The Struggle of a Macha

This article contains a very disturbing image. I know you wouldn’t f***ing care anyway, just warning in advance. “Kumar-eh, ingge va,un kitte pesenum” “Kumar, come here, I need to talk to you” From her tone, I knew my mother is going to start preaching. “Ineme inthe yeletherethe yellam nipatte, nameke ithe yellam theveyeille” “Stop writing, […]

Zakir Naik and the Innocence of Muslims

Around afternoon today, thousands of protesters mostly Muslims gathered around US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to protest against a low budget movie called ‘ Innocence of Muslims’. The peaceful protest was a success with memorandum presented to the necessary parties. The cause was right; no religion shall ever be insulted, what more degraded in a […]

The Sensational Siti Safarina

This is written in the assumption that the source is genuine. In the earlier days when I started blogging, I did not have much source. I have to literally go through, read, analyze, and find enough evidence and other related things before I can even start typing about a topic. Nowadays, things flow into my […]

Satu Darah Jangan Marah

This blog was written a few weeks back.  My car is usually parked just in front of my house, which is opposite a playing field. Today, there was a bunch of Indian boys playing football, with dustbins placed on both side of the field, and my car is parked right behind one of the dustbin. […]