Pregnant and Shot Dead – Selvamalar

As I began to study these cases, I uncovered chilling facts about how our boys are being executed, labeled criminals, and their families put to shame for the rest of their life. Hundreds of police shootout and custodial deaths involving Indians had happened, yet no proper investigation had ever been pursued. 

I was standing outside my house; it was a cold night. I still remember vividly; Viknes walking towards me and asked about his best friend, who was my neighbor. Since he was not around, we chatted awhile and he left, saying that he will be back later.

He never did.

A few days later, news came in that Viknes was involved in an accident, and died on the spot. It was shocking. However, 19 year old V. Viknes did not die because of an accident; he was shot dead by the police. We rushed to his house immediately; completely perplexed and puzzled on how can a guy who has never been involved in any fights or gangsterism, was tagged as an armed robber by the police. No criminal record, no discipline problem even in school yet a 19 year old student who was about to sit for his STPM was shot dead.

“The three, sensing that they were being followed, sped into Kota Seri Emas, but they lost control of the car and crashed into a divider.

“The three charged towards the police team and repeatedly opened fire. In the ensuing shootout, the three were shot dead,” Comm Salleh said.

Comm Salleh said the three, from Port Klang, were identified as T. Puvaneswaran, 24, T. Katiravan, 25, and V. Viknes, 19.”

If I’m not mistaken, I remember that there were at least 2 bullet wounds in his body, one near the neck. The police alleged that he was ‘marksman and a weapons expert’. A marksman and weapons expert but failed to shoot even once on target at the police, ironic isn’t it?

That was approximately 9 years back. Time and time again, Indian boys seem to be an easy target and had been shot dead in some cases without mercy. Boys as young as 17 had been tagged as armed and dangerous criminals and put to sleep.

Johari Abu Bakar

Johari Abu Bakar, a 17 year old boy was shot dead near Dengkil last year. He had tried to reverse an MPV he had stolen earlier towards a police patrol car, and fired several shots towards the police. The police in return shot and killed the boy. Ironically, his father was also shot dead by the police just two years earlier.

After the shoot out…


G. Asogan – Died in Custody – Image Credit to Hindraf

24 year old Asogan was arrested on 17/10/10 at about 7.00 a.m. Within three hours and at 10.00 a.m the police called the family to say that he had died in the Brickfileds police lock up.

A. Kugan – died in lock up

Just like the case of A. Kugan, Asogan’s body shows multiple injuries he endured perhaps during the few hours of detention.

Asogan funeral

But perhaps the most chilling case of all was the case of Selvamalar Nadarajah. She was 8 months pregnant with her baby due any time when their house was ambushed by the Special Branch. Selvamalar was shot in the head, along with 4 others inside a house in Sungai Besi.

“Police officers responsible for the Oct. 2, 1998, raid, which was part of an investigation into the kidnapping of a prominent politician’s son, have told the court they had reason to believe the boy was in the house and acted in self-defense after shots were fired from inside.”

I still remember the funeral pictures; her baby due to be born in a few weeks also died with her. The baby was operated out, and the dead baby was put on top of the Selvamalar’s body during her funeral. It was beyond horrifying. Selvamalar was believed to have hid herself in the kitchen during the shootout, yet was shot in the head.19 year old Logeswary Murugaya was also shot dead in the incident. Overall, 5 person was shot dead, 2 of them young woman. Police denied shooting her, and claimed that they have no knowledge about who shot her and only discovered that she had died much later.

New Straits Times – October 4 1998

In the coming weeks, I’m going to try and locate one of the eyewitnesses of the incident, Saraswathy Govindasamy. The reason I wrote this article is because all of them would have been forgotten by now, none had ever lived to tell their side of the story. How many of you even knew about Selvamalar?

Whether they were guilty or not, most of them do not deserve to be shot.

It was always the police version of the incident that we have to rely on. And it has always been the same. Tiga remaja India mencurigakan, polis arah berhenti, penjenayah lari , kereta terbabas, penjenayah tembak, polis tembak balik, penjenayah mati, 2 pistol ditemui, dengan ini 20 kes rompakan telah diselesaikan.

May all the victims rest in peace.


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  • prem

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    this is absolutely true bro..they always been branding us as one..but their own peoples do they say its self defence..and this police would only aim indians for every small thing..dumb as peoples as this shows how are they making use of the power given..

  • warmonger

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    Sk man, I remember the pregnant lady getting shot story I was at college that time, it was a shock for me and my friends, I reckon that’s what the Kempetai and Gestapo used to do to the witnesses. I wonder how is the life of the person who pulled the trigger today, is he able to sleep, kiss his kids goodnight, look at his children as though he was a perfect father and not a murderer, I wonder…

  • Raman

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    Similar incident happen in Sunway in 1997, me and few frens were having drink at a mamak stall, we heard 3 shot and 3, when we rush to the incident place, the police were throwing packet of powders and gun inside the indian guys cars, and chase us away.

  • siva sg

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    Your article should be justified from the sense of police brutality and non formal procedures that results death. Not blanket claim that Indians are victimised.

    If you ask me, after seeing the way 5 Indian guys robbed my house, slashed my brother, hurt my father and touched my sister inappropriately right in front of all of us, I dare say they do deserve to be shot without a second thought

    Yes, most of the time we only hear police version of the story. That doesn’t mean its fake or made up every single time.

    • GRUCTH

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      Bro Siva, the same thing happened to my family on broad daylight last week..5 indian guys, armed with samurai, parang and knives stormed into my parents house, thank God, they did not harm my parents or my sis-in-law..So, i suppose, your family had more trauma compared to my mine..I am always thankful to God that my parents are still alive, not harmed, and my brother who just married for 1 month still has his wife, unharmed and and whatever they took from us, even if the policemen managed to recover that, i suppose probably my parents would not want it anymore…

      But, my mom and my sis-in-law don’t want to sleep in that house anymore..they don’t even dare to come out from the house to do routine things like hanging clothes or go to shop..they can’t sleep, crying like baby whenever the thought of the robbery came to their mind..they have lost their peace of mind more than anything else..As the eldest son in the family, I feel so weak that I can’t provide my mom the most precious thing that she needs now, PEACE OF MIND !! After the incident, my mom now can’t stand to live in that house..And, that small house, my father bought using his hard-earned money working day and night as small-time medical you think, he will be able to buy another house at his age of 60? at current highly inflated property prices?? Who cares about my mom’s PEACE of MIND right?? Politicians will fight for the rights of Kugans Asogans Selvamalars etc..

      We can say anything about human rights, rights of the accussed being innocent until proven guilty, the policeman have no right to shoot to kill bla bla bla…But, if the crime is committed against your own family, only then you will know the pain..

      Just be safe everybody, if you are not a criminal, don’t hang out with any of them..

      Nevertheless, I look forward to your further write-up on the eye-witness of the pregnant lady killing…As the saying goes, there is always two sides to a coin..Maybe Kugan or Asogan’s family members can be interviewed as well..

    • atheist

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      agreed! Not all indians are victimised! probably 5% of them are innocent but the rest 95% of killings involved criminals…they do crimes/kidnapping and possess weapons! If police is cleaning the dirt in our community…i would say go ahead!

    • simple_mind

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      ithu unmai kathai, unggal kathai….
      sudengga ejamma, sudengga..

  • Muraly

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    Whatever the reason, the Police force have no right to shoot to kill
    They are duty bound to arrest or call for extra enforcement
    These police have been given licence to kill !
    Action must be taken by political parties concerned
    Are we supposed to take action ourselves?
    I would not be surprised if Indian Tata appears !

  • DarkChild

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    “There has always been 2 sides of a coin.”

    This is very much true since half of us that are not aware of the whole truth will think it really deserves them(above mentioned victims/criminals) where else the remaining of us pities them.

    But from the updates I had gained from some crucial sources(individuals connected in high places regardless the race), I can shed some lights on two of the numerous cases mentioned above and this perhaps can at least put most of you in a perspective in regards to this issue.

    The first case is the infamous kidnapping of the son of a prominent politician.
    From what I heard, the politician himself had the whole kidnapping staged in order to relief himself from some scandal where there was an investigation commission trailing on him to prosecute him. The politician had to resort to such plan to have his son kidnapped and this will create a state of panic/chaos for all government officials and the commission set-up against him will be called off. So the politician had engaged a businessman/lobbyist(happens to be an Indian) who has ties with both the government & criminals to have this plan executed. This lobbyist had then identified the above family to carry on the plan and had promised to pay the family handsomely once the staged ordeal comes to an end. But unknown to the family, they all was required to be terminated as soon as the ordeal was over as to not have any “loose ends”! In the end, the politician managed to have the investigation commission close the case against him and no witnesses was left except for the lobbyist who was indeed paid lucratively to remain silent forever.

    The second case is in regards to Kugan. According to the cops, Kugan was a thief of luxury vehicles. But unknown to all is the fact that a high ranking police officer(s)[might be more than one] was involved with him all along as it was this officer(s) that had always tipped Kugan on the whereabouts of all the luxury vehicles to be stolen as these officer(s) closely mingles with all the rich & famous owners of all the stolen vehicles and knows their routines well. It is only when one of the owners managed to locate his/her vehicle thru the tracking device in his/her vehicle which lead to the cops to apprehend Kugan along with the other stolen vehicles at a warehouse. Kugan had then prepared to reveal the truth to the investigating officers as he didn’t plan to go down alone for the crime committed. This is where the involved officers had settled the investigating officers handsomely and it lead to the execution of Kugan in the lock-up itself. But for Kugan’s case, there is also another version of story heard where the involved officers had to get Kugan caught and to take the fall for the crime solely since there were a lot of pressures from the owners of the stolen luxury vehicles to the police force to solve the crime as it was happening continuously. But Kugan had refused to be charged solely and was trying to go to the court to bring the remaining officers to justice as well. This could also lead to him being executed in the lock-up too.

    Well, this might not be the whole truth or what had actually transpired for the both cases mentioned above and I leave it to the rest of you to make make your own judgement or draw your own conclusion to it but what I can strongly stress is, there are bigger and more corrupted criminals living amongst us as the respected and the rich of the society. These actual criminals will not be charged or prosecuted or even have a scratch for the evil crimes and conspiracy committed as there is always a low-life/scum Indians, desperate for some easy money , around to take the fall and become the “sacrificial lamb”! Its not that the Indian involved is innocent either but to me, I’ll have the ruling government held responsible for this, partially if not the whole, for leading these Indians to the life of crime.

    Just imagine if there was equality and fairness for all races to excel in their education & career without any of the quota system or special “Bumiputera” perks. This will definitely leave no room for anyone to think of a livelihood by committing crimes especially our Indian community. No other “well-to-do” races can undermine us or even tempt us for committing crimes as well.

    Until this positive change is implemented by our government, some of our Indians will still not hesitate to commit crimes and even end up dying like those mentioned above and this will also give ample of reasons for others to stereotype our community in the whole! It’s just that I feel sad and also angry at the same time for those deceased in the above article. Sad because, they are not prosecuted accordingly and justice was not served fairly to them and also the actual criminals/perpetrators are left untouched. And angry because they had committed crime as a way of living and was easily lured by “the powers that can be” to commit a much heinous crime!

    By the way, I chose to remain anonymous and will not be able to reveal my sources as I don’t prefer to end up like those criminals and also no justice will be served with the current government in place!

  • Jay

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    I’m not saying our Indian com ppl under the age of 30 are bad but in reality the under privilege, uneducated are turning into untoward activities making them violent.They mix with the wrg ppl sometimes knowingly just to have that “bandha” status. Those who are victimized by these ppl if it was for money they don’t mind but if they were slashed or hrmed, seriously they wud want them to be killed too. So pls if u sense ur fren is doing something not right don’t mix wit him/her bcoz u can be in trouble or be the innocent bystander being shot. At that time u won’t be alive but ur family members will be branded as thugs/kidnappers/criminals family and they will suffer but unfortunately u may be innocent and ur side of story will not be told. Our police force/media/gov aren’t great either they will do anything just to turn the story to make the victims seem very violent.

    TO THOSE WHO ARE ABLE TO DONATE OR HELP “INDIAN COMMUNITY” PLS DO WE NEED MORE OF UR KIND TO RESTORE THE “NAME” branded on us. The temple management, need to play a bigger role in planning to educate our Indian com and clean their act.Have more activity involving teenagers and get them involved (one way of upholding our HINDUISM). During chariot walk to Batu Caves on Thaipusam day, we all can see how the Indian boyz/gurlz behave(not all). How they ride their motorbike dangerously not bothered for the other devotees and when the police didn’t do anything hw all wer cursing the police for being quite n some wer happy to see some riders who wer about to fall without guilt. The loud movie songs (note not devotional songs) and the use of vulgar words. Hw are the devotees able to be in peace state n devote to Lord Muruga if these situations occur.PLZ SOMEONE DO SOMETHING.

    We all know 99% of our politicians aren’t …… but we keep quite and still continue to vote for them. What need to be changed is to have a separate judiciary system wer they cannot be manipulated by the politicians/gov to rule for them and not against them. WE NEED A PEACEFUL N FAIR COUNTRY without segregating by race or status.

    Sad for the families involved hope they get justice.

    This is just my thought.

  • Ashamed Tamilan

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    Some young Tamil men are becoming criminals and leaning towards “gangster” lifestyle… Because of these men, rest of the Tamil community is stereotyped as criminals.

  • Vaniee

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    On the Selvamalar case, the involvement of Special Branch (SB) indicates that the orders came from higher up – higher than a Menteri Besar’s level since SB takes direct order from the PM or DPM. Kidnapping cases even those involving VIPs are handled by Bukit Aman. SB is only called in for highly classified duties. The mentioned Menteri Besar was close to the PM of that time and his scandals were feared to jeopardize the popularity of the ruling party. And a bullet through the head is an execution. Other respectable crime investigation institutions can definitely verify that Selvamalar was indeed executed based on this particular style. Please proceed with caution when digging up stuff that may set up red flags and invite unnecessary attention since this is not a plain ‘police gunning down Indians’ case. And, by highlighting that you will be checking out on the eye witness, you have just given out her name and your next move…(you do realize there are cyber troopers lurking around, looking for issues..and we don’t want another ‘Penulis sayang PM, sayangkan negara’ case (hope you catch my drift).

  • Vaniee

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    This blog has accumulated a number of police brutality towards indians cases throughout the years and it may be helpful for you in terms of information.


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    err sorry to ask, did u manage to locate Saraswathy Govindasamy??

    @No Bro, I did not.

  • sandhya krishnan

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    i can’t believe this!!
    this reports should be forwarded to all indians all over the world.
    everyone, should b aware of what is going to the indian’s here…
    i am delighted that i came across this page. now i am well aware of whats been going on and i am going to send this article to each and every indian i know!!
    and i have also noticed that this has been only done to the poor and non~educated families because this people are not aware of the corruption going on and they easily accept fate..
    believe me, if this had happened to any of my family and friends i would have went to the deepest root cause of this problem and i would take action out of it, with the circumstances i know that they might easily cover me up but they have no idea how much relatives and friend i have all over the world to support me..someone should really take this case up in the international court! and i believe indians should work harder in life keeping this as a lesson! .. we are no puppets or dummies to be treated like this!!!

    • sandhya krishnan

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      This is the resolution in words of my beloved family deity . Acquire Education and Learning and that leads you into Wealth and with wealth it will provide you Power. Let’s advocate actions that brings us together and not that disintegrates us. Arise my brothers and sisters!!

  • SnoopDoGG

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    You mentioned Viknes has got no criminal record, no discipline problem whatsoever but how the hell he ended up firing shots at the police?

  • pradeep

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    Tamils have to blame themselves. The elders must advise these youngsters to learn to be human beings. They watch all the Tamil/Hindi blockbuster movies mainly gang style stuff and these youth try to practice as gangs by emulating their film heroes and that is how these tamil youths are dragged into real fights, hooliganism, thuggery are all hallmark of these tamil filthy films. Unless they are tamed and taught good deeds and manners, they will become street thugs and get killed like dogs.


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