Indian Love Story

The world is moving in such a phase today that nothing seems to be permanent. Everyone wants joy and happiness, none wants sorrow and misery in their life. Although unavoidable, we try to minimize problems in our life, but there is one thing in this world that comes packaged with problems.


You see, cheating in a relationship is one thing. There are guys out there who do not deserve to have a girlfriend. You can’t blame the girls for this because some of these guys are fucking smart; they move in cunningly to make sure the girls open up their pants. On the other hand, I’ve seen girls playing around with a few guys, some for material gain, and some for fun.

A few recent deaths involving girls had certainly come as a shock for me, since it’s been years that I’ve ever written about a girl dying. When I was 13, there was this Meenachi in my housing area that torched her alive because her family refused to let her marry the Macha she loves…

While I’m totally against suicide, I somehow began to understand that people who take decision while they’re emotionally unstable usually end up making the stupidest decision ever. The Meenachi decided to torch herself alive because she thought she will not get married to her Macha.

Out of love.Yenna maireh kathelo.

That was 15 years back. Nowadays Meenachi’s don’t really give a fuck for love or don’t even understand the meaning of relationship. They’ve began to be more practical towards life and approach it differently, thinking ahead of how her life will be in the future. If they think the current guy is not suitable, they dump him and start fucking another.

Suren had been in a relationship with a girl for the past 3 years and they never had any problems, he takes care of her like an angel until time comes when they both had to pursue higher education. By using a fake foundation certificate, the girl managed to land a place in medical university earlier than Suren, while Suren had to wait another 6 months to get a place in that university. Suren was disappointed, but kept in touch with her in every way possible. By the time she was in her third week, she had started drinking with her friends in clubs. She was never a drinker and in the name of adapting to a new environment, she had started drinking. By cautioning her to be more careful and to take care of herself, Suren was labeled as an old thinker by his girlfriend. It seems she comes from a modern family.

Actual conversation.This case is well verified through enough sources that the girl actually played on the guy.

I want to ask the girls la, what exactly is a modern family? Dancing half drunk in clubs showing up your papan tits means coming from a modern family is it? Anyway, she dumps Suren she’s been in relationship with for 3 years within 3 weeks of moving in to the new place and began to hang around with a new guy.

Things like this can make guys go emotional and make a stupid decision. Although a completely irrelevant case, the murder of P. Yoga Ambiga is a classic case of a love story gone wrong. The man, B. Vijendran, was obviously madly in love with Ambiga for a few years and even went to her parents to get their agreement. Rejected by her parents, the guy got dejected.

Yoga Ambiga was engaged with another guy and had never shown any interest on Vijendran. She was in love with another guy, thinking all this would be over once she had engaged with her lover.

Barely 2 weeks after Ambiga got engaged; Vijendran mixed acid with petrol and waited in her apartment expecting her return. He was determined to kill her, and upon seeing her, he was out of control and hit her with his helmet. While she was still dizzy being repeatedly attacked by helmet, Vijendran poured the mixture on her and set her on fire. She was charred and her feet were the only thing that wasn’t full burned.

Burned to death.

Even when I’m writing this, I’m horrified. A 27 year old girl was set on fire ALIVE for something which was not her fault in the first place. This is where Machas should come in. You see; when you’re in a relationship with a girl, make sure the first thing that you look through is her past.

Get to know her and talk to her about her problems. If she was indeed facing problems, don’t take it lightly as above. Engage with the necessary parties and work out the solution. If you think things are not working out, make sure legal actions are taken to ensure no harm will come to your loved ones.

You can’t predict how others will behave, but you must always take precaution. What’s the point of loving a girl if you can’t protect a girl? We’re living in a world where people are willing to do anything to achieve their objective. One example is the MIC guy who betrayed his own friend and made him rot through trouble for something that wasn’t a big issue at all. Beware of dangerous snakes and beat them upfront.

The moral of the story is…

My Dear Machas, do not ever do things when you’re under emotional distress; go back home, think carefully and execute your plans. You certainly do not want to get a death sentence because you’re emotionally attached to a certain pussy isn’t it?

And when you’re in a relationship, make sure you protect your loved ones. The very basic essence of a good relationship is protecting them out of danger. And to some girls that think that Indian guys are thinking way backward, think again. There is a reason why they would want to be protective after all, and that reason could save you from being raped or killed.

Be safe and be careful, I will need you all to save the future Machas  and Machis.



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  • Kasvini

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    kasihan tau that lady. what kind of a sick person would do that to even one’s enemy?

  • vasanth

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    Yenna maireh kathelo cant be good at the same time can be bad.

  • narekelvi kepen

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  • M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +6

    “You certainly do not want to get a death sentence because you’re emotionally attached to a certain pussy isn’t it?”


  • Godsentman

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  • iila

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    I’m not against love…but killing people in the name love is totally nonsensical… the essence of love it to keep the loved one happy ..not to burn them alive..I really don’t get the point here…killing a girl for love …committing suicide because can’t get marry to your beloved macha???…. Life is so easy to be end just like dat for love??? Never think about the parents !!! The gals family gona be traumatized for the rest of their life losing the daughter in such a gross way…The guy gona end up behind the bars unable to take care of his family … ITHU ELLAM ORU KATHAL!!!

    I believe if a person can’t be a good son or daughter there is no such thing they can be a good LIFE partner..if you can’t love your family how the hell you can love a guy or gal and keep them happy…..” TAMILARGALEY NAN ENNA SOLLA VARENA…… VALAVAINGE ILLE NA VALAVIDINGE ” !!!!

  • shax

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    A good write up Durai.i would think that people who wld suicide/murder just because they didn’t get the gurl/guy they wanted is way way foolish.wonder what only they learn or have been thought by the parents.seriously what I believe is if that person leaves U or cheats U obviously she/he is not meant for U.remember God is writting our own love story.dont be so desperate cause the GOD who is higher then us and created us only has the right for our lifes cause He knows best. :)

  • natasha

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    Durai, do you think Tamil movies play a part in this kind of actions.?

    @Natasha : Definitely. I’ll do a write up soon about that, about how Tamil movies are indirectly contributing to social ills.

  • sarahlove89

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    Love had death long ago yet couples are still dying every second, Thus what else more to fight for in this life, knowing yourself better than knowing others! Time will heals everybody!

  • sumitha

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    so the conclusion is love in a right age, so that you can think maturely…:)

  • machaIPOHkaran

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    inthe ponnugele ippidithan ejaman..!! aish !!

  • vs

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    Nobody explains love as poetic as Indians. It all started with the verse… “Kannanum nokinan, avalum nokinal….”. All the poems and heart squeezing indian song lyrics would even make a stone melt. So can we blame the machis and machans.

    Many years ago I knew a young boy who was madly in love with his bosses daughter who was beautiful and of course rich. He was just a junior worker in the company from a middle class family. Youngest and the only son in a family of 5 girls and adored by his mother. He knew he had no chance at all to win this girl. One day, he went out with all his friends till late night and then went back to the office and hanged himself.

    At the funeral his mother cried and screamed and said “why did you do this ” how can you do this to me”…and she angrily hit his dead body and screamed “your soul will never ever rest in peace…..”

    He was a simple,polite ,good looking boy…and due to financial contrain was not able to pursue higher studies and only completed Form 5 and had to support his family.

    What all the machas and machis need is a strong mind and right attitude. Remember when you love a person and it didnt work that means she/he is not meant for you. Someone else is there that is specially meant for you and will enrich your life and you will be happier with them than the failed relationship. When the time is right he/she will come to you and everything will fall in place. Learn to let go and carry on with live. Love is beautiful and meaningful only when you love the person and the person loves you in return.

    • vasanth

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      Love is beautiful and meaningful only when you love the person and the person loves you in return.
      100% truth, this is the most importans parts of love.

  • chitrawill

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    love always PROTECT

  • SataN

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    Agreed to Durai write up, as you say ppl dont cant think what is good and what is wrong when your angry, most of the times we just say things and let the person hurt and new the trend is killing the person, aiyooo what is this, is the world going to end 2012 ???

  • Mr Jagger

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    When i read this post it only reminds me of Kazhugu movie & the famous song “Ambalaikum Pombalaikum”…
    The below is what exactly “LOVE” is defined nowadays.

    Kaadhal ellamae Oru Kannaamoochi,
    Ithil Aanum Pennumae Thenam Kaanaa Pochu,
    Kaadhalilae Tharkulaigal Koranje Pochu

    Ada Unmai Kaadhalae, Illa sithappu,
    Inga Oruthan saavuraan, Aana Oruthan Vaazhuraan

    What exactly the above line means is,those days when true love is not united they end up suicide.. That is their only option.. but nowadays you dont frequently hear ppl committing suicide in name of love..why ? because things have changed very much…ppl take things easy when comes to relationship..when their love doesnt end up at marriage,they just throw it & move on..alot of them dont really fight for their LOVE & SURVIVE… but they just give up as they always believe they have 2nd option…
    The attitude of “If not him/her there is someone else” Which can be good or bad at the same time.
    As well it doesnt mean that if your LOVE dont succeed you choose to suicide.Ppl who has choosen this option failed to realise it is one of the stupidest act ever. The life we are living now is given by GOD(for those who believe in GOD) & only himself has the right to take it from us.
    I personally feel that “LOVE IS A GIFT FROM GOD” but sad to say alot of them use that word for so many purposes such as having sex before marriage,flirting,cheating,etc,etc…
    It is something sacred & less ppl appreciate it..
    This is the world nowadays & it cant be changed !
    Anyway GOD bless those true lovers..!!

  • Godsentman

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  • pragash

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    “Love is beautiful and meaningful only when you love the person and the person loves you in return.”

    well its true indeed.when you get to know that the opposite person wont suit you anymore, its better to leave he/she and move on with yr life. we must f the strength to do so, if not, we’l be stuck in our you expecting you’l be happy with he/she since they not really in love with you. its yr foolish if you being with someone that not in true relationship with you. and its yr stupidity when you still choose to be with he/she which is you wont know when they will left you at d ‘junction’ Love is not something that can be forced, it must come by itself from heart. if they left and go after someone else,fine,just let he/she go. Now, you got a second to reformat yr life,format it, rename it n use it wisely. sure there will be someone who will enter yr life, hopefully that new guest will be a part in yr life.i know its hard to forget ‘love’, but it was just one side love, we must admit that. bcoz,if our partner was really truely madly in love with us, they wont leave us.
    the main reason they left us bcoz they found someone better than,so why dnt we too do the same thing, and show them that we still can succeed in our life even without them.
    we must tk it as a challenge n win the match.

    i’m talking based on my own xprience.

    i was in relationship,n i left her bcoz she obviously showed tat she not interested on me just bcoz she hope for a smart,handsome n rich guy.
    (nanthaan teriyame valaiyile sikkidhen).how long we can be with someone which is fake(vendam veruppa)

    it was hard at the beginning, but time heals everything.
    i tk it as a challenge, not to find a beautiful ponnu, but to be a successful person in my life, and to show her that money n smart look isnt a qualification to be a gd partner.

    exactly 1 year., being with her in a same class, but never look at her fucking face.
    and my STP came out, I’m the top student of the year.she called n wished me.i told her ‘its just a beginning’.

    now both of us in different U. and i’m still on my ‘battle’.

    dfrent person having dfrent opinions about love.
    this is mine:

  • Nithura

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    Love is pure and divine those days now love classified as money and sex.but m not blaming all the lovers. no point on forcing some to stay along when they are not interested with you. if i get chance to meet Mr Vijendran i would like to raise a quest to him that he would accept love of a gal which he really dun like? can he live happily with that gal rest of his life?for sure cant succeed the happiness.that how for others too. may b v r differentiate by gender,religion,age,wealthy n etc yet we are still human with same level of pain and suffer.we have al the rites to do watever in our life but ur act shouldnt harm others at any cost.a gal/guy f full rite to propose gal/guy thats their the limit and rites as i mention earlier. to accept o reject the proposal depend on the individual.if tey accept u must be lucky and start a healthy relationship by understanding each other. if rejected jus move on ur life until u get ur rite partner. commit suicide o take revenge upon on ur rejection actually “10kaasu projonam illathe velai”. tink of ur beloved1(parents) b4 act. For you tey mite be sm1 but for them you are their world.

  • Deeps

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    The world has changed & the mindset of people have changed. People are now adopting beliefs, rights, opinions etc which you would not have heard 20 years ago. If you are the kind of person who values love and the institution of marriage, then look for a partner of the has the same values as you. And if you are the kind of person who fears commitment and just want to have fun, then look for someone alike. That saves a lot of heartache and trouble. Most of us have evolved into creatures with great intuition who can sense the red flags and negative wavelengths of others & have the means to confirm it a.k.a google, facebook, private investigator etc. I am a firm believer that you yourself are accountable to what ever you do. So learn to protect yourselves. That is the best favour you can do to yourself.

  • Ganesh

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    S.K.Durai…good one bro.. but sorry to say this bro i just wondered lah whether these people who do all these shit things can really read english and whether they got updated with ur blog..i mean in a sense ur telling them something..but i guess our makkes all specialy in sentosa or other places like kapar n so on got read this or not..coz im from sentosa too n i knw those people tht ur trying to refer to..I mean machas, coz i can see people who are reading ur bloq are mostly frm the IT companies and sort of good in english lah…

  • thana

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    Great article,senses to see how we can learn to “open our eyes” to all that happens around us.Our Indian culture is the most lovable culture in the world and is the most creative and oldest of all cultures and nowadays decaying just because we find rich living in modern or culture style.Friends, in my opinion our culture is not decaying but we are forgetting and going against in our culture.

  • Arasi

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    Re: ur reply to Natasha on Tamil movies’ influence on social ills. OMG, ‘ enna oru marithal’ in you. Remember hw you went loggerheads with me 2 years ago debating on this point? . Well, , you have changed a lot, no more strong languages, very insightful write ups. You have become the change that you wanted to see. All the best!

  • Shalini

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