Kids dying down the Drain

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You know, ever since many years ago, I’ve visited many Tamil schools in the past. Together with my friends who had never wished to be highlighted, they’ve contributed time, effort, energy and most importantly money to visit the schools in dying condition.

Bro Raaja from MyTamilChannel distributing souvenirs to the kids..

When I first visited a school many years back, I was taken aback looking at the conditions the children’s are studying and the pathetic condition of the schools. One can never imagine studying in that type of schools, and the kid’s eyes would tell you a thousand stories. I was against MIC for so long, because I felt many funds had been misused and no public accounts had been shown.

I felt MIC was worthless, yet we can’t rule them out because that’s the only way money is going to come in. I wrote multiple blogs and blast them out in public, ripping them apart through words so that the public knows the truth. Then, something hit me and told me that rather than relying on MIC or government, why don’t we do what we can on our own?

With like minded passionate individuals, we started Sai Fund. Initially the respond was not that good, but through multiple efforts taken to show our skills in executing certain events, we finally gained the trust of public. Money came pouring in, and I was particularly very worried about how we’re going to manage public accounts.

We had no official T-Shirts. We had no official members. We’ve been denied official registration despite numerous attempts to get it registered. The one thing I had;

Passionate committee members and trust. Make it two.

Each one of you trusted us by mere mention, and donated money knowing that the cause was right. And to ensure every cent is accounted for, our accountant spends hours daily after her own office hours to make sure all the money is transparent and the public knows where your money is going.

Recently in the last project, we visited a Tamil school which needed immediate attention to finish up the construction of their school canteen. A few months after the visit, no one had followed up the issue and the canteen remained uncompleted. Political difference aside, we decided to collect the money from the public, because I knew our society is concerned about our kids.

We made a mega achievement and collected the money within 2 days. The construction is set to began. I made it clear in Sai Fund and Ragedindian facebook page that we do not want any political interference in this and no groups should seek fame, YET some assholes could not listen.

I’m HEREBY FUCKING DISSAPOINTED that despite my numerous warnings not to interfere with this project, one of the group called Ningge Pallike Pogelam with some self minded individuals who is misusing the name of MIETA, self claiming to be a shitty pressure group seeking self fame and praise, decided to accuse MIC of mishandling of funds and finally succeeded in stopping our project. Ningge Palike Poringgelo ille Velliki poringgelo athe pethi yeneke kavele ille.

I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHO MISHANDLED ANY FUNDS ANYMORE! I want the kids to have a canteen. Yet, through multiple postings and making the issue blow out of proportion, and without discussing it with us despite knowing that we’re already actively pursuing the project, they decided to analfuck us.

And to top it up, when I questioned it, I was in a way accused of mishandling the funds. How funny is that? We spend in time and effort to highlight and seek help for these schools, and by hijacking our own initiative, this groups are claiming to be pressure group.

I’ve hardly been this frustrated in my life. Indians anal fucking me upside down. I want to see the kids getting and studying in a good condition. If you want to fucking highlight the kid’s plight, then get your ass down in estates and start highlighting. Maire we are spending all day long travelling all the way and you suddenly come in like a fucking heroes to highlight issues.

I need to announce this professionally, but I just do not know how.

Brothers and Sisters, the money donated to us had NEVER been misused. You might have no idea to maintain such an organization, but trust me it’s tough. I’m playing a little role, but Sai Fund committee members are working their ass off beside their personal life and job, just to ensure the kids get all they need. They’re getting NOTHING in return.

We’re going to be more careful in the future so that things like this do not get misused by dangerous snakes and assholes out there. I was in the thinking that MIC was doing badly all this while, looks like there is a snake within opposition team. MIC at least got a bit of the money to the schools, but it’s the remaining Indians who had been stopping all this projects from getting executed so that they gain self fame.

Who can I trust in the end? Only you.

You can hate me, but do not take it on the kids. The kids have done no harm.I’m upset. Really. Do you want me to bend down and beg for you to help your own kids? We never asked for any help from any organization, we only asked from you.

In the end , MIC has come up again to help these kids, pressured by a fuckhole group seeking self fame. I would forgive MIC and work with them, but never snakes who had backstabbed me.

Fuck them all. And if you have the slightest doubt in me , declare that you’re one of donater and I will quit Sai Fund immediately as one of the committee members. And that if you think that group can help you to assure the funds are always there … When the kids were having their meals down the drain, no assholes cared.

Now everyone wants a piece of the cake.


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  • sai

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    U need not quit because of ass wipes. I don’t see anything wrong in what you are saying and doing. Keep moving. This is mindfuck for MIC. Whatever it is the children need us.

  • Jose

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    This is like someone finding a rape victim, and give it great exposure to pressure authorities to bring the criminal to justice. Only thing is they are doing it by exposing the identity of the victim everywhere just to gain sympathy, without any care of the welfare of the victim.

    If there were misappropriation of the funds, then by all means go for the culprit. But getting in the way of a charity organisation just to get fame is beyond low. Classic case of pulling other people down to climb higher. Feel sad for Malaysian Indians.

  • simple_mind

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    well.. pretty sad..

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    When it comes to Sai Fund, I trust you and ur team…

  • mages

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    Don’t give up. You have made many proud & these kids need help. Please make sure you & your team are strong enough to face this kind of attacks.May God bless you all…

  • alan

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    Back-stabbing is yet another way of complimenting…
    That is how u should perceive this. For what you have done so far, these misanthropes can never get any close to you. These are their sheepish resorts to topple divine courses. Please don’t bother…
    ooraan veetu sattathukku naadum veedum masiyaathu…
    megam vanthu satham pottaa aagayam thaan kekkaathu…
    sooriyana parthu naayi kuraichaa sooriyan soodu thaniyaathu…

  • Vino

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    Just keep up the good work bro… “Solluraven sollitea thaan irupaan, seyyelley iranggea mattan”

  • jas

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    mr. durai, what you and the Sai team are doing is something great. People will always try to get in your way and steer you off. But in the end of the day, regardless of what people are going to say, as long as the kids get their canteen, nothing else matters. The kids will be happy, and that is the only thing that counts.

  • Vaniee

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    Durai, if MIC is chipping in for the cost of the canteen, then let them do it. After all, it should be on their list of responsibilities to do for the Tamil schools especially with the RM100 million allocation for partially aided tamil schools recently handed out by PM. I do realize that you hate interference especially from politically aligned parties and individuals but you have to ‘allow’ them to do their job. Or else whatever tiny allocations dripping into these schools may stop if non-profit groups like your team start taking over the responsibility. Yes, there are selfish people around who can capitalize on any issues that may benefit them in the near future. But, look at the positive aspect of it. You have got MIC on the task (I can hear you screaming-NO I DON’T WANT ANY ASSOCIATION WITH MIC here). Just play along for the sake of the kids. Hopefully, we are looking at a better equipped canteen such as those in SK schools. The more your team tries to go solo, the more it will be exposed since now certain parties are fully aware of such efforts. So, try your best to manipulate and adapt to the situation to achieve what you have always wanted to do for the kids. Anyway, I think you have been secretly appointed as their ‘secret eyes’-FOC…(something like -nambe alle kind of thing..;)

  • Vaniee

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  • Nisha

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    Durai, be strong and just go ahead. tis kind of specises are just good to condemn n bring down the higly morale/motivated person like you.


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    naalu peeruke nallethe senja, ethuvem thappe ille…inthe mayirandinge thiruntheve maathengey..they won’t do, and they won’t let others do as well..

  • Geetha

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    Durai and the Sai Fund team, please keep going. I have never met any of you guys or know you personally but I have faith in Durai and the team. Opportunists will always find ways to sneak into other’s achievements and success stories. Just be on guard so that it will not happen again next time. People who really care for the cause and who have been following you long enough will know what/whom to trust.

    Just a couple of excerpts (not in order) from Rudyard Kipling’s If,

    ‘If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools;’

    ‘If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son! ‘

    Cheer up and don’t worry your true readers are behind you!

  • natasha

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    Hi SK… I can feel the anger in your blog. One thing for sure people always say that forgive your enemy but never forget their names. Forget what hurt you but don’t forget what it has taught you.
    Your team are GOD send. GOD can’t be everywhere so he send people like you to help other human. Cheer up and keep up the good work no matter what.

  • Mom who cares

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    I can understand your pain – hang in there. Also as a mom who has sent her kids to tamil school and taken them out – these schools should be last resort for these children. You will hear horror stories of schools from the rural areas, all you need to do is listen to talk in the “girls toilet” and hear of what hell some of them go through and how that has become a norm for them. If we can start looking at the big picture of introducing tamil and tamil lit at SK schools – we can be ensured that our biggest assets – the teachers from these schools (at least some of them) are maintained to assist these youngsters. If ever that idea comes to surface – no matter how many years it takes – i hope we have some takers. And if you need to fund them – also look at providing these kids (rural schools only) help in the social term.

  • SharonGaury

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    Your efforts are transparent and its not easy to walk the talk and you’ve been doing a great job with your team.
    So dont let this bring you down cos this is just one group of snakes that has revealed but we know there are tons of them out there.
    Keep doing what you are doing and people who care and knows will always stand by you..
    That is all that matters right.. Leave tis idiots cos they cant get far with this effing attitude..and when they fall.. it’ll be a real hard fall !

    Keep Going !

  • Asamboi

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    Screw everyone who try to gain fame through charity, its actually a sin and I believe the big man up there will know how to deal with snakes like that.

    You and your awesome Sai Fund team continue doing the right thing. Truth will always prevail.

    God bless you and your team, richly.


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    Take risk if u win, u will be happy…
    if u lose u will be wise…
    keep on going YB

  • warmonger

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    Dear Sk, remember these words:


    someday I’ll teach you the tune.

  • SataN

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    I trust in you, do what you need to do, dont quit if you do the ass holes WIN, why you want to let others win for no reason, you and your team know what you guys are going is right and worth. Just tell them to FOND (Fuck Off N Die) and do your great work. Let me know if you need more man power I will come and help you and your team. Once again keep up what you doing. Cheers Man.

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    theevinai anjuvar nallor, chirithumanchaar bhaavigal aanavamkon dor!!!

  • kalai

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    Seriously , I think all the culprits should be caugth and their photos should be published in papers.. they are worse than the snatch thieves.


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