Indian Girls Sex Scams

I remembered a story that was told to me about an Indian girl who had an online relationship with a guy, which ended up in total disaster. The girl was an average looking girl who had for a long time been without a relationship and possibly kering for some time, which made her a perfect victim for cunning guys who hang around the Internet looking for free fucks or show. The girl did not know any details about the guy, yet exchanged a few pussy shows over the webcam in return of his fake love. A few months later, the girl was told by one of her friends that her webcam videos had been uploaded in a porn website.



You must always remember online world is similar to real life. If you have robbers in the streets, you have phishing activities online to gain your credit card details. If you have politicians spreading lies in stages all over the nation, you also have a few shitty websites spreading lies and propagandas.

Speaking about that we should not miss out the newly unveiled media team by Barisan Nasional to impress the Indian community, which is Team Nambikei. According to Team Nambikei, they’re solely a news portal to publish news, articles and facts that they can find. They comprise of like-minded individuals with journalistic and multimedia background. The whole website and page shows government propagandas and speaks highly about the Government. They also claim that they’re NOT aligned to MIC, which shows that even the PM knows that MIC is not the correct marketing tool to gain the trust of Indians so he came up with Nambikei, which is a failure even before they started.

Who’s sponsoring them to advertise heavily on Facebook?

I don’t know how many millions had been thrown in to support this shit, what I know is our Indian community had been going on a rampage in Nambikei Facebook page which was heavily sponsored to do advertisement all over. Maybe they thought by using some heavy graphics and huge figures you can gain the trust of online community, but thanks to our awareness, team Nambikei is biting dust.

Here’s a few reaction from the celebrities about Nambikei…

Similar to the cheap tactics used above to lure innocent victims and misinformed people, some scams are currently going on in Facebook targeting Indian girls. Random attractive girls are targeted with the perpetrators claiming that MAS is currently having an intake for their cabin crew head. This is being done through fake emails and  Facebook profiles.

This is how they operate as reported by one of our reader who smelled the danger from miles away and played along:


Part 1: She provided a hp number- you can only sms and can’t call. Tried calling but can never reach. Suspect told she is in Bangalore and Phuket . Phone number 0108213505.

[spoiler show=”Conversation Image”][/spoiler]

Part 2: Emails and forms she provided with a lot of typos and spelling mistakes, unlike MAS standard.

[spoiler show=”Conversation Image”][/spoiler]

Part 3: Requesting me to send 30 photos and asked me to specifically provide pictures taken with mobile and must be sexy and exposing. Told that my facebook pictures too decent for the application and requested me to reveal my upper part of body. Disgusted!!

[spoiler show=”Conversation Image”][/spoiler]

Part 4: Got angry when I refused

Part 5: called MAS to check, there is no employee in the name of Reena Anu or Angelina Thong and currently no recruitment for stewardess.

[spoiler show=”Conversation Image”][/spoiler]

Part 6: Sent email keep asking for my pictures taken in a night wear , singlet etc and promising that I will be head of cabin crew….wow, never came across job application so easy via fb!!

For those whose pictures are publicly available, make sure all your pictures are private and don’t add in any strangers.

This is also one of the reason why I always advice you to not to dress like sluts and put it on Facebook because people can misuse your pictures for their own gain. Don’t make yourself vulnerable. Criminals search for easy victims, and if you dress skimpily in your Facebook page in the name of cultural evolution, then you’re tempting these guys.Ipeveh alert ah irungge, aperom pathethan othethan ne sollathingge..

Now, go hide and secure all your pictures and spread the message about this scam which is currently going on. Talk to your sisters and guys; talk to your girlfriends, partners, keep, etc…

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    Ipeveh alert ah irungge, aperom pathethan othethan ne sollathingge..~sEMME BRO…

  • Thumb up Thumb down +2

    True enough.. especially those girls trying for modelling… nereiya offers varum, for lingeries and nightwear sahaja… =.=”

  • Vijay A

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    one thing to consider is that Reena Anu’s profile may have been hacked without her knowing it. . .

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    i wonder if they are looking for any air steward… o.O
    i would love to show them my pics, with me putting on a duck face, my half naked upper torso…

    • siva

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      you are a guy or girl?

      • Justanother20yroldguy

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        of course guy lar bratherr…
        its just that i couldn’t comprehend why these ‘scammers’ only target girls.
        once in a while, it would be fun to read about a guy becoming victim of sex scam…

        • siva

          Thumb up Thumb down +2

          ok. there are cases. sometimes sex and after that threats that are settled with a tidy sum by the guys. Maybe bro Durai can write on this. I heard from a police source there are about 5000 cases reported yearly. Guy meets girl get hot and developed a relationship. Relationship turns sour and husband of girl threatens to beat him up and asks for compensation of 5k t0 30 k myr. Even worse guy gets mad and slashes the man who is likely to be married with kids. Scarry bro. Anyway it appears you are a level headed guy. all the best bro.

          • Justanother20yroldguy

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            what you said reminded me of pachakilli muthucharam. well 5000 cases…that’s a lot…but why there aren’t any media coverage or news about it?

  • siva

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    nowdays ppl don’t care – so what if they get fucked? they just move on as there are many guys willing to provide a valkzhai. Valzhka.

  • Nav_yakuza

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    well bro.. even after some of them seeing this.. some of them will ignore this.. cuz all they need is attention from boys…

  • venomriser

    Thumb up Thumb down -1 < You gotta be kidding, big players like MAS doesn't even use public email address like this, this is totally fake!

  • Nithura

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    Ur article make me scared!

  • Mr Jagger

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    Sometimes ppl dont realise all the posibilities of their pics being misused by all these hackers/maafackas who really got nothing better to do..Infact i know a girl personally who always had some exposing pics.I told her to remove those pics & not to take any revealing pics .What in return i got was “I am so weird & mad(as in crazy)”..i was like wtf? i told that for your own good…you calling me weird & mad..finally she realsied why i advised her..
    Eventhough how many bloggers/forums/even any form of message been passed around, if that individual has decided to show off what they got then i believe nothing can stop them.
    Indians says this
    “Patha than teriyum”…. Its a good article & hope there will be lots ppl benefit from it. Cheers

  • Nanneri Nanggai

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    “This is also one of the reason why I always advice you to not to dress like sluts and put it on Facebook because people can misuse your pictures for their own gain. Don’t make yourself vulnerable. Criminals search for easy victims, and if you dress skimpily in your Facebook page in the name of cultural evolution, then you’re tempting these guys.Ipeveh alert ah irungge, aperom pathethan othethan ne sollathingge..” – feels like a big brother telling me :))) thank you for the eye opening article. :)

  • raj

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    can i noe who is dat anu reena, do anu reena send her own sexy pics to anyone, and anu reena’s profile hav been hacked by anyone

  • Samara

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    she is using my pic

  • raraa

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    who is she??she had doing the same to me..she is liar..Her profile name at Facebook TAMIL PONNE ANUSHA NAIR

  • mizBisCuitz

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    I nearly fallen into this assholes word… but thankGod.. i didint.. She ask me to send ma resume and pictures aswell.. but i juz ignore it and say tht im nt interested.. Omg!!!! than kGod!!!


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