The Notorious Macha Gangsters

I fear one day I will be killed by the (very) people I’m trying to help.

“Kosmo! reported about members of two rival gangs who met their untimely deaths at the age of 19 and 25 after being involved in a fight.R. Rajkumar, 19, from a gang known as 1Hati, and 25-year-old Vinod from Gang 08, were found dead with serious injuries caused by sharp objects.

Several members of the gangs have been arrested and police are tracking several others.”

It is not something new if I start talking about gangs and young dicks vying hard to be involved in gang activities. Everywhere we turn nowadays, there is no denying that majority of our young Indian guys are indirectly or directly involved in gang activities. Although being a minority in this country, we form the majority in prisons.

This is a sad fact. I just can’t stop talking about this, because it’s a shocking fact the number of young Machas being involved in gangsterism nowadays. For a mere number, they are willing to kill and seriously injure another guy from his own race.

Indians believe they are born to fight.

If you’re in a funeral, you’re supposed to fight over who can carry out the last ritual.
If you’re in a restaurant, you’re supposed to fight if anyone is looking at you.
If you’re in a birthday, nobody should accidentally ‘push’ you over while dancing.
If you’re in a club, no one should say Hi to your Meenachi.

Machas think that gangsters are cool. The amounts of victims getting ripped out daily by Indian Machas are countless. One way or another, we’re turning against our own and prefer to kill each other for a petty reason such as staring at each other! Mutta pundenggela.

Today, to simplify things let me categorize a few type of gangster Machas :

Political Gangsters

Usually hired and paid by their political leaders, or self motivated political leaders taking laws into their own hand. Obviously brainless and fights just for political mileage. The more news coverage they get, the more they will be motivated. The welfare of the society is irrelevant, the only thing that matters to them is how many chicks/guys the opposition leaders had anal fucked. Any money that is given to the welfare of the society especially to school kids is gulped wholly to buy lingerie’s.

Political Gangsters

The total cost of hiring them is two nasi lemak bungkus, one teh tarik and RM 50. During their free time, they clean drains, lick their masters’ shoes and watch Hentai porn.

Brainless Gangsters

These are the typical Machas, they go on drinking in a club or restaurant and if anyone stares at them, they will start up a fight. The more fights they get involved in, the more topics they will have on their next round of drinking session. Most of the fights are exaggerated a thousand times, to show how notorious they can be.

Credit to OhMedia team

A recent fight in Cheras after a drinking session by a group of Machas

The rest of the members in the table will silently play with their balls while listening in awe to the stories of these brainless gangsters. If they couldn’t pick a fight with anyone, they would fight among themselves and kill each other. If there was no fight even until the end, there would be a massive orgy and the storyteller will be jizzed all over by the other members in the table.


Facebook Gangsters

The more they 'concore' in Facebook, the more they get highly aroused.


Hanging around in Facebook, wasting half of their life writing emotional status and gaining orgasm watching the likes of young Meenachis with papan tits posing half naked in Facebook, they’re the most notorious and well known self-proclaimed gangsters. They idolize another cheap Macha shot dead like a dog by the police, and the amount of idiocy they portray supersedes MIC cybertroopers.

They design ugly looking piece of shit pictures using Microsoft Paint and post it in their online Facebook fan page. Each member is then required to masturbate looking at the pictures and once they reach climax, each of them must comment Hidup! Hidup! on the pictures.

Their motive is to fight with other Facebook gangs, launching virtual attacks and it’s like playing Scrabble, the one who says ‘Hidup’ a lot more wins the fight. Half of this shitholes will be dead by next Deepavali.

Official slogan:  Hidup (insert any numbers here).

To show you the current development of our young Machas, here’s a video showing their progress.

Hidup India!


33 comments to The Notorious Macha Gangsters

  • gc

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +16

    shouting ‘hidup’ but end up dying…engge sonna kekkerange??

  • DKS

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    Peace is all we want on earth,Fight leads to nowhere

  • IpohBoy

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Fuck…they are blady cowards. 4 bapoks beating the shit of 1 guy. Seems that the guy being beaten has claimed to be a “mande” and this has threatened the so-called other “mande pundes”
    Indians vs Indians for mande status.

  • IpohBoy

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Check this out from cyber gangters [04 Brothers] page:
    Seems like they have some “fucked up future” for SPM top scorers. Probably 04 executives. Lolzzzz

    ATTENTION TO ALL INDIAN SPM TOP SCORERS (7A’s -10A’s) spm 2011!! Please call us URGENTLY as our team ready to assist you! If you are in any of the category below, please contact us as soon as possible. Note: 1000extra matriculation seats given to Indians. Grab this “lifetime” opportunity..

    1.Haven’t apply
    2.Application rejected
    3.Application not responded
    4.Don’t know what to do!!

    CALL: 0123993710 or 0177081946

    Elangovan Annamalai , ??????????? Arivu Ananthan

  • M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +8

    “I fear one day I will be killed by the (very) people I’m trying to help.” <<< this sounds so OUCH….!!!

    the number of youngsters getting involved in gangsterism is very sad indeed…. the sentence which sounds something like, "Veerathukke porentheven tha Tamilan" is actually causing so much of damages…

    as usual, a damn good write-up..!!!!

  • vasanth

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +5

    i living in butterworth where they one 0f their big short get killed,heck he’s funeral even was done in my apartment there was a big days indian guys as young 16 and above are in the gangs,i dont know how to advice them something must be done to over come this problem or these thing will become or already become curse to our comunity. tamilan alivathe tamilan nale.

  • loges

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +8

    two theory of machas…


    the bottom line, i know a lot of people who joined gangs and tried to be want to be gangsters and got themselves into a lot of trouble because the influence of friends and movies.. it does look cool when your young but coolness ain’t going to make u survive in life… its education.. I have many friends who know regret for not studying well in school and involving into this kind of things and got kicked out of school…

    as my mum always says… padipi tha sore pode padikireh vayiseleh padinggeh…your future is in your hand…

  • Chelvi Ganesan

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Like what vasanth said, regarding the recent killing of a man here in such terrible manner. THe so called gangster left a family, which I am now not sure how will survive for a better future. Getting involved aimlessly in all these activities, and letting the family suffer, what kind of ‘pride’ you are left with now? Killing among Indians due to gangsterism, is just helping the authority to ‘clean up’ the community much easily.

  • Mahendran

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    savadi. indian underworld actually has become more complex and structured like Chinese triad. It comes as a surprise how well connected they are and how they form influences within our society.

    hope young kids will learn not to be influenced

  • Personwhoconcernaboutindian

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    Nowadays machas all they are moving forward to entering the Gang all and also involved in fight. They have all the focus in it. If people disgrace their gang means they will fight till the end no matter what.
    But the sad thing is why they don’t want to show the same spirit and power on the studies. Indians are smart but they choose to be dumb. If they keep doing like this our future in Malaysia is totally gone.

  • vasanth

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    a another one just died yesterday in nibong tebal age
    20 something leaving behind wife n,kid how their gona survive and kid maybe a another gangster in making.

  • Khauselyia

    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    today’s kosmo paper stated a guy was slashed several times n in critical condition. guess where it happened? infront of a temple!! 30 of them against 1.

  • Bern

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    This fight happen near my place in Puchong recently….the motive was simple…to get in power of that area….and revenge of wht hapen to one their kaigeh last year….all I can say…both team are maddeh pundeigeh..wasted their life…..wht a waste for Indian community here…

  • white_naga

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Another great post Mr. Durai. There is a great say in tamil for our machas like this. My mum always mentions it… “Iveneggelam bumikku baaram” . If I translate,” these guys are heavy(in a wasteful way) for the earth to support”. As usual the kick is better in Tamil. We should totally look ahead, put in tons of effort to tackle this problem in the grassroots itself, namely in schools and “padang permainan”. I feel sad for the young boys who are in this at a tender age and get their entire future messed up. For the old ones who are classified “macha gangster” better end their life as soon as possible bro.. since “Iveneggelam bumikku baaram”

  • jeff

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    na mande ella ne, na mande ella ne, hahahahahahahaa what a dumb ass

  • SataN

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Last week on of my team mate who is walking into his house after wrk (at night) he is very very big size, two macha came behind him and whack him (his head) with beer bottle and stole his money, hand phone… This is right in front of his house, i dont knw why this machans doing like this…..

  • Puratchi

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    It is all happening not because of tamil movies, politics or because we are all some brave people…its all happening because the police and the gov is encouraging and even allowing it to happen…its all a big shit syndicate. If the police wants to stop it, they anytime can…they got rid of the communist remember., these fellows are nothing. One another perspective i think HUDUD might be able to stop this once and for all.

    • Sahizan Sahedan

      Thumb up Thumb down +1

      Are you Indian?…I was s suprised you are talking about HUDUD..It seems that you know better that UMNGOK. Yes you are absolutely right if government want to stop all this crap they can but they dont want to…For simple case like brothel house in KL and Chinese chicks entering via students visa…in movie, if 1 of your gang was busted, it will followed by arresting their leader. But in our country, all the taikoons who are well connected to few politician are behind the screen for this gangterism and sosialsm. Not only Indian have this issues of gansterism, even Malays, getting worst with all the drugs and snatches issues….

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I have seen my share of Indian Gangster fights too.

    In school canteen.

    Over some notoriously fucking stupid non-issues.

  • Justanother20yroldguy

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    the real mutta pundes of our society. fighting for shitty reasons… only god knows what’s gonna happen to us in the future… sigh..

  • siva

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    True and the fight only with Indians. Not sure why? anyway let them kill themselves – at least that they are self controlled and contained.

  • nairn

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Why is all this happening? The guy got beaten up and they never think of the guys parents? They raised him up for so many years and he can easily killed just like that..haiz

  • Mag

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    this Indian Boy who are Gang number are 00000000 and dying 0 shit

  • Maggie Q

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    I don’t care what the guy claimed to be, a mandeh, kepala, otak or a brainless cow, but in no way does he deserve to get beaten like that.


    Thumb up Thumb down 0


  • kingraj

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    A real Mandeh is the one who helps a fellow Indian machan ( it doesn’t matter who he ) in time of trouble.

  • Chandra Prakash

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    Thia website is great… My dear friend I would like to read and get know about current Malaysian Indian political article which reliable and true… u know newspapers in Malaysia are crap…. if you don’t mind kindly send me the links…

  • Rahul

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    This is group of machas will happen to shaken up when in police custody… Cakap kosong only… No balls.. when alone

    I have witness this group in lokap when I went to help a fren to lodge a police report..I think fighting case.. tolong lar encik while crying in police station when get arrested…stupid idiots

  • Rahul

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    I hope the police assassinate this idiots ‘encounter’… 36, 08, 21, 04 satu hati or wateva..Pest to indian least there will be a new breath to indian community & instill fear among them.. tak salah kalau anjing-anjing ini ditembak mati


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