The Struggle of a Macha

This article contains a very disturbing image. I know you wouldn’t f***ing care anyway, just warning in advance.

“Kumar-eh, ingge va,un kitte pesenum”

“Kumar, come here, I need to talk to you”

From her tone, I knew my mother is going to start preaching.

“Ineme inthe yeletherethe yellam nipatte, nameke ithe yellam theveyeille”

“Stop writing, don’t get yourself in trouble”

I stared blankly, not knowing how to react. She further went on telling me that she has visited the house of Gopinath, the boy who was attacked for ridiculing Prophet Muhammad. She was completely traumatized looking at the damage in his house, and said that she would not be able to take it if something happens to me.

I explained that Gopinath was attacked because he was an extremist, and he asked for it. My father meanwhile advised me to continue writing but to hide my identity. Well, it’s too late for that though; plus I don’t like to hide and fight.

Knowing that I will not stop, my mother advised me that I should stop writing about certain issues including politics, gangsterism and also against the government. But then, what else is there for me to write about? Write about papan tit Indian girls dancing semi-nude in clubs? They’re obviously worried that something might happen to me, and of course no one can protect me.

I’m alone.

Let us all be practical, I know many of you might say that you’re behind me, but if my ass got busted, by the time help arrives, I would probably be in 10 pieces.

I’ve not done anything wrong. I have a cause. When I see double standard being practiced by the authorities, how can I just stop being vocal? When Gopinath was arrested, I merely laughed because it was a crystal clear practice of double standard by the authorities. Shah Kirit, a cunning extremist who joked about how Hindu Gods had sex with each other to entertain his equally dumbfuck audience is one man that should have been put behind bars. There were multiple police reports against him, and he fucking escaped just like that, unlike the case of Gopinath who was arrested under Sedition Act. That’s how sick things are in Malaysia.

Piece of shit that is untouchable even after insulting Hindus to such an extend.


All over Malaysia, our Indian boys are getting involved in gangsterism. Indians had been systematically marginalized for so many years, and the only area that our Indian boys seem to be excelling on is crime and gangsterism. Our young boys are dying in vain all over the country, chopping each other up in the name of gang rivalry. Innocent victims who have done anything, some who just want to make a living is also chopped up by gangsters, because of jealousy and rivalry. Things like this don’t get highlighted, and people tend to forget them.

Take for example the case of Bro Naga, he was chopped off by 6 armed man in the middle of a busy road. He was a successful businessman and was slashed horribly due to business rivalry. This is what our Indian Machas are good at, chopping off one of their own. Gang rivalries in JB are beyond horrible, and innocent victims are getting tangled in the middle of gang wars. Do you even know that there are local Indian artist that is involved and supporting these gangs? These are the things that don’t get highlighted.

Bro Naga, killed by 6 machete armed men in the middle of a busy street. (Picture reedited by request of family members and close friends) RIP

Political parties are just struggling to keep afloat and trying to gain political mileage out of everything. Neither BN nor PR has come up with any absolute solution on how to tackle and solve the everlasting issues that has plagued Malaysian Indians. Millions are thrown in by the Government towards Tamil schools each year, but fucking none reaches the schools properly. Everybody wants a share of the cake. While children’s in the estates are studying in depleted schools, we have politicians throwing in mega-parties and having a lavish lifestyle. How can you eat the money that was supposed to benefit poor kids in estates? All of them are piece of shit, low life scums eating away education of kids. These kids don’t get highlighted, because no one wants to take the risk.

How can I stop then?

Everybody wants to be selfish. We’re concerned about our own family, our girlfriends, vappatis and so on. We must come out and struggle, and should be vocal enough and not hide behind pavadais whenever any injustice happens. Don’t follow me, lead on your own. You must be independent, and learn to be independent. Don’t blindly follow everything I say, get down to the ground and start seeing things on your own.

I have a cause and I’m adamant to stick with it. How to make my family understand my cause is not my concern. My real concern is how am I going to make my community understand?


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  • Red Robin

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    and thats why Batman wore cape and cowl, not for him, for the people he loved and cared…in the end, anonymity is our strongest defense

  • loges

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    Anonymity is not for ur safety only but for the safety pof people around us… because we are dealing with heartless and brainless scumbags… so they will get some crazy plan after their thanni time and somebody may get hurt really bad. Bravery and strength is not enough to fight enemy… plan and attack and we will definitely win…

  • ROY

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    *Statistics have been compiled, research has been conducted, relatives have been consulted, the gossip aunties (their big hips clad in colourful and bright golden sarees) have actually, for ONCE agreed. **

    *We present to you the characteristics that classify the THREE major Indian groups (or perhaps, castes?) that exist in Malaysia.

    1) The REGULARs,
    2) HIP-HOPPERs &
    3) MACHAs

    1) REGULAR
    Definition: Comprises a mere 7-10 % of the total population of Indians in Malaysia . Found in well-developed parts of the cities spread throughout the peninsular. (none have been found in Sabah & Sarawak as yet)

    Characteristics include:
    1. Speaks English as their 1st language.
    2. Do not know how to (or just dont) speak their mother tongue.
    3. Prefer to identify themselves by sub-group rather than the plain Indian (ie-malayalee, Ceylonese, telugu, sikh, north indian etc)
    4. Uses the internet more than the other 2 groups combined.
    5. Swears off, criticises and ridicule those who watch tamil/hindi movies and/or dramas
    6. Instead, watches the OC, MTV and other American sitcoms
    7. Thinks that the REGULAR group is way larger than it actually is and constantly makes fun of the other groups, in particular the MACHA group. Why? Because it’s fun.
    8. Aspires to be a doctor. Those who do medicine will eventually do so at UK/Australia, but will normally end up taking more than the required six years to complete the degree due to excessive failure.
    9. Despises Samy Vellu.

    *Recent studies have shown that there is a growing splinter group within the REGULARs knows as the IPWTTANI (Indian People Who Think They Are Not Indians). This growing sub-group is considered the elitist by some and is found to make the occasional statements like “I > wish I were in the UK ” and/or “This never happened when I was
    studying in Australia “. They often speak in unidentifiable accents. The women/men of this group also prefer to date white men/women from foreign countries with the excuse that local men/women “just don’t understand me”. Many secretly desire to be taken away to live in a Bollywood film with a happily-ever-after ending. **

    Definition: The 2nd major group of Indians, the HIP-HOPPERS comprises about 20-30% of the population of Indians. Normally living in urban areas of cities, the HIP-HOPPERS, as their name suggests, can never be found where they actually come from, but rather in clubs, bars, pubs etc. Many secretly desire to be like the REGULARS but just don’t make
    the cut.

    The characteristics of the HIP-HOPPERS are:
    1. TRY to speak English as their 1st language.
    2. Their actual 1st language is Tamil.
    3. Openly desire to be blacks (waddap dawg?)
    4. Hair not in original colour
    5. Have unknown hand movements and slangs that are supposedly cool that supposedly go well together with their normal attire of FUBU jerseys and baggy jeans (that are more often than not bought in Petaling Street/ChowKit)
    6. Are famously known to shorten their names to suit their lifestyles (ie. Sam, for Muthusamy and Amber for Ambikadevy)
    7. Large quantities (almost all) found in Jalan Telawi of Bangsar (though, to be fair, many REGULAR groups are found here too)
    8.Parents want them to be doctors. Many end u studying medicine in Russia/Ukraine because they refuse to go to India and cannot afford UK/Australia. Those who go to India may eventually switch camps to the MACHA group.
    9. Despises Samy Vellu.

    The HIP-HOPPERS major claim to fame is driving out all the REGULARs (Malay, Chinese & Indian) and the white expatriates from Bangsar by large quantities, so much so that they can now call Bangsar “home”. *

    3) MACHA’s
    The last and largest group of Indians in the country comes from the MACHA group. Probably the most famous group, it is so well known that most Malaysians think ALL Indians are from the MACHA group. Comprising nearly 70% of the Indian population in M’sia, the MACHAS can be found in urban parts of the cities, and also in estates.

    Characteristics include:
    1. Speaks Tamil as their 1st language
    2. Sees Tamil Nadu/Madras ( India ) as the place to be.
    3. Astro at home is hardwired to Astro Vaanavil.
    4. Worship Bollywood films. The men openly desire to be like* Vijayakanth or their favourite Indian star.
    5. A night-out will have to include a stop at any Indian shop in Brickfields. The shopping haven will have to be Jalan Masjid India .
    6. Know all the Tamil songs by heart and has never heard of Hitz.FM
    7. For men, outfit is never complete without a gold chain. Women prefer to spend their life-savings on gold jewelry and gaudy sarees.
    8. Half of them aspire to be doctors; the other half, their parents want them to be doctors. The bright ones become the pride of all Indians in the country when they enter UM for medicine, the less fortunate go to AIMST. Many more attain paradise and have their dreams come true when allowed to go off to India (most of the time Manipal)
    to do medicine. Most just drop-out of school and contribute to social problem areas in the country.
    9. Loves Samy Vellu.*

    • Red Robin

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      You missed one more group which amounts 0.01% in Malaysian Indian population, despite their proportion, they are the most influential group.. The “Classifying Agents” of Indian community..They able to judge other Indians so eagerly without any prior research or whatsoever, they are awesome right? Even Sherlock Holmes pun kalah with them in deduction competition…
      Alright, alright..I was being sarcastic..Bro, with all due respect, what you doing is completely unnecessary and perhaps wrong, how is judging whole community by based few others stereotypical retards is morally right? People behave that way because they wants to.. That’s it, fullstop. Judging people stereo-typically not gonna any difference to anyone..
      If you really wants to make a change to our community, change your perceptive first, then together we will shape our community..
      Please don’t take it personally, after all, I just explain how shallow your view on world around you..

      • ROY

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        Bro…to tell ya da truth…that was not me..just copied n pasted it from some email some1 forwarded…
        thought it was kindda hilarious

        • Vaniee

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          yup, it’s hilarious..enjoyed reading it and I did come across those groups of people that have been described above..and they are growing in number.

        • Red Robin

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          Yes, it is hilarious but I don’t really get the point you wanna make and its relativity to Durai’s article..if the purpose is purely comical, well, you succeeded..

    • Jessie

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      Hmmmm..I belong to neither….

  • ROY

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    AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY BY Sheikh Moinudeen Chisti Syed Abdul Kadir (RPK website)

    *The history of theMamaks in Malaysia…
    Very, interesting reading…and now I have a better understanding of why
    very often ‘Indian Ethnic Origin’ ties want to severed or perhaps kept……

    I never knew that Musa Aman is a mamak?

    *Kimma, Kurma and Karma*

    *Kurma* is anexcellent Indian Muslim dish. The difference between a kurma
    and a curry is in the chilli.

    A curry is reddish because it uses dried red chillies and also dried chilli
    powder. A kurma does not use dried red chillies or dry chilli powder.
    Instead a kurma is cooked with freshgreen chillies. The taste and the colour
    are therefore different. Both are excellent methods for cookingpoultry,
    mutton, beef, duck and even fish.

    *Kimma* is of coursethe Kongres Indian Muslim Malaysia, which is the ‘mamak’
    version of the Kongres India Malaysia or Malaysian Indian Congress or MIC
    which itself is a namesakeof the Congress Party of India.
    The MIC was founded by Mr John Thivy of Ipoh in the 1940s as the Malaysian
    chapter of Nehru’s Congress Party of India.

    It is really ignorant of the KIMMA members to claim that they are Malays
    when their party is still named after the Congress Party of India. This is a
    case of extremely serious mamak confusion.

    *An Indian Muslim* can be anyone of Indian ancestry who is a Muslim.
    Tamils, Keralas, Punjabis,Sindhis,
    Mahrattas, Hydrabadis etc are all Indian Muslims. But in Malaysia a large
    majority of Indian Muslims are Tamil speaking. Hence the term Indian Muslim
    is generally applied to the Tamil speaking Indian Muslims.
    In Malaysia, Indian Muslims are also known as *mamaks*, DKK (darah keturunan
    keling), Kelings and Jawi Peranakan.
    The last one Jawi Peranakan is a strange misnomer. There is even a recent
    book written about the Jawi Peranakan which actually talks about the Indian

    In contemporary Malaysia Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari, Zainuddin Mydin,
    SitiNurhaliza binti ‘Thaarudeen’, Justice Haidar Mohd Noor, Ahmad Nawab,
    Akbar Nawab, P Ramlee, Man Bhai, Tan SriElyas Omar, Tan Sri Ali Abul Hassan
    are *all Indian Muslims*or *descended from Indian Muslims*.Malaysia’s first
    Speaker of Parliament Tan Sri CM Yusuf was a mamak. So was the permanent
    Chairman of UMNO Tan Sri Sulaiman ‘Ninam’ Shah. ‘Ninam’
    is actually truncated Tamil for ‘Naina Mohamed’. Former Sabah Chief Minister
    Dato Harris Salleh and present Chief Minister Musa Aman are all mamaks. They
    are not Pushtuns, Pakistanis orYemenis.

    Among our Prime Ministers Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the son of an Indian
    Muslim. Abdullah Badawi has mamak blood from his father’s side. Toh Puan
    Sharifah Radziah Syed AlwiBarakbah, the wife of our first PM Tunku Abdul
    Rahman, had mamak ancestry. The Tunku himself was of *mixed Thai and mamak
    parentage*. Ex DPM Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim’s father is a mamak. The
    intellectuals Kassim Ahmadand Farish Noor have Indian Muslim fathers while
    the late Tan Sri Muhammad Noordin Sopiee had a mamak grandfather. Munir
    Majid is a Tamil speaking mamak and Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor is a mamak

    Here it is pertinent to note the ‘Syed’ and ‘Sheikh’ name. Among Indian
    Muslims the name Syed or Sheikh is common, its no big deal. The names ‘Shah’
    and ‘Khan’ are also very commonmamak names. Other ‘Malay’
    names like ‘Chik’, ‘Tamby Chik’ and ‘Keling’ are definitely of mamak origins

    The name ‘Shah’ is not common among the Malays but strangely enough it is
    very common among the Malay sultans, for example Sultan Azlan Shah and Raja
    Nazrin Shah. Shah is NOT anArabic name. It originates from Persia and comes
    to Malaysia from India through the Indian Muslim influence. This is just
    more indication of the *mamak ancestry of our Malay rulers*.

    But among kampong Malays the name *Syed* and *Sheikh* are supposed to
    indicate Arab ancestry, the name Syed being associated with ‘keturunan nabi’
    or lineage from the Prophet. To the kampong Malays these names are a really
    big deal. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Another common mamak
    name is ‘Maricar’.
    Actually it is ‘Marikiyaar’. This has evolved into ‘*Merican*’. Hence the
    thousands of Malays who bear the ‘Merican’ name today are also of mamak
    ancestry. They call themselves JawiPeranakan. They are actually mamak.

    Many smart Indian Muslims realized very early on this Malay liking for
    *Arabic names and Arab ancestry*.
    So they started passing themselves off, (or did not object if they were
    referred to) as Arabs, usually of Yemeni descent. In Malaysia too many Syeds
    and Sheikhs from among the Malays today are actually recycled mamaks. One
    good example is Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari. Among the Malaye lite Tan
    Sri *Syed Mukhtar
    Bukhari* passes off as being of Yemeni descent. His family actually comes
    from India.The former mayor of KL Tan Sri Elyas Omaris also of Tamil mamak
    origins from Penang.

    Among the Malays it is also ‘ok’ if a mamak is from Pakistani descent.
    Perhaps Pakistan is closer to Bollywood.
    So some clever mamaks claim to be from Pakistan. The former Sabah Chief
    Minister Harris Salleh and present Chief Minister Musa Aman are said to be
    ‘of Pakistan origins’ but in actualfact they are of Indian mamak ancestry,
    and usually Tamil speaking.

    Mamaks come in all colours and complexions from the dark skinned to the
    light skinned, green eyed and brown eyed types. A visit to the Masjid
    Kapitan Keling in Pitt Street in Penangor Masjid India in Kuala Lumpur on a
    Friday will witness all varieties of mamak.

    The *Indian Muslims in Malaysia today can be classified as follows :
    Those mamaks who have inter married with Malays for generations and have
    actually become Malays. You can only know their mamak ancestry by their
    mamak sounding names like Merican,Shah, Syed, Sheikh etc, by their ‘Indian’
    appearances – prominent nose, rounder eyes etc.

    Those mamaks who have not inter married with Malays but who have assimilated
    closely into the Malay culture.
    They can only speak Malay and have cut off almost all their links with
    India.These would include thousands of mamaks in Penang, Kedah, Melaka and
    other parts of the country. Only their DNA remains Indian. But practically,
    for all intents and purposes they are Malay.

    Those mamaks who are still very much Tamil and who can only speak pasar
    Malay.They may not have links with India but they watch Tamil movies and do
    notread the Malay papers or know much about the Malays.
    Despite being born in Malaysia they still would not know a ‘kuih talam’from
    an ‘otak-otak’. Many KIMMA members fall in this category. That is why they
    still call themselves Kongres Indian Muslim Malaysia after the Indian
    Congress Party of Panditji Jawaharlal Nehru.

    Those mamaks who are still very much Tamil and who cannot even speak pasar
    Malay despite being born in Malaysia. They will not know ‘nasi lemak’ from
    ahole in the ground. They will have strong family ties to India. They watch
    Tamil movies and know more about Tamil Nadu politics than Malaysia politics.
    They read Tamil Nesan and Malaysian Nanban religiously everyday to find out
    what is happening in Tamil Nadu and India. Again many KIMMA members also
    fall intothis category.

    Before 1970 the last two classes of Indian Muslims above (no.3 & 4) were
    usually overtly prejudiced against the Malays. Before 1970 many of them were
    not even citizens of the country.Their slang term for Malays was
    ‘valayan-katti’. This is a term invented by Tamil estate workers but which
    became widely used by most Tamils including Indian Muslims to describe

    A ‘valayan’ means wire. ‘Katti’ means to tie something. So ‘valayan-katti’
    meansa ‘person who ties a
    wire’. What does this mean? In the early days of the rubber industry, the
    British tried to get the Malays to tap the rubber trees. However the native
    Malays had problems tapping therubber tree in the proper manner and ended up
    injuring the tree, reducing the output of rubber. The British had better
    luck getting the trees properly tapped with the Tamils from India. Malays
    were then delegated the simpler job of using wire (valayan) to tie (katti)
    the little latex cups to the rubber tree.
    Hencethe name ‘valayan-katti’.

    Another Tamil term used for Malays is ‘naattu kaaran’ or ‘naattan’ which

    Before 1970 the type 3 and 4 mamaks above and everyone else did not see much
    in the Malays. But post 1970 and the New Economic Policy the mamaks realized
    that they suddenly depended on the Malay for everything, especially the ever
    precious ‘Entry Permit’ to get Permanent Resident status in Malaysia. Until
    then few mamaks got married in Malaysia. They always went back to India to
    get married. After
    1970 and the NEP, the trend disappeared in a hurry. The Malays refused to
    give Entry Permits formamak brides and grooms from India. All of a sudden
    mamaks realized thatthey were short of wives and husbands. Hence the rate of
    inter marriage between mamaks and Malays increased tremendously after
    1970.After 38 years of the NEP, the mamaks are even more assimilated now
    through marriage than ever before.Today there is rarely a mamak family which
    does not have a Malay son or daughter in law.

    Post 1970, the mamaks realized that real political power and with it
    economiclargesse had shifted to the Malays. But many mamaks included in
    class 1 and 2 above had no problem withthis shift in power because often
    they were the ones holding high office. For example the first Speaker of
    Parliament CM Yusuf, a mamak, was his own power in his day. It was only the
    class 3 and 4 mamaks described above who were (and still are) slow in
    assimilating into becoming Malaysians. The KIMMA representsmany of these

    Hence the present scramble among them to be recognized as bumiputras, to get
    Malay classification in the Birth Certificate, BIN in the IC etc.

    But it is a fact that the Indian Muslims are heavily intermarried with
    Malays.This trend started over 600 years ago and continues until today.
    They and their offspring have played major roles in the history of this
    country. Sang Nila Utama, Parameswara, Tun Ali, Hang Kasthuri, HangTuah,
    Mani Purindan, Tun Teja, Abdullah Munshi and ALL the Malay Sultans are
    descended from Indian Muslims.The Perlis Royal family is almost certainly of
    mamak/Thai mix.

    It is also true beyond any single doubt that from their earliest history
    here,the mamaks have had extreme affection which the Indian Muslims have had
    for the Malays throughout history.This could be attributed to the
    similarities in religion but there are also other Muslims in the
    country(including from India) like Pakistanis, Punjabi Muslims, Patans and
    also others like the Chinese Muslims.

    Although the Indian Muslims are generally friendly with all races there is
    not as much intermarriage between Indian Muslims and other Muslims compared
    to the heavy intermixing and intermarriages between Indian Muslims and the

    And it is an established fact (evidenced by all the names mentioned above)
    that throughout history the Indian Muslims have always stepped forward to
    defend the rights of the Malays.In the process many of the Indian Muslims
    have lost their identity almost completely to the Malays.Who are the
    descendants of the Tamil educated Munshi Abdullah today? No one knows. A DNA
    test will reveal Indian DNA among all our Malay rulers but which Sultan can
    or wants to retrace his Indian ancestry?These are the mamaks who assimilated
    into the Malay community from generations ago.

    Fast forward to today : in UMNO there are thousands of mamaks fighting for
    Malay rights. In PAS there are mamaks fighting for Islam (aka Malay) rights.
    PAS stalwart Hanipa Mydin isa pure mamak while Deputy MB of Kelantan Dato
    Husam Musa may have mamak blood. In the old Keadilan ‘brother’ Abdul Rahman
    Othman, another mamak tulen, became party secretary general and then quit
    later – tojoin PAS. In the Civil Service and in the Melayu korporat sector
    there are thousands of mamaks helping the NEP’social engineering’ come true.

    In Penang pure Malays are a rarity. As late as the80s, they could only be
    found in Sungai Ara, Balik Pulau and other places where there were no roads.
    In all other places in Penang, mamak blood is almost a certainty. Hence
    words like ‘chacha’ and ‘nana’ are a part of Penang Malay.In Kedah and
    Melaka the mamak ‘penetration’ of the Malay populace is much more earlier
    than in Penang. Which means the mamaks in Kedah and Melaka have diluted
    their DNA into the Malay population from much earlier (from Portugese, Dutch
    and British times).

    In short mamaks are a permanent feature of the Malay ‘make up’. It is the
    karma of the mamaks that they have become kurma in Malaysia.

  • Vaniee

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    Dear Durai,

    That guy Gopinath claimed that his laptop was stolen six months ago and he has no idea on the issue. He did make a police report on this matter, I think. Police has tried to track down the IP address of the comments and found that they were posted from various locations. And then there was also an apology posted on his website after the whole issue came out. He is a student in a local university, pursuing his Masters. On the Fasibilah Group that vandalized his house and car, the police claimed that they have no knowledge of the group although the group itself has admitted to the crime. Gopinath expressed shock over the damage when interviewed. I read the whole thing from various sources available online. So, I am not sure whether he was being framed or he was just plain stupid.

    @Vaanie: I went through his profile in detail when it happened, and I really don’t buy his story that his account was hacked.If someone hacked into his account, he would have checked in detail what happened to his account once he recovered it. Among his postings, it is clear that the guy was having some skewed mentality, also joining in pages that speaks bad about Islam. How did someone who lost his account for a long time can suddenly recover it to post an apology message once he knows he is in trouble? I think it was probably an emotional outburst, or he could also be not guilty. Just that I can’t bring myself to believe that his account was hacked based on my observation.

  • simple_mind

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    Doesnt matter -> famous rd wat!!

  • Vaniee

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    Whether he is guilty or not, his life may be in ruins right now. As a student with a local university, his candidature may be terminated or suspended pending investigation. His scholarship may be axed. And he has been detained for further questioning by the police. His face is practically everywhere online AND one group has proudly admitted after vandalizing his house and car. Right now, he is the most recognizable face in Malaysia, with the label extremist or racist. A lot of people out there are not happy about a lot of things. But, getting your self smack in the middle of it by openly declaring your stand, especially when you are very much dependent on the system itself….Durai, the jury is out on this for me..(I have problem believing his story but I also have problem believing that he is capable of self-sabotaging himself up to this level. Students especially postgrads with local universities have been in the system too long to not to be aware of the repercussions that they will face with such actions..

    • Red Robin

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      Well, he should have thought about the consequences before posting such a racist post on a FB page. Come on , we live in Malaysia, we have think thousand times before posting anything involve race to avoid dire catastrophe like this. and yes, I also don’t buy the fact the fb was hacked, if my friends hacked my fb, they will do all kind stupid things but never a sensitive issue..

  • lilyandwhiterose

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    I come across your blog once in a while and I was reminded about the eulogy Tom Hanks gave at Michael Clarke Duncan’s memorial. Hanks recounted the one time Duncan tried to join a gang and Duncan’s mother actually used a frying pan on the late actor and told him to leave the gang. I think if all Indian mothers consistently used this tactic to discourage their boys from joining gangs or idolising them, we’d probably have less cases of gangsterism.

    LOL about Shah Kirit. I am not sure whether he made up the story about Lord Shiva and Nandi, but hey, he exposed his ignorance to the people who are knowledgeable about Hindu mythology, hence will be deemed as an ignorant man and not to be taken seriously. But judging from the mythologies I grew up with, and reading between the lines, yup, passions (physical and otherwise) ran high!

    Regarding Mr Roy’s hilarious post, sir, I am a REGULAR but I identify myself as Indian (subgroup not specified unless asked about it), sworn off Indian films (except for Deepa Mehta’s trilogy), gave up on mainstream American shows a long time ago and I didn’t WANT to be a doctor (plus I was bad at Maths and Science – that could be a reason *LOL*).

    Keep up with your blogs, Mr Durai. Perhaps one day, the Indian community as a whole will see the light.

  • SataN

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    Come to think abt it, being a student in a local Uni, I don’t knw how stupid this fellow could be, I read what he wrote one of my malay friend told me to read this, all I know he deserve to get this F**KED

  • simple_mind

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    It is the karma of the mamaks that they have become kurma in Malaysia.
    Wow. Just. Wow. :)


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