Lord Muruga in Danger

I spend a considerable amount of time online because I manage a lot of things online, and I troll pages like Nambikei and MIC for my daily dose of jokes.

I’ve written about Thaipusam in the past, about the significance of the festival and how Thaipusam draws millions of dollars of revenue for the Batu Caves temple and also all the temples around the country. There are few Hindu Gods inside Batu Caves temple, and in the past even our Prime Minister had been worshipped inside the temple. Great work by the temple committee and MIC.

As you’ve already known, Lord Muruga is in trouble lately. Lord Muruga had always been facing problems, when He was a child; He was cheated by His brother Ganesha over a fruit. Now, He is facing the risk of being evacuated from Batu Caves.

In 2007, BN Government approved a project to build a 29 storey condominium near Batu Caves. The temple committee did not give a fuck about this, until recently. This year, miraculously they’ve found out that there would be a 29 story condominium built in front of Batu Caves and they’re claiming that PR Government had actually approved the project in 2008. So PR is blaming MIC while MIC is blaming PR.

Muruganeyeh senjirevanegeh.

As I was browsing through the other day, I saw an interesting page. It was a newly opened page for those who is opposing the condominium project. It was not a normal page, it was a sponsored page. Now remember, sponsoring or advertising a page in Facebook needs a lot of money, and this page was sponsored. So, who is behind this? Who is willing to pump in money for these type of things?

I guess PR won’t be that stupid to approve and let something destroy Batu Caves which can rile up Indians badly so I’m sure this condominium project would be abandoned eventually. I personally feel that is a non-issue which is being politicized to gain public sympathy. I mean in their dying moments, what else can MIC do beside organizing cheap concerts and giving out saris to aunties?

But of course, some will take advantage of the situation.

A nationwide protest was called in by MIC president G. Palanivel, and a few weeks ago a massive protest took place in Batu Caves, condemning the project. 300 thousand MIC supporters turned out, entire KL was jammed up.

The crowd was so huge the highway in front of Batu Caves had to be closed for 3 days 2 nights. 2 reporters died in the ensuing stampede while trying to record the below video:

MIC fellows can be seen jumping upside down in the video clip above, supposedly trying to save Batu Caves.Pay rm 50 and nasi lemak bungkus ; they will bend down, open their pants and let everyone screw them upside down. These paid monkeys as usual can be seen hanging around and suddenly want to die for Batu Caves .Fucking funny Indians.

Now look at the news below, it has been proven that MIC was the one who approved it in the first place.

Fucking hilarious isn’t it? I mean one can be stupid, but how stupid can you be?

All the lies and propaganda’s that they spread using their money and power is not working anymore; lying in the name of God, He himself had exposed it this time.

Or probably The Sun.

Tauge le matti Setherengge da..

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    tell those fuckers “Anji Anji Tata Kunji” .. being stupid is one thing, being stupid plus arrogant is totally out of this world, man !!

  • Kumar

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    MGR also there?

  • Killer

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    Sir, konnu thinggeh! MIC ARE SOOO STUPID!

  • amrita

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    wat I noticed from the video :

    1) Samy “A-Hole” Vellu does not give his speech in in mother tongue @ Tamil.. eventhough the crowd were 99% Indians.. the only Tamil words used were “Nandri” and “Vanakam.. thus, I gave him an English middle name..

    2)He is freaking slurring with his speech.. “yen ya, rendu shot addichithe vaa vende speech kudhte”..?? and he himself dont know what he’s talking about.. i think he forgot about all the shoe whackings once upon a time.. somebody need to remind him again..

  • Asamboi

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    Green t-shirt estate macha and black t-shirst obese mgr trying to save batu caves?

  • ilovemalaysia

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    Can you see the likeness between Samy & Ganja Saravanan. Heard that Ganja Saravanan is his illegitamate offspring.

  • ilovemalaysia

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    At 5.27 even Lord Muruga was so embarassed with the behaviour of those MIC monkeys that He shields his devine face with his Vel.

  • V.Saravana Kumar

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    Indians ku ethumey kudukeh maatranggeh nu nambeh ellarum sollurom pothuva, but irukerthe kudeh sileh Indian leaders ku Kaapathe teriyeh maatethu , aperem epedi nambelukku kudupanggeh.

  • Macha Limited

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    SK Durai.. what about Majlis Perbandaran sepang demolishing indian shrine in house by PAKATAN RAKYAT Selangor ?? Why dont you blog about it ?? i can see you just anti MIC. whatever PAKATAN Do, You Tutup Mata! LOL ..


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