Indian Girls Sex Scams

I remembered a story that was told to me about an Indian girl who had an online relationship with a guy, which ended up in total disaster. The girl was an average looking girl who had for a long time been without a relationship and possibly kering for some time, which made her a perfect […]

The Slavery of Malaysian Indians

This article is dedicated to SM.It is going to hurt majority of local artist fans, but think about what I’m trying to say and see if I’ve got a point. As a regular Macha, I grow up having enormous interest in local music scene. I was a huge fan of ‘The Keys’, at that time […]

The Notorious Macha Gangsters

I fear one day I will be killed by the (very) people I’m trying to help. “Kosmo! reported about members of two rival gangs who met their untimely deaths at the age of 19 and 25 after being involved in a fight.R. Rajkumar, 19, from a gang known as 1Hati, and 25-year-old Vinod from Gang […]

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