Runaway Meenachis Part 2

The interesting thing about a lot of Indian girls nowadays is how much they’re more interested in getting into a relationship with someone as useless as shit, and how they glorify and prioritize their new found love over their parents and family members. When I wrote about my cousin sister who went on to stay with her boyfriend in his hostel, without informing her family members while we were frantically looking for her, many got upset and started abusing me verbally saying that I’m thinking way backward because I gave my sister a few slaps.

A few slaps and many are running all over calling me an abuser. If you have not read the previous article, you may read it HERE.

It was my sister’s wedding the other day, and my cousin sister walked in with her boyfriend. A new guy. This new guy is a 29 year old former convict, and had done his time in prison. My cousin sister is 19 years old. I felt like I’ve been slapped in the face because it was only a year ago that she promised that she will never leave her boyfriend, and both will struggle through in life to get married. The ex also promised that they will be together forever. Now, she had left the guy and now in a relationship with a former convict. Ithethanda ungge kathal.

Was this because we’ve slapped her? Of fucking course not!

This is because we actually never laid our hand on her until she ran away from home and dare to stay in her boyfriends hostel. Until that day, we’ve always visited their family and offered whatever we could, since we’re relatives and they’re my sisters.

Let me tell you another story about a distant relative who also ran away when she was 19(Yes, I’ve plenty of Runaway Meenachis in my family). The girl came over from Seremban to study in Segi college in Petaling Jaya. She had a culture shock, seeing the night life and how her friends are enjoying themselves in clubs and so on. From Kambethe Mohana she literally turned into Modern Madonna within a few months. A 38 year old married guy courted her and eventually convinced her enough that she should run away with him. She did.

Her parents had only two daughters. A rich family and the father spend more time with her daughters than his business. From what I gathered, the father never laid his hands on the kids and the mother equally loved them, spoiling these kids.

The problem is you girls are getting so tensed up when your brother is laying his hands on you, but when some fucking stranger Macha lay his hand on you, it is ALL right. If your brother is disciplining you with a few slaps, it is called assault and battery. If one stranger brings you out and rips off your pussy, then it’s called love. It is the other way around, fools! It is because your brother loves you that he don’t intend on you getting screwed up.

Many of you got so worked up because I slapped my sister, but do I have a choice? I’ll put you in the exact situation. If I bring your sister out and keep her for one whole night, with some vaginal thumping added in, and send her back the next day, while you’re frantically looking for her, how will you react? Will you sit down and talk to your sister? I’m a sweet talker; I will be able to bring your sister out again. Then I screw her again, and send it back to you. What do you do? Sit down and talk?

You will go get screwed all around, you want us to give you banana leaf rice once you came back ah?

I’m not justifying abusing woman. In fact, I’m a strongly against beating woman. But in terms of disciplining my own sisters and kids, if needed be, I would not spare the rod. We have emotions. No matter what, girls are supposed to protect a family’s image. If a guy is going to fuck around 10 girls, he will be glorified as playboy. If a girl is going to be fucked by 10 guys, you know what you will be called as; Vandi .You will be called as Kenderaan Awam.

Your brothers are your parents when you grow up. You can outsmart your parents, but you can never cheat your brothers. They will know exactly what you’re doing, but they might not really show it. They will monitor, but they would let you grow and only correct you when there is a need.

When we’re young, it’s normal for us to rebel and its normal for us to fall in love with some Machas. But if you’re going to fuck up your parents name and bring shame to the family, what do you expect Meenachi?…. Mayirachi, you deserve a slap in the face! I don’t mind when you rebel, but have a good cause to begin with. You want to rebel for a Macha who can’t survive on his own? What the fuck? I talk to many young girls through my blog, and I have heard hundreds of stories over the years. I can assure you these girls are so naive that I can fuck them after talking to them overnight. As a guy I know the ways guys will try to open up your pants, so by experience, fucking listen to the elders. After you kena koyak-rabak by a few fellows you want to get married ah?

I’m not justifying beating a woman here. I’m justifying disciplining through physical punishment. Would I care if you’re not my family member? Of course not. If you’re going to visit a doctor over illness, he is going to treat you perhaps by injections. That injection will give you a small pain, but it will prevent the disease from spreading further in your body.

When you’re infected with some ‘stupid hormone’ related disease, it will be your brothers who will inflict some pain, but it is only to abstain and train you so that you will have a big gain.

No pain, no gain. We; brothers are there to train…




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    at times, younger brother plays the same role in case you don’t have an older one..

    nice article as usual…

  • Kumarendran

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    wow,well said bro… :)

  • Roob

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  • Bahma

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    • Mr Jagger

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      Sorry Friend i dont agree with your reaction..
      I believe Durai hit that person out of concern & care.. I can agree with you,you cant simply hit a person for them to understand what is good/bad but the main point here is we as brothers have rights on our sisters because we want them to end up with someone who is trustworthy & not the ones who just go fo sexual relationship..A simple eg,i had my cousin sis who ran away from home as well..So me & my entire family(including their parents) advised her on a proper manner saying this is not right time for her to be in relationship & she yet to see better guys because she coupled up with a pusher(FYI). In spite of advising her she attampted to run away from home for the second time at the age of 18 & she did. The pain the family felt was massive & you cant describe the humiliation they went thru..we finally caught her but this time we handle her just like how Durai did with his cousin sis..ever since then,she had that fear she is surrounded with ppl watching her & protecting her.. now,she is working in medical line with a good life.. So the Moral of the story is- Some ppl you cant go by words but action will make them realise things..Put yourself to that situation & you will know what exactly Durai is trying to deliver..cheers friend !!!
      P/S : Abang Durai,you got my back & i truly like this post since i myself have experienced what you been thru..cheers bro.. !

      • dissapointed hindu

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        I’m sorry, Mr.Jagger but I have to disagree with you.

        First of all, I would like to say that I’m happy that your cousin sister have a good life. I truly am.

        However, just because you and your family solve the problem the way how Durai did with his cousin sis, that doesn’t make it the RIGHT way of solving the problem.

        Personally, I myself heard the same kind of story with different ending. There is this girl from a strict, conservative family. She fell in love with a boy but her family don’t approve of their relationship. They have tried many ways of stopping her from seeing the boy, including beating her, don’t allow to go out of the house unsupervised, cut her hair(this is supposed to make her less attractive, I guess)… The ways her family treat her only makes her feelings towards her lover stronger, hence makes her to rebel more. Finally, somehow, the girl managed to run away with her boyfriend. Till now, I don’t know the ending of the story. I hope the girl is safe.

        Remember that if you violently stop someone from walking out of the door, the person would simply climb over the window.

        People should realise that teen dating is normal. Falling in love is a normal part of being a human. However, the phase of falling in love can be dangerous, if teenagers are not taught to deal with these emotions maturely.

        So, this is where parents and elder siblings play the role. When children reached puberty, the parents and elder siblings should speak to them about desires and emotions that they will have as they grow up. This is the time where both teenage boys and girls should learn to treat everyone (especially opposite genders) with respect and equality. This is the time where the father and mother should guide their children to deal with sexual desire and emotion in mature and sophisticated manner.

        I understand that some parents find teen dating to be a waste of time or some may even find it a negative thing. But truth to be told, teen dating can be one of the way how a teenager learn more about his/herself. Teen dating allows one to identify what he/she accepts or not accept in a relationship. Through this life experience, one would mould into a confident, mature-thinking adult. However, teen dating can also be a confusing stage for teenage as emotions and hormones kicks in. That is why parents, instead of you screaming and object your children’s relationship, why not guide them to date so that they don’t go overboard.

        For example, if you find out that your daughter love this particular guy, don’t be angry. Be happy that your daughter is able to feel love. Same thing goes for your son as well. Then, ask in friendly way about your daughter’s/son’s crush/lover. You can ask details like age, attitude, school performance, etc. Then if you hear answers that may make you feel concern, why not you ask your son/daughter to bring his/her lover to you. Or you can meet his/her lover in school. Just talk normally be cool. Try to know your son’s or daughter’s lover, without judgement.

        When your son or daughter want to go out for a date, meet both of your son or daughter and his/her lover before they go. You can tell them all the do’s and dont’s. Do be flexible. If you feel uncomfortable to allow your child to go out ofor a date, then why not bring along your son’s or daughter’s lover for a family outing, like going to the park or playground or just go family shopping in a nearby mall. This way, not only you will be able to know your child’s lover better, you will for sure know your son/daughter will be alright. Also, your child’s lover will get to know you and the who family better and with that, your child’s lover may feel a sense of family emotion with you and the whole family. Of course, if a relative or neighbour saw your child’s lover, you can just identify him as your child’s friend, or even your nephew or niece… :)

        This way, not only your relationship with your son and daughter grow stronger, your son and daughter will be comfortable to come and seek advice from you, if anything turns sour. Remember, teen’s love may just be monkey love, but it is actually an important phase in a teen’s life.

        However, there are still parents who believes discipline through punishment. Discipline is important, but it should be done in a way that is less threatening, more loving, more compassionate and more rational explanation, instead of “You are my son/daughter so you do what I say”

        If lets say your sons/daughters is now in their 20’s or age where they can get married, and he/she chose a lover who you feel that might not be the right choice. Okay, so you feel he/she is not the right fit for the family. CHILL! RELAX! Tell your child to bring his/her lover to the house. Meet up with your child’s lover. Or you can meet him/her in a coffee shop, together with your child of course. Then, have a friendly conversation without judgement. Who knows, your child’s lover may surprise you (in a positive way, I hope) Never judge a book by it’s cover. If you still feel he/she is unfit, then be honest as nicely as you can and explain to him/her about your concerns. For example, if your daughter’s lover is uneducated or have a not-so respectable job, tell him directly but nicely. Tell to him, why you are worried. Ask all about your concerns in front of your child (but tell about your plan to your child beforehand, so he/she won’t get shock). Explain to your child that if your child’s lover is serious in the relationship, then he would find solutions to ease your concerns (like going to college etc). If he is initiative to find solutions, then that’s good. He may not be worth millions anytime soon, but at least you would know that he is responsible and took the relationship seriously.

        Maybe you are wondering, why should my daughter marry someone who is just about to rise, when she can marry a surgeon and live in a mansion? Let me tell you, money can’t buy happiness. Just because that guy is rich and a doctor, that does not mean he would treat your daughter right.

        Talk about unapproved love. Let me share you this story:

        This is the story of Gauri(Sati) and Lord Shiva. I will just tell you fast version of the story. I do recommend you to read the full version though.

        The story goes…

        Gauri wants to marry Lord Shiva. Although Gauri have many proposals from the rich kings, she is still determined to marry Lord Shiva. To make long story short, Gauri’s father, King Daksha is not pleased. The wedding was however held in due course, and Gauri made her home with Shiva in Kailasa. King Daksha was still unable to Lord Shiva and basically cut his daughter away from her family.

        One day, King Daksha organised yajna, where all gods (except Shiva and Gauri) were invited. Gauri tried to rationalise this omission. She taught that her family didn’t invite Shiva and her because such formal invitation is not needed, as they are a part of the family. Shiva sought to dissuade her, but she still insisted of going. He then provided her with an escort of his ganas and bid her provoke no incident.

        Gauri was received coldly by her father. They were soon in the midst of a heated argument about the virtues (and alleged lack thereof) of Shiva. Every passing moment made it clearer to Gauri that her father was entirely incapable of appreciating the many excellent qualities of her husband. The realization then came to Gauri that this abuse was being heaped on Shiva only because he had wed her; she was the cause of this dishonour to her husband. She was consumed by rage against her father and loathing for his mentality. Calling up a prayer that she may, in a future birth, be born the daughter of a father whom she could respect, Sati invoked her yogic powers and immolated herself.

        Shiva sensed this catastrophe, and his rage was incomparable. He loved Sati more than any and would never love after her. So, he created Virabhadra and Bhadrakali, some call as [Manbhadra], two ferocious creatures who wreaked havoc and mayhem on the scene of the horrific incident. Nearly all those present were indiscriminately felled overnight. Daksha himself was decapitated.

        Shiva placed Gauri’s body on his shoulder and ran about the world, crazed with grief. The Gods called upon the god Vishnu to restore Shiva to normalcy and calm. Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra to dismember Gauri’s lifeless body, following which Shiva regained his equanimity. Gauri’s body was thus dismembered into 51 pieces which fell on earth at various places.

        After the night of horror, Shiva, the all-forgiving, restored all those who were slain to life and granted them his blessings. Even the abusive and culpable Daksha was restored both his life and his kingship. His decapitated head was substituted for that of a goat. Having learned his lesson, Daksha spent his remaining years as a devotee of Shiva.

        To make another long story short, Gauri later reborns as Goddess Parvathi. Now, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi live happily together.

        This is a nice love story. However, I am dissapointed with the practise of Sati. I believe the idea of Sati came from this story. Sati practise is where widowed woman would have immolated herself on her husband’s funeral pyre. The practise of Sati didn’t make sense actually as Gauri was not a widow at time of her self-immolation. Besides, Gauri immolated herself due to her father’s arrogant behavior, not because she’s a widow. In fact, widowed women are allowed to remarry (Just to make my point clear)

        Personnaly, I have heard stories like Shiva and Parvati will be dancing in Mountain Himalaya.

        To all of my brothers everywhere, if you really want your love to be successful, do study and work hard and be successful. And at the same time, push your girlfriend to be successful as well. Try to be the husband that you want your future daughter to have.

        To all my sisters everywhere, if you really want your love to be successful, please do push your boyfriends to be successful and of course, make yourself successful as well. Try to be the wife that you want your future son to have.

        And Mr. Jagger, I just want to let you know that I do respect you. Earlier I have written a comment on this issue. Feel free to scroll down. If you do disagree with me, feel free to reply my comment. I will always welcome mature discussion.

        -OM SHANTI OM-

        • Mr Jagger

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          Mate,sorry you gave such a long explanation but did you realise some of your points contradicts with what youve mentioned?
          Ill just keep it simple.. Be in those persons shoe & you will know how it feels…! If that happens,you wont be konjuraning saying “amma,chello,kelada,nalla irrupa” it wont happen bro..Its what i feel & think..
          Cheers brother..

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    : We did not “enforce” that much of physical discipline as what others thought we did :) If we were to know this from earlier, as in from the seed itself, at-least she could have been taken care better… But her parents did a let-off as well, and we never knew anything till it became worse… :)

    When the seed has been spoiled, the cucumber will be a damaged one as well :)

  • chelsea

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  • Hema Ashok

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    even though the language is coarse but the is clear.i agree u got to take the bull by its horn.also sparing the rod n spoiling the child is absolutely affirmative.furthermore it is necessary to do our housekeeping first bfore we attempt to rectify others which our brother has done.a slap or two is not abuse but u got to do wat u hv to do when everything else fails.

  • Shax

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    a fantastic way of putting it out there i must say, I don’t think what you did to ur cuzin sis was a bad thing, i mean being a gurl myself i would never do something to disrespect my body and my family,just because a person is 18 and legally an adult the brain is still young and foolish..i tell ya family is the ONLY ONLY trust-able people on earth which will lead us in the right way. So kudos to u for making her think properly before making a stupid as mistake. and man i love the way u sentenced ‘You will go get screwed all around, you want us to give you banana leaf rice once you came back ah?’..just funny as. Please blog more and maybe try vloging ;).adiouz frm u knw who =)

  • pravinaa

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    Ive got to agree full heartedly with you. If its not for the few slappungs and hard knocks from my brother i wouldnt have been who i am now. No doubt it wasnt for too serious matter but eventually it did make a difference.

  • Vaniee

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    Sometimes, you have to literally slap some sense into them. Talking never works. Trust me, I have had a first hand experience in somewhat similar situation. She will only listen to the ‘smart’ bf and not the parents or siblings. Man, he even coached her on how to argue and answer questions. We asked-how come you lied about working overtime and sneaked out with him? she said HE said- it is nature. Mind you-she said nature, not natural. I guess it is in their nature to be naturally stupid.He is jobless and she has a degree. Parents talked numerous times and she assured them nothing was going on. One fine day, she showed up with him and threaten to runaway with this guy. The parents were devastated. A few slaps are definitely due here especially when she said he is more important that anyone else. I identify with feminists but there should be an exception. Durai, you did what every responsible brother will do in this situation.On your cousin repeating the mistake, well she is enjoying a false sense of security with an ex-convict by her side. ‘Tough’ guys are extremely irresistible for 19 year olds and is considered fab now. Your slaps have nothing to do with it..

  • Vijay

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    well said bro. I believe your actions are correct. sometimes, you need to be harsh to discipline a person. person who is against disciplinary punishment might not have gone through the pain and agony another person had. Bila kena, baru tau. good article btw. kudos to u..

  • Sakthi

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    Real abuse comez wen the gal gt married wif the wrong fello and gt Hit frm him. Slaping wif reason is nt called as abuse. No wonder nwdays teachers don’t realy punish the kids, its cz the dont want to so called as abuser.!!.
    This is a serious issue that faced by many fam.
    Try to educate thm..

  • dissapointed hindu

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    Hello friends.

    Firstly, I just want to say that hitting/slapping/beating/verbal abuse are never the right ways to treat any humans. Women and children are not circus animals where if they don’t obey your commands, you shall beat them. NO! IT’S WRONG!!

    I do understand that some people don’t just get it or continue to make wrong choices when we had adviced them even for many times. However, violence is never the way. I don’t care if you beat with reason or no reason, violence is violence.

    This is for those of you who believes that beating is the way to make your loved ones to listen to you:

    a) Don’t tell me you have never heard of stories where many teenagers (male & female) run away from home due to overstrict parents or abusive parents?

    b) Children (and siblings included)who have very strict parents (especially the parents that beat their children)may have higher tendencies to be involved in social problems or disciplinary problems. Why? These are the following reasons:

    1) Children who are so used to getting slap or beating since small won’t be afraid of punishment anymore because they have dealt with it many times. In fact, they may be even more jealous of their friends for having a loving family. And out of jealousy and anger, they will grow up to be ignorant towards people feelings.

    2) These children may also turn to physical violence / verbal abuse as a mode to solve everyday problems, since beating and verbal abuse is common in their lives.

    3) If a husband beats or verbally abuse his wife, then his son would justify his actions for beating his wife, whereas his daughter would justify her husband’s abusive behaviour towards her.

    4) Children will have difficulty of sharing problems to their overstrict parents. (I’m sure all of us can relate to this). How can we expect the children to be honest with their problems and feelings if they are scared of their parents? So where would these scared children turn to for advice? They might ‘grow up’ alone by doing trial and error decisions. OR they might listen or find comfort in their friends. If these children have good friends, then it is okay but what if these scared children find comfort and ‘home’ in their bad groups of friends?

    5) Mahatma Gandhi is a man who lives based on the principal of non-violence. He did not harm anyone under the name of good. He did not cause any physical damage or beat other people for India’s independence. Before Mahatma Gandhi, there are many people who tried to get India’s independence through weapons like guns and swords but none succeed. As for Mahatma Gandhi, the only weapon he use is the principal of non-violence and HE SUCCEED.

    It’s good to be a strict parent. I believe that you can be a strict parent and at the same time, not make your child scared of you. I also believe that you can be a strict parent and still not beat your child (or spouse).

    There is this one phrase I want to share to all of you.

    -If you stop someone violently from walking out of the door, that person will simply climb out of the window-

    Personally, I believe that hitting/beating is okay under the name of self-defence.

    Let me tell you one of the stories of Kaliamman:

    Kaliamman was created to deal with a demon that was
    ravaging the earth. She came down and did her “dance of destruction
    (or death)” and was so into this dance that she didn’t realize she
    had already killed the demon. In her fury she fails to see the body of her husband, Shiva, who lies among the corpses on the battlefield.
    Shiva, her dear love and husband, came down and threw himself upon
    the dead bodies. Only when Kali realized she was trampling on Shiva’s
    body, she did come to her senses.

    Another story tells about infant Shiva calming Kali. Kali has defeated her enemies on the battlefield and begun to dance out of control, destructing everything on sight. To calm her down and to protect the stability of the world, Shiva is sent to the battlefield, as an infant, crying aloud. Seeing the child’s distress, Kali ceases dancing to care for the helpless infant. She picks him up, kisses his head, and proceeds to breast feed the infant Shiva.

    So my fellow friends, let’s think about these stories. All Hindus know that Shiva is the lord of destruction and transformation among the Trimurti. So, even the strong and powerful Lord Shiva don’t harm his dear wife. So my fellow friends, I believe there are many ways to solve family problems without the need of raising hands or fists.

    In Mahabharata, there is this following statement:
    gods are delighted only when women are worshiped or honoured, otherwise all spiritual actions become futile.

    To those who think it’s okay for younger or elder brothers to slap their younger or elder sister, I want to ask,

    1)”Do you think it is okay for a wife to beat her husband when he’s wrong (gambling or drunk)?”

    2)”Do you think it is okay for a sister to beat his brother in public/privately for disturbing other girls or skipping school?”

    Well for those who say that it is not okay, I think you are being biased.

    “One should performed his deeds for the benefit of mankind with an unbiased approach because of bias gives birth to evil, which creates thousands of obstacles in our path”
    -Rig Veda-

    If all men learn to treat women with respect and dignity regardless of the women’s appearance and lifestyle choices, then all fathers and brothers don’t have to worry about other men.

    If all women stop being jealous and stop justifying or ‘supplying’ excuses for men to be disrespectful towards women, then women have less to worry about.

    After seeing and hearing many incidents, this is what I understand about this world. Regardless of how a woman looks, behaves or the way she was raised, she can still be disturbed by bad guys.( If their mothers can’t change their sons’ bad attitude, I doubt that a women’s appearance will make an influence in their behavior)

    Now, this message is for my younger and elder sisters everywhere:

    I hope when you love a guy, you love not only with feelings but with intelligence. If you know this guy is easily jealous, irresponsible, possessive, would hit you physically and bring down your confidence, then why would you want to choose to spend the rest of your life with him? Can a guy with these attitudes be a good husband and father of your future children? Think about it!

    Remember my sisters, you deserve to find a good, loyal and loving soulmate. You really do!

    This message is for my elder and younger brothers everywhere.

    1) You may have seen your mother got beaten up by your father. Do you like what you saw?

    2) Just because you are attracted to a particular girl, that doesn’t mean you need to show it by whistling or harrassing her. I don’t care how that girl looks, no one likes to be harrassed. End of story. No excuses! Treat women they way how you expect other men to treat your sisters and mothers.

    3)If can, if your friend behaves disrespectfully to other women, do advice your friend. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, at least don’t smile or laugh or support his disrespectful behavior.


    I’m man who is a Shaktism-Hindu. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a perfect Hindu. I will never be. But perhaps we brothers and sisters can help each other to be a better Hindu.

    Remember, people who loves never hurts and people who hurts never love!

    To my brothers and sisters, if you do disagree with me, do reply my comment. I will always welcome mature discussion, not childish arguments.


  • viv

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    I have been reading your blog for a quite a while but this post really saddens me. Abusing women especially your sister is not the right thing to do. If you have taught her well since young age, she would not have done such this.

  • Michael

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    Take an example from the OPS Sikap which was initiated to prevent accidents every year. THe OPS Sikap started many years ago and its still going on. The root of the problem was, and still is, the attitude of people. Those who were kids when the OPS Sikap first started, are now drivers themselves. If time had been spent teaching those kids proper road etiquette and the right attitude, we’d have much less road accidents and casualties. When you think about who has the right of way on the roads, when 2 or more vehicles have close encounters of the bad kind, it won’t matter who was in the right. Avoid accidents, that’s the goal.

    Thinking along those lines, a stable and disciplined home where children are taught well and have open lines of communications with their parents and loved ones, it will go a long way in making sure they don’t make bad decisions. Decisions that will have serious life changing results, usually for the worse.

  • Kash

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    Just wanna ask, how abt bf beating gf because of being suspicious towards her?? can we accept that?? because some guys will think it’s ok to beat girl, because YOU JUSTIFYINGLY SAID SO!!


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    bro Durai,, the article is ON THE DOT !!! All the brothers who loves their sister, will definitely agree…only the feminists type, of course will say that a man (no matter, who) shall not beat a woman (human right, woman right bla bla bla)..but, our culture is, the man has certain rights against their women..their women means (sisters, or wife)..
    Of course, I also note that you said you can have easily fucked a few girls from your blog reader, it shows one clear indication of how vulnerable is these girls are..for that reason alone, the girls shall be protected by their brothers (which gives the brothers the right to discipline their sisters with physical action, if required)..

    by the way Bro Durai, hope you didn’t “paku” any of your blog reader hahaha..And, if indeed you did that, hahaha what can I say, well done bro?? aathu le odere thanni, nee kudicha enna , naan kudicha enna..

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    been in this exact position once! you spoke my heart out durai bro :)

  • A-style

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    wht i will say bout this is…may b when it happen to others sister,we will say that we cant beat a gurl/woman or anyting…but wht if it happen to ur own family???ur own sister???will u kip silent and talk with banana leave food like bro durai said???its his cuz sister he got d rites to do say coz she is d wrong path…coz its not only embarrassed her self but her family 1 as well…as a bro he have d rites…

  • kamikaze pilot

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    Mailey ! Mailey na yeragu podathu !! Nambela poyi pundungenatha ..!! Sometimes action speaks louder than words….

  • Vanitha

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    “From Kambethe Mohana she literally turned into Modern Madonna within a few months”…. when this transition was happening, someone should have been there to monitor her transition and advis her or should have packed her up and send her back to her home. Give her stern warning if she dont behave, she will loose her privileges, her education and advised her.Should have explained to her the pros and cons of mixing with wrong company. I am sure when proper mentoring is given, kalum karayum…. . Youngster need to be monitored very closely.

    Physical punishment does not have any effect to youngster nowadays.

    Frankly if the bud was plucked , it would not have bloomed.
    Its no use crying over spilled milk. It is the parents responsibility…..


  • natasha

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    Thank GOD I don’t have any brothers and my cousin brothers are all ‘debeke…

  • Ask urself (Matrix)

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Hot issue……
    Good comments…..
    But i would juz say that, things are getting worse out there (specially our community)!
    Everything starts from the family (foundation). Dont be always strict, but make sure u do in few things like attitude and education of your children. Too much of love also some times considered as poison!
    Don’t keep on blaming/ talking other family/ people story, try to look on your family first!
    Don’t be proud of your own kids so early, becouse you don’t know what they will do in future!!!
    Lastly, everyone must make sure first that do their family members really being honest to each of others or just trying to act good infront?!
    Please don’t keep on belame the God for what your children did, blame your ownself!
    Remember, everything starts from the family/parents! Don’t regrate later…

  • Samuel

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    Excellent bro…..

  • Nanshan

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    In my opinion, parents need to educate their children once they attend the secondary school on this social issues so that children will be aware. Parents need to be friendly so that their children do not hesitate to share their feelings and activity. Besides that, parents should get to know on their children’s activity and friends. But teenage life is the age where the childrens be curious to know more about something. They need to be handled in proper way (depends on the individual), some will listen due to family sentiment, some will be sturborn. At this point, advise the children to bring their “love” to home and investigate about him as we are not sure about his character. If he is a bad guy, we need to prove it. If he is a good guy, advise the children “concentrate in studies first and come up in life, will unite both of you when the time comes”. This is my opinion as we cannot be too strict to our children as it will meke them to hate the family more they’ll love will be more stronger. The way to handle is depends on the childrens attitude…

  • Thillai Mohanadas

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    Dear Durai

    The issues you have been addressing are definitely important and hats-off to you for the courage you have to blog about these issues.

    I work with troubled teenage young girls, for 12 years now, and I can definitely say that, what she did, will affect her future, if not today, ONE day in the near future. Being an advocate myself, this does not restrict me from thinking out-of-the-box, into the repercussions of her actions.

    However, one disappointment I have is that you condone to violence. I have read every single comment and response posted about this topic of discussion (Part 1 and Part 2). I have been against domestic violence for many years, be it against women, children or even men. And there can be a million reasons one can bring up, but hitting another person is definitely not a solution.

    My views are as follow:
    1. Adverse effects: By hitting a person, whether it’s a ‘mere’ slap or a pinch, when you violate another person’s body – personal space (men or women), you have effectively cause psychological abuse to the person. The batterer uses acts of violence and a series of behaviors, including intimidation, threats, and psychological abuse to coerce and to control the other person (taken from which lists slapping as a form of domestic violence). So in a gist, you have not only committed physical abuse, my friend, you have also contributed directly to psychological abuse, adding you to list of 3000+ perpetrators in Malaysia.

    2. Being a role model: If one person can exert power by slapping a sibling, it would not take long before that person finds another reason to exert this power on their spouse. Beating, slapping and hitting are not in-born habits, these are basically actions done consciously because of the sense of power and authority. Having X number of supporters only places the burden of ‘leading by example’ on your shoulders. I have kids of my own, I sincerely hope my son will not read this article. I do not want him to think that it is OK to hit another individual, be it his sister. Durai, I notice that many people (young or old) are in support of most of your postings and think highly about you. Plus, you were also featured in the Star newspaper today, hence the entire nation (netizens) will be interested in your discussions. A lot of your actions reflect on the society’s SHOULD and SHOULD-NOT-DO obligations. By justifying your actions about hitting your sister, it can, directly or indirectly, emboss an ideology that ‘hitting / slapping followed by justification’ is the way forward. What if this was then used as a reason to justify acts of beating up wife, children, husbands, parents, relatives in the name of love? Some people even claim to love their friends (NANBEN-DA) to an extent of brotherhood and sisterhood – how if this was further extended to hitting friends? Where do we draw the line? Who determines that line? Society? For many, this is just basically another form rowdyism (behaving in a rough disorderly fashion).

    3. Burden of responsibility: Our patriarchal society has been one of the reason why women today are rebelling. Since young, children are raised in a way where it is alright for boys to climb trees and play outside, but girls remain indoors and hidden. Things definitely have changed to a fair extent, but there is still the limitation where girls and boys are seen not on a fair ground. As you mentioned, “If a guy is going to f*** around 10 girls, he will be glorified as playboy. If a girl is going to be f***ed by 10 guys, you know what you will be called as; Vandi ” … it’s not 100% true. “Glorified” is a term for youngsters, I know parents of boys who completely disowned their son for behaving like a male-prostitute, the name of the family was tarnished as they were constantly referred to as the parents of the “Gigolo”. Sad but true…the daughter till today is unmarried due to the son’s act and the shame caused. It is DEFINITELY the children’s burden of responsibility to bring good name to the family, but it should never be a bias tip of the balance upon the girls/daughters only.

    Durai and fellow netizens, this is my humble opinion. I do not intend to condemn or criticise anyone, but do think about these points. Slapping might be a small thing for many, but what is wrong will always be wrong. We are part of a civilised society, lets behave like one. Small things that matter…!!!

  • Kumalini04

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    Durai, based on the article she definately deserve it. To englighten these type of people who only concerning about themselves, you got to be harsh else they take things for granted.

  • kamikaze pilot

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    Congrats!! Your blog and your community services recognized by The Star newspaper today ..keep up the good work..!!!

    Another Webhead fights crime and gangsterism

    PETALING JAYA: S.K. Durai grew up in the notorious neighbourhood of Taman Sentosa in Klang and has seen friends dying young in gang fights or getting hooked on cheap booze while still in school.

    Worse, Durai is upset because many youths from his neighbourhood glorify such seedy lives, having been influenced by the gang culture in Taman Sentosa, a place dubbed as the crime epicentre of Klang.

    Durai, 27, has now taken to the Internet to start a “fight” against gangsterism through his website,, which he launched four years ago.

    “I am literally a raged Indian. I was angered by the growing violence and the fact that I couldn’t do anything about it,” Durai said.

    A website dedicated towards documenting and condemning criminal activities in Klang, specifically in Taman Sentosa, became an instant hit among netizens.

    One of his most popular posting is “Funeral of a Macha” where Durai vented about funerals being used by gangs to promote and spread their propaganda of violence and mayhem.

    “Once they reach the crematorium, the gang members will pay their respects for one last time.

    “The dead person’s favourite items, including drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, are put in his coffin, perhaps in the belief the deceased will smoke some s*** to dull the pain while he is burned to ashes.

    “After a full life of crime and bringing shame to their parents while they were alive, even after death, the deceased is not left alone by his friends,” wrote Durai in the posting.

    Durai said it was upsetting that some teenagers think getting involved in gangsterism was akin to heroism.

    “It’s silly logic but that’s the way it is. So when I hear that a fight had taken place, I would post my views on the website.

    “What I try to do is make my comments satirical and show that there’s nothing to be proud of when you go around whacking and chopping people up,” said Durai, whose website gets about 50,000 hits a month.

  • PuchongPuteri

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    Durai, abuse is abuse regardless whether it is from someone in the family, a friend, a stranger! If you think a ‘slap in the face’ is ok it is NOT! This does not constitute love or care. It is violence PERIOD!! In the world of pyschology slapping is humiliation and degradation. There are positive many ways and forms of getting a message across with communication. YOu are preaching here violence with violence!! OF what century and generation are you from that you believe that this is ok?? You are living in the dark ages where men in the family controls the women and hitting them when they get out of line. You are nothing but a male chauvinistic pig blaring your horns for minute fame on web!!

  • nik

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    just because you’re a man, don’t try to throw your weight around the women in your life. trust me, i was once a teenage girl. a slap would not stop me for sure. in fact, it’ll make me feel unloved. a decent (non abusive) conversation goes much further.
    ps. you can still get your point across without being as rude as you are.

  • Thumb up Thumb down +2

    This is a good article but slapping and beating teenager machis wont make things better. It would cause scars or trauma which can damaged the girl’s profile forever. Why would meenachi want to run away if she had good terms with her family members including her parents? Speaking of brothers, do nowadays macha sits with their tangachi and have a friendly talk with them? Most of environment I seen and faced , when meenachis like a guy, first of all either the brothers or the uncles will attacked violence toward her. Why laying hands when you cant even sit and talk to her as a human? Dominating a person thinking that meenachis shouldn’t fall in love when she is getting the love required from the third person rather than her family member, do we blame them? Do any brotha there out, sit and chill with your sisters? going out and having healthy activities with your sisters? Macha only knows to hang out with friends late night, watching football and when he saw his sista with another guy, blood cell increased. I recommend people to watch PORALI if you have time. Some good moral stories can be adapted from there. There is lot of lacking of family value nowadays and I believe we indians should take note of this. Be a friend to your child, your sistas, brothas rather than treating them as your enemy or stranger. Allow them space and have trust on them. By ruling them , you only making things worst. Same time, have curfews and sit and talk to them about what is love, sex and guys mentality. I use educate my school kids about adults especially strangers or brothers hugging them tight is WRONG. Children or teenagers need to be exposed to things which you thing danger them. I’m not supporting meenachis or machas here, but laying hand on meenachis who are runaway, think about machas who spend time most of the time in internet and playing games and watching their sistas running away, where is the mistakes?

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    u have done the right thing! I truly understand your point.. i have 5 elder brothers and they r always there to correct me, guide me, protect me n etc… they would never want their little sister to b spoiled and would do whatever it takes to protect her…! and really.. some meenachi’s our der NEED TIGHT SLAPPP on their face for their stupidity!!!! they muz understand that its not gona b movie like to have a wonderful life by having a gangster bf or by running away frm home!!

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    n ya Durai… a slap or two on da face will surely NOT kill anyone and its definitely not considered as ABUSE (as wat some ppl take it) as long as its not excessively done!

  • uma

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    only the family knew the pain, worries and nightmare they had to endures for a missing person who didn’t felt the need to warm the hearts of her loved ones…I wld hv done the same. The world we live in is not just influenced by parents, siblings and relatives…but friends & some who are out there who take advantage of us. Any loving parents will somehow learn to understand a child but no caring parent would want to see bad & horrible things happening to their kid. What’s terrible lacking among Indian societies is the art of understanding, compromising, family values…all embedded in the name of spirituality of being loving, caring & thoughtful. It cannot be denied that the type of Indian movies & serials have a profound hold of our youths mind today.

    Gone were the days where the society disciplines the girls to be secondary to boys…just walk around colleges, brickfields, indian joints anyway one will notice the freedom today’s indian girls enjoy. Indian parents have become pretty liberal, many thanks of course to Indian cinemas & dramas!!!

    We seriously need to educate & change the mindset of both young Indian boys & girls especially the Tamils.

  • mary

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    very interesting write up and very true what the writer had say, do not spare the rod. I have one brother and he very strict, and because he has slap his 4 sisters, today they a professional and married to trustworthy man. I must say here there no violence just care so that we will not be trap in cruel world of Tamil cartoons.

  • Kingraj

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    Good blog bro. Those who think this is abuse of women will only realized it when they are in the same shoe as bro. If your sister goes around and get screwed by some playboy macha will you be nice to your sister. Please ask yourself this….

  • Mogan Sivas

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    ….I didnt know that a slap on the face = discipline them the right way… which case this must be the holy grail and answer to all our social ills ….like criminal activities , gangterism and other social deviants : give them a tight slap and turn a new leaf they will…..sorted ….:))

    Oh forgot to ask : is this a formula derived from Tamil movies ???….:)

    For the record I am not an advocate or supportive of any form of violence against another human being in any shape or form. My view is shaped from legal jurisprudence that says : Any bodily contact without justification or consent amounts to battery on the person’s body and is legally actionable in most jurisdictions. A person has an inalienable right to the sanctity of his/her own body and no one has any right to violate this fundamental right. This universal law of battery is the basis that also governs the medical profession throughout the modern world that states you cannot touch or interfere with a person’s body without their consent (with certain exceptions ) however noble the doctor’s intention are.

  • Sharm

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    A real story irregardless of time… My father is a very strict person. Since young,We, sisters are not allowed to talk to any male(friends, classmates or relatives). Always taste his belt for no reasons. Unlike my sisters, I was also dropped in this type of category.As a runaway method, I came to KL to study but with full supervision. Everyday, I meet a new guy while traveling back in bus mini. Luckily, I never get trapped in any way.Being naive, I believe every sweet words. City life with rich collegemates really tempting but since pocket money is given in calculated matter, I did not get a chance to join them. Scared of parents made me having a good character.My father is the only man in our family but due to his strict upbringing made me who I am today. Although he is no longer alive now, I realise all children must taste a small punishment from their parents in order for them to think for themself before making any harsh movements that can bring shameless to our parents and society.

  • Kasvini

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    hmm.. haha.. either way.. saya sebagai budak perempuan muda pun rasa saya akan tampar budak yang lari dari rumah macam tu. HellO??? kamu ingat kamu tu angel sangat? to be protected from a few slaps?? We used to get whacked for not doing homework at school, we used to get whacked for wasting food, whacked for being irresponsible. Not a battery but some good rotan-work. It taught us the consequence of being irresponsible. Lebih baik give a few tight slaps (of course la bukan sampai gigi jatuh) daripada biarkan anak tu menjadi hamil luar nikah ataupun kenderaan awam di masa hadapan. I say this because spending a night with a boy and letting your family worry like shit is very serious. It’s dangerous.


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