Of Starbucks,Petronas,Charity and Deepavali

This year, Malaysian Indians had been riled up badly because of two major issues.

The first was because of Petronas Deepavali advertisement which totally destroyed our culture, heritage and the image of Malaysian Indians. Malaysian Hindu Sangam and MIC came out of their caves to fight for our rights and finally succeeded in making Petronas withdrew their ad. Schooling Indian girls dancing in clubs half naked and Indian boys drinking cheap liquors and killing each other does not destroy our culture and heritage, but Dappa issues like the above gets national attention.

The second was of course Deepavali decoration. I don’t know whether to laugh or be sad la. Tell me seriously, what has Starbucks Deepavali decoration got to do with Deepavali? From Jusco to Tesco, any supermarket that did not do decoration for Deepavali became the target of Malaysian Indians. I mean seriously, are you that fucking cheap ah? All these Mat Salleh wannabe Machas or fellows who had been to Starbucks perhaps only once in their life rampaged through Starbucks FB page to criticize them over their lack of sensitivity. I mean do you know what’s really happening to Malaysian Indians?

Seriously, so much shit just because there was no Deepavali decoration? Humiliation? Contribution towards culture and origin? WTF HAHAHAHAHA

Seriously muttals la some of you…You want coffee with decoration means than decorate your house with Deepavali cards and sit in the middle of it and ask your amma to make you coffee, shut the fuck up and sip your coffee.

Fighting over Deepavali decoration and mere ads would not elevate and save the future of Indians in this country. So what if you frequent this places too often? Let me show you a few places we visited two days back , that I think you should really frequent rather than fighting for a ridiculously priced coffee shop that did not put up some stupid decorations.

This time, we paid a visit to SJKT Ladang Kati, Perak. For a long time, the school had been requesting for a few sets of PC’s, that would greatly help the kids in terms of their studies. So, after packing Deepavali goodies, stationery sets, gifts, 6 set of PC’s, school bags, exercise books, practice books and other related items, we stormed the school with 15 of our volunteers.

The kids, obviously coming from nearby estates, were delighted with all the gifts and study materials that we provided to them. To be honest, the school was not in a very bad condition; in fact it is well maintained by the school administration though they lack certain facilities for the students. Through conversation with the headmaster, I learned that the students come from a very poor background.

Some of the volunteers took on to entertaining the kids and playing motivational games, while the Machas helped setting up the PC’s. We finished the event with a round of banana leaf rice sponsored by the school and left the school to visit SJKT Lauderdale to follow up on the canteen issue.

I’m glad to announce that everything is almost completed, and since its Deepavali, the project would only be resumed after Deepavali. I can safely say that 95% of the construction had been completed. This is what you’ve done and provided for these kids, a safe place for them to eat and play some indoor sports.


We visited a place that would qualify as a slum in my eyes. Meet 42 year old Logaletchumy, an extremely hard working woman 3 years back; washing dishes in 3 different places and doing odd jobs to support her children’s education. Her husband died 5 years back due to sickness. As if that is not enough, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and asthma, and had been suffering for the past 3 years. She is on heavy medication and could not work anymore.

4 of her kids are studying. One of the boys dropped out to support the family. This family is living in an extremely poor condition, and a quick look around their house reflects the misery that they’re going through. They need hard cash, and they need to be supported until this iron woman is able to work again. We’re already working out details to help this family, I will update about this issue soon.


These are the places that I hope you would frequent. Forget about Starbucks, the above are places where your bucks would be valued more. You’re not kids, stop fighting for trivial things.

It has been another great year for me personally, and I would like to thank all of you for your continuous support and molding me to be who I am today.

Image credit to Sai Fund official photographer – Kannan Asokan

Happy Deepavali to all and May God bless you with good health and immense wealth. Jil Jil Jiga Jiga.

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  • Killer

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    We Indians take petty things seriously and serious things petty..Enna kodume Sir ithu!

  • S. Kumaran

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    I really hoped this year’s Deepavali Advertisement from PETRONAS would be better but turns out to be the worst ever! I miss those old deepavali advertisements that reflects one’s self and would start to think about where we stand in life.

  • Mahesh

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    i have an idea…we focus on malaysians issue…meaning…we give our attention to our kids, malay kids, Chinese kids, orang asli kids…everyone who needs attention.

    Now wen we do this…well to do people…from different race…will take care of our kids…since we take care of theirs.. :)yeppadi nambe idea.

  • atheist

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    arguing on ads is like asking ‘why my house got no open house for deepavali’! seriously immature thoughts! just a laughing stock! there’s lot more important things to be done!

  • Student :)

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    I could not agree more with the article. Why are we getting offended to little things around us? By now we could have practiced many sensible acts to protect the Indian community and the culture rather than fighting over the social networks. I agree that the advertisement does not describe Deepavali but what shocked me was how viral the issue spread. There are thousand ways to save our heritage, so let us be the change we wish to see in the world. Help the less privileged and educate the young well and together we can raise community up. Proud to be an Indian. Anaivarukkum En Iniya Deepavali Nalvaltukal. Spread the love.

  • josh.

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    Decorate your house, make your coffee, shut the the fuck up and sip it. Next you either rob a bank or keep some money and then run for election and if only if you fucking win, issue an fucking secular to all the starbuck to promote deepavali and and place an donation box near the counter to donate for all tamil school……

  • sharveen

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    To be honest, I’m glad that MIC and the other Indian community raised their concern over the recent video released by Petronas. But here is the catch, off all the issue you could ever voice your concern, you choose to do it on the promotional video released by Petronas . Point to note: for some they voiced their argument as the video did not keep up to the standard of video released for Deepavali in the previous years.

    The issue here is not whether the dappa dance represents our culture or whether the Starbucks decos is disturbing or even the fact that Sunway Pyramid management is not concern of the Indian tradition. Before you ever question, think. Do you really what Deepavali means?

  • Asamboi

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    1. Which part of starbucks corporate / marketing strategy didn’t you guys understand?
    2. Starbucks does not give a toss about Indian / Vellakaren wannabe sipping coffee to impress meenachis. In fact most machas cannot differentiate latte and americano for starters.
    3. Rekindle The Joy is a global campaign by starbucks, not only aimed at Malaysia.
    4. When Indians in Malaysia are more educated, have good jobs, have more money and spend at Starbucks frequently, then Starbucks will have Diwali ads. They go where the money is.
    5. So, if you want Strabucks to advertise Diwali, help Indians to be better educated.
    6. Last but not least, don’t be el-cheapo la. If you want to, boycot them – but then again they don’t give a toss about a macha ordering ‘kopi susu high class a.k.a. latte to impress meenachi

  • warmonger

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    Dear Sk,

    Wishing you and all at home a splendid Deepavali. Will you guys be doing anything to help Mrs.Logaletchumy?

    @warmonger : Deepavali Valthukel to you too brother. Yes bro, I’m already working on the details, it will be to find fixed donaters who can contribute on a monthly basis. Want to be part of it bro? Get me on FB bro – SK Durai

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    “Fighting over Deepavali decoration and mere ads would not elevate and save the future of Indians in this country.”

    Wisely said bro. There are hundreds of issues to be highlighted by our makkals yet they still choose to focus on this stupid petty issues. Let alone boycotting Petronas because of their recent ad. Why not boycott and stage a protest on the dilapidated conditions of our Tamil schools? Why not protest on the channeling of funds allocated for Tamil schools by our government?

    Pathu vatti sonnalom mandele yerathu ivunggelekku.

  • kannan

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    For the first time I have to disagree with some of your points. Deepavali is a significant festival which celebrated by the 3rd largest race in this country. “Discriminated group” is the only word you use to describe indians in this country. For many years the indians in this country have been victimized, penalized and marginalized by certain group.I don’t understand why everyone expressed their dissatisfaction for the “dappankuthu” ad. At least there is something than nothing from Petronas, so appreciate it. If you all noticed, this year most of the outlets and malls decided to decorate Christmas decorations first and chooses to ignore Deepavali deco. So what does this show? Please think before calling those whom posted their dissatisfaction of this issue “muttals”. When Prasana Narayana slashes tamilan all paraiah, same group protested and when zakir naik insulted our lord ganesh the same group (now condemning those supporters) against it. Why vice versa? Discrimination does not come in the form of words only. Any action by disrespecting others and putting ones religion down also called discrimination. If we just sit,watch, sip a coffee and do nothing then where we will be in 5 years time.Anyways Happy Diwali folks :)

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    […] This post is dedicated to all my blog readers, fellow commenters, haters, fellow SaiFund.ORG committee members, fellow Malaysian Indian bloggers, the ever-loving Presana Narayanan and to all the machans and machis out there. This year’s Deepavali celebration is a different one for me because instead of the usual window shopping, thanni session and jamming at nightclubs, myself together with other SaiFund.ORG committee members and volunteers took our time off to spend some time with the kids at SJK(T) Ladang Kati, Sauk, Perak on 9th November 2012. We never went there empty-handed but instead, we brought along 6 PC sets, school bags, Deepavali goodies, stationery items and many more to be given to those kids. For more details, you may refer to the blog post over here. […]

  • warmonger

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    Sk, my friend a police officer arrested an Indian idiot who was throwing firecrakers around in KL yesterday. Apparently a girl was injured with a deep gash on her leg, this is what my friend told me, “When do that time, laugh! When cuffed jor, ‘amah! apah! minta ampun'”. Why are there such fools amongst us?

  • S.B.Sivananthan

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    Well i just dont undestand why are we supporting the tamil schools that are not fit to be called a shcool. i only can say some of feel very nice to support something that is going down just to feel good that we did something.

    well i guess if anyone come begging to me no matter watever the reason, shcool, temple, food, booze or watever i will give the money. simple logic is i might have own the person in my lat life. and well giving is good for the soul.

    However, i do not donote any money to the Dengkil agathir people coz i know for a fact they are a cheating group. similarly to the person i have given in the past and comming back to me with the same story.

    i live around solaris, as i was passing the government quaters there was a couple with two infant child was waving to stop any cars that passing by. i stoped thinking that their motorcycle broke down but intead they told me that their child had an astma attack and they do not have money to take the kid to the doctor. they guy told me his boss lives nearby and he was not home. while the wife was asking for my bank account number so they could bank in the money. i gave them 50 by the guy was telling me he needed more and i did not want to go details and just gave him the 50. told my wife about it.

    however i saw the same could again around the same area in the nite tying the same trick. well i did not confront them but or stop my car.

    this is wat happening with the schools, many of us gives our money and time to the tamil shcool but fail to see whether our effort makes any changes to the school and the pupils. yes theday we give there will be smiles on the children but will i see the child becomes a succesfull student or -erson after that. i want to see permenant solution or work towards a solution.

    we indians are foools, we want to become like chinese, we want our tamil school become like chinese school but please as this question are we working towards that or the HMs doing enuf to transform the school. my frank opinion is the opposite.

    the other point is when we have a well equip national school why are we putting our children top an ill equip tamil school. if we are to sya we love tamil so much then we are just plain stupid. happy deepavali and i hope the comming years we will have a better thinking capacity to do something that will start making a chnge and use indicators.

    • GRUCTH

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      there is a point that I agree..”why put ur kid is tamil school which is not fully equiped, why not put them in National School??” yeah very true indeed !! same like the YB Hannah Yeoh and her husband, Ram who wanted to put their child’s race as “Bangsa Malaysia” but rejected as NRD does not recognise Malaysia as bangsa..bangsa only Malay, Chinese, India, Iban, Lain-Lain etc…(then, they chose to put the kid as Chinese?? WTF, why not Indian)..Fighting for their children to be put under Bangsa Malaysia, but still fighting for vernacular school and worst is, they don’t want any non-Chinese teachers (or probably non-chinese speaking teachers) in Chinese schools..Is that not hyprocracy at the highest level??

      my point is, we want to be 1Malaysia, fighting for equal rights etc. but the mistake is we are segregating ourselves by not enrolling our kids in National School..anyway, different people will have different view on this issue, so please chill and don’t be agree at me…

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    Truth be told I was disappointed with Starbucks because I am a frequent patron but I didn’t go to lengths like the obviously ‘disturbed’ Facebook ‘friend’ who seems, above all, attention seeking… But there was something different about Diwali this year; mom and I headed to a home in our neighbourhood a few days before Diwali where we handed them some old clothes (all usable) that we had lying and some new ones which we never wore (because some of, me for instance, got fatter =P ). I know that my mom constantly gives them monetary funding but this was the first time I went there. We also bought Cadbury chocolates and passed some money to them. It was such a rewarding moment. I also know for a fact that several members of my extended family frequently visit the very same home with food, money and clothing.
    Durai, giving back to the society (especially to the ones in need; kids more specifically) is, in all its glory, an indescribable feeling! People should talk less and act more. It’s funny that we often see the reverse…


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