The Greatest Sin

I was visiting a close relative of mine in Klang General Hospital the other day, and it brought back a lot of memories. I’ve been here before, approximately 10 years back taking care of my grandfather on a rotational night shift on the 8th floor. It was a scary experience when my grandfather freaked the shit out of me before he finally passed away. He saw his death and tried explaining it to me in vain. I just couldn’t make out his conversations with ‘someone’ else, possibly from the other world.

The hospital has more patients than wards, so my uncle was placed uncomfortably close with other patients. I personally hate going to hospitals because every single person over there looks like they need attention. They all look so weak and deserve some sort of attention. Some of them have someone to look after them; some of them look so lonely and miserable.

I was talking to my uncle when I heard someone was breathing heavily; panting like he’s going to go anytime soon. It was coming from the next bed. One old Chinese man, in his 80’s is gasping for breath; he was fitted with a type of mask which was connected directly to something that looks like a gas tank. He was clearly struggling, turning left and right restlessly, while trying to inhale as much as possible. His eyes open’s every now and then, like he was looking for someone.

I looked at him without blinking for a few seconds…

Nobody was beside him. No relative to take care of this man.It’s a scene I hate to see. It’s a scene that no parents should go through. It’s a scene that shows that the children’s of this man is doing a great sin. A great sin that will never go away even if you feed millions of poor children’s.


When I was in secondary school; sometimes I used to take a bus to go to my grandparents’ house which was located behind Pantai Medical Center. From the bus stop, you’ll have to cross a small pedestrian bridge and walk to the other side of the road before you could go to Pantai Medical Center. There was this one time when I was about to get down from the bus, one old Indian lady got down together with me. She was slightly trembling and was at least 60 years old. She was carrying a worn down bag on her left shoulder, and her umbrella doubled as walking stick.

I could slightly remember our conversation on that day:

“Aiya, inthe pantai haspeteri yenggeya iruke?”

“Aiya, where is Pantai Medical Center?”

“Inggethan minekke patti, road thandi poyitte right le valenji nerah poninggena anggethan iruke patti”

“Just nearby patti, cross the road and then turn right and walk all the way straight”

She stared at me blankly, giving me the WTF look.

At that age, I was a bit shy to company her since I was worried if any of my friends happen to see me walking with an old lady, they might tease and shame me in school. Reluctantly, since I felt a bit guilty, I told her I’ll guide and walk her there.

Neglected by the Government, neglected by their own kids.

On the way, she explained that she has come for a medical checkup, and her health is just fine. If I remember correctly, she mentioned that she has 3-4 children’s, all working adults and all her children’s are busy working so they couldn’t take her for the medical checkup. Even at that age, I was practically cursing the children’s because out of 3-4 kids, none of them even bothered to take a day off to send their mother for a medical checkup.

And she has to take public transportation, walk 200-300 meters away in hot sun to reach the hospital. How fucking selfish can the children’s be? I don’t understand how you can tag behind your girlfriends pavadai all the time wherever she goes, but when it comes to your OWN parents, you can’t even bring them for a medical checkup?

That old man who was gasping for breath and who had no one beside him and the old lady who has children’s yet none of them cared to bring her to the hospital is a perfect example of how sick our society is today. We’re so obsessed with material gains that we forget we’re committing the biggest sin of all by neglecting the very people who had brought us up.

How can you forget what your parents have done for you?

My pemilyyy..

When you were young, you probably was shitting and pissing everywhere; your mom would wash you up and make sure you’re clean all the time. When she gets old and needs an adult diaper, you put her in old folks home because you think it is unhygienic to clean her up, feeling disgusted.

Just to make sure you have enough money for your expenses in college, which you will use for cigarettes’ and cheap liquors anyway; your father would work day and night to ensure there is always enough money for you. Yet when you grow up, you hesitate and think twice to give him some money for his expenses when you can always afford to buy expensive stupid dolls for your girlfriends.

One of the greatest wealth in your life is your parents, and this invaluable relationship has an expiry date. Once they have expired, you will not get them back; so cherish and love them, keep them close to you.

As the saying goes, your parents need your presence more than your presents…


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  • muthu

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    katthi bro…we hav to give back what we get from our parent to them back…hav to make them proud and happy..

  • Asamboi

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    Good one Durai. However, I disagree with your comment: Parents are not one of the greatest gift, they are the GREATEST.

  • vss

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    I have a collegue who visits her mother once a month only to give her money. The reason is the mother ever since she was in her teens, used to abuse her with filthy language and always degrade her and says she is good for nothing.Its a waste to have given birth to her.She always curse her. Why? Because she was the only child and she turn out to be a girl when they wanted a boy. Apparently the stupid husband left her mom bcoz she gave birth to a baby girl. (its a love marriage apparently)! So she blames her daughter. Mind you these are middle class family not some uneducated one.

    So I told her why dont you tell your mom, its not your fault nor yr mom fault but the stupid man she calls father’s genes that determine the gender of baby, her mom can’t accept the scientific explanation.

    But I admire this collegue of mine, against all odds, she turn out to be a wonderful balance and highly qualified person academically and career wise.

    The mother never stops till now. She so determined to break this girls spirit as if she wants her to suffer. So my friend stays away from her. Sometimes parents can be a pain too.

    • A-style

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      hi ther vss,1st of all m realy sorry to ur fren…but then we cant say sumtimes parents can be a pain to..because if its not coz of them,we wont b in this world…i salute ur fren cause she stil give money to her mom even her mom did all that to her…but yet,we still have to tink in a way why her mom did like that aite?may b pressure coz have left by her husband,wht did d society tink of her that time all that have to consider also aite? avange than appidi irukange na nambelum shuld not b d same yar…just do our responsibilities as a son/daughter…sorry if i have talk anything wrong here…

      • vss

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        hi A-style..nothing wrong with what you said.

        Its her mother’s ignorance and not facing reality causing her to be bitter to her child.

        For many years my friend refused to see her mother but just banked in money to her account, bcoz she was very angry with her. So when I bcame her friend, I told her this ” due to your mother’s ignorance, she is being nasty. But you my friend is a warm hearted person, so 4give yr mom for her mistake n just see her at least once in a month. Just ignore her bickering” So she started going to her mom house. its true just bcoz they r like that it doesn’t mean we shud loose our identity.

        • A-style

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          vss bro…

          respect u bro.u have comfort her,and make her visit her mum back again…happy to hear it bro :). her mum also old d bro,if its not her daughter who else will tc of her in her golden age rite now.

  • Suren

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    A great sin that will never go away even if you feed millions of poor children’s. Super line bro…One should never neglect thier parents…always remember how you treat your parents thats how your kids will treat you….what goes around comes around…Hats of durai

  • M.Siva

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    Our parents need us more when they get old. But many of us tends to listen to the wife & neglect our parents. This situation happens everywhere. I agree, what goes around come around. Your turn will be next.

  • Dead Goat.

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    Its all wonderful to read and hear to such stories.

    truly those who get the sort of parents that Durai had highlighted are indeed blessed.

    Lets not forget, there are the others who for some twisted freudian reason, just need to see their kid suffer, tumble and burn.

    I for one wish my dad had stayed and my mom had gone instead.

    Such unfortunate turn of events that the good parent had to go before and the conniving scheming one remain to forever taint my life.

    As I said, not all are fortunate or blessed.

  • Uncle Gerald

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    Hey Durai.
    Really admire your sense of humanity and care.
    A father and mother can love and take care 10 children.
    But not all ten children can take care or their parents.
    When we are young, we make many promises to take care of our parents…
    But when we grow up…the promises we make is long forgotten..we abandon them.
    And sad to say we only regret of our actions when they are gone.
    You can replace many persons and things in life ..but our parents cannot be replaced.
    What they do for with love and not measured. And in return they only want our love and care back.

  • Mr Jagger

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    First of all heads up & much respect for you for bringing up this topic bro. This is a very good eg of whats happening in this world nowadays.
    Alot of them failed to realise how important are our parents r.. They are our GREATEST asset in our life which nobody can replace.
    Im going to keep it simple.
    When our parents are around alot of us dont appreciate them/even care fo them but when they are gone,most of us will sit & cry hoping that we will have a second chance to see them… Act before its tooo late !..No point regretting when they are gone..

  • SataN

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    Hat off to you brother Durai, come to think abt it, ur so right children ignoring their parents, I like your like this liner of yours, (I don’t understand how you can tag behind your girlfriends pavadai all the time wherever she goes), this ppl tend to forget they too will be come parents one day and will realise if their kid do the same thing to the “IGNORE THEM” there is a saying what goes around comes around, and KARMA, now days will it you on the spot… Hope this lil kuchi rats will realize it soon, rescept your parents not only your parents but all the elders….. Cheers.


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    again a good one Durai…these kind of filty things are happening around me too…but sometimes u cant do much…i personally thinks that as parent..they should build up a good guideline on how to treat old ppl wen kids are stil young…eventhough things they go through wen they grow up change them to who they r childhood bringing up still counts rite..some parent spent evrything for their kid..they get watever they need not knowning the hardship of their earning parents..too much pamper..some parent enjoy this wen u shower ur kids with only’s not enough…teach them wat is life..wat r the struggles they went thru just for the rm10 that they provide for daily pocket money…this way..may be they realize how much the parents love them…chances of parents being abandone can be lesser…

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    Great article bro! All the kids, particularly those gang members, mandes-wannabe, high-profiled criminals and so on should have a read on this. At least this would knock some sense on their head to respect and take care of their parents till the very end instead of abandoning them halfway.

    Even some of the rich buggers would do the same to their parents. Ivenungge ellam savaadikinom bro.

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    Hie there.
    I was blogwalking and came across your interesting blog today.
    I am sure that your article will be a great eye-opener and inspiration for the younger generation today who are self-absorbed in their rat race, forgetting their responsibilities towards their family. Keep writing! :D

  • Mani

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    Good topic bro Dorai……….Every action will have its own reaction one should never forget that.

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    Love reading your blog. Yes! you are indeed right that today’s society is really sick but I am glad that I could still find someone like you that have humanity and compassionate in heart. The Law of the Universe is strict. Do upon others and it will return upon you. Keep it up. You are not alone. Dear readers there is a formula that will help us get into initiative. that is Learn, reflects, empowerment and actions. All we need is “it starts with me, it starts right now.” indeed everyone of us is ” a seed of hope.” for a betterment of happy and peaceful society. Get to know your webpage through Star paper today. many thanks and keep up your good work.

  • mommy's girl

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    what goes around comes around suits well with this topic… :)


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