The Slavery of Malaysian Indians

This article is dedicated to SM.It is going to hurt majority of local artist fans, but think about what I’m trying to say and see if I’ve got a point.

As a regular Macha, I grow up having enormous interest in local music scene. I was a huge fan of ‘The Keys’, at that time a group that commanded the interest of every other Machas in the street. The influence of this local group in Malaysian Indian music industry was huge, and you could see on those days that many young Indian boys started growing their hairs long enough influenced by these group members. When members of ‘The Keys’ started shaking their heads in the stage like they’re on drugs, regular Machas like me followed suit, idolizing this long-haired Machas and respecting them for their music.

Their songs will make you dance. The concept was named ‘Samba Rock’. Those were the days…

Fast-forward now, Malaysian Indian music industry had grown into a multi-million dollar business, and many old-timers had sunk in, unable to survive and compete with today’s music trend and demand. They scrap out little from a few concerts here and there, barely surviving to eat and pay their Indah Water bills. Every other Indian guys out there is making music by installing virtual Tamil spitting machine guns in their mouth and coming out with a record. It seems like as long as you will be able to spit a few words in a quick succession you’re on your way to become an artist. Wear pants loose enough like you’re looking forward to be anal fucked and you’re supposed to be a rap artist. A disgrace indeed to true rap artist.

But what really defines an artist? What defines an artist beyond his talent?

Dignity and principals. If you’re an artist or involved in a local entertainment industry, you will command a huge amount of followers. With fans, comes a responsibility. MIC had recently started a new campaigning tactic to fish voters for the next election, by using local artists. All the bunch of local artists who has never cared or supported any political parties has suddenly come out in the open to pledge their allegiance for MIC, a party that has neglected and brought Malaysian Indians to a regrettable state.

A nationwide tour had been arranged with this artists promoting “BN-My Choice” album. I don’t really know what shit is inside that album, but I know that I’m never going to buy an album with BN written on it. As an artist, I personally think you should not be involved in politics. Period. And if you’re going to spread propagandas through your songs about a particular political party merely because you’ve been paid, it shows that you can be bought. And people who can be bought; for me, are people who have no dignity and principals in their life.

Alleycats, the oldest surviving mega group in Malaysia, had NEVER aligned themselves to political parties. And I’m talking about an Indian band which is famous among Malaysians, not Indians alone.

If this artists can combine together to promote a political party, why don’t I see any of this same artist combining together to urge the political parties to help the Indians? Instead of fighting for the survival of the less fortunate, they chose to accumulate more wealth of their own. When this artists combine and put up pressure on political parties to come down to the ground and help our community, the political parties will have to listen, because they know behind this artists are huge amount of fans. Get my point? But maybe they’re scared, scared that they will lose their own source of income if they fight against the political parties.

Let’s talk about you now.

I hate to say this, but some Malaysian Indians are fucking stupid. Just by throwing in a few concerts here and there, you are following behind these guys like a dog. Whatever happened to your dignity? You are being duped with merely few dollars being thrown in by the political parties. Osi le kadaicha paip kude pidichi adipinggeda. First you will say you hate MIC, and right after getting a packet of rice and RM20 hamper, you will go vote them into power again. How fucking selfish…

There was this event held recently nearby my housing area, which was attended by none other than Datin Seri Rosmah. Taman Sentosa , Klang is one of the most notorious housing areas in Klang and is packed with low and middle class Indians. The event was held to honor the achievement and role of woman in this country. Obviously, probably hundreds of thousands were thrown in to organize an event such as this to spread their propaganda.

The crowd listening to Rosmah's speech...

Participants were forced to stand and sing ‘BN’s’ party song when many of the Indians there wouldn’t give a flying fuck about it. Indian aunties were given free cheap saris in order to tempt them. Cheap hamper, money handouts and free concerts using local artist, is this how you spread your political agenda and propaganda?

Look at the crowd inside the tent now while Rosmah was giving speech.. Where did they go?

Here they're....Getting their cheap saris...

And don’t you Indians fucking see that you’re being treated like beggars? Is that all you want for your community and kids?

Is this what our society needs at this moment?

Our grandmothers in estates are suffering without IC and proper documentation.

Image credit to Malaysiakini.

Your brothers and sisters are studying in a low life condition deprived from basic facilities in schools.

Your brothers are involved in crime and gangsterism because they do not have proper guidance of what is right and what is not.

Many Indian families are living below poverty level, scrapping things just to make enough for a day, a perfect example was a family who lived with a baby without electricity for a few months! 

Now, tell me Malaysian Indians, which is more important for you? A few events and concerts with free handouts where you will be treated like a dog waiting for bones, or a country where you will be treated with dignity and your kids being given equal opportunities and not made slaves?

Do not destroy the future of our country for mere saris and todis. Have dignity, we Indians are known for it. Think about the overall picture, fight for the rest of our community that is still trapped and struggling to survive on daily basis. For you have sinned and betrayed your own community by taking side with evils.

I’ve always been in support of local artists. But not over my community. I’ll let you decide which is more important. Your own local artists, the political parties, or the unfortunate Indian community?

Be wise.

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  • Amritu

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    superb article..!!!!!

  • hema

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    Bravo!!! You have highlighted one of the major concerns in the society; lack of sense of priority. Atrocious aint it, that they could stoop so low? Throw them few bucks and cheap liquor they would forget the real state of affairs faced by the community. Not forgetting those aunties, who would queu for hours for sarees or hampers, but would never turn up in schools to collect their kids’ report card!!! It just irks me, watching this lack of principle and ignorance, has become the epitome of the backwardness of Malaysian Indians.

    • Hemashree Krishnan

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      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Malaysian Indians need to learn prioritising and critical, cogent thinking. Failure in these areas spells the failure of Malaysian Indians as a whole.

  • loges

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    I’m not discrminating local artists… I love you guys… if we don’t support you no one will… but I have to just say this.

    using artists and giving out free stuff to hook votes is a very cheap tactic… its like giving a girl gifts just for a one night stand.
    artists should be neutral and work for the well being of the community not a political party and I mean any party…if your albums are a flop, u cant get concerts and shows to perform because of illegal downloadings doesn’t mean u can lure in money by doing this kind of thing.

    For God sake, u can use money to spend on better things… u can built a better school for the estate roads in estate or health benefit.. don’t woory, its a safe investment because u can still brag abt it at the next election becoz this things last long and people will get bene…fit from it and will remember you.Organizing a concert its just a day thing..another chance for bunch youngsters to get high , dance and eventually end it with a fight..’Wakw up people Indians now are smarter, we are more educated and we know the outside world… so don’t use this cheap technics…as Mudhalvan Arjun will say.

    ‘ Neengah nall atche senjurentha, makkal unggeleh thedi vantha jaikeh vappangah, neengah bayapede theve illeh’.

    To the people, and I mean everyone, including my family and friends..Giving cheap stuff out of free doesn’t mean they are good..Where was this generousity for the last 5 years? As my dad will say..’ namma kaase yedethe namake jama vanggi kudepan geh” I’m sure we are not that dumb,, An Indian fooling another Indian… when its going to end? I know some of us will just go for the events, take the stuff for free and then don’t vote for anyone.. that’s even worse people…

    My dear makkalz, wake up, stand up and fight for your rights….and a big salute of respect to ALLEYCATS… terima kasih!

  • Regina

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    Jammarasan for the win! Wonder what happened to The Keys.

  • Asamboi

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    The Malaysian Indian community stands to loose the most if we are dragged into different directions by political parties.

    We need to understand the only way for us to have a better life is through education and helping other Indians getting educated to get betterment of life.

    Don’t be caught up for the moment, but invest in educating our young so that we will have our moments.

    What say you Dorai?

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    Dear Bro SK, the article is a gud 1! Indian community is lack of awareness. We have been treated and classed as such. Some from our community tend to receive the GIFT, coz the living status and price hike. We are lack of unity. I am proud of U n ur Team bro. U ppl helping n creating awareness from the root. Hope you can achieve your objective. Hopefully i can join u al to help others, for our community betterment. Keeping moving fwd, our community need more ppl to create the awareness. Malaysia: Democracy been LIMITED!


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    its funny how these people still believe that by giving cash handouts to temples,tamil schools and poor indians its all over,its our right..dont say ohh they are so good..they are helping us nowadays..well damm you made us what we are today..go and see facilities in tamil school…dont compare and talk about famous big schools..go to estate schools..they you may feel the pain…damm reading this article has made me more angry…i

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    One Question : How Much Money they have used to organize this event? What is the motive & Benefit from this show. Popularizing Indian artist or Seeking for vote?

  • cougar

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    We all dont wanna give a rats ass about politics,
    but as a struggling community, we have to..

    when we needed something that could bind all of us together,
    there came “Makkal Sakti”

    unfortunately…we all know how it ended..

    the problem is indians rely too much on their leaders..
    “Thalaivar Irukaaru, Thalaivar Kudupaaru, Thalaivar Paathukuvaaru”

    this kinda attitude causes any organization trying to help this community being led to self destruction..\
    and all the blame is usually put on the leaders..
    whereas the followers who followed blindly like a kite in a windy sky, never did anything to change their fate..
    always relying on leaders to do everything..
    when the leader dive into septic tank…we all shall follow..

  • vasanth

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    “Thalaivar Irukaaru, Thalaivar Kudupaaru, Thalaivar Paathukuvaaru”
    in reality “Thalaivar kilipare,Thalaivar kuninja kuthuvaaru”

    as i said before the curse of indian comunity is indians its self.

  • RoyalPain

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    I see psychomantra!!omg…it has just ruin all my respect for him…kadevele…

  • Mr Jagger

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    You know what sometimes i dont blame these local artists,you know why? Thats their rice bowl & they get paid.
    Over here,local artist comes up with an album & within mins at times you can find their song in Youtube !! How can they survive
    if lots of ppl download songs illegally & PIRACY the virus which still exist among malaysians?
    If you are paid definitely you will do it eventhough you are not into politic or trying to pass a massage to support any political group.
    So basic undelyer is their rice bowl .
    Its just what i think.. Before you shooting with bullet,try to think & its solely my opinion !

  • vasanth

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    one question will mic help pscyomantra promote cheers and kuci-kuci rakama songs

  • coloured 3

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    eye opener for all…thanks for posting this article bro..

  • aisyah

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    woa~ 1st time i’m reading a blog made by an indians, n it’s really interesting
    n seriously an eye opener :)

  • Seelan

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    Following tamilnadu politics…

  • chandran v ganesan

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    malaysian indian shd try not to become followers but LEADERS on their own,when u become leader others will follow u BUT wen u r follower than u become beggars.Today we see alot of beggars and third world mentality indian in malaysia.
    be firm for a change.

  • Indian Slaves

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    What hypocrites. In India you indians treat darker skinned lower caste indians as slaves. And then you complain when others do it to you?

    You indians are the biggest fucking hypocrites I have ever seen. You are truly the worst race of people on earth. I hope you all fucking die.


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