Janji Dicapati

I was a chain smoker by the time I was 18, smoking cigarettes was a need, something I would consider necessary at that age. By 20, I was caught smoking by my father, and after rounds of table-talks and negotiations, we both came to an agreement that smoking is injurious to health and I shall not smoke anymore. My mom brought out a sudam thatte, a silver plate which contains burning camphor’s, and I’m supposed to place my hand on top of the burning camphor and promise not to smoke again. It was a highly religious event, just to stop me from smoking. So, I promised.

I went on being a chain smoker; on and off until I was at least 25.

Did I keep the promise that I’ve made to my parents for me to claim now that I’ve done wonderful things to them? I can’t, simply because I’ve not kept to my promise, I’ve done shit behind their back and yet had pretended to be good in front of them.

Similarly, this year’s Merdeka theme is one out of ordinary. The Government, being so desperate to spread their message and ideology through whatever means it takes, had decided to use their own political slogan which is ‘Janji Ditepati’.

Janji Ditepati simply means the government had fulfilled all the promises that had been made to all Malaysians.

Throughout history, I hardly doubt that there had been a Government more desperate than the Government of today. With their hardly intelligent partners, MCA and MIC, they’re so desperate to gain support that they decided to use their own political slogan for Independence Day Celebration. Train, bus, taxi, from billboards to underwear’s, you can see 1Malaysia.

Official MIC underwear


MIC as usual was licking whatever being thrown to them, with MIC president recently announcing that Indian support had increased for BN/MIC. I don’t know where they get their findings from, bet it must be from one of their cyber troopers. Probably from the heavily paid Nambikei team.

So had the Government really kept their promises and brought Indians out of their poverty line after ruling this country for 55 years? One MIC fellow recently posted out that people are talking about all the Tamil schools which are in bad condition, but none is talking about Tamil schools which are in good condition.

Can you see how foolish they’re? Why the fuck would you want to talk about good schools when you have hundreds of ‘bad’ schools to talk about? Hundreds of schools that were build more than 55 years ago but until now they’re still in a shitty condition. MIC is the only party that has built schools for more than 55 years and until now they’ve not completed building all the schools yet.Engineering Marvels.Until now almost 300 schools are not fully aided. Bad education, bad Machas.

We all know who rules the prison, the Indians. Every year, probably hundreds of Indians are shot dead or get sentenced, because they’re involved in crime. Take a look at the latest Macha below and see how he took out his machete and started chopping the guard ruthlessly without mercy.

These are the Indians of today. Product of negligence and careful isolation by the Government in terms of development. Is this the Janji Ditepati the Government has been talking about?

This man was caught stealing food from a mosque recently. He has claimed that he did not want to steal, he had asked for permission to take some food but was denied by the people there. So he decided to steal the leftover food. Indians had to beg for food, Janji Dicapati.

Now let me show you how our Indians are living in Malaysia today, and REMEMBER, this is a tiny fraction of things I can highlight. In the place we’re conducting free tuition center by Sai Fund, hundreds of Indians families are living below poverty line, unable to sustain themselves even for their food.

This MIC guy had been helping out the community.

Good souls from Love All Serve All team members are helping out this families.


These are the things you don’t see. These are the things that had been carefully hidden.

Is this the Janji Ditepati the Government was talking about? And I’m talking only about Indians. What about other races that had been equally neglected especially the Malays?

Janji DiTirupati.

Unggeleke Ellam Namam Thandi…



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  • Uncle Tamizh

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    Bro..I can’t access saifund webpage. I want to be a volunteer. What should I do? The website is not even loading..

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    bro, that “janji ditepati” theme actually means our PM is keeping his promises to ‘big momma’ rosmah by buying her shits and stuffs. You wonder where our taxes go… politicians’ tank sized stomach. That’s why we hardly have money for development of our society. So much for merdeka…sigh


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    Don’t worry, once Anwar takes over the premiership of this country, all the Indian’s problems will be solved at once..Long Live Anwar Ji..

    • Justanother20yroldguy

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      do you really think that’s gonna happen?

      • GRUTCH

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        Hahah..I’m just being sarcastic…whoever leads the country, BN or PR, the Indians will still be in the same shite hole..so, the only option for us is to work hard, don’t depend on any political party who is only gonna take advantage of Indians. My first comment above just to highlight some beliefs the Indians have on Anwar..any comments condemning PR or Anwar, normally will be subjected to negative replies, or even worse, THUMBS DOWN until the comment is totally unviewable due to less rating..so much so for talking of freedom of speech, when people don’t exercise it in the right way..adios..anyway, ANWAR HIDUP..OMEGA HIDUP..HINDRAF pun HIDUP, PERKASA lagi lagi HIDUP, semua pun HIDUP, siapa mau mati??


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    i’m already saying “satu malaysia my stinky foot…” well i wish to keep my somehow not so bad image by keeping quiet bout this one now…

    but they r indeed getting on my nerves!!


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    Engineer marvels….semma ayat..

  • Roy

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    Bro…that’s a real good title and ending you’ve got there..
    Janji dicapati and janji ditirupthi…..ahaha…
    Can stop laughing bro…

  • Roy

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    Dato Samy….tolong kamiiii….!!!!

  • Mr Jagger

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    First of all i do not know what “1 Malaysia” stands for when everyone is not getting the equal rights..
    Given up on politics long ago..If we talk/voice out against something,will end up counting bars

  • Mandai

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    Hanya tuan samy velu boleh kasi india baik.

  • Ghost Rider

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    Cant even give a few lots for Indians and Chinese in their Bazaar Malam, How can we expect seats in University for the course we wanted. NO 1MALAYSIA

    • GRUTCH

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      yes, you are right..we don’t have any market or trade centre specific for us. There is no Little India in Brickfields, Klang or Penang..All the shops there are given to the Malays..There is no Indian graduates in Malaysia for the last 55 years..All the Indians in Malaysia are living in poverty. And yes, i agree with you, there is no 1Malaysia..

      • Kanakarajh Raman

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        bro… what you mean by “no Indian graduates in Malaysia for the last 55 years?” you mean medical student in UM?

        • GRUTCH

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          yes you are right…medical seat is absolute right for every Indian student..only Indians can become good doctor and becoming a doctor is life long dream for Indians in Malaysia or probably every Indian in any part of the world..MAHSA / Masterskills (although owned by Indians) does not take Indian students…furthermore, there is no Indian engineers in Malaysia..UTM does not take any Indian engineering students..PTPTN is not offered to Indians…

          HINDRAF Valge..

  • Nightwing

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    1Malaysia only exist on billboards, tv ads and newspapers. All kinda 1Malaysia things are being created, 1Malaysia clinics, 1Malaysia groceries….Innum konje naal ponaa…”1Malaysia naviine kattane kalipparai” kude varelaam…ethirpaarunggel…
    “Janji ditepati”…hey its your duty la…come on! you are elected for what? To serve people…and don’t hype over the duty you have to do for the people. Again its your duty…do it without expectation and advertisements.

    And by the way…i like the last one “Janji Dithirupathi”…

  • NRN

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    Silence everybody…this is a sensitive issue…you wanna be caught by ISA…opps no more ISA…but something else is there…Security Offenses Bill(limits detention without charge to 28 days and is aimed mainly at terrorism suspects or people being investigated for security crimes, a term some Malaysian observers interpret as code for inflaming racial tension)

    Talking bout the system of the country is an offense…remember that..they cant hold you for indefinite time but they can hold you for 28 days :p

  • Selvam

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    Guys just think.. Prior to THR Raaga.. Whatever aired on Radio 6 (aka Minnal FM) we have to listen, we have no choice. They don’t even care of what we want to listen but after THR Raaga they change entirely 2 DJ’s and more interesting thing is they are competing each other.. Its the same to all industries.. Like Telco.. Maxis VS Digi VS Celcom end of the day users benefiting getting better rate and much cheaper if only one dominate it. I just wonder why many can’t think this simple logic.. Recently ruling GOV has given so much of things (netbooks to school kids, RM500 to old folk and so on) why do you think they do all these.. just to compete with opposition. Just imagine if opposition won this election current opposition will do everything they can to win in up coming elections and if BN become opposition they sure will do their best to win the election too so who will get benefit here?

  • Chandra Prakash

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    MIC just trying to make our indian katak bawah kottankucchi… but thier tactics not working noowdays it seems… good shot brotha….


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