Mass Killer

The images posted here would be very disturbing, reason its posted is because I want you to know the atrocities and how extensive war crimes were committed to the Sri Lankan Tamils. Whenever someone talks about God and religion, and if that certain someone does not have faith in God, he usually ends up saying […]

My Yoga Journey

I humbly bow down in respect of my spiritual Master B.K.S Iyengar and to my guru Master Mani. You may learn directly from Master Mani – visit I first met Master Mani when I invited him to conduct a charity event in SJKT Pulau Carey, back in April 2011. It was early in the […]

Of Starbucks,Petronas,Charity and Deepavali

This year, Malaysian Indians had been riled up badly because of two major issues. The first was because of Petronas Deepavali advertisement which totally destroyed our culture, heritage and the image of Malaysian Indians. Malaysian Hindu Sangam and MIC came out of their caves to fight for our rights and finally succeeded in making Petronas […]

Lord Muruga in Danger

I spend a considerable amount of time online because I manage a lot of things online, and I troll pages like Nambikei and MIC for my daily dose of jokes. I’ve written about Thaipusam in the past, about the significance of the festival and how Thaipusam draws millions of dollars of revenue for the Batu […]

Pejuang-pejuang India

Sarcasm. The beautiful thing about Malaysia is that despite our differences, we’re still living together side by side; happily and in harmony. If not because of these politicians, our country would have prospered way better than how it is now, and the little conflicts we have every now and then wouldn’t have existed. And despite […]