No media were there to cover the plight of these poor kids. The least you could do is read and create awareness about their plight to others. As I walked inside the school, I knew there was something seriously wrong with this school. A few Indian Machas were standing outside guarding against potential intruders perhaps, […]

Pregnant and Shot Dead – Selvamalar

As I began to study these cases, I uncovered chilling facts about how our boys are being executed, labeled criminals, and their families put to shame for the rest of their life. Hundreds of police shootout and custodial deaths involving Indians had happened, yet no proper investigation had ever been pursued.¬† I was standing outside […]

Kids dying down the Drain

Visit us here to know what we do :¬† You know, ever since many years ago, I’ve visited many Tamil schools in the past. Together with my friends who had never wished to be highlighted, they’ve contributed time, effort, energy and most importantly money to visit the schools in dying condition. When I first visited […]

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