Lord Shiva ‘ehem ehem’ with Nandi the Bull


Be matured and sensitive while discussing about this topic, be careful with what you say, don’t put me in trouble. No remarks related to religion should be made. Target the man, not the religion. Share and Like.

When I was very young, I lived in Shah Alam. I was a small kid around the age of 4 when my mother used to leave me with my neighbors’ so that they can take care of me while she goes to work. So, there is this particular old lady that used to take care of me. She stays with her only grandchildren, a cute girl around my age.

This old lady had only one eye. One of her eyes was clouded with some infection, which makes her face look scary and evil. And being left alone with her makes me fucking scared. The only thing that encouraged me was the cute girl. The problem with this old lady is that she doesn’t feed me enough food. Even though my mother pays her for my food, she never serves me with anything other than rice and plain curry. The meat and the vegetables went to the cute girl, her own granddaughter.

Over time, I shrank drastically and looked frail and unhealthy. The cute girl bloated into a mini dinosaur. My mother suspected something wrong was going on, and immediately stopped sending me there after a mini fight with the one eyed evil. I was brought to some local bomoh who told my parents that there is a ‘syaitan’ sitting in my stomach eating all the food that is coming down my throat. How fucking nice. ‘Syaitan in your stomach’.

I still remember details of this entire incident although it happened when I was very young because I was traumatized by this experience. Although not abused physically, I was abused in some way by the one eyed woman. Perhaps that is one of the reason I get so raged when I see politicians laughing all the way to the bank while Indian kids in estates don’t even have enough food. The experience might have moulded me into being a very sensitive person when it comes to food. Until now, I still don’t eat a lot and remain small and thin.

The reason I’m telling you this story is because I want you to know that abuse can lead to a certain type of mentality. The bigger the abuse was, the larger the impact will be.

When I highlighted about Presana Narayanan racist remarks, I felt she might have been abused too. She became so sick in the head that she lost control over what is right and what is wrong. They wouldn’t be able to make the right judgment. But if you think Presana Narayanan was bad, let me introduce a Macha who did something even worst but escaped unscathed.

4 years back, when this blog was read by very few people, I highlighted about an Indian guy who had converted to Islam and started preaching and downgrading other religion in a public forum. His name was Syah Kirit.

According to the video and my sources, Syah Kirit was originally a Hindu who had converted to Islam 11 years ago. He was born a Hindu and his parents are still Hindu to date. After converting to Islam, he began to preach Islam as his religion and goes around giving speeches on how to convince people to convert to Islam. That is more or less much about Syah Kirit. I personally feel that this below Macha was abused. He had been abused mentally and fed with ridiculous thoughts.

Now let’s hear what Syah Kirit thinks about Hindu Gods:

This video was uploaded by unknown individual.
Islam itself is a beautiful religion. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christians’ and all other religions derive and spread love to their followers; to embrace each other in the spirit of mankind. The funniest thing about all this hate speech is that you would not see any Malay Muslims going around bashing and making sarcastic remarks about other religion; it is the newly converted ones, in this case Syah Kirit, who tries to be more Muslim than even a Malay Muslim. Tok Guru Nik Aziz, highly respected and beloved Ulama here in Malaysia, had never ridiculed people of other faith. I’m a big fan of TGNA because of his humbleness and his religious values. He is a perfect example of a good Muslim.

The video particularly serves more like an awareness video to you that guys like this exist in our modern society today, infesting and infecting more people with their skewed and extremist mentality. On the other hand, guys like Syah Kirit exist due to our own fault as well. If you’re going to serve beer, slaughter goats to your God every other weekend and built shrines close to loji and longkang, tell me; how do you expect people not to laugh looking at our religion?

I’m surprised that last year, the Christians were accused of preaching and converting the Muslim into Christians and it created such uproar. Politicians like Hasan Ali took the opportunity to tarnish the image of Christians. Why aren’t the same reaction shown when something vice-versa happens? I am also disappointed that even though this video serves as a major evidence that Syah Kirit had embarrassed and made hugely insensitive remarks about the Hindu community in Malaysia, no actions were taken against him.

This video was uploaded by unknown individual.

0:00 to 0:40
So, Lord Shiva had sex with Nandi(a bull), and then Nandi wanted to have sex back with Lord Shiva, thus Lord Shiva escaped into a small cave that can only fit 1 person. So, Nandi is still waiting until today to have sex with Lord Siva.

The above video might be old, but without any action taken against him, he had been left with the freedom to spread sick ideologies and making insensitive remarks about other religion. God knows how many more forum he had addressed with the same content.

If you thought Presana was bad, think again.



UPDATE : 9 July 2012 21:59


Dear All, it has come to my attention today that Shah Kirit had apologized in his ‘blog‘ for his mistake in the way he had presented his points in the closed forum. I’ve no idea during the time the article was published that an apology was made thus the outrage above.  Despite how lightly this issue was actually treated by the authorities, I believe we should put it to rest. I sincerely hope this will serve as a lesson to all that you will reap what you sow.  I had no intention of spreading or inciting hatred by using this issue.I apologize for the outrage shown in the article and lack of research before presenting it to you.


To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that the video of a talk on ‘Hinduism’ which I gave almost five (5) years ago in Kedah, in response to a request for a simple lay-man’s explanation on the basic belief in Hinduism (for purpose of Islamic missionary work training) has been posted on YouTube by an unknown and unauthorized person overseas. We are currently investigating his/her identity and possible motive.

I would like to reiterate here that the talk is old and was for the specific purpose of missionary work training only, limited to the group in attendance, and definitely NOT for public viewing. This is very evident from the talk itself, especially towards the end when the speaker stressed again and again the point of being discrete about the material. Further, it is very much against the teachings of Islam to mock or ridicule any religion, and I assure you that was never the speaker’s intention.

However, since the material is now in the public domain, I would request that all those whom I have unintentionally offended, to please review the whole thing with the above explanation in mind. Perhaps, you would then perceive it in a different light. Please note also that in addition to material that Hindus may find ‘negative’ to the Hindu cause, there is also material which is positive, such as when the speaker strived to dispel negative misconceptions regarding Hindus’ intent in Malaysia. Of course, looking back, I would never have approached the subject in such ‘frank & candid’ manner had I known it would one day find its way into the public domain. It has been a valuable personal lesson for me.

To all that this particular lecture has caused antagonism and grief, I’m extending my sincere regret and apology, and I promise to do everything in my power to get the video removed from YouTube. I am also willing to meet up with any of the official Hindu organizations (such as Hindu Sanggam), if necessary, for a more detailed discussion/clarification relating to the video.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Shah Kirit Kakulal Govindji


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  • Inker

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    i’m a free thinker. No not an atheist if that’s what your’re thinking. i don’t believe in religion or god. And i don’t like to be classified as an Atheist. Thats not the point by the way. But this guy will be a reason to start a war.. trust me. Lets not point fingers and ask where in the Qu’ran, it says blow yourself up with few hundred of innocents? Or which part of the Qu’ran says discriminate others or spread the word of how others are blind with their religion? This man has a potential to lead an army when the war breaks. There is no point in saying i’m proud to be an indian or a hindu.. What have you done, to be proud of being one? thats the question for your readers. This man needs to be put to sleep. *if you know what i mean*

    i’m a hindu too but to me.. it’s just a collar tag to group myself in the world. same goes to the caste system.. it’s just an invisible word that divides idiots. Before you have faith in god. Have faith in yourself. -inker-

  • Aaron Walker

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    You should take back your words.. (Lord Shiva ‘ehem ehem’ with Nandi the Bull) how if i said like this??? : Shah Kirit’s ‘ehem ehem’ with Street Dog….. Think thrice b4 to give any speech about Hinduism. All Indians out there are against you. What if you parents and wife against you?? All your relatives n fly memberz should shame on your racist activity.

  • abhinaya

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    he is 1 STUPID IDIOT CRAZY MAN!!! all the bad words in the world have been created 4 him….seriously…. he is immatured n unlucky 4 living such a beautiful religion HINDU… wat does he know about us? ours is the most old and wonderful religion….. How dare he speak ill about Hinduism? does he really know the story of nandi…

    A primary god: Nandi as a separate god can be traced back to Indus Valley Civilization, where dairy farming was the most important occupation, thus explaining the appearance of various artifacts, such as the ‘Pasupati Seal,’ indicating a deity much like Shiva. This deity- also known as Pasupati is believed to have been worshipped as the keeper of herds. Some puranas describe Nandi or Nandikeshvara as bull faced with a human body that resembles that of Shiva- in proportion and aspect, although with four hands, two hands holding the Parasu (the axe) and Mruga (the antelope) and the other two hands joined together in the Anjali(obeisance). Brahma Vaivarta Purana mentions Krishna himself to have taken the form of a bull as no one else in the Universe can bear Shiva.
    Vehicle of Shiva: The bull Nandi is Shiva’s primary vehicle and is the principal gana (follower) of Shiva.

  • abhinaya

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    * LEAVING such a beautiful religion HINDU…
    typing error in the comment above…

  • You know who

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  • Lourdes

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    To force anyone to believe in a religion or to practice it, is against the spirit and essence of Islam. Because it is necessary that faith be accepted with free will and conscience. Of course, Muslims may urge one another to keep the moral precepts taught in the Qur’an, but they never use compulsion. In any case, an individual cannot be induced to the practice of religion by either threat or offering him a worldly privilege. (Surat al-Ghashiyah: 22)

    As for Syah Kirit…this verse is for you…
    But as for those who break God’s contract after it has been agreed and sever what God has commanded to be joined, and cause corruption in the earth, the curse will be upon them. They will have the Evil Abode. (Surat ar-Ra’d: 25)

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    the problem is with the person and not with the religion. that bastard probably would have had orgasms while using derogatory words to describe other religions. bastards like this should be ‘ehem’ ‘ehem’. *bend him over and start the gummankuthe… fuckin’ stupidity at its best
    and remember,the problem is with the person and not with the religion…

  • loges

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    another wonderful article bro and this thing have been disturbing my mind since for a long time

    im still ok with u promoting ur own religion but why must u discriminate another religion to make urself look good,..thats cheap thing… which holy book tells u do so. no religion teaches us that and doesnt persist us to do so..in Bhagavad Gita its clearly stated

    ‘yem matham sam matham’ open ur heart to all religion because no religion teaches bad things..only good things to lead a happy and peacefull life.. so accept the value and teaching frm all religion .. u have nothing to lose..

    who are we to talk abt other people believes…its so wrong.. everyone know their own mother are good and the best in the world..that doesnt mean other mothers are bad..

    there is nothing wrong in the religion but the problem is the people..
    remember we are all the same and God is one.

  • pugan

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    bro we have lodge a police report wen this video was firstly published on youtube.but till now no action has been taken against him.. 1MALAYSIA

  • Asamboi

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    With his same argument – we should be saying Assalamualaikum among ourselves and our muslim friends because Assalamualaikum simply means Peace Be With You in Arabic. It is not religious, its just a language.

    I lived in Middle East for a long time and there has never been a day that I did not use Assalamualaikum to both my muslim and non muslim colleagues. Before my Islam friends start asking, I have lived in Saudi, the hear land of Islam for 5 years.

    This guy is just a complete moron and masturbate on Barbie dolls.

    • NRN

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      I am in agreement with you..living in the middle east as well…A’kum is a greeting like how Indians say vanakkam and Chinese say “ni hau ma”. But Islam has been taken to next level in Malaysia, especially by the converts whom are to Muslim that they forget the fundamental principles which is in Islam.

  • Rochy

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    I’m so not agreeing with syah kirit. but FYI sir, your comment just put you at the same level with kirit. to fight fire, you shouldn’t use fire too, sir.

  • Linda

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    Oh my Durai looks like the abuse you suffered has forged you into a wise young man.
    Religious dogma spreads hate, not love sorry to say. We are all humans struggling to do the best we can for ourselves and each other.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    instead of cursing him on fb, my good friend Kannan Loganathan suggested, let’s pray for OUR God to show him something, ala sembahyang hajat. Shah Kirit Fan Page, there can be thousands of things people can say about your ‘new found’ religion, some good, some bad. But we don’t around passing illogical comments that can put other religion down. For now, I really pray to my God, for you to experience hardship very soon. If its a sin, I’m OK about it.

  • rekka chinnasamy

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    This is the Malaysian version of Kony 2012.He has not learn properly in the formal way from any teachers about any religion. Our friend is taking it up in his own friends,interpreting to what he thinks and assumes and cooks up an entire story.I am not surprised by these kind of people.The real reason why they are doing this,we don’t know. Probably the government would be promised him “you talk shit about your religion, we support you, in return we give you a house”. The foremost thing is to see which direction he is coming from,and stop it right then and there. As he is an idiot himself to preach about something he has no clue about,he also has followers that would be or probably have by now that is taking on his footsteps. It’s a vicious cycle and must be stopped.

  • Dead Goat.

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    semalam dia masuk islam, hari ini dia lebih islam dari melayu, esok dia ajar islam pada orang arab, lusa tak tahu laaaa.

    and there are idiots who still listen to one inch pricks like this fellas.

  • AbuShariz

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +5

    Peace & Greetings to all my Hindu friends. I truly understand yr feelings. Truly, no religion teaches us to hurt feelings of others. Fyi, this is a very old issue, happened many years back. Shah Kirit then apologized to all public in newspaper. After that he has no repeated this mistake again.

    Someone is purposely trying to poke fire and create disharmony again among us. I request all my hindu bro & sis to pls pls pls forgive him, in the name of God we worship. We show the world how peaceful we Malaysians are. We can forgive people who make mistake and apologize to us. Thank you, all.

    We need to write to Youtube to remove these videos as our hindu brothers & sisters have suggested. Watching this old videos can only promote hatred and further misunderstanding among ourselves and God forbid, maybe another bigger damage to us and our harmony in Malaysia… Greetings.

  • Dunhill

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    Its a good thing that this happened some years back but nonetheless we remain as ignorant as ever. How many of us Hindus actually know about our religion-i mean there’s no Sunday School or Sekolah Agama. I’m a staunch orthodox Hindu (everyday at the temple) but I believe that by being a true Hindu-I’m already a muslim, a christian and a devil-worshipper. God is beyond good and bad and what you think. Buddha made a name for himself COZ he found out. Anyways-cheers to En Abu Shariz for his PLH post.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Hi Mr Durai. I suggest you move the note on the apology at the top of your article or at least a pointer to tell the readers that Mr Shah Kirit has apologized on this issue a few years ago. I wouldn’t be nice if our Hindu friends act stupidly or share this article virally on facebook without knowing this issue has been put to rest a few years ago. I am sure you don’t want that to happen especially when death threats has been issued

  • Cruzer

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    I remember viewing this video few years back..

  • SataN

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Do you think the jack ass is going to achieve something from doing this, he is only making mockery out of him self, just need to ignore this kinda ass, anyway this is done long time ago so we just forget it. He is just a attention seeker.
    Durai anyway your article on one eye lady is good, just a lil curious what happen to the cute little fat gal who ate all of your vege and meat?

    She is married and settled down probably bro:D, probably half a ton by now

  • Sheila

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    He doesn’t need to put down another religion (his old religion) to hold up his new religion now. I can’t imagine this kind talk is being held. It’s such a shame and not only Hinduism being talked over.. there were even talk about Christianity and Buddhism. I’m not sure whether the age limit for this kind of talk. But if children are exposed to this kind of talk, I can imagine what they will be going around telling their schoolmates and teasing all the Indian students with their “newfound” knowledge. Madness!!

  • Karma

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    Cheap jokes for cheap audiences typical nattan attitude..adapted it after he converted I suppose to win their hearts. Though Islam does not belong only to the Malays..this fella seems to have adapted a Malay behaviour instead of a proper muslim behaviour. May Allah guide him to a right path. Shame on him!

  • chitrawill

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    Well !!!!!!!!!!!! every listener must use their BRAINS!!!!!!!!!


    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    to beloved Shah Kirit Kakulal Govindji,
    since all of the hindus have forgived u.as u have mentioned in your speech that hinduism is lasting so long because of the beautiful belief of not criticising other religion, accepting other religion and not to harm anyone’s feeling by word or feelings(ahimsa pramodhara),would like to be a hindu again?

  • mogan

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    This guy was on Malaysian TV Inter Religious Programme. Although his public view is different from that in Video. It did not change the blasphemy of Hindiusm. Nothing has been done for that, whereas Gobinath’s reaction to this guy’s blasphemy of Hindiusm as caused him to be detained. I wonder if anyone knows his situation now. On the other hand Shah Kirit is probably also involved in bring in this Zakir Naik from India.’

  • magesakash

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    tulka ponna paiyan..shah kirit.


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