My Yoga Journey

I humbly bow down in respect of my spiritual Master B.K.S Iyengar and to my guru Master Mani. You may learn directly from Master Mani – visit

I first met Master Mani when I invited him to conduct a charity event in SJKT Pulau Carey, back in April 2011. It was early in the morning and together with his group of volunteers, they braced it through with us to travel deep inside the estates to teach the kids; the art of yoga.

That was the first time I’ve ever met a yoga Master for real, and though yoga has never attracted me personally; I was awestruck looking at how Master managed to calm the kids minutes after getting started, cheer the kids and finally succeeded in ‘bending’ them.

Master Mani during Sai Fund event in 2011.

Something happened in 2010 that changed my life entirely; it instilled the fear of death inside me. I do not want to talk about it, but yes I got freaking scared that I almost became mentally ill. If you’ve been following me for a long time, you would know that I quit blogging at one point of time because I did not want to waste my time writing shit about sick people and accumulate my sin.

When I quit blogging, I learned about spirituality. I became too obsessed with it. And I discovered yoga. Though I’ve never been fully interested in yoga, I began to study and do research about yoga. I discovered Iyengar Yoga, founded by B.K.S Iyengar; a legendary yoga master, and I learned advance postures through his books. I started doing it on my own. I would practice for a day, and then smoke and drink for the next 5 days because of depression.  Obviously I was not going anywhere with my ‘practice’.

B.K.S Iyengar in the 60’s

I wanted to progress through in yoga, after struggling for a couple of months at home without a guru. I contacted the ever graceful Saandhi(from Malaysian Yoga Society) and showed interest to enroll in International Yoga Instructor Course. I could not afford the full fees because I was saving up money to go on a volunteering mission, but instead of waving me away, they embraced me with open arms.

I’m a fun loving guy and grew up in a crime infested notorious area, where we do things to get the attention of the masses. Master knew perfectly how to handle people like me in a class, and taught me the value of life, which for me was above the asanas that we learned. It puzzles me though how could someone like him that people give so much attention to remain rooted to the ground with so much humility and humbleness; a character that I intend to inherit.

Master Mani doing Kukkutasana

I’ve always been lucky. I’ve progressed through quickly(at least I think so). Within these 5 months of doing yoga almost seriously, I’m proud to say that physically, I’ve completely changed. A lot of common medical issues that I’ve always had; had simply vanished. My practice which started off from very basic postures, had progressed through to another level.


I learned the way to integrate asanas with breathing, Pranayama,internal cleansing techniques, meditation, mudras, and most importantly, I discovered myself. Now I’ve naturally changed my characteristics and has developed deep affection towards yoga. It also helped me to look at yoga not as a physical exercise, but much deeper.


Vrschikasana – Still learning

Of course, yoga is more than mere postures and breathing techniques, it is the art of living. But I’m afraid the deeper I get into the ‘religion’ of yoga; the more calm I will be, and the rage will no longer be there. Maybe I will have to close down this blog. Maybe MIC fellows will be happy. The thing is I don’t like when MIC fellows are happy. For the time being, I’m personally restricting myself so that I will be able to continue doing what I’m doing, with my own style while also pursuing yoga.


I’ve shared both positive and negative things through this blog over the past few years, so I thought sharing my personal experience would give you a glimpse of yoga, and why I’ve chosen to pursue it. The art which our forefathers started is now being mastered by people from all over the world, except for us. I wish to see more of my Machas practicing yoga, and if you do not know where to start; talk to me and I’ll guide you for free.

Me doing Mayurasana and my 5 year old nephew doing Salamba Sarvangasana.

When the time is right, I will start teaching yoga seriously; with the blessings from my guru.

May peace be with all. Jil Jil Jiga Jiga.


10 comments to My Yoga Journey

  • Red Robin

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    Really cool bro..You sir, just sparked my interest on yoga..Thanks Bro Durai

  • Thumb up Thumb down +2

    Jeng jeng jeng.. stuntman.. =P


    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    you bring out the best in yourself by looking for the best in others….
    you are great hero for me Mr Durai

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Spiritual-ah oru article pen pannite, final ah oru touch koduthengeleh, jil jil jiga jiga ne.. angethaa bro neenge neengelaveh irukinge.


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    kalekuringe thalaivare !!

  • Scott

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    Amazing postures! you kinda of at advance stage!

  • burn316

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    Dear Bro Durai,
    there you are, came with 1 more good article that everyone Machan’s & machini’s to think
    of YOGA, its our PARAMBARIYAM thing that we almost forgot, but now with current generation people start doing yoga, there matter is most of (PEOPLE SO CALL GURU) charging big amount to teach & conduct this yoga class,
    just want to ask you Bro Durai, are you attending any class or you just refer to B.K.S Iyengar book’s. can you guide me.

    @Burn : Bro, I first learned at home using the book from BKS Iyengar. But after that, I knew I needed someone to guide me because there is no way you can do it perfectly without guidance of the expert. So, I went to and the wonderful people over there guided me over this. Do call them and find out bro:)

    • burn316

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      thanks for your kind advice, I follow up.
      truly to say I will check-in every single day on rageindian to find out is there any
      new article you got publish or not,
      keep up the good Charity Sai Fund Activity that you & you troops doing, please do publish any kind of help that you need for this charity activity

      Thank you Bro Durai

  • Thaevan

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    I can really see your calmness in this blog. Quite ironic to hear that if you keep on practicing yoga , your rage wont be there and thus ragedindian wont exist no more , but its the rage it self that fuels the drive/need to convey the messages that our people would not dare to speak. hah.. to find the balance is what many people strive for , i believe you can do it abang Dorai. We all believe in you in whatever you choose to do, as we know it is the right path.


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