Of Kids, Spiritualism and Tamil Schools

I would like to dedicate this post and salute my Sai Fund team members; Vivek, Viknes,Selina, Kannan, Sharon, Banu, Laura, Preeta for being the backbone of this organization and continuously work behind the scene to ensure the success of each project. I bow down in respect of all those individuals who had sponsored, donated, and spread the word about our organization to ensure we get all the help we need. Special thanks to Bro Raaja for sponsoring the food for this event and the ever beautiful Hema and Lana for being there to entertain the kids; not forgetting the rest of the volunteers who were there including Sashi, Arvind, Siva, Suren,Sadesvaran and Anand Shivalanka.

When I arrived in SJKT Lauderdale, I was surprised. There is something about this school; it is a combination of a school and temple. If you need an example of how our temples are being maintained way better than Tamil schools, SJKT Lauderdale will perfectly fit the description.

Located inside Lauderdale estate, the school is at least 80 years old. The headmaster, Mr. Nanarekem welcomed us with a huge smile. He was so thankful that we’ve come all the way from KL to provide assistance to this school. The kids were all waiting for us, sitting patiently and smiling in their canteen bench.

Through Sai Fund, I’ve been to many schools in the past, but there was something different about this school. Even the headmaster, Mr. Nanarekem was an awesome man. His passion, dedication and sacrifice for the school reflect’s in the way he was talking to me. At least a quarter of these school students are high achievers.

High achievers despite studying in cramped classrooms with little ventilation!


The students were all sitting in a few rows, and we were seated facing them. Mr Nanarekem welcomed Sai Fund, and subsequently invited me to give a speech. I explained a few things about Sai Fund and our expectations. Since I was not educated in Tamil school, my speech was quite a disaster.

However, the girl’s seems to be impressed.

The boys…

Once the speech was over…

Hema took over and conducted a few games for them, and the kids were extremely elated and enjoyed the whole event. The rest of the volunteers helped the kids with their games while another team helped to set up the computer lab.

For Complete Album, Click on this Picture.

While all this was happening, I was personally given a tour around the school by the headmaster.

We both sat down in his office and he spoke to me about the difficulties they were facing and showed me a number of private documents, which is highly confidential. Investigating further, I found none other than corruption. See, there is a reason why I never get satisfied with all those mega numbers provided by our Government. If all those money really went to schools like this, there is no way you will see kids studying in a classroom as pathetic as I described above. I’m not talking about one school, I’m TALKING about all the schools that I’ve been.

I feel powerless and pathetic not being able to do anything although I know money is being swindled and being ripped off by the cronies and corrupted officials. I couldn’t even reveal the corruption because in future these schools will be affected far more badly, ruining their chances of getting even the bits and pieces that they’re getting now. What I can tell reveal to you will be shocking, but I’m not willing to gamble the future of these kids; the risk is too huge.

Back to SJKT Lauderdale…

After a few rounds of entertaining and informational games, the kids were treated with a good satisfying lunch. A few kids were taken to test the newly set up computers, and they all looked extremely pleased and satisfied. I see hope and happiness in their eyes, seeing something new being set up to benefit them…Overall, we’ve given away education materials and goods worth almost RM 7000 to SJKT Lauderdale.

A number of individuals had donated for the school nevertheless, and S. Vel Paari had been the man behind in the early stages to build 3 new classrooms for this school. Credit where it’s due but the school is in desperate need of many other things. Through Sai Fund and you, I hope we will be able to support not only these school kids, but many more kids in the future.

I bow in respect of all those who had been supporting and fighting for the cause of these kids through other organizations, ensuring their needs are met. I have this blog to promote what we’re doing to these kids, but there are many heroes among our society who are least known despite fighting relentlessly for the future of neglected and systematically marginalized Indians.

Stop fighting for temples. We have enough. You can see a small shrine here in below picture, the total cost to build this small shrine was RM 40000 and one individual donated a lump sum amount to build it.

RM 40000 Navagregem

If only a quarter of it was given to this school, the school canteen which had been pending construction for the past 1 year would have been completed. Lack of funding again.

I’m tired of repeating this again and again but we need more drastic changes to build a better community. There is a lot more things that we the younger generation can do to these kids and it is extremely important that you take your own initiative to support and help this kids.

The only thing that can bring these kids out of the estates is education. The reason why you should fight for education is because when the kids are educated, they will be wise enough to define what is wrong and what is not, and what is evil and what is not. 55+ years ruling the country, and the pathetic facilities and education system in our country is the only reason why Indians had not grown to think on their own. MIC/BN will fight hard to disallow this, because their cari makan will be gone, but remember that good triumphs over evil.


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  • Uncle Tony

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    How can i be part of this? I am interested in social activity works although I am not in the position to support via financially..

  • Nesh

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    Hi.Great work there, I wld like to volunteer for this kind of charity too althou my Tamil is not ‘epicness’ I can try.

    I feel sorry for the students in these schools.I mean,come on Msia is in a forefront of achieving great modernization and yet there are Tamil schools not being even sufficiently-equipped?

    You mentioned about some confidential documents,alibis to some internal corruption, isn’t there anyone that can help with these – I mean we are not in dark ages (yet) ,there are plenty of ”good-souled and influential lawyers/datuks/tan sris who might help rite. I am sure there something that we can be done to help -I really strongly believe that.(???)

    btw May I knw in which district and state is this school located?

    in a nutshell,I just hope for the best of Tamil schools in Msia.

    @Nesh : Yes, they might be able to help(those Tan Sri’s , Dato’s) but they will do it for their own political mileage. The little that the schools are getting now will be gone altogether bro.Even if they had good intention, the guilty ones will make sure the school gets into enough trouble for exposing their wrong doings. If there is something that can be done, it is spending our own energy, time and money to help this kids ourselves rather than depending on this corrupted officials.

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    Thanks to all the volunteers, donators and contributors! Without you guys, we are nothing. :)

    We hope to serve more and more Tamil school kids and in order for us to keep on doing it, we would definitely need your support. It doesn’t necessarily be in monetary form but as long as you could spread the word about SaiFund (saifund.org) to all your peers, friends, families and so on, that would be a big help. Cheers to everyone!

  • ROY

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    Dato Samy….tolong kami……!!!!

  • Raja Kohila

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    Well done Saifund…and all those who managed tofree your time to be there to help out and make the projects of saifund a success. My bows and kudos to you…
    Would be interested to join and help together, but time is my limiting factor…but hopefully i would be able to assist you in your projects….
    God bless everyone who are already giving a helping hand, and i pray that more would realise about the work being done here by a small group of people…

    God bless.

  • Gokul

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    I’m interested too in social service even though I’m not very much financially stable. At least can help whatever I could. On the other hand, these types of school will be in big relief if all the Indian Datos/Millionaire/rich politicians, each adopt a school.

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    Im not suprised on that contribution for small shrine. When it comes to “GOD” they are willing to give a huge amount but when comes to education.. they will say.. ok i will give but how sure are u they will 100% use the money for the kids.

    I’m sick and tired of explaining to many on how important is education and proper place for them to gain knowledge. people can buy goat “RM 1100″ for temple when there is thiruvilla but for school donation, even RM 10 is big burden for them to contribute. My surrounding are from this type of people… HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    like the last line..well-intentioned article

  • nanthu

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    one day u will just be a memory for some people,
    do your best to be a good one….sai ram….

  • mages

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    Thank you for doing these activities to bring our community up. Be proud with your team & may many will follow your footstep. Me n my team ( Shiva Sakthi Sidargal ) or SSS in short, doing our part too. We are using temple as a platform to do charitable activities & believe me it’s tough to influence ppl to do charity work. However i’m using religion to do this as one of ur commenter reported “Indians afford to buy goat for Rm1,100 but for kids education Rm10 a big amount? We hope we can invite you over & you can share your experience with us. Hope many will follow this step..

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    Not many people care to do what you do. Hats off to you. Please let us know how to contribute to this fund.


  • vasanth

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    keep up thr good work

  • kamikaze pilot

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    Give the bank account number related to the fund.

  • A-style

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    happy to c this bro…at least u guys are making sum changes :)

  • Durai

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    Our Sai Fund website is currently down, so if you’re interested in contributing please donate to this account number :

    Account : 162393764732 (Wadiah Savings Account – Maybank)

    Account Holder : Preeta

    Please email details to donate@saifund.org once done. Thank you for your contribution:)

  • Asamboi

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    PIBGs are given much less attention that temple committees.

    Education are given less priority than thevaram classes by parents.

    When a temple gets demolished, the entire Indian community gets upset, when a Tamil school doesn’t receive funds, no one really cares.

    Indian leaders are seen officiating temples and acting all holy, they don’t care a damn about schools.


  • Balakrishna Balaravi

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    well put mate. We need more assistance for education and enough funding in pretence of soul cleansing for deities.

  • Parti

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    I just came across about your web this morning after reading The Star (5/9/2012). You are the one of the Hero’s. Congrat and how can I participate in your charity work?

    Thank you Thamila.

  • Orkid

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    Hi SAI Team & durai,

    I found your blog through The Star today and may I say all the issues highlighted in this blog are utmost shocking. Keep up your fantastic and sincere work to help your fellopw brothers and sisters. Relating to all the stories made me understand the Indian community and issues teh community had from family, caste, suicide, love, gangsterism, education, poverty etc. May god bless you and your team.

    I notice from the comment that you provide the account number of Maybank. Is tehre any CIMB account? It faster, since Maybank takes 3 days to tranfer. Its ok if you dont have any.

    Any SAI FB or Twitter that i can ‘like’ and updated instantly should you visiting any Tamil school? I would love to contribute physically as well.

  • Uma

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    Hi Sai Team,
    I wld very much like to do physical & financial contribution to any Tamil schools. Education is the key to freedom for these underprivileged children and they MUSTN’T be neglected.

  • Diva

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    Do you guys have such programs up north, SP area to be precise? I would like to contribute in the advancement of Tamil schools. I have posted an interesting arguement that I had with a local MIC youth leader on the current state of Tamil schools. Be warned that E-Mail conversation is very,very long one but it apparently is ‘their’ part of the story…..

    If Najib wants Indian votes for the next GE ….. please ask him to convert all Tamil Schools into fully government aided schools or else Indians would not be impressed with “blueprints”

    Tamil School’s can be converted to govt aided schools but we hv to scarifies few things,
    1st HM’s from non Indian community will be appointed, Y this has to be done bcoz, as in Educational Act.Govt schools should reflect the community partisan, as some of the govt school’s head is non Malay, even though in small number.

    Y we dont want non Indian n Chinese to head Tamil and Chinese schools bcoz some HM’s will run the school according to their wish. Recently there is a issue
    regrading how the HM’s run the schools, what the Education Ministry replies were they just set the guideline (SOP) but HM’s can run the school according to their decisions. Tamil and Chinese schools are the place for us to preserve our culture and religion, if non Indian and Chinese heads the schools, it might contrast with they way school running now.
    This why the Chinese through Dong Ziong, doesn’t want to convert any school to fully govt aided. But on our side we still wants govt to take over the schools. If issues like lack of facilities, now days schools are getting a lot of allocations from federal, state, NGO’s and former school leavers associations but sometimes due to internal conflict between HM’s and PIBG chairman, the allocation is not fully utilized.
    So my personal view is our Tamil schools shouldn’t be converted to govt aided school but we should built schools like the Chinese schools.
    Can we do it? If we can built world class temples without govt help, Y cant we built schools where our children can learn comfortably.

    ….but why can’t a legislation passed in parliament that a “Tamil school is not only a school but a place to preserve place to preserve our culture and religion, hence the HM should be an Indian.” If the constitution of Malaysia can changed more than 20 times in 50 years, why not this request . Furthermore BN had absolute majority for > 50 years.
    Then again, I agree with your last point “If we can built world class temples without govt help, Y cant we built schools where our children can learn comfortably.” I think this is the challenge for the youths in MIC, to take the lead. Just chose one of the MIC constituency (for e.g. Tapah) and use the above slogan and build a world class Tamil School and I’m sure the Indians in other cities in Malaysia will follow en suite.

    If a motion moved for only Indian HM’s in Parliment, then the Malay MP’s will move a motion for only Malay HM’s in SK school’s, then again we will be divided and might be losing the positions in SK schools, its always a win win formula need to accommodate all the races in a multi racial country.

    MIC has rebuilt more than 100 Tamil schools, but anyhow why only MIC need to shoulder the responsibility when Tamil school matters, it should be every Indian’s kadamai….my bench mark is the Chinese, when comes to education matters…every Chinese contributes and responsible to uplift the schools starts from the street hawker to multi millionaire businessman and also form political diversion. Tamil school only can get support if the enrollment is good, 1st our parents need to sent their children to Tamil school..the current national ratio, 90% Chinese sending their kid to Chinese school, only 10% of them sending to national type school, where else only 55% of our Indian parents sending their children to Tamil and 45% sending to national type school. Many gives reason lack of facilities and will Tamil educated survives? For me language is like our mother, THAI MOZHI, when our mother who all these years taken care of us, now is sick, will we abandons her?? Wont we find all the avenue to save her?? Its the same with the language, we must resort all the avenue to save it…not depends on others to do for us……..I have decided to sent my son to Tamil school…but how many parents are doing it now? Will Tamil educated survives?? Well if our richest Indian in Malaysia is from Tamil school background, cant we survive in this country with Tamil educated background??

    The youths in MIC will always be defender of the community and agent of change. We will never abandon the community neither its culture. Anyway if you have any suggestion to uplift the community, do let me know, we always can work together. I’m always open for criticism and improvement.

  • mrs rani

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    Dear Durai,

    Good day. This s Mrs Rani from MMICare programe. We met sometime ago via Priya.
    You and team are doing a great job.

    I have a joint fundraiser proposition if you are keen. Do let me know your thoughts.

    I can be reached at 012 3795735.

    Thank you
    Mrs Rani


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