The Sensational Siti Safarina

This is written in the assumption that the source is genuine.

In the earlier days when I started blogging, I did not have much source. I have to literally go through, read, analyze, and find enough evidence and other related things before I can even start typing about a topic. Nowadays, things flow into my inbox the moment it happens, and though I have many things that I can write about, I can’t possibly write about a lot of topics because it may spark riot.

Being Malaysians, we have been technically segregated by those in power in a divide and rule technique to achieve their political mileage. Generally all Malaysians live side by side peacefully, except for certain individuals who are so fanatic about their race or religion that they will not hesitate to downgrade others to feel superior.

I have written about people who is sick in the head , in fact whenever I write about it all of them end up getting ripped apart for an example the case of Sammy and Presana. People who criticize, humiliate, mock, and degrade another person’s faith is still plentiful in Malaysia.

The recently produced low budget movie “Innocence of Muslims’ riled up Muslims around the world very badly. I definitely understand their outrage, and the producers of the film, obviously wanting attention, had achieved the very purpose they produced the movie for; to create havoc and attention.

People had started burning cars, and killing each other, just because of a low budget movie. Prophet Muhammad was a messenger of God, and I’m very sure even he would not permit violence in his name.When someone degrades your religion, ethnicity or race, how we react is very important. We have no idea how to react to a situation, and most of the time we end up creating bigger problems.

I received a screenshot today; and although it did shock me, I did not react angrily. The moment I read it, I knew that this is going to cause havoc and create a heavy reaction from the Indian community. And as I was typing this, the message is spreading virally and when I checked Siti Safarina’s FB wall, she is being hurled with tons of abuses.

This was what Siti Safarina wrote:


The problem here is we do not know the root cause of this issue, which caused her to vomit out such sick words. There are always two sides of a story, and probably someone would have said something about Islam, prompting an angry reaction from Siti Safarina and the dumbfuck above her who said berambus dari sini, ko duduk kat india sana.

You must understand one thing, these are sick individuals. People like this had been molded by racist ideologies and simply lack the ability to react to a certain situation. But we should never go down to their level. I’m really disappointed that instead of targeting the individuals, we have dragged Islam and Malays.

How many Malay friends do you have that will say such things like Siti Safarina? I bet none. If you’re going to blast out your anger, target only the perpretors. Why are you being so stupid dragging in their religion and race? What is the difference between you and these sick individuals?

Have a look at the reactions:

Is this how we’re supposed to be? Some are calling for her to be killed. What the fuck? If you’re really angry, then make a police report and seek legal action. No point melalak in Facebook too much, in fact why don’t you take it cool and react sarcastically?

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to my Malay friends on behalf of those Machas who had started carrying their virtual parang in Facebook. Siti Safarina and Eyqa Arul are mentally sick in the head; let us pity these ignorant souls.

Plus it might even be a fake profile or a digitally edited screenshot.  If you know the source , do contact me. In the meantime…

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  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    ade vidungge bass…
    oruthi nambe valkayella vanthiye edhutta…athe unnem kalluvamella vechirekkam..
    nenga pongge basss….
    Poie, cool down pannegge…
    i can’t help but to laugh when i read the reactions… my gut, these are some angry people…
    there’ll always be people like her, malayali chechi, ibrahim ali etc trying to divide the unity and the respect that we share with other races in malaysia. just laugh at their face and move on.
    happy Malaysia day

  • Justanother22yearoldguy

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    How we react to a problem can be defined by our very own upbringing and maturity. I completely agree with your article. A whole pot of milk is spoilt by a small drop of I forgot what. Everybody take a chill pill and calm the fuck down. :)

  • shn

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    getting tired of these kinda stunts.. am sure there are other ways to ask for vote…. do “they” have a facebook team workiing? bravo.. another idiotic attempt.. dirty politics..

  • NRN

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    Wen we say thing comes to the mind..a multi racial country with multi religions n cultures..those were d days wen enjoyed it..Hari raya..Chinese new year..deepavali..everyone visited everyone..

    My Indian n Chinese frens used to go to our frens house in d kampung for Hari raya and vice versa…it was fabulous..neer once there was a problem concerning race n frens parents used to prepare specially chicken rendang for the Hindus and Buddhist as we do not eat beef..tat was the courtesy shown..

    They might not have Internet n fb but they were cultured(beradab). This is a thing where some monkeys hv failed to grasp be it Indian Chinese or Malay.

    These are the monkeys which will destroy the identity of Malaysia. I am ashamed. I stayed in hostel wif Malays n Chinese for almost 5 years..never once they have uttered the word keling or paria…we the nOn Malays have never condemned the Malays or Islam as well..

    Where has all d understanding gone..tdy we can see machan hanging out wif machans..Chinese wif Chinese..Malays wif Malays..can’t see Indian Malay n chInese hanging together..

    The country is moving towards 2020..but some monkeys are moving backwards in to stone age…creating racial n religion issues..

    Damn all d monkeys..well I believe there is still majority people in lOve wif our. Country n I believe that they will not let these kind of monkeys spoil the peace n harmony..

    And for mr durai..cheers bro..

  • Azahar

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    Ini semua hero kat facebook saja..kalau depan mcm tikus hehehe


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    Dear all,,its just how sad to see kids @budak hingusan passing funny comments..what they know about racial unity,tolerence,patience and peace…all they know is internet,i phone ,i pad and thats all..we still go to banana leaf restaurants with our malay and chinese frens..we do hang out at the kedai kopi apek and we still attend Hari RAYA OPEN HOUSE WHERE OUR MUSLIM FRENS DONT COOK BEEF JUST TO SHOW RESPECT TO OUR SENSITIVENESS..I FEEL SICK WITH THE 19YEAR OLD KID WHO SHOWED HIS ASS IN PUBLIC…MAY GOD BE WITH US ALL..

  • Sharmilla

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    y noone bombarded eyqa arul fella??? he must be a mamak..he has forgotten that he himself has Indian blood. Only the religion is different. when these kinda indian sob don’t respect his own race, how can we expect others to respect us?? Report should be lodged against him too. 1Malaysia… yea, ryt!

  • simple_mind

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    semma kamadi bro.. really enjoyed reading all de post..

  • Indian Dawg

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    Funny. The idiots are also those who are reacting to the racial comments, right?
    Abusing one another on FB, not to sure what did the involving parties proofed or managed to obtain at the end of the day.

  • Orkid

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    One thing leads to the other. As a Malay myself, i was quite distraught by these remarks of keyboard warriors. Sensitive terms aiming to disgust other races are totally unacceptable and I personally believe we should work together to stay in peace with one another in this country. Racial tolerance is crucial and it should be totally nurtured at root level (schools/event). But knowing schools and universities nowadays, you can hardly see racial mingles together (correct me if I’m wrong)which is so sad. We have everything in this country, the people, culture, nature, religion, food (the best always), and it is dishearthening if we can’t maintain this just because some shrewds uttering racial sensitivity in social networking which leads to racial tension. I applaud the author for mediating the issues successfully and prove that he is matured and thoughtful. Respect.

  • loges

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    First and foremost… thanks a lot bro for not making this a big issue and start condemning then 2gether with othrs
    Its not new that a people from different race insults the other one…its something normal in a country multi race citizens..
    People are insulting one and another in their own religion nowadays,.so clean our back first before correcting others….
    Only no educated and lifeless people will do this kind of thing
    If a dog barks at you , you just have to move away sometimes and not joining and barking together
    If the dog tries to bite you ,then you can whack the shit of it but as what they say… kolekereh naiyeh kadikathe
    This is just lifeless people doing something in their bored time… avenekeh yenna kadepoh
    Arasiyal leh ithellam sagajam appa…..

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    Who can win him, capturing him If he is fearless, not lazy and speech firm.

  • ROY

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    Those 2 numbskull’s are just plain ignorant. Just forget about them and move on with life..

  • peace maker

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    Hi all.. I’m a Malaysian living in Malaysia for my whole life.. The nature of my work require me to travel all around Malaysia including sabah and Sarawak… But I never encountered any of such idiot. The Malay girl or the one who replied to her. The post show how people react but didn’t show why she react like that.. Something fishy … Second thing is.. What we see online and how people behave on street is difference…these are the people who try to become online hero.. But I got an idea based on the issue above.. Next time if I don’t like someone, I’ll just use their picture to create fake profile and post something nasty..for example. I use a Indian guy photo to post bad thing about Malay or Chinese… How’s that sound….. The most brainless people on the earth is the one who react, not the one who perform the act… Got it….

  • natasha

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    Vaayamoodi summa iru da
    Roatta paathu neraa nadada
    Kanna katti kaattula vittudumda
    kadhal oru vambuda
    Nice song rite SK…

  • natasha

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    Dey machan, ena da ponnu ava
    avala maari, na paathathe ila da
    enaku ennaku paithiyame
    pidichidum pola iruku da
    Translation to English
    Hey friend, what girl is she?
    I never crossed one like her.
    I feel, I feel like
    getting brainsick now..
    I …

    …Anyway I like the way you narrate the above…relax and compose…Good…

  • youandme

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    well they seem intelligent to me the comments.. i guess what has happened was.. it caught us all off guard with such comments from those 2 racist ppl..we have different reactions and ~i not saying that what they did was entirely wrong.. but as civil ppl whoever started codeming the race yea in a way they do have the balls to speak up and stand up and give them a piece of our their mind that we are not going to just ignore and so they reacted,,oh well whats said is done..i have a feeling its some sort of set up anyway and to those people who have commented I UNDERSTAND your anger… but then again there is always a different alternative,, always


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