declaring statuses targeting and hating Tamils all over the web. I don’t know how ‘open’ she is though la…

Let me give you an example, if you were cheated by someone, would you be angry with him alone or would you be targeting his race and ethnicity? Unless you were fucked by the entire Tamil community, there can’t be any real reason why you must hate them all.

This is not about a status that is being blown out of proportion. This is a serious issue of a retarded pussy let loose, going on a rampage spreading hatred all over. I love Malayalees, some of them are hot and awesome. And when I was in Kerala, Malayalees had like the best attitude ever, and was very welcoming.

This is not a bashing session; this is something that needs to be highlighted. People need to know that sick rats like this exist in our community, infesting and damaging not only their own community, but also the rest of the people who lives by righteousness and with mutual respect towards each other.

Here’s some of the amazing things our freedom fighter had said in the past:




Image credit to Makkez

I wonder how can anyone be supportive of low life girls like this?  Look at the amount of likes and support she has, it’s amazing that people can support such a cause.

We’re bound to have disagreement between us. We might have different set of ideologies when it comes to ethnicity, religion, race and caste, and it can be a good reason for us to compete and be proud of our roots, but it is not right to downgrade and spit on those who are different from you.  Presana Narayanan and her supporters is a disgrace not only to the Malayalees, but also to every right thinking individual.

Have fun.

Update  22/5/2012- Police report were  made about Presana by Bro Thanesh.


I don't support or endorse this police report, I'm merely giving you an update.

185 comments to Mallu Sister on a Rampage

  • Tinesh Mutton

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    Is this one way to be famous?? BTW, she is just too dumb too give such a sarcastic comment…shit on ur face girl by our “beautiful” comments…

  • Reg

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    According to the link below, this is the SECOND time she caused this racial problem:

  • tamilan

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    Pity her, she is retarded hyena, when animal become retarded it will kill its own kind, and she tried, but not success

  • Ash

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    haha. I cant imagine her setting foot outside her house! dayumm!! she dug her own grave! way to go! I salute this dumb ass for her pure utter stupidity. 1. You are a disgrace to all creations of god. 2. You just embarrassed your so called community u are standing up for. Did you even go to school? haha,and her photos,model wannabee. Biatch please! so long to your fame girl.You asked for it!
    Proud to be an INDIAN!

  • siv

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  • ace

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    as bad as her attitude is… we shoudnt follow do the ignorant stupid things she is doing.. stay calm and act smart.. by cursing her alone is not going to make any different and it might turn out she use that as an excuse for herself… lets not curse all malayalee aswell as there has to be a distinction between us and her.. lets show what she have done is something that has to be shamed upon, lodge a police report and totally isolate her..
    in the same time.. there are also things that our indian comunnity have to think aswell and change what needed to be changed… this is what that advances our comunity…
    just ignore that idiot…

  • janani

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    Sorry but this one is on the way to become fully fledged mentally ill or is simply a boring bitch! It definitely sounds racist but I have met more intelligent Tamils than Malayalees, Telegus and punjabis. So it is really sad when some folks who are real losers in life use their ethnicity card to act like they are superior to Tamils. Usually when some are lighter skinned than Tamils, they act like they are such beauties for that reason only never mind if they might actually look like a toad. Some Tamils have to stop being apologetic for being Tamils especially the poor tamils. Also seen instances where a Tamil is proud to marry malayalee, telegu or punjabi. Really why? I have been never been convinced that other races are superior to Tamils, maybe its the way i was brought up and there are millions in this world who are extremely proud of being Tamil and would think this mallu sister’s talk as a big joke.

  • Roshinni Pravena

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    this stupid bitch need a fucking bitch slap.
    fucking racist bitch.
    bitch has so much guts talking about *PARIAH*
    she looks worst then my dogs shit.

  • Sanjay

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    Fucking bitch ball!! in few months time…will hear her saavu kuthe in media :) lolx

  • Abi

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    What’s goin on man?! What’s with all this hate? It’s crazy! This girl is so ignorant and just plain stupid! She went on a hate rampage and ended up assassinating her own character… However, what’s really unbelievable is the fact that she has supporters who share her hatred for Tamil people… It’s really sad… At a time when the whole world should be comin together as one, at a time when there should be no more colour/race discrimination anywhere in the world, this Malayalam speakin Indian is hatin on Tamil speakin Indians… INDIAN! That’s the key word here! We just speak different languages… We originated from the same country! We are of the same race! We shouldn’t even be hatin on other races, but here we are hatin on our own race! It makes no sense! In the end, we all belong to only one race… The Human Race! People fail to understand this fact and that causes racial hate crimes all over the world. That’s what makes people of the same race stick together, to protect each other, and that’s what we should be doin! Isn’t our race (to me we are all one, at least in Malaysia [Tamils, Telegus, Malayalis, Gujratis, Punjabis, and every other race that left that part of the world and ended up here]), as a whole, being exploited enough? Should we be turnin on each other and makin things worse? We’ve all, at some point, had our share of problems with people, regardless of their race or colour or religion… Just people. When people have conflicts with other people, why does it have to become a racial issue? If that’s the way the world works, then everybody will hate everybody…

    • Keith

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      Hi Abi,

      I noticed that you used the term Indians but it’s not correct. You’re only an Indian if you’re from India. Indian is a nationality not a race. It was just for convenience sake that the British and the current government perpetuated the identity. You are and shall always be a Malaysian regardless of whether you’re tamil, telugu, malayalee, punjabi, iban, malay, kadazan, hokkien etc similarly Malaysian Chinese do not exist. The term is misleading. While you may have Indian stated on your birth cert it is a gross error. One does not carry two nationalities unless permitted so by certain countries e.g. UK and Australia. I repeat we are Malaysians…..Indians are not a race. The concept of race holds no scientific basis as it is a social categorisation and we’re not all separate species. Btw, it was the British who coined the term India and it was never one country always. It was a collection of many kingdoms up to 1947…

  • P101

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    Obviously something wrong with her, to express such racist views. She’s definitely generalising her statements.

    On saying that, I’ve read some of the comments by the writer of this blog and his followers. Calling her “retarded pussy” and “lama tak dapat” and “What is the real reason for a girl to behave like she had been gang raped by all the Tamils?” reeks of sexism and bigotry? By implying she’s all that, aren’t you no different than her?

    Speaking out against racism is good, but resorting to sexist derogatory remarks ain’t cool.

    My two cents’ worth.

  • asha

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    hye there..
    i am malay.. even i am malay… since i remember,i would never set against indians/tamil people.. coz what i believe ,we are one nation.. =)
    blend it together,live together,and cherish forever..

  • SGF

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    wanna hear a joke…Presana Narayanan:)


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    avala oru nal niike vachu sudungaya…order from samy veloo

  • Fivestar

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    She is Dark. Guess very low cast Malayalee

  • ????????? @ ????????

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    unna solli tappu illadi…un valarppu sariyilla….so nee maddum illa..un appa,amma,annan,tambi,akka,tangachi ellarum public ah mannippu kekkanum….appathan ovvoru tamilan manasukulla erikira nerupu konjamavauthu anaiyum…aaanal unaku mannipu kidaiyathu….athu maddum illa…un kuda sernthu jaldra podda nathari yaaru kandu pidichi mavana ungalukkum veikkanum aappu…
    natharikku porantha naara naaye….karungali peye….

  • Suren

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    Bro all the while i thought malayalee chicks are hot why this bitch looks as if she came out half way while burning in the cremetorium….lol OMG she is a real retard sooner a later she will be sent back to Kerala for phsycatric treatment…I have been to Kerala and have many malayalee friends who are superb people but i guess this one like u said was gang raped by a bunch of tamilians…lol

  • thorny

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    Hello.. i want to make a technical correction here…

    y is shakeela’s photo there?? she doesnt know a word in malayalam..she isnt mal…and not reshma,maria,sinhdu and etc too.

  • thorny

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    mallus blame tamilians.tamilians blame mallus, telugus blame kannadigas, they blame tamilians,some blame northies,some blame north east.. hahahahha

    its our bad fate that we are born as indians…dont think any other country in the world is divided by languages.

    ideally TN,Ker,Kar,Andhra,Punjab,Guj,Marath,bengal etc should have been independent countries..

  • Asamboi

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    Prasana Mallu Molley…..I feel sorry for you. You will be ‘raped’ for a long time, in front of your friends and family but none could help. You know what? You deserve it. You really do.

  • chamakks kalai

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    such a bloody shit !!! never thought a malayalee(PRESANA ) will b such a bitch!!! mavele en munnadi nee irunthe sette di….vetthi mundom veena pone thandam!!! unnakku vere vele vetti illenu periya paruppu mathri pesure!! unakku enna di teriyum tamilians eh patti!! periye ulaga azhagi award vangune mathiri act kodukere !! podi mayi**!!!! UNNODE MUNJOM MOGERE KATTEYOM!! OMG
    Settupoolam!! x(

  • eNigMatiCz

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    I wonder how people could actually locate her mobile (+60124639372) and home address.!/photo.php?fbid=387678377936312&set=a.302170136487137.60800.100000824596588&type=1&theater

    From the above FB page photo, they actually located here home address – Block B-05-25, Mutiara Apartment, Taman Metro Prima, Kepong

    It’s aint a high class area and when she claimed flat kos rendah in kepong in her PDRM FB page report…it’s more of like she’s staying there herself.

  • sathiyaseelan

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    we r indians not racist like this gurl…some people staying at low cost apartmen not bcoz they are in caste as this idiot says….its bcoz of their financial status…and some indians drink bcoz they work hard, they drink for their body pain and to sleep well, not like this gurl here, she was a modal and she was claimed to be in high class which she claiming by herself but she is acting in such a way where she is insulting herself indirectly, she was making our indians to be a laughing materials by other races in this malaysia,even now also we was sunk in the word of nationality and she is making it more worst, if she dun like this all ask her to go away to any place where she like with a place where all people is high class as she wish….remember guys we r knows with the name of indians not in the name of caste. she is one of the idiot where making our indians name to be a taking issue in this matter…….

  • natasha

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    A disgrace to malayalee community. Shameful to know that a malayalee girl written such a hurtful remarks. I am a malayalee and I don’t think so by being one is so great. My late father (born and bred in Kerala)told me that even in malayalee there are high caste and low caste. Depends what type of work their great grandad did. A good human being whether they are malayalee or not treats all human being equal and they are indeed beautiful inside out.

  • Seriously

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    Look, she’s a legitimate dumb where its due. But i read the malay mail article and she lost her job and shit..and thats just plain cruel. Najib deserves to lose his job..her…she’s NOBODY..why do ppl give a fuck about a NOBODY’s opinion!? Those on my fbk newsfeed started ranting on about wanting to punch her in the face if they saw her in public and seriously dudes…forgive my french..but threatening to punch a chick in the face is such a ‘pariah’ attitude if u ask me.

  • Rambo

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    After reading the Malay Mail today and seeing that she has regretted her actions, apologized and paid for it by losing her job and her self respect, I feel we should forgive her. After all we are indians and we would NOT be any better if we keep on punishing her when she has regretted her actions and apologized.
    Just my personal opinion

    • Mr Jagger

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      Yes mate,i read the news of her asking public apology for her remarks.I totally agree with you,we as indians,tamilans should forgive her act although it was really hurting. Out of frustration she has thrown words without she realising what impact can happen on her.. Like i said below,no one can escape from GOD if you have done something against what he has created.

    • Asamboi

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      • Mr Jagger

        Thumb up Thumb down +3

        Mike,thats your opinion & im not against it.I just shared mine.
        I do understand she has caused such a big racial impact in which i felt it was stupid of her to do so but she made a public apology in which i feel we as humans should consider giving her second chance. By mocking or try to degrade her by doing things is going to impact us as indians because what she told about us will be made proven.
        I just want you to understand,im not supporting her or anyone but just sharing my opinion. Everyone makes mistake & i believe they should be given second chance by forgiving their act.
        Again remember its my opinion & im not against urs mate.

  • Mr Jagger

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    She certainly digged her own grave but no point throwing on her..Every person in this world will be held liable if they are against what GOD has made which are humans.. Jathi,matham everything is human made on my personal opinion. GOD have Mercy you on girl !

    • kepong boy

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      hye there is no mercy on that bitch,m currently staying at kepong and if i saw the bitch some where around the block she will fuck by my house dog or the mayamar ppl who lives near her block.nk

  • Rambo

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    Agree with you Jagger. Sorry Asamboi I beg to differ, but then you have a right to your opinion and I respect that.
    Well all I can say is that no one is perfect.
    I am sure majority of us have one time or rather put down another race by stereotyping based on certain peculiarities; the only difference is that it was done within your circle of friends and families and not in public….its just human nature.
    (Everyone is a ‘criminal’ its just that we were not caught yet)

    Here is a girl who has come out to apologize and has regretted her actions.
    This whole episode will probably mar her for life.
    We as Tamils, NO, as human beings, should accept her apology, forgive and move on.

  • prabakar

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    racism is everywhere…try to stop it…Wish one day to meet her…a smile and a middle finger im satisfied!

  • mike balan

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    all malayasia tamil makkal pls do do something on this issue….

  • mike balan

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    i only know two races….1)male 2) female….

  • jaskranj

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    She is looking for a cheap publicity

  • SataN

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    All we can do is forgive and forget we need to be united.

  • RavenZD

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    Too many messages here to read, but did anyone contact Facebook and report abuse of account?

    Facebook does not allow this. This kinda of people does not deserve to be in social networks. Thanks all.

  • punjabis

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    • Basil

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      you are talking about individuals, but targeting races. if you are angry with someone, why do you wanna call him ‘keling pariah’ or ‘melayu babi’ or ‘cina babi’? its one person. not the whole race. no offense, but it simply does not make sense.

  • KS

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    I love your blogs =)

  • adriene

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  • Preshila Nambiar

    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    I am tempted to pity the girl. Tempted to say she’s ignorant, Ill-informed, badly brought up. After all, her rants clearly suggest that she is not well educated. I would also think she didn’t even pass out of her high school.

    That said, what she did was wrong, and it is evident that she is getting what surely deserves — her comeuppance. I would like to also add that in present day Malaysia there is hardly any difference between a Tamil and a Malayalee. Tamils regularly marry Malayalees and vice-versa. The non-Indians, too, do not differentiate us. We are all black in their eyes. We are in this together. You, I, everyone one us are pariahs in the eyes of NEP bastards that discriminate us. The matriculation issue, which is now hot, is a case in point. The Ministry of Education guys are denying our brothers and sisters places because as far they are concerned we are all Pendatang.

    That’s reality. Let’s stick together. There is no other choice — irrespective of stupid girls like Presana might or might not say.

  • Rm Thanni

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  • kumar raju

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    I would just summaries this whole episode in just a few words.
    Great people talk about IDEAS,
    Average people talk about THINGS
    SMALL PEOPLE (like Presana)talk about OTHER PEOPLE.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    hehe all..
    im indian and i myself run away if meet with a group of indian. i know its generally wrong but i have no choise.people can tell so many stories but the truth cant be denied. in fact, a lot of indian themself dont wanna send their kids to tamil school cause we all know the result end of the day. so, stop blaming others and protect your family cause thats where it all started. special salute for the webmaster for his daring way to expose all this. because like what other indian do’s. covering the sick in our community willmade it more worst. so, dont be emotional with what i said and think…. ( tips #1 . stop getting drunk and choose the tamil movie u wanna watch )

  • Vijay A

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    Mallu sister was spotted working for Shins at the Raya sales booths at Mid Valley Centre Court. Time to initiate a consumer boycott of Shins!!!

  • Indian

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    She is not the only mallu against Tamilians. Look at how many likes she got .And remember what actor Jayaram said about Tamils ? I think Kerala is full of Tamil haters.

  • Marx

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    She’s one of the perfect examples of why the malayalee society is looked down upon..and it’s not only her, there are plenty, or majority who think like her, no wonder they are not progressing like the rest of the world.

    Our malayalee culture will go downhill if we keep these kinds of racist and ill minded idiots. If you want others to embrace the malayalee culture Presana, change your fucking mentality and yourself first.


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