No media were there to cover the plight of these poor kids. The least you could do is read and create awareness about their plight to others.

As I walked inside the school, I knew there was something seriously wrong with this school. A few Indian Machas were standing outside guarding against potential intruders perhaps, and just when I was about to walk in, they asked where am I from..

“Sir, ningge yenthe press”
“Sir, you’re from which media?”

Felt like telling him…

“ bro…”

Of course I didn’t say that, and replied or perhaps lied that I’m an independent journalist. I’m sure he didn’t understand, so he let me through. Inside the school compound, 20 plus years of frustration towards the Government was brewing up.

I first knew about SJKT Batu Ampat when one of the ‘insiders’ of the school called me up and told me the problem the school was facing. As usual, the normal pathetic stories about Tamil schools; no proper facilities and children’s were suffering but when I was about to write about it, the ‘insider’ told me Dato G. Palanivel had agreed and promised to provide the land for the school. The insider told me not to do anything despite me telling them that unless you receive a black and white; do not trust anyone.

That was few months back.

Last week, I received a call from the ‘insider’ again, asking me to come over for a demo. G. Palanivel and all Government parties refused to answer their call. So, I went, expecting not much surprise than normal cries and woes.

As I walked in inside the tight school compound, I noticed many kids were there. The parents were there. No teachers were there of course, scared about their own rice bowl;understandably. Its scorching hot weather on a Saturday afternoon and the kids were standing there, completely unfazed about it.And around 3.30 pm, they rallied towards the main road with their banners, and all the kids had been taped in their mouth indicating how they’ve been oppressed and denied proper facilities and buildings.

So Durai, what the fuck you mean by improper facilities la?

Let me tell you, in this close congested school that was build around 60 years ago, a massive 980 students are studying. I’ve been to many schools, but I’ve never been to a school that has classrooms that looks like a cowshed yet is housing a staggering 980 students! So, rather than interviewing the adults, I probed the kids. The kids were clear cut about their objective, they need a new building.

“Anna, thani uthethe male penja. Books patra kurai ah iruke. Classroom rombe idenjela iruke”

“Brother, when it rains, the roof leaks. There are no proper books. Classroom is congested”

Of course, I’ve seen all that. These are classic cases of Tamil school conditions nowadays despite millions and perhaps billions of dollars allocated for these kids EACH FUCKING YEAR. But come on, what is so special about SJKT Batu Ampat?

This school has some additional world class facilities.

For an example, the kids do not need to go to zoo. Just last week, a 4 feet poisonous cobra was found hiding inside the canteen backyard. This is where the kids would go to wash their hands. And of course, monkeys jumping here and there are a common scene. I even saw a few when I was there.

Next comes world class drainage system. This was absolutely brilliant. When it is raining, the kids would have water running down from a few places. Solar roof is the latest technology installed in this school. When it rains, water drops direct to the kids when they’re in the class, immediately cooling them off.

Solar roof technology

If that is not enough, the stinking drain clogged up with chemical waste from nearby factories gets inside the classroom providing them with aroma that is extremely good for their studies.

World class drainage system

These are classrooms. You would be able to see a green color patch, that’s how high the drain water gets inside the classrooms when it’s raining.

Isn’t that wonderful?

I’m tired la...Seriously, how much more do you want to steal? The kids just want one thing, a proper building. I’m even asking my Chinese and Malay friends, what have our Tamil school kids done that they don’t even deserve proper facilities in school? Are we pariahs? Are we supposed to be neglected? Are we the untouchables?

These poor kids only escape is through education. Why must only our Indian kids study with snakes accompanying them, and monkeys jumping around, while drain water wash their feet and termites fall down from the ceiling?

I met Sangeetha. A 7 year old studying in that school. Her mouth was taped. She was not interested in speaking anymore. Her eyes spoke, it was full of hope. Full of hope that someone would do something for them.


When I interviewed her later, she told me that she wants spacious classrooms.

Is that too much to ask from you, fucking politicians? RM 250 fucking million to buy cows to live in condos, and yet you can’t allocate a land for our kids? Fucking MIC cybertroopers coming up with statistics about how well schools are doing nowadays, seriously I declare all of you are thieves. Thieves of the highest order. I have friends who have been in and out of jail because they stole, but they never stole from kids like you fucking beasts.What kind of sick animals you’re that you dare to steal from education of poor kids? I’m a street guy la, let it be, but please, why do you require our kids to beg from you? Dei, its poor kids from estates and sometimes from very poor family, what kind of human being would deny education for these kids?


I know you guys can’t stop stealing, but please have some compassion. Our kids has to come out , protest and beg in order to study in a good condition; it has come to this stage. Thirutte nayinggela..

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  • alan

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    thiruttu naayinggalaa!
    ungga appan veetu sothaa koranju poguthu, pillangga kaase pillanggalukku kodunggalandaa!
    Nallaa vaalnthire maateenggada!
    ippadi yezhaingga vayithule adichu polaikkurathukke naandukkitte saavunggalandaa!
    Janathogaile unggala maathiri mullamaaringga ellaam ozhinjaa naadu onnum koranju poyidaathu…
    ooraan veetu neiyellaam ungga pondaati kainggalaadaa?
    chee…manangketta jemnanggalaa!
    Heinous shenanigans of the highest order!
    All you care is to feign the public, defame the good intendeds with smears and vilifications and ingratiate the top ones obsequiously.
    Parathesi pasanggalaa!

  • Sanaat’ana Dharma

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    Let’s stop finding for that thirudde yeli. We have already fixed a trap here for it to fall. So, while waiting for it to fall let’s think about what we can do for the kids. At least cleaning that area could give some pleasure for them. Even if that idiot finally practically builds them an amazing school, yet the kids have to study here until the construction end and we know about our people’s working spirit. Let’s plan a day to clean and repair their school. Just small suggestion.

  • Sham

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    I studied in a tamil school from a place where probably no one have heard -ladang geedes.
    There isn’t any point in running behind people who refuse to hear us.It’s like trying waking up a pretending to be sleeping man.
    Instead we should start talking and acting towards fixing the problems,learn from other communities how they resolve their issues without relaying on any sort of political parties or organisation.
    We should start something ..this generation …!
    rallying , or shouting will not help .WE should stop that and start acting on our ideas. how many indians are there in this nation ? RM10 from each of us to start with could atleast start fixing the problem..Any change begins from within not from without .
    Yeah RM10 isn’t much at least we are taking the 1 very 1st step.How many we go to temple and put money in the “undial” why don’t put it for something useful like this ?
    What the Indian Community need is ACTIONS not PLANS from some guy who is planning to retire only when he gets a stroke or after he has enough in Swiss account.




    dont we all clean up our rooms and houses if its messy ?

  • just an ardent reader

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    I think its high time we start getting signatures and request for a Royal commission of Inquiry to investigate how the so called allocated hundreds of million are being used. Since the election is coming, now should be the right time….if they deny our rights to know the truth and nail the culprits…then do not turn out to vote for the elections(neither for the gov/opp.)…..whats the point of voting and your plight not heard….wasting petrol money and time only….you take your time to vote for an asshole who doesn’t give a damn once he gets into the parliment or the DUN….boycott the polls to show dissatisfaction, instead save the petrol money everyone of you would use to get to the polling station or so to better our own society. It’s been 55 years since independence, and i think we have moved backwards 55 years along these years due to greed of some individuals…MAY GOD BLESS THEM WITH MORE WEALTH TO BE TAKEN TO THEIR GRAVES. I HOPE THEIR FAMILIES ARE EQUALLY REWARDED…..

    The day our country would flourish would be the day we adopt the sentence given in the movie “CITIZEN” ….

  • Saravanan

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    I wanted to bank in RM50 for this school as my small contribution. Pls email me the a/c number. Tq

    For now, our only method of donation would be via bank-in / fund transfer to our Maybank account. The account is registered under our ex-Accounts and Funds Management representative, Ms.Preeta. Following would be the account details:
    Account : 162393764732 (Wadiah Savings Account – Maybank)
    Account Holder : Preeta

  • S.B.Sivananthan

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    I have been following the cry for help for Tamil schools for many years. I just do not understand why are we still hell bend to protect the very schools that have developed MIC politicians.

    It is a known fact that most of the former or present tamils school teachers and HM are the core people of MIC leaders. the joke is most of these peoples children do not study in Tamil schools and sadly i have know many of them do not even know tamil.

    However, if these schools are the place thats developed MIC leaders why the hell all these school are in pathetic condition???? Recently there was a highlight of a school in seremban where Datuk Pathmanathan studied, he was a Havard scholar too and he also hold one of the highest post in MIC and also was a minister. my question is why he did not do anything for the school he studied???

    We the indian community are emotional fool and we have been the same for years and we have lost out our status in malaysia due to the same reason. A simple matematic will tell us where Tamil education will place us in world map. even in india you will not be able to go far other than the state of Tamil Nadu, while in comparison Mandarin which can be used in whole of China.

    So for those who whant to know more about Mandarion and how it becomes the main lanuage please do read some history. i was not adopted out of love for the language but was brutally force in by one of the king who wanted to unify the languages in China.

    in direct oposite we the indian thought tamil is one of the main language that is the base for Malayalam, Telegu, Karnada but we could not even be unified on any grould even in Malaysia.

    So what benefits are we talking about from tamil school besides the sorry state of it. We indians have to look at the Jews as our role models. they were displaced, discriminated and exteminated for years but there be able to reinvent themself in any condition.

    in malaysia our comparative advantage will be English we have to learn them, them Bahasa Malaysia that will help us in develepment in malaysia and for our acebnstry sake we can preserve our tamil language. in this way we can go a long way.

    The more we help put money into the tamil schools were are breading more MIC politicians who are ungratefull.

    Now my other question is is the Tamil parents love the language more than their childrens future and their safety. f a cobra can make a tamil school its home, how could the parent take a risk of the childrens safety.

    For haven sake start thinking for betterment rather being an emotional fools.

  • Vaniee

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    everytime we need something, we have to beg and shout and scream…something is very much screwed, we are not being treated like the citizens of a country..and where is the RM 500 million that was allocated by the gov for tamil schools? GP (G. Palanivel) should publish the names of the tamil schools these funds have been allocated to..

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    […] for its expansion & non-Government funded operations is another thing all together. It takes too long for these schools to get the money but the problems facing them simply compounds on daily basis especially for the […]

  • Mohin

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    Dear Generous Kind Hearted people of the Saifund,

    I am not a rich person, i’m not a businessman, I’m not highly educated and i’m not a politician, i’m just an ordinary person who always wanted to help our indian community specially on education. I’m sorry that i have only limited access on the net so i couldn’t really view the “” on my Network in the office ( i don’t have internet connection at home).

    Based on the plights, on the stories discovered on these tamil schools, i would like to donate atleast RM 10 Monthly from my little income (which i’m surviving with to keep my family afloat). As such i hope you would have the big heart in accepting it in order to help these children with their basic necessity ( education).

    Could you kindly e-mail me @ and provide me necessary info on how can i make the donation to your fund and your contact number in the e-mail so that i can get more clarification?

    Appreciate your hard work, keep it up no matter what goes down.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I would like do something, anything for our Tamil schools, than to wait for handouts. It seems that all that the silent majority does is wait at the sidelines, waiting for a miracles to happen, but like a fading promise, nothing ever happens. Except for you and handful few, working towards a brighter future for those who have been promised too many times, with fading promises. Let me know what I can do.


    Thumb up Thumb down 0 u mentioned earlier..yes teachers not anywhere there coz its their rice bowl….Yes they have built new school with whooping costs and substandard building..go have a look at all the newly built school..u might get a heart attack when you hear the total cost..


    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    bRO i am having tears in my eyes..i too work in a tamil school…Damm this people..dirty bastards…

  • Anti - MIC

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    Ini kali MIC gets ZERO vote from the Indian Community… I’m voting for the PKR… BYE MIC 55years of bullshits is enough i guess… Tata

  • Sulochana

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    Make Tamil a compulsory subject in every school. Politicians are using Tamil school for their political mileage. Something tells me that these politicians are purposely keeping tamil schools in bad shape. opposition also cannot be trusted. before ths they never bother about tamil school. now suddenly want to become hero.

  • Thevan

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    Who to blame….we who spents milions in building marveloues temple and not bother even to peep the tamil scholl condition…or the bastard who claims that they represent the majority indians in this country….we r the most sad left over pcs in todays Malaysia History

  • Sanggetha

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Hello guys. I’m Sanggetha hr,I studied in that school but,I’m not a poor girl!
    It’s a wrong information.My house is nearby to the school.So,I studied there.Don’t create like this all okay.Besides that,I love my school very much.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Hello guys. I’m Sanggetha hr,I studied in that school but,I’m not a poor girl!


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