Satu Darah Jangan Marah

This blog was written a few weeks back. 

My car is usually parked just in front of my house, which is opposite a playing field. Today, there was a bunch of Indian boys playing football, with dustbins placed on both side of the field, and my car is parked right behind one of the dustbin. I moved my car to another place, and just when I reversed my car…


Fuck. The ball hit my car. I wound down the window and took a look; no damage. I stared at the boys for no longer than 3 seconds. A heavily tattooed shirtless guy walked towards me, with heavy piercings in his face. My heart started beating faster, thinking how humiliating it will be to get whacked from younger boys just because I stared at them. I’ve got lots of tattoo in my body as well, which somehow made this boys respect me, thinking that I might be a former convict. What they don’t know is that I’m a comedy piece…

And the guy said…

“Sorry Anne…”

I gave him a stern look to cover macho and thought in my heart how lucky I’m. Even though the guy was harmless, I thought for a few seconds that he’s going to harm me.


1 week ago, one of our Macha was gunned down by the police, which is a norm anyway. Hundreds of our Machas had been gunned down by the police, yet people simply brush off the seriousness of this issue by saying that convicts shall be shot dead. When I showed the below picture to my mom, she said that his tattoos shows who he was, and he might be a criminal thus wanted by the police.

People’s perception towards Indian had always been different, which is mainly because we rank first in terms of crime and also the way we present ourselves. I’ve talked numerous times about young Machas getting involved in crime at a very young age, and I have no idea why some fine looking chicks wants to get involved in all those gangs and numbers. Take a look at below young girls, and see the extent of damage and the path young girls are taking nowadays. If you think this is normal for a young girl or boy, it is not.

The young Machas actually loves Mathematics’. It is just that they were not given enough opportunity to excel. For an example, 24, 18, 36, and 08. Can you see their obsession towards figures and numbers? All of them are Algebra kings.

And they also love Bahasa Malaysia, in fact they don’t even communicate using other language such as English and Tamil. They’re more fond of using the national language, for an example look at the below pantun 2 rangkap:

Ini barulah Bahasa Gangster…

When I was watching Billa 2 in theater, the moment hero Ajith started executing a few criminals, I saw joy and happiness all over the place, cheering to the killing. Can you see the obsession and how they’re so entertained when the hero is actually killing another person ruthlessly? I was shocked. I’m very fucking sure half of these fellows will return to their taman to be the next kampung Billa.

The current obsession of  many young Machas nowadays is to be a don(big time gangster).

I want to ask all this young Machas la, what exactly is a don? You think you curi here there from aunties and then start drinking in clubs means you’re a don ah? Or beating one guy with ten guys of yours means you’re a don ah? Or you think by designing wallpapers using Paint and posting it in Facebook makes you a don ah?

Fucking get your facts right, MONEY makes you a don. If you have RM 1 in your wallet just enough to buy you a batang cigaratte, then shut the fuck up and sleep at home after eating what your mom cooked. No money to buy nasi lemak also ada hati want to be don.

It’s been 55 years since our independence, instead of being one of the most respectable race in our country, we’re moving more and more towards gangsterism, crime and simply being fucking dumb. People are looking and judging at us from mere appearance, thinking that we might be criminal. Even my own mindset had changed, being molded with so many crimes being committed by my own Machas.

Keep your brothers and sisters checked.  Check their online activities, see what they get obsessed with…normally it’s porn, leave it.  But if you see your brother or kid posting something like below :

Then its high time you do something about it before he ends up dead in the streets.


Machas Recreational Activities, fighting and dying in the streets.


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    “I’ve got lots of tattoo in my body as well, which somehow made this boys respect me, thinking that I might be a former convict” <<< this really made me laugh… lol…

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    Good one bro! 10 vatti sonalum thirunthe matangge..

  • Suhanraj Rajasegaran

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    Thirenthu vaingge ya, Nambikei veiyingge. =)

  • CeSC

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    “Keep your brothers and sisters checked. Check their online activities, see what they get obsessed with…normally it’s porn, leave it” this made me laugh bro!!! i cant stop laughin!! hahahaha… nway, excellent article bro! hope the so called “DON” and “gangsters” will change for good :)

  • Richard

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    Machas Recreational Activities, fighting and dying in the streets. Priceless…

  • Sharmilla

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    hahahaha hilarious!!!! but every word is is time other races salute us, n not shoot us down like dogs

  • Janey

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    Great article. Sometimes I wonder why there are so many public service announcements regarding safe driving, snatch thieves, public decency (the lists goes on) but very less or almost none concerning gangsterism on THR Raaga? I don’t think these gangster machans will read blogs etc. but at least they listen to THR Raaga I assume…

  • Kasvini

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    sakit hati tengok orang tu. pasti 5 years ago, dia budak kat sekolah.

  • simple_mind

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    so sad our macha’s dying like this..

  • DON

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    When I think of the Malaysian Indian I think of their courage, strength, pride, their respect and loyalty toward their brothers. I honor the reverence they share for tradition and life. These traits are hungered for in a society that is unfortunately plagued by those whose only values are self-centered and directed at others’ expense.”

  • Mr Jagger

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    “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” ~Scarface~
    Like you said bro,”Money makes you Don” & if you dont have that,STFU & sit at fifa or counter strike.. !!

  • kanthy

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    Another great article! where do our indian comunity stand in malaysia… bab kata pepatah Nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga… for examples if gaduh wt jiran sure will blamed indian cz mabuk, if langgar pun mabuk, so mana salahnya…. didikan or diri sendiri…

  • NoGanjaSami

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    Many Indian youths are not angels. They rob, fight, cheat, do drugs….etc. All they know is gangsterism and their chinese taukeys. They don’t seek help from other honest Indians to live an honest life. But they complain that no one is there to help them. They don’t like to work for a monthly salary. They want to hari-hari raya.
    When I was in my 20’s, I have been beaten up, robbed, ridiculed, had my car smashed….all by Indian youths in my area just because I didn’t join their group. They call me koso p**de because I dont belong to a number and I never layan them. They even ridiculed my father. They say that middle class Indians always poke fun at estate Indians. My father grew up in the estates la you coward bastards. He was born to rubber tapper parents. He decided to better himself. Is that his fault?
    Many towns in Malaysia have Indian gangs who prey on fellow Indians because they don’t want other races to target them. They go by different numbers. Anyone still wondering why these Indian youths are being shot dead like stray dogs by the police?? you think the police do not investigate about them first??
    The authorities, ngo’s, especially the indian public, need to study them deeper to eradicate these pests. It’s going to be a struggle, but for our children’s future, it’s worth it. They bring shame to our forefathers who suffered to become a Malaysian. Waadefakla.

  • kamikaze pilot

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    There is a sole purpose of joining a gang after all: that is, to ruin your life.
    If there is one person that lives to an old age peacefully without spending a day in jail or involved in any fight or illegal activities but is in a gang, there is a much better chance of hitting the lottery for a multimillion dollar pay off than being him.

    1. Good Education
    2. Good communication at home among family members
    3. Good enforcement
    4. Good luck

  • Vasantha

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    Good article bro…hope our brothers (and also sisters) will change for good. Be a respectful race in this country.

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    machas, there’s nothing to be proud of if you are able to beat up another macha for just looking at you… all you’ll get is discrimination…
    kaigel valge.. in good ways, i hope

    • GRUTCH

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      Bro Basil, you are extremely correct..those letters or whatever **** they called that (petition etc.) is downright funny and insults the intelligence of normal Malaysian..claiming to be UMNO member, but write like IPF member hahahaha..fucking annoying and damn bloody the way, i like the name “KAtte Babu” nice kan..cute..hahahha mutta *****gela..

  • Maggie Q

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    Just to add, i’m so sick of hearing these macha and their table talks. I personally know some of them who’ve got absolutely nothing better to do or to talk about. They can go on and on bragging when we meet up, about their table talks with this gang, and that gang. This mandeh, that mandeh, kepala, otak, badan, kaki and etc. It is annoying, just shows how dumb these machas are. They think they’re so cool to be associated with mafia gangs, c’mon la machas other races are upgrading themselves to lead better lives, start thinking of ways to help your families instead of being a nuisance to the community.

  • SataN

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    My heart started beating faster, thinking how humiliating it will be to get whacked from younger boys just because I stared at them. I’ve got lots of tattoo in my body as well, which somehow made this boys respect me, thinking that I might be a former convict. What they don’t know is that I’m a comedy piece…
    And the guy said…
    “Sorry Anne…” ha ha ha I like this Durai, I dont know abt others bt as far as I know tattoo is just a art but now it’s a very norm to see ppl are having tattoo and showing off, my mom until toady she will shout at me don’t know why (I think of the tattoo that I have) she will say aiyoo how many times I need to tell you don’t get tattoo bt u still get a new one, you think you gangster ah, wait one day police is going to catch you and take you to jail, I used to laugh at her when ever she say this kinda of things, but now come to think abt it I am very afraid to go out at night cos we don’t know when and where police is going to have their block and one day they are going to take me to jail and whack the shit out of me cos of tattoo.. Moral of the tattoo story is “Listen to you mom” I think so I sudah lari topic…. Keep posting more Durai, so we can kill time by reading…

  • geng bas sekolah

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    to be respected among Malays, u must be religious. to be respected among Chinese, u must have a lot of money. and to be respected among Indian, u must have mustache, tattoo and talk like a nathmai..

  • sollunge anne sollunge...

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    yevano kastapatthu sambarikiran… intha kammunatingge vanthu “pow” pannithe poran… vekkammmm…!!! To all machan’s don you think silly n sickening to hear tat, someone came n took your hard earn money in the name of “protection fees”..? Wat kind of protection are they goin to give.. brainless bastards… volachi valla vakku illai.. pirar ulaipil valla vekkama illa..? so called mande.. wats wrong if the police shoot them down.. let them to die my frens. I personally have seen a group of indians walking into a shop to collect their monthly “protection fees”, pity tat shop keeper hv to give just to get ride of this idiots. The government should a special squad to find and kill all this bastards.. dammnnnn…

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    we have the brains.. just don’t know how to utilize it and durai.. just a personal thought.. you are actually a very vivid and an intelligent person, I would’nt know what your profession is but haven’t you thought about getting a professional law degree or something? or maybe psychology? please do not take me as someone interfering with you(I am pretty sure you are working at a really good place)but it was just a thought ..because what your doing here is awesome.. but what you can do like law or psychology (you can give talks to ppl or young kids indians especially) might just change our society in a good way..then again.. you are really ingtelligent and so prolly u have already settled urself in your most liked profession but just a thought and in a way a question…=) your smart and pls dont be offended by my suggestions I am only suggesting as I can see what capability and intelligence u have and its unique and ingenius.. take care!

    I read about u on star.. good move you should run for elections -=P for real! maybe these ppl here might be better off with u guiding them..

    @youandme: Thank you and I appreciate your words. About politics, let’s see where life takes me. :)

  • ryan

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    2 those wit no ballz,,,stand back n watch us take over………360 top

    • GRUCTH

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      who’s bottom?? Tambi Ryan, poi padinggappa..360 top ah ille bottom ah athu mukkiyem ille, nee valkaiyil ennava irukke, athuthan mukkiyam…When people nasihat u baik2 pls follow ok..chumma 40 peche vendam…

  • Bekura

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    I can fill u brother.


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